Alright heres the last chapter, I really hoped you guys enjoyed reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing it :D T-T I'm sort of sad its finished but I also feel pretty accomplished because this is my first multi-chapter story that I finished!

The cherry blossoms hadn't blossomed yet. The trees were still standing tall and naked, each branch decorated with only a few small pink buds.

They were bound the bloom any time now, any day. Soon the naked trees would be fully covered by tons of pink blossoms brightening up the lifeless Kuchiki gardens.

Hisana's condition worsened day by day. She would lie in bed while her husband went to work and allow the maids to take care of her until he returned.

Whenever he had a break he would come to see her. She would ask him to take her to the window so she could watch the blossoms. She wanted not to miss any minute that they would potentially bloom.

He would then after moving her return to work and Hisana would sit and stare out the window for hours until he returned.

To Byakuya it seemed like he was all the way back at the beginning with Hisana staring out the window again wishing for something to happen.

To Hisana she had come a long way. She had done so many things she wished to accomplish and she had done them with her husband.

Still with no success in finding Rukia the only thing she really looked forward to was the blossoms blooming.

She wanted so much to see them every year with her husband just like he said but in reality she knew she wouldn't make it that far. She knew any day now she would die, her body had lost the battle against her sickness and was bound to lose the battle against death as well.

There were only two things she regretted. One was leaving Rukia by herself in the cold lonely world and the other was not taking care of herself enough so that she could spend the rest of her life with her husband.

He did so much for her. Even after knowing not to move her at all he still continued to keep to his promise and Hisana was grateful for that.

"Byakuya-sama" Hisana called from the window. She was still gazing out at the tree waiting for the blossoms to finally bloom.

She placed her hand against the cold glass that separated her from the outside world and ran her fingers across the image of the tree.

"What is it Hisana? Is something wronge?" he asked as he walked quickly to her side. He had just came back from a long and tiring day at work. He didn't have his kenseikan in of his haori on just his plain shinigami robes.

"Can we go to the tree please?" Hisana asked gazing up at him. Her eyes seemed dead and she looked like she was at the brink of death.

Byakuya was silent for a few moments wondering why she wanted so abruptly to go visit the tree.

"Of course" he replied softly as he held his hand out to her. He knew if it was her wish to visit the tree then he would have to obey.

Hisana took his hand and slowly got out of the chair and walked with him as he led her outside.

Her hand was cold and pale like it had already died. Byakuya had a very bad feeling in the pit of his stomach, like something horrible was going to happen.

He led her slowly down the path to the tree. They walked small steps and there pace was incredibly slow but they took there time.

"It is such a beautiful day outside…I'm sure they will bloom today" Hisana said happily as they began to walk over the small bridge.

Byakuya stayed silent. He couldn't get that feeling out of him and it increased as he approached the tree.

That tree held so many memories. It was the one place that Hisana loved with all of her heart the one place that she wouldn't mind visiting or dying under.

After a while of walking they were under the shade of the tree. Hisana layed out on the grass and closed her eyes. She inhaled deeply to breathe in the wonderful smell of the garden.

Byakuya still held onto his wife's hand, this time a little tighter than he normally would.

"Byakuya-sama, thank you so much for keeping your promise….it has made me so happy these couple of months….theres no way I could ever thank you for everything you have given me" Hisana whispered as she opened her eyes slightly.

She held back all of the coughs and sneezes that were attacking her body and she fought back the urge to close her eyes once more, maybe for the last time.

"Hisana you speak as if you are leaving" Byakuya responded softly as he brought her limp hand to his lips and kissed it gently.

Hisana stayed silent, her eye lids drooped even more and her breathing became shallow. She could feel her heart beats getting further and further apart and her vision began to blur slightly.

Byakuya noticed her irregular breathing and held onto her hand even tighter.

"Hisana let us return inside, you need to rest" Byakuya said calmly with a little nervousness laced in as well.

"No Byakuya-sama….I wish to stay here" Hisana said quietly. Her words barely came out as a whisper, he had to strain his ears to hear her.

Byakuya wanted to beg her to go inside for this feeling he got became unbearably strong.

He held onto her hand even tighter and leaned down to her to place a small kiss on her pale lips.

Hisana longed to deepen the kiss, to taste his lips once more but her body was so weak she could barely kiss him back.

"Hisana promise me you wont leave me……I want to go into out sixth year of marriage" Byakuya said in a whisper.

Hisana stayed silent. She didn't want to promise anything she knew she couldn't keep.

"I promise I will stay with you for as long as I can help it" Hisana replied. She knew that she couldn't help it for much longer.

"Can I be selfish one last time?" Hisana asked now forcing herself to stay awake, rather stay alive.

Byakuya nodded and took a deep breath. He didn't want her to leave, they had too much ahead of them for her to leave so soon.

He had done everything he could have possibly done to keep her alive. All the promises he made were so that she could stay happy and live a long life with him.

"I have one last request for you" Hisana said softly.

"Please, don't say last" he said trying so hard to compose himself and not burst out in a river of emotions that were shrouding him.

"Promise that you will continue looking for Rukia and that when you find her, because I know you will……that she will be able to call you brother….and that you wont tell her that I am her sister, I am not worthy of being her sister" Hisana said.

"I will do anything you ask Hisana….I will find Rukia….I promise" he responded.

"Thank you….for everything Byakuya-sama" Hisana said and her eyes closed. She could feel herself fall into a sea of darkness only to be awoken by her name being called.

She used all of her energy to open her eyes and right In front of her was a small pink cherry blossom that was finally bloomed.

It was the first blossom that had bloomed that day. Hisana was right, they were going to bloom and they did so right as she closed her eyes.

She was speechless. She didn't know what to say, she didn't know how to make words come out of her mouth.

Byakuya placed the blossom carefully in her hair and caressed her face softly with his hand.

"You kept your promise until the end Byakuya-sama, I knew you would" Hisana managed to choke out.

Tears began to form in her eyes and slide down her pale cheeks as she saw her husbands mouth moving but she couldn't hear what he was saying.

"I am glad that you are happy Hisana, I hope that I have been good enough for you….I wished that we would spend an eternity together" he said still caressing her face.

Even though she couldn't hear him she managed to say her last words and take her last breath.

"No matter what I will always be with you Byakuya-sama, I can promise you that" then her eyes closed and a smile crossed her lips.

She moved her hand slowly to the blossom in her hair and pulled it out. She then placed the blossom in her husbands hands and closed his fingers around it.

She wanted so much to spend her life with her husband but that wasn't an option now. She was devastated that she had to leave him but she knew in some way she would always be with him.

Byakuya tightened his grip on the cherry blossom and tried to hold back the tears that were threatening to pour out.

He had kept his promise all the way to the end and he was delighted for that. He was also glad she could die under her favorite tree, he wanted her to die happily.

Even though pure grief overwhelmed him he was still pleased that she could stay with him forever even if it wasn't in a physical way.

"I will keep my promise Hisana" he whispered as he lifted her body and held her close to him.

No matter what he did he knew that he would keep that promise. It was the last thing she had wished for and he cherished it with all of his heart.

That one last promise she made was her dying wish, even when death tore them apart only two things held them together one was the unbreakable bond of love and the last was the promise she made under her favorite cherry blossom tree.