A Soul to Keep or Lose
A Day to Remember

(Alright, this is my first attempt at a Gregory Horror Show fanfiction, woo! So, Keith is the name I gave to the male main character to the game version, and I will be using the game as my reference. I have not seen all of the show, and only seen bits of the Second Guest and the Last Train in YouTube so please feel free to correct the errors I make . I'm assuming First and Second Guests DO NOT make it out and the game character made it but went back.)

It had been a long and troubled time. Keith Robinson, an everyday nice guy and hardworking individual, vanished without a trace. His sudden disappearance shook the realm that many call reality, as everyone liked him and no one could ever think that he had enemies. He was described however as an individual who did not relax too often and was prone to stress.
The police, media, and civilians never found him and sadly assumed that he was dead.

Now, a new tale is unfolding in the form of Keith's good friend Firion. He is a twenty-one year old male who is having trouble finding his place. He is a recent graduate and is living life through luck, perseverance, and mostly luck. This is his story.

"Ugh, fired again… Can this day get any worse…" Firion let out a frustrated sigh as he walked out of a diner with his head down in disappointment.
Firion was the son of a broken family; his parents divorced and separated living areas when he was seven and he has been living with his dad ever since with no support from his mom. His dad has a stable job working with the media, and his income is enough to support the both of them. Firion had tried to support his dad, both with and without him knowing, by getting part-time jobs. All of them ended with him getting fired, but he was able to get supportive income and moral support. When he graduated, he tried to work at a diner. His lack of cooking skills got him fired.

Firion looked at the watch strapped to his right wrist. He widened his eyes in shock as he saw that it was eleven-thirty at the evening.
"It's that late?!" He said out loud in surprise as he dug his left hand into his pocket. He smiled as he felt loose change in his pocket. He let his fingers count how much he had, and he sighed in relief when he had enough for the commute return trip.
"Well, that was lucky…" Firion muttered as he walked on the sidewalk, looking for a good place to easily get a taxi. As he did, he kept his hands in his pockets. Last night someone stole his wallet. Lucky for him, he kept his cash on his pockets and not in his wallet.
"What should I do… If I tell dad I got fired… Oooohhh, I'll never hear the end of it!" Firion scowled under his breath.
He crossed the empty street in front of him and looked up at the sign that said 'Taxi'.
"Huh… I thought this place was for busses…" Firion muttered as he turned his head to his side to see the empty streets. The diner across was closing and was soon adding to the silence.
Firion turned his head to the street on his right and squinted his eyes as bright headlights began to move towards him.
"Ooookkkaaayyy, a vehicle coming here on a one-way only street… Ah well, there's no police…" Firion looked around to see if a policeman would notice. He sighed in relief as he turned his head back to the headlights and was glad to see that it was a taxi.
"Hey, tired and dreary customer here!" Firion called as he raised his left arm, signaling the taxi.
The taxi slowed down and stopped beside Firion. He walked to the driver's seat and knocked on the window with the intention of asking the driver if he knew his destination. When the window did not go down, Firion cupped both hands around his mouth to project his voice into the driver's seat. He bent his body down slightly.
"Hey! I'm going to the apartments just across Sweet Victoria Hospital! Do you know where it is?" Firion yelled. He got no response and decided to try again.
"Sweet Vict-!" Firion started but was stopped by the sound of the passenger seat unlocking.
Firion looked around and felt the winds starting to blow. He looked at the diner across and noticed that the lights were out. He glanced around once more and noticed that the street lights were shutting off.
"Idiots… Either we're not giving the Government enough to keep them up or the idiots don't know that there are people still awake at this hour…" Firion muttered. He did not notice that he was under a street light that stayed on.

Across the street on the diner, the owner was locking up the side door. He glanced around and saw Firion bent down slightly in front of a taxi. A fog was soon starting up, and the owner was having a hard time seeing. However, he gasped in surprise when he blinked as Firion was there before it and was gone afterwards.

"So, do you know the way to Sweet Victoria Hospital?" Firion asked as he relaxed in the passenger seat. The driver did not respond.
"A silent type… Huh, you know I'm scared of silent types… They could burst at any second…" Firion said with a sigh. "Bloody, you know what's truly scary? A chef with anger issues! Those guys know how to use knives!"

Firion looked out the window to see fog. The fog covered most of the land, and it was difficult to see past it.
Soon, the taxi stopped and Firion had woken up when it did.
"Huh… Hey, ease up on the breaks, I was sleeping…" Firion yawned as he wiped drool of his lip and dug his hand into his pocket and got the money.
"Hey, thanks for th- Hey, where are you?" Firion leaned forward to give the driver the money, but was surprised to see that there was no one in the driver's seat. He examined the front and made one startling discovery: There was no meter that tells the fare.
"Okay, I just rode a taxi with no meter and a driver who comes and goes…!" Firion said as he pocketed his change. He looked towards the door of the driver and noticed that it was open.
"Must have answered the call of nature…" Firion muttered as his hand rested on the handle of the taxi. Although he did not apply force to it, the door opened and he fell out unto the ground.
"Hey… Ow!" Firion said as he had fallen onto his side. He pushed both hands to the ground and felt himself stand up in the cold and eerie fog. He glanced around to see trees.
"What is this?! Dude, I said Sweet Victoria Hospit… Hey!" Firion said in frustration but was interrupted by the sound of screeching wheels. He quickly turned around to see the taxi speeding away from him.
"Hey, hey! Wait, this isn't my destination!!!" Firion tried to run after the taxi but stopped and cursed, stomping at the ground once.
"Hey, I have your fare so good for me!" Firion called back as he turned. He noticed that a particular path in the fog was clearing up.
"Alright, let's see where this path will lead me… Will Lady Luck be at my side?" Firion muttered. He looked down to see a dirt road. He nodded and started to walk, following it through trees and fog.

"Do you know my name? What is this, a lost soul? Why, he looks lost and troubled! He looks like a lost individual, with no place in life! What shall he do? I should give him one of my special judgments!"