Day 1 = Flying Socks
Author: Devylish
Rating: PG
Prompt: Party
Character(s)/Ship: Cam/Hodgins
Summary: Invite to a party
Words 614
AN Not beta'd AN2 first Bones fic EVER. And I just found Cadgins… darn Akarana!

Hodgins watched Cam from under his lashes; watched her walk around the lab taking notes on the results of the various tests lab techs were running.

Her black pencil skirt, sexier than a skirt should ever be, fit her perfectly and he let his gaze drift down her legs and back up to her hips one more time before he forced his eyes back to the computer in front of him.

Apparently, he was just in time, because a few seconds later:

"Dr. Hodgins?"

"Ca- erh, Dr. Saroyan?"

"Did you get anything from the Spencer case particulates yet?"

"Not yet. There's a chemical mix that I'm not familiar with."

She raised a brow in surprise.

He clarified, "Well, I know what it is; I just don't know how it came to be… or where it came to be. Silicate and sodium with a phosphorus base."

Cam stared at him and he stared back. He loved her eyes. Dark, chocolatey, expressive. His lowered his gaze to her lips.

Lifting her hand self-consciously to her face Cam cleared her throat. "Dr. Hodgins? Jack? Is there something wrong?"

Fighting the blush that threatened to spread up his cheeks as soon as he realized he had been staring, Jack cleared his throat. "I- I need a date." Lame start man. "For a party." Still not helping yourself Jack. "A Christmas party. A friend… neighbor is having a party, and I've been invited, and…it's tomorrow. And, I need a date."

"So you were staring at me because you –"

They finished simultaneously.

"- need a date."

"- need a date."

"Weighing if I would pass muster with your friends?"

"No! No! Hell no! You'd knock their socks off. If I really cared about what they thought. Which I don't, But if I did and if you came, you'd," he openly scanned her curved figure, "you'd … there would definitely be socks flying everywhere."

Cam bit back on a smile. "What time is this party thing?" Not that I'm going, because I'm not. Because, dating a coworker - not wise. And dating a subordinate coworker; the epitome of unwise… Even when he has the bluest eyes and most mischievous smile….

Hodgins sat up straight on his stool. Are you kidding me? Snowballs chance in hell just came into fruition? Other than straightening up a bit he kept his reaction to the minimum and responded coolly, "I was thinking eight?"

"Formal? Casual?" Not that I'm going to say yes. It would be stupid to say yes. Yes, isn't even a part of my vocabulary at this point.

"Semi-formal. I could pick you up, save you some gas… and having to scrape your car off." He took a breath and released it slowly, "so what do you say? Are you free?"

"Yes." What? What the hell just came out of my mouth? Crap. Crap! She gathered her clipboard closer to her frame and jumped back into supervisor mode. "You have my address? And my number in case something comes up?" Please let something come up!

"Nothing will come up." He willed his body to not betray him. "And yes, I have your contact information."

"Great. Great. Good. Uhm, okay then. Eight, my place, tomorrow night." Shit. "Uhm, I'll let you get back to your phosphorus based stuff." Turning hurriedly, Cam moved out of the lab toward her office, clutching her clip board to her chest, silently berating herself for having the self-control of a preteen.

If she had been aware of the quiet release of breath that Jack Hodgins let go of as she walked away, or the way his eyes never left her figure as she headed back to her office, she would have been truly nervous.