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Two Years and Two Months Later….

Alice and I put the last of my stuff into my new bedroom at the aptly-dubbed Cullen Dormitory, also known as the duplex that will be my home for the next few years. Poor Dad he wasn't handling it well. Charlie had tears in his eyes and was acting like I was going off to war rather than three hours up the road to college.

"Now, Bells, you have that pepper spray I gave you?"

"Yeah, Dad, in my purse and one in my backpack and the other is going in my night stand," I assured him for the fifth time.

"Good." He turns away as tears start to well up in his eyes again.

"Dad… Daddy, I promise. I'll call home all the time. I'll visit often and you can come see me anytime you want. I'm only three hours away, and Emmett, Edward and everyone else will be there with me." I pulled him into a hug and his warm arms wrapped around me. Dad really does give the best hugs.

"I know, baby girl, I'm just an old worry wart."

"You're my old worry wart," I told him with a smile, some tears started to form in my eyes as well.

"That I am."

After that he gave me one last bear hug and one to Emmett and headed back to Forks. His sweet face a mask sadness as he left. I almost felt bad enough to go back home and go to the community college, but I knew this is where I needed to be right now; and that I'd see my Dad in a couple of weeks when I go home to visit.

After finally having some loving parental supervision, it feels odd to be without it again. No one to tell me bed time, or give curfews, or to catch Edward and I making out. Poor Dad I don't think he's recovered from the time he walked into the kitchen to see what was for dinner and found Edward's hand up my shirt and tongue down my throat.

"Noel, out of the box, baby," Alice pleaded with my fur baby, who just wagged her little behind and gave Alice a look of 'this is my box, deal with it'.

"Alice, it's ok. I'll just put that box out later." I laugh as the two have a stare off.

"Silly spoiled dog."

"Pot kettle, Ali," Edward taunts, coming into my room He picks up Noel who proceeds to give her Daddy lots of puppy kisses.

"Edward Anthony, I know where you sleep at night," she threatens, and he rolls his eyes.

"Shooo, little sister, there is a tall blond guy downstairs waiting for his date." Alice's mouth drops open and she looks to me then back at Edward.

"Jasper?" she asks almost as if she is afraid to get her hopes up.

"Jasper," he confirms and she jets off as fast as her little legs can take her.

"When did he get in?" I ask as I finish hanging up my clothes.

"About ten minutes ago. Garrett dropped him off and we unloaded his suitcases into his room," he explains from his spot stretched out on my bed.

"I'm so glad he's finally back, Alice has been driving me insane with her Jasper withdraw."

"Next time he and Garrett get the bright idea to spend a few weeks traveling the country, remind me to send Alice with them. She's small, she'll fit." He groans remembering the past few weeks of an 'Alice without Jasper' situation.

Laughing, I curl up beside him in bed. Noel—knowing that kissy time is about to happen—huffs and heads off to her puppy bed, or 'princess bed' as my sort-of-sister-sort-of-cousin Claire called it when she sent it to Noel for Christmas. Over the past two years my relationship with both her and the rest of the O'Rourke family has grown and deepened. They had even flown out a few times to visit. Grandpa stayed for a few weeks, even attending a few therapy sessions with me. All in all, he has proven himself as someone I can count on and love. Though Dad has to keep telling him to stop trying to spoil me, he likes to send gifts and money. It's his way of making up for Renee or something. I keep reassuring him that I'll love him just the same; even without him sending me anything, but alas, according to Claire, the old man is set in his ways. She too benefits from his generous nature.

I have to say that the very nice college fund he had set up for me when he found out I was alive is something I readily accepted, I knew it would help Dad out since I chose the more expensive private college. Grandpa is paying the tuition and Dad was giving me a monthly stipend from the college fund he started for me so that I didn't have to work while in school. I know I'm lucky because I'd always worried I'd have to rob a bank or something to be able to attend school.

Edward's lips gently touch mine, quickly ridding me of thoughts about my Grandpa. How could anyone think of anything when Edward is kissing them? My mouth slips open to accept his tongue and I moan a little as his hand starts to explore up the side of my t-shirt.

"Hey, guys, we're going to grab some grub, and Em's going to pick up… oh hell, can't you close a damn door when you start up? Now I need eye and brain bleach!" Alice stomps off and I hear Jasper closing the door as he laughs.

"Alone," Edward whispers into my ear, before lightly nipping at it.

"Alone," I agree with a small sigh that turns into a moan.

