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Hisana layed lazily in the futon. Her hair sprawlled out over the silk pilliows, her arms streched wide open and her eyes wanderd around the room like it was unfirmiliar territory.

The room was of course huge, with lots of things to do such as, read, calligraphy, knit, play dress up with the hundreds of kimonos she now owned, talk to maids, do her hair, play on the huge futon, anything you could ever think of.

Yet Hisana was still bored. She turned to the left of her bed and looked at the spot were her husband was suppose to be.

She sighed. Unfortunatley he was at work right now and it would take him hours to get home.

Somtimes she hated the fact that he was a leiutenant. He always had some type of mission or meeting to go to and always had to leave early and come back late, which left Hisana bored and alone.

She stared at the clock hoping time would move faster so her beloved could return. The seconds seemed like minutes, the minutes seemed like hours and the hours seemed like days.

mabey I should go visit him Hisana thought. She got up out of bed and decided that visiting her husband was the appropriate choice to make.

She went to the closet and picked out a beautiful red kimono with gold doves sewn into the fabric. She quickly brushed her hair and made her way to the sixth divisions barracks.

Hisana turned lots of heads when she came walking through the doors. She had never been there before, and it looked overwhelming. Tons of shinigami just stared at her.

Hisana took a deep breath and continued walking now looking at the floor to the leiutenants office.

She slowly slid the door open so that she could peek through.

And sure enough there he was, her husband was silently doing a mountain of paperwork. He looked very tired and worn out.

"Hisana" he said in his usual calm tone without looking up from his papers.

"what are you doing here?" he added now looking up.

She slowly enterd the room and closed the door. "well I thought I would visit you at work Byakuya-sama" she answerd walking over to his desk.

"I appriciate it but I must complete this work" Byakuya answerd sighing.

"cant the work wait just a little bit?" Hisana asked wrapping her arms around his neck.

Byakuya gazed into his wifes beautiful purple eyes, they were warm and calling to him, telling him to leave his paperwork behind and go with her.

He placed a small kiss on his wifes forehead and spoke "you can stay if you like, I dont mind the company but work must get done"

Hisana nodded and pulled up a chair next to him.

Hisana stared at her husband while he was doing his work. She loved the way his eyes scanned each document and how beautifully he wrote, and when he would get frustrated when he had to read some shinigami's bad handwriting.

She wouldnt admit it but she liked it when he got frustrated, he would push his eyebrows together and make a crease in his forehead. Hisana thought it was adorable.

She got up and whent behind her husband and started to massage his shoulders. mabey he would work faster if he was a little less tense she thought.

She moved his dark tresses to the side and began her work. Slowly but surely he felt his muscles unwind and he became a bit more relaxed, he finished reports at a faster pace now.

"How was your day so far Byakuya-sama?" she asked still soothing him.

"painfully slow" he replied still writing.

"how was your day so far Hisana?" he re-asked.

"painfully boring....until I came here" was her response.

Even though they didnt talk much while he was working, she still enjoyed his company and she knew he did as well.

Soon Hisana began to grow tired, she stopped massaging and walked over to a couch and layed there. Soon she fell asleep.

Byakuya finally finised his work and it was very late. He walked over to the couch to see his wife sleeping soundly.

He smiled a bit seeing how peacefull she looked in her sleep. He did not want to move her so he decided to join her in her rest.

He layed down next to her and moved a strand of hair out of her face.

Hisana's eyes opend and a smile made its way to her face.

"did I disturb you?" he asked still caressing her face.

"no, just the opposite" she smiled.

Byakuya let out a long sigh. "I am sorry that my job is not entertaining to you, there past few hours must've been dreadfully boring" he said.

"no, no, they were actually pretty fun" Hisana replied.

"fun?" Byakuya asked confused.

"yes , fun. Just being around you is way better than staying in that boring room alone" she whisperd.

Byakuya examined his wifes face for a second then spoke.

"you as well, were wonderful company" he kissed her forehead again.

"could I come back to watch you work again?" she asked.

"It would be my pleasure'" he responded.

Hisana couldnt contain her happiness, there would be no more lonely morinings.

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