(Hey readers, and welcome to Chapter 4 of my Gregory Horror Show Fanfiction. Firion has now met… Neko Zombie! But he's not the friendly kitty we know! What has happened? Stay tuned for more!)

Chapter 4: "No Longer Friendly"

"Hello?" Firion cautiously called as he heard the meow of a friendly cat, or so he thought. He looked both left and right before taking a peek through the still-exposed key-hole. What he saw was very surprising: a zombie cat staring right back at him!
"Yaah!" Firion yelled, jumping and falling back and down on his behind.
"Leave now, stranger!" The hiss of the cat came from its creator. "I am not to be disturbed! Don't you see how shut-in I am? For good reason!"
"M-my name is…" Firion started to introduce himself, hoping to be friendly but was interrupted by a loud screech that came from the zombie cat again. Fearing that Gregory or that blood-seeker Judgement Boy warned him about would discover him, he got up and began to run… towards his left.
Bad idea.
He was looking behind him, not paying attention to where he was going until he bumped into something… someone.
"Oh! My apologies, I…" Firion started; tired of landing on his rump as he looked up at whoever he bumped into. He was silenced by what he saw.
"Well hello, young blood! What are you doing here so early in the morning?" The pink lizard in a nurse's uniform inquired, her eyes never leaving him.
"What?" Firion asked as he helped himself up. "Please… accept my apology, for the shriek has rung bells in my ear." It was true. Since Firion was right in front of the door when the cat shrieked, he received much negativity in his hearing.
"Oh, my poor dearie…" She said, sounding more sympathetic. "Please give the poor dear another chance. He has gone through some tough roadblocks in his life."
"Are you seducing me, miss?" Firion asked, as his hearing made her sound more seductive. "Oh…"
The nurse chuckled at the assumption, and brought some fear away from Firion's heart. "No, young one. Love… isn't for me. You could say I'm one of the unlucky ones."
"You and me both, lady…" Firion muttered, remembering his own life outside the hotel and his attempts at some women.
They were soon interrupted by another shriek, closely followed by Gregory.
"What is going on here?" Gregory asked in pain.
"He started it!" Firion and the nurse instinctively yelled, pointing at the metal door.
"Jynx, you owe me money!" Firion said, before realizing that he was fooling around with a nurse. "Uh… Firion. Hi."
"You're certainly a live one," The nurse replied, nodding approvingly. "My name is Catherine, and I do hope to see you more. My clinic is on the other side of the hotel. See that door at the end of the hallway? The clinic is across from that."
"Uh… thanks!" Firion thanked her before leaving, going for the door at the end of the hallway. He opened it, and noticed it was the library.
"Nice…" Firion muttered, closing the door behind him.

"Catherine, you're certainly making friends with the new guest," Gregory noticed, ignoring the zombie cat. "What do you think of him?"
"He's a strange one, Gregory," Catherine began her assessment of Firion. "He's not like the ones who came here before. His blood is precious, but it's better in him than out."
"Do you like him?"
"Is that what it's called?" Catherine pondered. "I believe respect is more… accurate."

"Now that I'm more awake… There are many things I must think of," Firion thought as he glanced at the books on the shelves. "One… that zombie cat is mad for a reason… Why? Two, That… Catherine…" He shivered at saying her name. "I'm sure she's the blood-sucker JUDGAMANT Boy warned me about, but she seems… Nice. Three… What in bloody blueberry were those Blue Wisps floating around near their heads?"