Shifting some, Edward removes his shirt. I love how he always goes first. I know this is his way of easing me into things, and making me feel more comfortable. I explore his chest gently, making sure to give his nipples little tweaks 'cause I know he really likes that. He does that sexy groan of his and sucks gently on my neck before working his way down to my t-shirt. Pulling away to look me in the eyes, I give him a nod since I can't speak. He slowly slides my shirt up, kissing the exposed skin and leaving a trail of fire in its wake. When he gets to my cotton bra with the cute little flower in the center he sucks my right nipple through the material as his hands continues taking my shirt off. A jolt arches my back and I scratch his shoulders with my short nails.

Hooking his leg behind mine he flips us so that I'm straddling him. His very erect penis is digging into my lower belly and I shift so that instead my vagina is pressed into him through our clothes. Feeling naughty, I rub against him and I swear I feel him twitch even through the layers of clothes. He thrusts up and it's my clit's turn to twitch in happiness.

Soon, my bra joins our shirts on the floor, followed quickly by my tan cotton shorts and his jeans. In just my Hanes Her Way pink cotton bikini underwear; and Edward is a pair of grey boxer briefs, we continue to roll around on my new bed, touching and licking. Kissing hard, our touches filled with our love and passion.

The first time we made love was awkward and slightly painful, but each time since then it has gotten better. It's my belief that it's not just because of us learning each other's bodies better, but the fact that as a couple, we have grown and with that, our love has as well. I couldn't imagine letting anyone else inside me, or even to touch me the way that Edward does.

"I love you," he whispers as I start to lower myself gently onto his penis.

"I love you," I reply back, panting.

Our rhythm starts slow, but as that pressure builds in my lower stomach, my pace quickens just as Edward speeds up his thrusts. He moves a hand to rub my clit and I feel my eyes roll back in my head from the pleasure his touch brings. I bounce a little because it just feels like I need to, and he grabs my butt to move me into a delicious position. Edward flips us over again driving into me hard and my orgasm hits. Spasm after spasm of explosions. I feel him jerk and look into his eyes as he falls apart inside me. His lips taking mine into a deep kiss as we lay there my limbs feeling like noodles.

"First time without having to worry about Dad coming home early." I giggle, still on a happy high in my post coital glow.

"Ha! First time I didn't have to worry about your Dad was going to shoot me in the ass while we did that." I nod and laugh some more.

"Love you," I tell him.

"More than anything," he tells me before slipping off to sleep.


"Rose baby, I swear I was not trying to hit on the slutty cheerleader," Em yells after a very ticked off Rosalie.

"What happened?" Alice asks from her perch on Jasper's lap.

The four of us, Alice, Jasper, Edward and myself were snacking on pizza celebrating a successful first day of classes. Rose had gone to get Em from practice since his jeep needed a new radiator—which they had to order—so he had no ride.

"Your brother," she points at me, "was on the football field with that tramp giggling and touching his chest while he laughed and talked to her. I told him baseball was enough, but nooooo, he had to play football too. And to top that off, slutty-McSlutterson Jessica Stanley had to be a damn cheerleader at UDub."

"Ahhh," I say as if I understood why she was so ticked off.

"Yeah, ahhh," she grumbles, grabbing a slice of pizza and plopping on the sofa beside me. Emmett looks from his place in the doorway and I point to the food. He quickly grabs a slice before Rose can harm him, and sits on the recliner a few feet away from Rose.

"So, Emmett, would you like to tell us your side of the story?" Alice, Ms. Pre-law, asks. Yes, she needs to get her bachelors, she is going for political science, before going to law school, but she has taken upon herself to try and practice for her future.

"Yeah, I would. See, I finished playing. And Jessica called me over 'cause she was happy to see a familiar face. She tripped and landed on my chest, we laughed at how clumsy she was and then Rose stormed up looking all hot and pissed off. That's all that happened."

"I believe him," Jasper says, "she tried that move on me once during basketball season; she has the trip and flirt down to a science."

"Grrr!" Rose growls at Jasper and I scoot over just a little.

"Rose, if I may interject, perhaps you should be mad at Jessica and not the victim—Emmett," Lawyer Alice speaks again. I really hope she gets over this soon, it makes me miss color co-ordinate Alice.

"I agree with Alice, Rose," I tell her.

"You are going to avoid her in the future unless you want to have to visit me in jail," she tells him, then stops and looks at me, "umm… you know what I mean, I wasn't…" I smile at her.

"Rose, my womb donor is in jail. I'm cool with that. I only visited her once because Liz thought it was important for me to confront Renee so I could move on." She smiles and gives me a side hug.

"I'm still proud of you," she whispers in my ear and I fight back the tears that try to well in my eyes.

