Sorry that I haven't updated in a very long time. Promise that I'll update soon. Oh, and I'm sorry that this is short...

Tony was fun to watch behind his desk, especially when he didn't know what the hell he was doing and he didn't want to ask for help. McGee and I had a bet on which of us he would choose to help. He thought Tony would ask him because he didn't want to ask a girl for help. I knew Tony would choose me because he didn't like asking McGee for help. I was pretty sure Tony would choose me, well I had a hunch.

After a few more incorrect taps on his keyboard Tony called my name, McGee groaned and I grinned my way over to Tony. "Yeah, Tony what's the problem?"

"Why would you think there's a problem?" Tony asked suspiciously.

"I don't know, is there?" I asked, trying my best to sound innocent. Ziva snickered behind me at her desk. And McGee I knew was hoping that Tony would lie to me and ask him for help.

He looked over at McGee and threw the pencil he held in his hand at him. McGee ducked it just in time before it hit him in the face. "Mind your own business McGoober" He scooted farther into his desk, until his stomach hit the edge. "I'm trying to use this stupid database thingy to look for this knife."

"Why are you looking for a knife?" I asked moving forward to get a better look at his monitor screen.

"Shh, not too loud" He whispered, "I got a lead on this case, and I just need to prove this theory I have. I don't want McGut over there stealing my lead."

"Hey! No whispering." McGee yelled at us.

We ignored him and I took a look at the database he was using, it was ours and it should work. Especially looking for a simple knife. And then I saw what he wrote in the fill in boxes and I rolled my eyes. He had wrote everything in the wrong boxes. That was why it wasn't working, and he was pressing the wrong button. It was easy to fix the problem, since it was a minor mistake.

"Thanks, Ab's!"

"Anytime Tony" I replied, heading towards the elevators after I snagged a twenty from McGee's reluctant fingers. When the elevator doors opened Gibbs stood with a Caf-Pow for. me. I kissed him, and took the cup. "Sometimes I think you're psychic. How did you know I was going to be coming into the elevator?"

He shook his head, "I didn't. I just talked to Tobias and he has something on Jerry Thomas."

"Is it big?"

"He says it is, my idea and his idea on 'big' is different." Gibbs said hitting the floor button that my lab was on. I took a huge gulp of my drink and looked up at Gibbs.

"Did one of you boys forget that I'm in charge here?" They probably thought I was really kidding but I was serious as acid is on the skin. They would fight for the alpha lead if I didn't take charge.

"Don't worry you are, Tobias just doesn't have your number so he called me." Gibbs looked handsome today, he looked like he paid attention to what he wore today. He had on a dark blue suit on, with a light yellow shirt on underneath and nice shiny shoes on. His face was clean shaven and he smiled like Safeguard bar soap. "And did you just call me a 'boy'?"

I nodded, my two ponytails swinging. "You look cute today Gibbs, what's the cause?"

He grimaced, "Are you saying I don't look 'cute' everyday?"

"Gibbs you'll look cute anyway, and anywhere. You just look different today. It's a good different though"

"It better be." He teased, bending to kiss my forehead before the elevator doors opened. We bumped into Ducky as soon as we walked out.

"Gibbs I was looking for you." Ducky was one of the smartest people I knew, I loved his stories, his work ethic, and the friendship between Gibbs and him. It was fun to watch them bicker sometimes. Ducky was one of the few people who understood the man Gibbs was.

"No 'hello' for me Ducky?" I asked feigning hurt.

"Ah, Abby. How are you?"

"It's awesome! I copped the new cd for Plastic Death!" I just received the cd that morning and I couldn't believe how great it was when I listened to it on my way to work.

"I've actually never heard of them." Ducky replied, furrowing his eyebrows up as he thought about if he knew the band.

"You probably wouldn't Ducky."

"What did you want?" Gibbs cut in.

"Well, yes Gibbs I needed to talk to you in private."

Gibbs shook his head, "Not right now, I'll talk to you later." Gibbs was always abrupt when he was anxious to so something. He'll talk to Ducky about whatever it was they needed to talk about later. Now he wanted to talk to Tobias about what he'd gotten on Thomas.

"You are not driving Ziva" Tony said to Ziva, snatching the car key's from her hand. McGee didn't come to her rescue because like a sane person he didn't want to die. Ziva believed that driving with her foot pressed heavily on the pedal was the best way to drive.

Gibbs was sending the rest of the team out on the case they were working while me and him went to meet up with one of Tobias' undercover's. It was risky meeting with the guy because we could possibly blow his cover but Gibbs didn't want to let any potential information go.

"Where are you two going Gibbs?" McGee asked as he noticed that Gibbs wasn't going along.

Gibbs took a sip of his coffee and scowled at McGee, "None of your business, and Ziva you can drive."

Ziva grinned, taking the keys back from Tony. Tony slapped McGee on the back of head. "Great job McGoo."