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"Perhaps something simple my lord"

'Simple?' he pondered in doubt, it was true that she was a simplistic woman, something too extravagant would definitely take the beauty out of her clean, natural features.

"What do you suggest?" he questioned while quickly glancing at the short gray-haired old man who was busying himself with the task of organizing the many files and documents in the Kuchiki library.

"Well you know her better than I my lord, surely something must come to mind"

He closed his eyes for a few moments and shifted his position in his seat. He absentmindedly drummed his fingers across the width of the table in-front of him and began to think. 'What would she desire?' he mused, perhaps something that would catch her eye, like a colored glass or maybe something different such as a perfume. A sigh left his lips as he began to eliminate choices that weren't suitable for a woman like Hisana and leave behind things he knew would make her happy.

"My lord, have you come across something?" the ancient looking man asked, his attention still to the shelves of books he was reorganizing.

"I suppose so..."

Byakuya raised himself from his seat and opened his eyes, his expression confident and a little smirk of amusement played on his lips.

"Hibiki, please inform my wife that I will be arriving home late today" Byakuya informed the man before moving towards the exit. The man nodded in understanding his words but still couldn't help the look of curiosity from crossing his face. Just what was his lord planning to present the lady?


It wasn't everyday that he strolled through Seireitei, he never walked around without reason especially if he didn't have to.

The day was growing old and his destination was finally reached. It was a very fancy looking shop, with gold bells hung from the frame of the door and a hand woven rug of a light blue color complementing the shade of blue that covered the store.

Byakuya entered the store with his usual cold, nonchalant expression. He looked around at the interior quickly before moving to the front counter of the store. A youthful looking woman with many freckles dotting her face came to the desk with a toothy smile.

"Lord Kuchiki how may I help you?" she greeted him warmly while peacefully folding her hands on the top of the counter. "I wish to see your new arrivals" he explained curtly. She nodded and left the counter to a back room that was crowded with many boxes filled with old trinkets.

The freckled woman returned to him with a large brown box that she emptied out before him. He was slightly taken aback by the amount of things she had covering the table, it had to be over a dozen items all different sizes, colors and shapes.

"These are the new arrivals from the human world, we have some really amazing stuff here, like this for example" she picked up a green glass bottle that had a small wooden ship inside of it.

He rose a brow. To him the things the human world came up with were either pointless, idiotic or both. He couldn't see the fun or use in a bottle that had a ship placed in it for god knows what reason. Though he was a little intrigued by how the task of placing the ship into the bottle was done...

"Or how about this?" she offered once more while holding out a wooden paddle with a long string leaving from the center and a red ball attached to the end of the string.

Curiosity gripped him and he held his hand out for the weird object. She handed it over to him and he held it awkwardly in his hands. How was one suppose to use such a thing?

"You have to swing it back and fourth so that the ball hits the paddle" the lively woman directed him.

He followed her instructions carefully and began to swing the paddle back and fourth, and surely enough the ball began bouncing off the board making small thud sounds. He was surprised at his own talent for the game because he hit it a couple of times before losing. Though he wouldn't admit it, the game was quite addicting.

"Is there anything you would recommend for a woman?"

The store owner's eyes widened in delight at his words and she showed her toothy smile again. She left the counter and went to the back room once more leaving Byakuya alone with the many devices she brought out.

He picked up a small white cube that had a different number of black dots on each side. He examined It carefully, counting the dots on each side and wondering just what it was used for.

The woman came back into the room, her hands filled with three items. He quickly put the cube back onto the table and made room for her to set her items down.

"This one looks pretty, it goes on your head" she explained as she handed him some sort of head-wear. It looked very grand, it was gold and had many small multi-colored jewels covering it. It was curved up so the top was at some sort of peak and the bottom of it was curved into a crescent like shape. He wondered if the significance of this head piece was the same of his kenseikan, did it represent nobility in the human world? Or was it just normal head wear?

It did seem like it would capture the eye of a woman.