Rose and I might have started out rocky, but now, she is my rock. To be honest, Rose had become almost a mother-figure to me. After the disaster that was Charlie's attempt at the sex talk, Rose sat me down and talked things out with me. Not only was I able to go into my first time with Edward without fear, but I also wasn't expecting a perfect experience—as if it were out of a romance novel. Rose let me know that sex can be messy, the first time hurts but in the end it gets better, the orgasms are worth it, and the mess will shower off.

She also stayed with me the night Tanya got sentenced to a mental hospital instead of jail. It seems my Aunt has borderline personality/sociopathic disorder. Something I worried could be inherited. That night I cried and freaked out thinking I was going to turn into Renee and Tanya. Rose stayed up all night holding me and whispering it would be alright. Dad and Emmett had been clueless to my breakdown because I hid it from them, I didn't want to worry them. The next day Rose dragged me into Liz who set my fears at ease letting me know that I had no signs of this disorder and she didn't really fear for my future children. She told me that while some families seem to have the disease more prominently, that it wasn't necessarily something that was inherited.

"Bells, you ready?" Em pulls me out of my thoughts and points to his cell. I grin and follow him out of the room.

"Hello, kids," Dad greets us.

"Hello, Charlie." We do a really bad Charlie's Angels skit while laughing. Emmett got me into TV Land reruns and we both found it funny to do that to our Dad.

"How was the first day?"

"Good, most profs just handed out the syllabus and let us go early."

"I had two that did that today, and then one who jumped right into a lecture," I tell them.

"Told you that you should have gone to U-Dub," Em taunts, and I smack his arm.

"I'm so telling Rose you are knocking our school… again." He rolls his eyes and Dad chuckles.

We go on to fill him in on the little details of our days. Dad found Em's story about Jessica and Rose hilarious. I told him about seeing Ashley today. She had taken on a job in admissions after graduation. We had stayed in touch after the tour, sending e-mails and Skyping. Dad told us about his day, taking time to tell us about Mrs. Yorkie (Eric's Grandma, not his Mom) who had wandered off from the Forks' Adult Daycare Center again; and they'd spent a few hours trying to find her when the whole time she was at home watching Days of Our Lives and General Hospital. She had all of her mental facilities, however, her overprotective-son kept trying to send her to daycare when she really just wanted to stay home and watch her stories. After a little bit, we ended our call and headed back into the living room on the girls' side of the 'plex.

"How's Charlie?" Edward asks, as I curl up into his side.

"He didn't have to shoot anyone and Esme brought him dinner at the station. So, to him, it was a good day." I smile, thinking about how sweet Edward's Mom is to make sure Dad is eating a regular diet and not take out and diner food every night.

"Good." He laughs, kissing the top of my head.

"Yep, good." I reply.


"So, this is our final session." Liz smiles at me from her desk.

"I guess it is." I fight back the sad feeling that this brings over me.

"Bella, you have grown and bloomed into a wonderful, loving and completely capable young woman. And I couldn't be prouder of you," she tells me, as she comes over to the sofa I'm sitting on. She sits beside me, taking my hand.

"Thank you." And I mean it for everything she has done for me.

"Bella, there is nothing to thank me for, it was my pleasure to see you heal. I wish you had never been hurt. I could skin that woman for doing that to you. However, you are one of my greatest successes."

"I couldn't have done it without you," I tell her earnestly.

"Bella, you could have. This whole, healthy woman that is sitting beside me was inside you ready to come out. Your Dad, brother, Edward and the rest of your support system did just that. Support that butterfly wanting to burst from a hard cocoon that had you trapped. You did all the work to get out of it. We just supported and guided you along the way." I reach over and hug her.

"I'm glad it was you then," I tell her, knowing she is refusing to take credit for all that she had done for me.

"Me too, sweetheart, me too." She squeezes me. "And I know you and Sally are going to get along just fine." I nod into her shoulder. Sally is my new "adult" therapist that I'm seeing once a month in Seattle. Liz feels that having a sounding board nearby will be helpful to me while I'm adjusting to college life. After a few minutes of just sitting there giving each other comfort, Liz's desk beeped with a reminder that our time was now really up.

"Goodbye," I tell her at the door, still sad to be walking away from something that had been so important to my life.

"Now, we'll have none of that 'goodbye' stuff. I'll see you tomorrow at the Cullens for Thanksgiving dinner," she reminds me. Yes, while I've lost Liz as a therapist and the safety of her office where I was able to rant and rage, I'll still have her in my life as a friend.

"Ok, tomorrow then." I wave and rush out to see my Dad sitting where he always sits when I'm doing one of my sessions. Charlie was a true creature of habit, and I have to say that is something I love about him and have inherited from him.

