Trying to find my muse again after a lot of really hard losses. I've decided to try for the moment to focus on Homecoming: The College Years. Here is the prologue and it will be posting as its own story so keep an eye out for it.

I still own nada...I wish I owned me some Sam Heughan though lol.


Just when you think the world is perfect and the happy ever after is all but a forgone conclusion, sometimes you wake up and realize that this is the real world. People grow, change, and sometimes bad stuff happens to them.

No happy ever after is ever guaranteed in real life. Nothing is every promised to be perfect. Even the Bible warns of rough roads to come.

As a group we never realized that after going through so much and thinking we had won the race, becoming adults could lead to so much hurt, heart ache and change. There are times I wish we could go back to the relative innocence we had before we all moved into the Cullen dormitory, before the stress of the real world hit our small group. I wish I could protect them all. I would even go back to being with Renee to give them back the peace they had if it would heal all the pain we are facing now.

If it could save us all.

So should I keep going?

Oh and I'm going to try and work on a couple others once I get back into the swing of writing.