Part 1: New Faces and New Places

Chris: Hi there! I'm your host, Chris McLean, and I'd like to welcome you to the third season in the Total Drama series. Fifteen of your favorite contestants are back, along with two new faces, to compete in challenges all over the globe for another $1,000,000. Duncan already won $1,000,000 from last season but thought he wouldn't mind competing for another set of cash to go with it. Oh yeah, a new little twist I added this season, the contestants have to sing! This is Total Drama the Musical!

The seventeen contestants waited outside a huge jet with Chris' ugly mug on it.

Harold: Gosh, I hope Duncan doesn't win again.

Duncan: I probably won't, dork. Besides, I'm not going to be picking on you anymore.

Harold: Why?

Duncan: Well, after pranking and even punching me last season, I think we're even. I was mean to you, you retaliated, so that's it.

Harold: Cool!


Harold: Sweet! So now Duncan and I can be friends.


Courtney: It was so unfair that you won! I deserved to win!

Duncan: Oh come on, Courtney. You know I'll give you some of my cash.

Courtney: Oh Dunky! I mean, no! Keep your stupid money! I'm winning this season.

Duncan: Sure, whatever.

Cody noticed that one of the new contestants, a creepy girl with braided violet hair, was staring at him.

Cody: Um, it's not polite to stare like that.

Sierra: Sorry Cody, but I just love you so much!

She ran over to him and hugged him.

Cody: Ah, okay. Not so tight!

Gwen: Wow Cody, looks like you got your wish. You always wanted to attract girls.

Cody: Correction, I wanted to attract you, Gwen.

Gwen: Never gonna happen.


Gwen: After what happened with Trent, I don't want another boyfriend for a long time. Especially not Cody.


DJ: Where's Chris at?

Noah: Who cares? He's probably putting his makeup on to look less ugly than he actually is.

Alejandro: Good one.

Noah: Thank you…

Alejandro: The name's Alejandro.

Noah: I find it somewhat of a pleasure to meet you.

Owen: It's a real pleasure for me to meet you! I'm Owen!

Alejandro: I know who you all are, I watched the show.

Owen: Oh, right.

Noah rolled his eyes.

Chris and Chef finally walked over.

Chris: Welcome everyone, to Total Drama the Musical!

Duncan: Excuse me?!

Lindsay: Oh I love musicals!

Gwen: Why is it called, "the musical"?

Chris: Because, when I say so, you have to sing.

Duncan: And what if we don't?

Chris: If you don't sing, you're out!

Noah: This is ridiculous.

Chris: Anyone care to back out now?

No one replied.

Chris: Good! Now if you'll all get on the Total Drama Jet, we can get going. By the way, I hope all of you met Alejandro and Sierra. They're your new friends for the season!

Lindsay: Why isn't Beth here?

Chris: Because she went to France with Brady, remember? She didn't want to bother competing again after such a painful loss to Duncan last season.

Lindsay: Oh, right.

Once all of the contestants were on the jet, Chef started it and took off.

Chris: Say goodbye to Canada!

Harold: What's the point of traveling around the world anyway?

Chris: Because it's exciting, Harold. Now, I'd like to explain the voting-off conditions. If you do not receive a barfbag filled with airline-issued peanuts, then you're out!

Leshawna: Where do we go?

Chris: You take the drop of shame!

Noah: Comforting.

Chris: Don't worry, you'll be supplied with parachutes. I think.

The contestants gasped.

Chris: Kidding! You'll have parachutes!

Heather: So where's our first stop?

Chris: I'm glad you asked. It's Egypt!

Courtney: I wonder what tortures he has in store for us when we get there.

Harold: Obviously something of the torturous variety.

DJ: Right.

Chris: But before we get there, I'd like to show you around.

He led the seventeen contestants around the jet, showing them the cafeteria, bedrooms, and the new bathroom confessional cam.

Izzy: This is gonna be an awesome season! I can sense it!

Noah: Right, whatever.

Chris: Now why don't you all have some lunch prepared by Chef before we arrive in Egypt.


Duncan: This is gonna suck. I've already got my money, so why do I bother competing again? It's not like I'm gonna win again.

DJ: I'm not too sure about this, singing isn't really my thing. Then again, winning a million bucks is.

Izzy: This is the first season that I shall not return. Because I'm not getting voted-off! Izzy's in it to win it!

Tyler: I'm pretty stoked! I can take on any lame challenge Chris throws at me, anything!

Bridgette: Hopefully I'll finally win. No offense to Geoff, but without him here to distract me, I could go all the way.

Owen: Yeah, it would be pretty cool if I won this season so that I can finally get some money. Ya know, after winning season one?

Noah: I'm sure Owen is going to be playing the "I deserve some money for winning season one" game. Well I've got news for him; he gave it up, so it's his own fault. Maybe I'll win this time.

Leshawna: This time I'm winning, hands down. I've made it far in the past two seasons, and this time I'm taking the million home.

Sierra: I'm so excited I can hardly breathe! Does somebody have a paper bag I can breathe into?!

Harold: I shall use my mad skills to beat out the competition and win this season. Then maybe a lot more people will respect me and my great skills.

Lindsay: I wish that Beth was here (pause). What am I supposed to say again?

Heather: I refuse to let these losers beat me again! Therefore, I still have a few tricks up my sleeve. Just you wait.

Gwen: The Musical? Seriously?! I guess Chris has run out of ideas. Anyway, maybe it won't be too bad, I might win. And hopefully I'll make it farther than Heather.

Ezekiel: I want to go home, eh.

Cody: I know I shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but that Sierra girl seems really weird. What if she won't leave me alone?!

Courtney: No matter what, I'm winning! I mean come on, I should have won two seasons ago!

Alejandro: This is going to be good. No one will suspect a thing. I'm going to manipulate these guys and beat them to that million, by seeming nice. The guys will be friends with me, the girls will drool over me, and then I'll win! I'll be a better schemer than Heather ever was. One by one, they will all go down!


To be continued…