"Ready?" I nod and take his hand, leaning my head against his shoulder.

Charlie's POV

Almost four years ago I received that call. Almost four years ago I rushed to the airport and saw my child in rags, looking emaciated and more like a homeless person than a teenage girl coming to her Dad's from her Mom's. Almost four years ago I found out how broken my daughter was.

I did all I could for her, gave her all my love and made sure she had a real home. Many nights I'd fought the urge to go up to the state penitentiary and end that pitiful excuse of a woman—who gave birth to my daughter— as I heard my baby cry, or after all those therapy sessions when she couldn't stand to be touched or be around anyone.

When I found out about the times Renee played her games, the times she almost ended my precious child's life, I couldn't hold back my rage anymore. I got in my squad car and took off. I was going to get Renee in a visitor's room and put a bullet in her head. I wasn't thinking about the consequences, just that I needed to make sure this monster never came near my daughter again. When I got there, the warden, Victor Brady whom I had gone to high school with, stopped me. We hadn't seen each other in years, but he could tell from the look in my eyes that I was raged. Pulling me into his office, I told him everything and he made me a promise that Renee would get the full jail experience, and not to worry. I knew from his e-mails that once the population in the prison found out that she was a child abuser, it hadn't gone over well. Her roommate beat her till she almost died, and then for Renee's "safety" she was put in solitary confinement for three months. A dank little cell with no windows, a hard bed and a toilet, I'd call that a palace compared to the closet she made Bella stay in as punishment.

Six months ago, I watched my baby girl walk across that stage and get her high school diploma. Sadly, because she moved here only before her freshman year, she didn't qualify for valedictorian. But she did graduate with honors and several college credits under her belt.

In the time between Bella's arriving and her graduating, my daughter blossomed. Her body no longer looks like she is starving. Her pallor is now a beautiful ivory skin tone, her hair shines and more than anything she smiles and laughs. The shell of a child I was given is now a healthy and happy girl with not only her family but a strong network of friends. The child who was afraid to trust, afraid to talk to people, will wave and greet the other town-people when she is out and about now. While she still has some days where something triggers flash-backs of her time with Renee, she has gained wonderful coping skills that help her to move on from those setbacks and not wallow in them.

Today my daughter and my son are attending college. I probably shouldn't but I'm personally patting myself on the back for having two such smart wonderful kids that were able to overcome adversity and were able to go on to college and have plans for their futures. Emmett is still planning on becoming a gym teacher, though there have been some scouts for pro-teams sniffing around him at school. I've encouraged him to get his degree before he decides. Bella is majoring in accounting with a minor in psychology. Her natural aptitude with math led her to decide she wanted to be a small town accountant. Both her, and I'm assuming—by the way they are still glued up together, my future-son-in-law—Edward have plans to come back to Forks after graduation. Personally, I couldn't be happier my little girl is planning on coming back after she graduates. I can only hope that Emmett does the same as well.

"Dad, umm… are you going to eat or just stare at me smiling?" Bella laughingly pulls me from my thoughts and I look around the dining room table at the Cullens and grin sheepishly. Liz winks at me like she knows what was going through my head.

"Yep, sorry about that, kiddo." She rolls her eyes in a very 'Alice-y' way.

"Hey, Doc, is zoning out a sign of old timers?" Em jokingly asks Carlisle.

"Emmett, behave." Rose smacks his arm. Poor kid, her Mom ran off with the school library assistant, Kathy and her Dad has gone off to find himself in Europe. And now, not counting our whole gang, she is basically alone.

"Dang, babe, that hurt," he jokes, kissing her on the cheek.

"Boohoo," Rose retorts.

"Speaking of boohoo, with Christmas around the corner, my measly credit limit just isn't going to do it, Dad." Alice speaks up, batting her lashes and giving Carlisle the pout.

"Mary Alice, what have I told you?" Esme groans out, she knows her husband is weak when it comes to his baby girl.

"But, Mom…" she whines and I hold back a chuckle.

Some things never change. Alice will always love shopping. Rose and Emmett will always be Rose and Emmett. Jasper will always quietly sit there and wait for his sweet Alice. Edward will be my daughter's Edward. And Esme will have to make sure Carlisle doesn't slip Alice her little black credit card back. And while all of those are wonderful things in their own right because it's all about love; luckily some things change and my little girl is able to fit right in. I smile as she tells Alice about budgeting. Already my girl is an accountant. She looks over and catches my smile and gives me a soft grin.

"Happy Thanksgiving, Daddy."

"Happy Thanksgiving, Bells."

The End

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