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Wally opened his eyes.

A red haired girl stood before him, with flyaway red hair and a scowl set on her face.

Her shirt was green.

He liked green.

She waved her hand at him impatiently, gesturing for him to get up.

Disoriented, he followed the red haired girl, despite not knowing where he was.

She took him to a room where a black-haired girl was waiting, faint tear tracks apparent on her cheeks.

He felt a tug on his heart.

She approached him slowly, fearfully.

What was she afraid of?

As she got closer, the smell of jasmine filled his nose.

It was a nice smell.


She was wearing a green shirt too.

He liked the color green.

She held out a green clad hand.

He stared at it distrustfully.

Tears welled in her eyes.

His heart tugged again.

He wished she would smile.

Slowly, haltingly, he accepted her hand.

It was warm.

Why did it feel so perfect?

So right?

He wondered who she was.

Did he know her?

He didn't think he did. He wasn't friends with many girls. He hated girls and all things girly.

They say there's a thin line between love and hate.

Wally didn't believe that.

You would never catch him admitting he loved a girl.


Why did that feel like a lie?

Why did he feel so empty?

Wally paused a moment, taking stock of his situation.

His birthday was today.

Why couldn't he remember it?

He thought harder.


Couldn't he remember anything?

Yes, he could remember being five.

And a boy…


He used to play with Hoagie. Wally wondered why he hadn't been over there recently. And someone else…


She went to his kindergarten. She was nice, and a member of a club of some kind. Kids Next something.

Why couldn't he remember?

He turned his attention back to the girl leading him through hallways and down stairs.

She was speaking.

She had a nice voice.

He couldn't seem to concentrate on anything.

He caught a couple words.





His face scrunched up with disgust. She was one of those cruddy girls who loved all things girly. Why was she talking about love? Did she love someone?

Her face crumbled.

His heart tugged again. Why did he feel bad?

He didn't know her.

Again he wondered where he was. Where he was going.

He hated not knowing.

He wished he could release his feelings.

He wanted to punch something.

That wall would do.

The girl's mouth dropped open.

Wally growled. That hadn't helped.

The feeling of emptiness still lingered.

He hated it.

The girl looked scared again.

Of what?

Of him?

He didn't want her to fear him.

Did he?

Why was she so familiar?

Did he know her?

Why couldn't he remember?

He fell to the ground, his back pressed to the cool metal wall.


Her voice rang out, unsteady, hesitant.

She knew him?

"Who are you?"

Might as well get that question out of the way first. He'd find out where he was and where he was going later.

Tears gathered in her eyes.

She seemed to cry a lot.

Why was she so sad?

"D-Don't you remember?"

"I don't remember anything."

That was true. His whole life from kindergarten through third grade was painfully non-existent.

I want to remember.

"Do you remember?"

He cursed his voice. It sounded pitiful, pleading.


He needed the hole inside him filled. Something was missing, something important.


The girl was talking again. Filling the silence with words and stories. The more she talked, the madder he got.

Was she crazy?



Secret organization?

What the crud did all that stuff mean?

She was making his misery a joke.

She was mean.

He was pretty sure he didn't like this girl.

Even though she smelled good.

And had a pretty voice.

"Stop it." his voice rang out. "Stop lying. Just tell me the truth."

His voice sounded loud.



Hurt spread across her face.

More tears.

She slumped to the ground, agony written across her face.

Wally felt a tiny bit of remorse.

He hadn't spoken too harshly…

Had he?

She was wailing now.

He stood there awkwardly.

His heart broke open a little more.

Any bigger and he thought he would break.

Slowly he seated himself next to the girl.

Instinct took over.

One arm reached out to wrap around her shoulders.

She sighed and snuggled into him.

Wait… What?

His brain went into overdrive.

What was he doing?

She was a cruddy girl.

A pretty cruddy girl.

Who smelled good.

Whatwas he doing?

Was he… hugging her?

Why did her hug feel so familiar?

Why couldn't he make himself stop?

Why didn't he want to stop?

He started to cry.

He felt ashamed.



He never cried. And yet here he was, blubbering along side a girl he thought he knew, but couldn't seem to remember.

The girl's tears stopped.

Slowly, slowly she lifted his hand, and pressed her lips against it ever so softly.

His breath caught in his throat.

Who was this girl?

Wally was determined to find out.

A/N: Warning. Side effects of decommissioning include temporary disorientation and the lack of ability to focus.

Sucky ending, I know.

On a brighter note, only 3 days until Christmas! I'm so excited!