I (yes, me, the Authoress, I'm back and all that fun stuff) stared at the computer screen in wonder.

"I would PAY to read 'Annoy a Cyclonian.'"

Interesting, interesting. Well, it was lucky for the readers that this particular authoress likes to annoy her characters simply out of spite, and does not charge fees (plus, there would probably be some major lawsuit, as I don't own Storm Hawks.)

Please continue with the Cyclonians! :) They must suffer too!

YES! u should make a how to annoy a cyclonian! u must! btw LOL that was a freakin awesome chapter!

As an author, I am used to reviews, but I was absolutely shock to the number and the positive comments in them. This is the part where as an author, I thank all of my reviewers, inform you that I have such low self-esteem about my writing that I need your comments to continue (note the sarcasm…no, but really, I do appreciate reviews, it just gets tiresome having to beg at the beginning and end of every chapter for your opinions).

So this only meant one thing…another trip back to the Atmos, but this time, to Terra Cyclonia.

*Sigh* And right before Final Exams week, too. Mother was going to kill me.

So, packing up my laptop for typing and quill pen because it looked cool, I opened the portal and prepared to teleport to Terra Cyclonia…

I almost felt bad for the Cyclonians, but then again, evil Authoresses have no morals.