I walked into class, late as usual. It is a normal routine I go through. Coming to class late, being bullied for not being talented is an everyday thing here. Being talented matters in this school, in Alice Academy of the Arts. Trust me, I have talent, I just don't show it. I can dance various styles of dance and sing various pitches. I can draw, act, I'm extremely talented. I just don't show it.

"Mikan-chan, you're late again. But, free period!" Narumi-sensei said. I sat down in my seat.

"Really, why are you here?" Luna Koizumi asked. She is one of my main bullies.

"Probably because her uncle is the principal." Mochu said. He is another one of my main bullies. Koizumi is the leader of her own group and Mochu is a part in Natsume Hyuuga's group. Both Koizumi and Mochu love to make fun of me having "no talent".

"It is not because my uncle is the principal!" I replied.

"Then what could possibly be the reason?" Luna asked.

"I have some sort of talent." I said.

"You have a talent of being the only one without it." Mochu responded.

"And being the ugliest girl in school." Luna added. I wear this face mask I had specially made, that makes me look ugly. That is why I go straight home after school. To wash it off.

"Then I technically would have a talent, proving both of your selves wrong." I said. Then Mochu punched me in the stomach and Luna smacked me in the face.

"Shut up." They said at the same time. Nogi walked into the room at the moment they hurt me.

"Please, guys, violence is not the answer." He said. Nogi is not my friend. He just doesn't like it when people hurt each other.

"Okay Ruka!" Luna boomed.

"I don't think you can do anything about it, Ruka." Mochu said. Then Natsume Hyuuga walked in.

"Of course, I'll stop." He changed his mind. Why? Hyuuga is the leader of the group he belongs in and Nogi is Hyuuga's best friend. I stood from my seat and began to walk away. All the girls were screaming in the presence of Hyuuga. I just walked out, not saying a word to him. I need to go clear my mind. Every student in the school has a dorm. I have a dorm and an apartment/condo outside of here. I decided to go to my dorm since I can't skip school. It's just for this period.

Natsume's POV

"It seems like it's a free period today." Ruka said. Koko, Kitsuneme, Mochu, Ruka, and Yuu walked up to me. They are all part of my group. We just make music and hang together. Kind of like a band but not completely.

"Why do you pick on her?" Ruka asked.

"Sakura-san has never done anything wrong to us." Yuu added.

"Of course you two would stand up for her. You two are the nicest guys here. Probably the only ones that like that nerd. I mean, she is so stupid." Mochu responded.

"Actually, she is not all that bad. She helped us with our studies once." Koko and Kitsuneme said at the same time. Mochu and I raised our eyebrows.

"I didn't go and ask her for help." They defended.

"I would have asked Yuu if he was there at the moment." They continued to defend.

"Please explain this to me." Mochu said.

Koko's POV

I never really had a problem with Sakura-chan. She was actually quite nice, probably. I don't know much about her, but she did help me with my studies.

"Please explain this to me." Mochu said. I remembered it clearly.

Flashback (he explains as he remembers)

I was sitting under a maple tree with my math homework.

"Grrrrrrr! Stupid Jinno. Why can't he make it so we can understand this shit?!" I yelled.

"If you need help, you can always ask someone." I heard a female voice say. I couldn't see anybody though.

"Listen, if you're a fangirl, you might as well go away right now." I said. I saw Sakura come out from behind the tree.

"Don't think I was spying on you and being desperate. I'm not like those girls." She said.

"Sure, yeah right. What do you want?" I asked. She bent down beside me.

"Don't think what you're thinking. I don't stalk or craze over guys." She said. I stared at her, confused. She moved the pencil on my paper. I looked at the paper now.

"Split the problem into two different equations. You can use your pencil as the divider. Once you do that solve between the two solutions." She said. I looked at the problem. I did what she told me and then solved the problem. I turned to thank her but she was gone.

Flashback End

"That was pretty much it." I said.

Kitsuneme's POV

"That was pretty much it." Koko said.

"My turn to explain." I said.


"What could I possibly be doing wrong?" I asked aloud. I was very frustrated with this song I was playing on the bass.

"I know what you're doing wrong." I heard a female voice say.

"Are you a fangirl?" I asked no one in particular. Sakura came walking down the pathway near the fountain I was sitting at.

"No." she answered.

"Yeah right. You wouldn't know I was here if you weren't a fangirl." I said.

