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Blue Skies and Sunshine is a collection of The Princess and the Frog vignettes: short stories, generally just one scene, that I couldn't justify posting on their own. I'd rather not spam y'all with these tiny things. There's no real continuity at work here, and these vignettes aren't arranged in any chronological order. Just the order in which I wrote them.

This piece is set after Tiana and Naveen's human wedding.


Beneath his cheek, her breast rose and fell; her heart beat a quick tattoo, now slowing. She carded her fingers through his hair, short and even nails scratching his scalp, thumb parting the sweat at his temple. The thin skin of her wrist, which passed now before his eyes: that, he kissed.

"You sure know what you're doing," Tiana said.

"A natural talent," he demurred. "New even to myself."

"Y'all certain about that?" That arch note in her voice like a song, or a challenge. Perhaps both.

"I will say nothing else," he said, reaching to cover his heart, but settling for spreading his fingers over her belly, sweat-bright and shivering. "Only that I'm very excited to pursue it, with, of course, your able and--" He smoothed his hand down the swell of her hip. "--very lovely assistance."

"Silver-tongued frog."

A small and secret crease in her cheek, revealed when she smiled at him in that certain way: he wanted to kiss that, too; that, and the fold of skin high upon her thigh, and the dimples in her knees. The glossy scar inside her elbow, where grease had burned its mark. The rough skin of her palm.

How many women had he loved, with his body if not his heart?

Naveen rose onto his elbow and her hand slid down his shoulder; her fingertips brushed his arm. Carefully, he tucked an errant curl, dark and gleaming, behind her ear. He lingered there, touching her cheek.

"I may not have told you this," he said, "but I love you."

Her cheek dimpled. "You might have mentioned it a while ago. Once or twice."

"Yes," Naveen said, "I remember now."

Tiana rubbed his arm from shoulder to elbow, then back up again. Beneath him she shifted, her hip rolling, thigh pressing against him.

"You could tell me again," she said, soft. "If you want to."

"I could, yes," he agreed. "As many times as you so desire. We don't even have to be naked."

"You got a problem with naked?" said Tiana, as she twined her fingers in his hair.

"None whatsoever," said Naveen.

This story was originally posted at livejournal on 12/12/2009.