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Chapter 22- Tie Rhodey's shoelaces together

This was the kind of meeting that Tony would do anything to avoid. The sun outside was shining, the birds in the trees were whistling and the sky was the kind of blue usually associated with warm summer days and ice cream on the beach. Not that Tony had had much experience with ice cream on the beach but it sounded like a fun idea, especially with the right person.

Tony glanced at Pepper who was sat on his left. The sun was shining down on her pretty red hair and she was wearing a lovely blue top that reflected her eyes, she looked beautiful in summary.

She also looked like she was about to fall asleep, the right side of her body was leaning towards his and her eyes were trying to obey the rules of gravity.

Tony nudged her with his elbow and she sat upright, blinking a couple of times at him and stretching her legs under the table while the head of finance droned on.

Tony winked at her then nodded across the table to Rhodey, who was sat opposite him, doodling what looked like a car on his notes with his head in one of his hands.

Pepper furrowed her eyebrows puzzlingly at him and he scribbled number 22 on the top of her budget notes. She grinned then quickly hid it under her hand and with her other hand casually knocked her planner from the desk and onto the floor with a loud *thump* that made everyone around the table look up/jump up/wake up.

'Oh I'm sorry,' Pepper apologised, leaning down to pick it up.

'Don't worry, Ms Potts, I've got it,' Tony said graciously.

He ducked under the table for a moment, then popped back up with Pepper's planner held triumphantly in his hand.

'Thank you, Mr Stark,' Pepper said taking it from him, and the meeting continued.

Once it was finally over and those closest to the door had managed to make a run for it before the head of finance decided he'd forgotten something, Tony and Pepper stood up and stretched.

'Coffee? Rhodey?' Tony asked innocently while Pepper gathered up her things.

'Sounds good,' Rhodey said, standing up…

… and immediately falling flat on his face while Tony howled with laughter and made a run for it before Rhodey could come after him.

'STARK!' Rhodey bellowed down the corridors, alerting a couple of confused employers who looked up as their CEO ran through the building tugging his poor PA along behind him.

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