Title: Concerning Sparrow

Timeframe: end of Dead Man's Chest

Warnings: None. Sorry *winks*

Summary: James Norrington has a short moment to muse during the quick fight for the key. Meanwhile, he and Will Turner manage to agree on something.

Disclaimer: What would I want to do with three marvellous, dashingly handsome, sweaty men with swords, anyway? Ekhem. Don't answer that.

They belong to the Mouse, still. I'm not gonna attempt to steal thieves (Norrington stole the heart, Will attempted to steal... eee "commandeer" the Pearl, and I'm not even starting with Jack). Please don't sue. It's all their fault anyway.


Will Turner spun with another thrust, aiming at Norrington or Jack- or, preferably, both.

Jack- predictably- ended up with the key. Will and Norrington- also quite predictably- ended up with the swords crossed at Jack's throat.

"I think you forgot your place, Mr. Turner," Norrington mused dryly, lifting enough of his attention off Jack that Will knew what the man was implying. "Was it not somewhere here," he moved his sword lightly," between me and Jack Sparrow?"

"I revaluated my opinion. It was rash, you were right."

Norrington managed to look both thoughtful and amused at the same time. "So he is not in fact a good man, then?"

"He's a pirate!"

The fighting resumes, quick, changeable and exhilarating. Just after a quick-tongue interlude by Jack Sparrow, and before a maddening exercise with swords on the wheel, Norrington manages to think that time has changed a lot for all of them, and yet wasn't it amusing that Will Turner has turned around in full circle, back to his bleak outlook on pirates from before?

Thank the merciful God that at least he, Norrington, was constant in his convictions, he thinks.


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