Day 317 = Making The Decision
Author: Devylish
Rating: PG13
Prompt(s): none
Character(s)/Ship: Cam/Hodgins
Summary: 12 days til Christmas, and what a difference each and every day makes. Slight spoiler for Proof In The Pudding . Very slight.
Words 810
AN Not beta'd

Once again, Cam was holding a used at home pregnancy test in her hand, only, this time, she knew who the test belonged to. It wasn't Michelle's or Brennan's or Angela's. It was hers.

And it was positive.

She knew all about false positives, but, she looked down at the five brands of tests that she'd opened and used and the fact that all of them had 'pluses', 'pregnants', and 'blue bars' on them made her pretty positive she was pregnant.

Ha! Positive! She giggled nervously at her own unintended humor.

Putting down the last plastic stick carefully she looked at her hand, she was shaking. Not necessarily from fear, although that was there, but from disbelief.

Every single woman has that age; that time in her life when she makes the decision – comes to the realization – that it won't happen for her. Cam had come to that realization at age thirty five. And after that, she just hadn't given the idea of getting pregnant much thought. Even when she and Jack started dating, she didn't give getting pregnant serious consideration.

Apparently, she should have given the idea a little more thought.

"Hey babe!" Jack called out from the bedroom. "Are you ever coming down? Michelle's starting to talk about boys and colleges and stuff that I can NOT handle on my own." He waited for a chuckle or a laugh and when he didn't get it he moved closer to the bathroom door. "Cam? Babe?"

Flipping off the light, she opened the door and painted a smile on her face.

She shouldn't have even bothered; he could read her like a book.

"Woah. Woah. What's the matter?"

"Nothing. Nothing. Let's get the movies and popcorn started! And if you sit next to me, I'll protect you from Michelle and her 'growing up'."

She slipped past him and made it half way through the room before he caught her and stopped her.

His hands around her waist, his chin on her shoulder, he held her in place. "Babe, what's wrong? You're pale, and your eyes are doing that 'I know something big' thing."

"My eyes have a thing?"

"Mmmhmm, and they were lit up just a second ago… big time."

She turned in his arms, her eyes shaded by her lashes. She ran her hands over his shoulders. He had great shoulders. He was a good man. Better than she'd ever thought he'd be. He made her ache; and he provided the salve that stopped that same ache.

But how would he handle this. Michelle had come with Cam as a package, a kind of readymade family for him, but Michelle was also nearly an adult. She would be off to college in a year. And then it would be just Jack and Cam.

That had sort of been the plan. Her plan.

But, hmm, life apparently had something else in mind.

Her silence - as she tried to gather her courage -- was putting Hodgins on edge.

"Okay Saroyan, you're scaring me now. What's wrong?"

She circled the issue. "Did you like growing up an only child?"

He quirked a brow and shook his head but before he could answer her, Cam continued.

"You'd be a good dad." She smiled as a picture of Jack and some dark haired child doing 'experiments' in the backyard passed through her mind.


"I took five tests, and they're all positive." She lifted her eyes to his. "I – we're pregnant."

His eyes widened. "We… you're… I mean, we're," he backed up a little bit and looked at Cam's stomach, "A baby?"

"I don't know how it happened, I mean –"

"We've been having sex like rabbits, that's how it happened." Jack grinned and unable to contain himself, picked Cam up and swung her around. "I'm gonna be a dad!"

"Jack! Jack! Down!" Cam laughed and held on to him until he put her back onto the ground.

"Sorry. Sorry!" His face was suddenly fraught with concern. "Are you okay? I didn't hurt you, or baby did I?"

"Jack I'm fine. We're fine, I'm just dizzy."

"Oh… okay." Unable to stop himself he pulled her back into his arms and held her close. "How far along are you? When are we due? Which room should we use for the nursery? Do you want to find out the baby's sex before it's born? Are you –"

"Jack! Calm down!"

"I'm having a baby and you want me to calm down?!"

Cam placed her hands on Jack's jaw and pulled him closer, her lips brushing against his in a giving, appreciative, tender kiss.

Eventually pulling away, she smiled as Jack sighed. "Yeah, anytime you want to shut me up, that kissing thing will work." Taking her hand, he pulled her towards their bedroom door, "Let's go tell Michelle she's going to be a big sister."