Though it was a little too fancy for Hisana's taste. He placed it back onto the table and sighed a low irritable sigh. He had thought that this place would have something suitable but it was only filled with nonsense.

"How about this?" she said hopefully, he could tell that she was eager to give out something that would catch his eye.

He took a small tube from her, it was black and had a hole at the back. "You look through it" she explained to him. He reluctantly put the object to his eye and gazed into it, he was surprised at what he saw; it was many different shades of different colors all at once. It was sort of like an abstract painting, different strokes of different patterns of light and dark colors. Reds, blues, yellows, purples, greens any color you could think of was inside of the tube and its texture reminded him of glass.

Byakuya removed it from his eye. It was a very interesting thing but it gave him a slight headache and one could easily grow bored of just staring at colors all the time.

He was about to lose all hope in this shop and just return home when he spotted something in one of the boxes near the entrance of the back room.

"Bring that here" he commanded firmly while pointing to a small pink box inside of a bigger brown one. The young woman obeyed and fetched the box from the back and brought it quickly to him.

The box was pretty small and plain, it was a light pink color and had a small silver clasp on the front. Byakuya opened it and a small lady popped out of the box wearing a pink fluffy dress. She was twirling around with her hands clasped together above her head and one foot pressed against her other leg forming almost a "P" shape. The one thing that caught him other than the spinning doll was the soft twinkling music that came from the box. It was soothing and had a certain charm to it.

They both watched the doll for a few moments, silently admiring the pretty tune that played from it. Byakuya closed the box and had finally made up his mind.


Byakuya entered the manor later on that night after deciding on the wrapping paper and the card that would go with it. It was pretty late and when he entered his room he could see the small bundle that was his wife engulfed in sleep.

Her face was tried and her body seemed exhausted. He placed the bag on her night stand and then prepared himself for bed.


"M'lady, its time to wake up"

Hisana's eyes peeked from her long lashes and she groggily rose from her bed. She stifled a yawn that came to her and rubbed the back of her hand against her eyes.

"How late it it?" Hisana questioned, her voice quite low and muffled do to her still dream-like state.

"It isn't too late m'lady, you still have much of the day left" the female servant explained while moving across the room and opening the shoji door that lead out to the garden.

Hisana squinted at the morning rays of sunshine that gleamed on her face and ran her fingers through her messy locks.

'Byakuya-sama already left' she thought while looking over to his already neatly made side of the futon. She was a little disappointed she wasn't able to see him off this morning. Normally she waited up for him when he got home late, she had tired to the previous night but her body had forced her to fall asleep. Exhaustion was a terrible thing, she needed to take better care of herself especially when she spent the days out wandering about the streets of Rukongai and the nights traveling the long way back home.

"M'lady have you seen this?" the young lady questioned. Hisana turned her attention to where the servant was pointing and let her gaze fall on the small bag that was left on her night-stand.

"No I haven't, do you know who it is from?" she queried while taking the bag and resting it on her lap.

"I have no idea, shall I run your bath?" the lady asked while trying to sneak a peek into the bag.

Hisana nodded, not really paying full attention to the woman's words. She carefully pulled out the contents of the bag which was a small box wrapped in a thin sheer lilac colored paper and a small card.

She read the card in a whisper to herself.

'When your nights seem to be lonely and your days seem to be a bit too long please look to this to ease yourself'

Her lips curved into a smile because she knew exactly who it was from. Her hands began to carefully peel the paper off of the present and when she was finished it revealed a small pink box with a silver clasp.

She tilted her head in confusion as she examined the object thoroughly. Within a few moments she opened the box and jumped a bit at the doll that popped out and began spinning. Her lip curled in confusion but then relaxed when she heard the sweet song play from the box.

It sounded so graceful, she had never heard anything like it before. She assumed It was from the human world, but how did he get his hands on such a thing?

Hisana closed her eyes and relaxed to the melody that rang through the room. Even the maid In the wash room halted her actions so she could listen to the sounds from the box.

When the song ended Hisana closed the box and looked out to the vista before her.

Her husband always had such special ways of making her feel at peace.

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