Thank you for reading yet another one of my stories! I enjoy all your reviews and I hope that you like this story as much as you've liked the others! This is a Gabby fic.

I always wondered if Gibbs secretly knew the effect he had on me. The way he smiled at me, the hugs he gave, and the warm kisses I'd received when I had made a big break in his case made my day. Especially if 'Caf-Pow!' was involved. Sometimes I chastened my self when I thought about Gibbs this way. Gibbs probably only thought of me as a friend, nothing else. But it wasn't wrong to dream was it?

"Abby!" Tony yells from the doorway, making me jump a feet in the air. He walks towards me with Gibbs who promptly smacks him in the back of the head. "Sorry boss"

"He's not the one you should be saying sorry to" I correct.

Gibbs puts my cup of Caf Pow on the desk and turns me towards my computer, "What do you have for me Abby?"

I groan, "Nothing much Gibbs, and you shouldn't expect much from what forensics you gave me. It was totally contaminated! Some of the liquid from the people who clean the crime scenes dripped it all over the blood you gave me. I can't get anything from it" Now I'm ranting "And why were they there any way? Aren't they supposed to come after?"

Tony tilts his head, thinking "She's right boss"

Gibbs smiles and kisses my cheek, my face warms from it "See Abb's you did get something. But I still want you to try to work with that blood"

I'm on a high that even screwed up forensics can't touch, "Uh-huh"

"Good, and DiNozzo I never heard you apologize to Abby"

Gibbs comes in while I'm dancing in circles because I did find something in the blood he gives me. And I'm getting ready to tell him when he puts a finger to my lips, shutting me up.

"I know what you're going to say but it's alright we already have a confession from the guy"

My eyes close into two tiny angry slits "When exactly did you get a confession?"

"That's why I came down here, do you want to go get a drink before you head home?"

I'm already hopping up and down in my head at the idea of being alone with Gibbs even if we are going to a bar. "I'll go get my coat"

The bar that Gibbs brought me to wasn't even near packed. I don't know why I expected that he was taking me to one of my standard bars. This was Gibbs we are talking about. We sat at the bar and ordered out drinks, the usual for Gibbs (how many times a week did he come here?) and a shot for me. Nothing too strong, Gibbs was giving me the 'eye'.

"Gibbs do you have a special lady?" I ask, in the most playful way I can manage since in my mind I'm already thinking of who his girlfriend may look like.

"You're my special lady Abby" He says absently, he barely paying attention to me.. I bet if I threw this drink at him he would stop staring into space and pay attention.

"Gibbs, are you here?" I snap my fingers in his ear, he grabs them and stands up from his bar stool.

"Let's dance" It isn't a suggestion since he's already dragging me to where the jazz band is playing.

I place my hands around his neck and began to sway, but he pulls me closer to his chest. I can smell saw dust on his shirt. I try to control the smile on my face, it would be obvious to him if I was smiling like a school girl with a crush.

His hands dip down from the small of my back, until his fingers are almost touching my butt. And his head is bent so low that I can feel his breathing on my neck. Then…his lips.

I freeze. Gibbs is kissing me! Small pecks of delicious kisses began to trail up my neck and I feel my knee's weakening. I get so impatient that I cup his face with my hands and kiss him directly on the lips, and all the rules in the world including number twelve flies out of the door.

Then he's pulling away from me, unstitching my arms from his neck. And looking around to see who was watching us, there wasn't any one but the band. "I should probably get you home"

Two Day's Later

Two days? It's been two days and he still hasn't said anything? I felt like tearing my hair out from the roots! Every time he came down to my lab he had one of the team with him. Once he brought them all down, just to get some blood results from me. He basically had to rip them from my hands because I wouldn't let go.

Well today was quiet and I finished up all my paper work fairly early, so the director said I could go home. Thinking of her, I forgot to tell her how cute her heels were today. Heel's weren't my thing though. Platforms, were more of my forte. Right when I was about to destroy a Kobold Vermin the doorbell rung, I logged off and skipped to the door to answer it. When I opened the door I wasn't expecting it to be a black rose wielding Gibbs. I was still mad at him but I couldn't lie and say I wasn't happy to see him.

"Come in" I said softly, taking the rose from his fingers.