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Byakuya awoke to the rays of light shining through the window. He slowly began to unwind out of sleep by yawning and stretching.

He was awfully tired. He hasnt been getting any sleep lately, small dark circles were begining to form under his eyes and his face looked more and more worn out everyday.

It was beacuse he was kept awake at night by two things.

One was the coughing and sneezing of his wife and the second was pf pure worry for her health. Byakuya had never in his life feel this worried for anyone. He couldnt eat, sleep, or do anything without knowing that his wife was going to be okay.

He slowly got out of bed hoping not to wake her, he got dressed in his shinigami attire and put his kensikan and scarf on. He walked over to his wife's side of the bed and kneeled down.

His eyes examined her, she was extreemly pale and dark circles were already formed under her eyes. Her lips lost there lucious pink color and her face looked completely drained of life. Her hair lost its shine and was now limp and falling into her face. Her breathing was slow and steady but he could hear her wheezing.

His wife was dying and no matter how much he didnt want to accept that , it was the only truth.

She had gone to captain Unohana for daily checkups but nothing was working, she wasnt getting any better she was getting worse.

They were only in the fith year of there marriage. They had so much time left, but he feared that the time would be cut short.

He struggled to keep himself awake. He was drained of every ounce of hope he had left. The only thing that kept him moving was the sight of his wife wake up in the morning, the sight of her smile fave him a tiny piece of hope that mabey just mabey everything was going to be okay.

The elders and maids told him that he should sleep in a seperate room so that her coughing wouldnt disturb him. He refused of course, he did not want to leave his wifes side.

The maids had told him that when he was at work the only person she asked for was him, she would call for him and ask when he would return.

So Byakuya decided that he would stay with her as long as he could at any chance he got.

He moved some hair away from her face and placed his hand on her forehead. It was burning hot. She was sweating as well.

Hisana's eyes slowly opend, she smiled a weak smile when she saw her husband. She then frowned when she saw how tired he was.

"Hisana, how are you feeling?" he asked softly caressing her face.

"I am fine Byakuya-sama, how are you feeling?" she responded in a whisper of a voice.

"do not worry about me Hisana" he told her.

"you havent been sleeping....is it my fault?" Hisana aske tears began to form in her eyes.

"no, of course not dont ever think that" Byakuya answerd immidetley.

Hisana's eyes traveld from place to place like she was searching for somthing. Her eyes finally rested on a window.

Her eyes lit up immidetly as she gazed longingly out the window.

Byakuya decided it was time to summon the maids so they could prepare Hisana for the day.

Byakuya was about to leave when he heard his name being called.

"Byakuya-sama" Hisana called softly

"yes, Hisana" he said leaning back down to her.

"do you remember......when we used to have picnics outside by that cherry blossom tree?" she slowly moved her arm out of the blankets and pointed to the tree out the window.

"of course I do" he said in a caring tone.

"do you think.....I could visit that tree? I love it so much, it remindes me of the time we used to spend together, I would like to visit it" she said, she was straining her voice to be louder but it still came out as a whisper.

"Hisana please, save your voice" He said softly pushing more hair that kept falling into her face.

"could I please?" she asked her eyes full of hope.

Byakuya sighed. "captain Unohana said that you should stay in bed, you shouldnt be outside....it isnt good for your health"

Hisana's eyes lowerd and her hair once again fell into her face. "oh, your right....I am sorry" she said with dissapointment in her voice.

He hated not giving her what she wanted, it killed him inside not to let her see her favorite tree. He wanted her to be happy, but her health was more important.

He watched her fall asleep once more. She slept very often, most of her day consisted of check-ups and sleep. It must be hard to be denied everything that you want especially from the one person that was suppose to make you happy.

Byakuya stood outside the door waiting silenty while the maids went inside to help dress her.

He began to pace back and fourth contmplating on what to do.

They both knew her time was coming, they both knew that she was dying. He wanted to give her everything she wanted in her last weeks of living but her health forbid these things.

The maids left the room and he enterd. She was sitting by the window, just staring at the tree. She coughed a few times but never stoped staring at the tree.

Byakuya silently watched her his heart being torn in two by what actions he should take. Should he take her to the tree and risk her slight chance of recovery? or should he confine her to this boring room to make sure she got better?

Soon he noticed her cheeks were glistening. They were wet, she was crying.

She was crying silently, no words, no movment. Just her looking at that one tree with tears streaming down her face.

The one thing Byakuya hated most in the world was to see his wife cry. He couldnt bear it anymore, she was so depressed by not being able to do anything that it drove her to tears.

Her own husband denied her the right to visit that one tree that was so close...yet so far away.

That was when he decided that he couldnt deny her that right any longer. He wanted her to be happy and that was all that matterd, he didnt care about what the doctors said anymore. He only cared about his wifes happiness.

Byakuya walked slowly over to Hisana and whiped the tears from her pale cheeks.

"Hisana" he whisperd softly.

Her huge purple eyes scanned his face for any sign as to what he was going to do.

"I promise you, that from this day foward anything you desire, anything at all, I will provide for you" he said in a gaentle tone.

"and I will start by bringing you to your favorite tree" he added.

Her eyes lit up automatically, she sniffled a little bit and a smile grew across her pale lips. She then did somthing neither of them expected.

She wrapped her arms around him and burried her face into his robes and cried softly.

"Hisana, are you alright?" He asked immidetly putting his arms around her.

"yes...i am" she responded.

"then why are you crying?"he asked caressing her hair.

"beacuse I am happy......I want to do so manythings....and.....you will let me do them....so I am happy" She sid inbetween muffled cries.

Byakuya smiled a bit, he didnt know where this would take them, but he was happy if she was happy and that was all that matterd.

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