"This is on school property. Anybody could just walk around and stumble upon the place. But that is off topic." She said.

"No. It's pretty much on topic." I said.

"Listen to the song once again. The c that you play in the second bridge is really a g. The assignment was to listen to the song and come up with the sheet music for it, right? I already finished mine. Don't get your c's, e's, and g's confused. Those are the most confused notes on a music scale." She said. I played it again, this time, playing the c as a g. She was right.

"Thanks." I said, turning to nothing.

Flashback End

"It seems she has a habit of disappearing." Natsume said.

Natsume's POV

"Yeah. Well, she might be smart, but she is still ugly." Mochu said.

"I can't deny you on that one." Kitsuneme said.

"I don't mean to offend her but she will probably never find a man unless…" Koko said before hearing the said person's voice.

"Tell him this when he gets back from his trip. Tsubasa, please don't make this difficult. I want to break up with you." We heard. We turned the corner and saw Sakura with her cell phone standing by a tree.

"I'm pretty sure this is not the first time a girlfriend has broken up with him." She said. She has a boyfriend? Her? Ugly Sakura, her?

"Really? He has never been dumped! He has had like 500 girlfriends. I've seen them all. I'm pretty sure I'm gf 501." she yelled, sounding surprised.

"Well, I guess there's a first for everything." She said.

"And he can not dare to come to my school. We can still be friends. Yes we will still see each other there. Besides, I work there. I pay rent with the money I get from that job. He will see me. Make sure to tell him." She said, then hung up the phone. We all snuck back around the corner.

"I guess we have to take back the never getting a guy thing." Koko said.

"Did you notice how she said job?" Mochu said with an evil smirk.

"Oh no." Yuu said.

"Alice Academy students aren't allowed to have jobs." Koko said with his eyes wide.

"We're not allowed to have boyfriend girlfriend relationships either." Kitsuneme said with the same look.

"Actually, we are allowed to have boyfriends and girlfriends. They just say not to let it get in the way of school work and that they are not recommended." Ruka said.

"Guys, let's find out about this job of hers." Mochu said.

"NO!" Yuu and Ruka yelled.

"We will not stalk poor Sakura-san. Maybe she doesn't mean an actual job." Ruka said.

"And it could be girlfriend as in friend that's a girl. We will not stalk her." Yuu said.

"I agree with those two. We shouldn't stalk around her. She didn't stalk us." Koko said.

"Yep, me too. She helped me with my homework. I owe her one. That assignment was our mid term. You know how the mid term counts for more than any other test." Kitsuneme said.

"Fine. I'll drop it." Mochu said.

Natsume's POV Next Day

I walked into class. Narumi told me not to skip class today, yesterday because we would have an assembly first period. The entire class walked down to the auditorium. The high school principal stood on the stage with a mic in hand.

"Okay, I'm just gonna do this quick, cuz I have a meeting to attend to. I know you all like your modern dancing but the performing arts school requirements require that you do classic dancing, so I added it to everyone of your schedules. Each day is a different type of classical dance. The classes will only tell you the history of the dance, you will have to practice separately. You are all partnered up. Throughout this semester of classic dance, there will be a contest of classic and modern dancing within the school. The beginning of the contest will be announced in a few weeks. I will announce the partnerships right now. Please stand and then sit by your partner when I have called you." He said. It seemed he was partnering up by capacity level, but I was not sure of the capacity of some other because I do not have classes with them. After several names, I heard mine.

"Natsume Hyuuga and…" he said. All the girls paid attention.

"Mikan Sakura." He finished. Everybody gasped and looked toward me. Ironically enough, she was already sitting next to me. I looked at her from the corner of my eye and saw her jaw dropped.

"That is all. Please go and get to know your partner and pick up each other's schedules." The principal said. I stood up. My partner apparently did not. I could not get my new schedule unless I was with her. She sat there waiting until the place cleared out. Then she signaled the principal over with one finger. The principal came up to us.

Mikan's POV

I was steaming. I waited until the auditorium cleared out. He was standing by the podium still. I took one slender finger and stretched it out then in, gesturing him to come up to me. He walked slowly towards me. He was taller than me, so I grabbed his collar and pulled him down to my size.

"What the fuck, ojii?!" I whispered loudly.

"I wanted you to stop being bullied, Mikan. I'm your uncle. I worry about you. If you were partnered with Hyuuga, you wouldn't be able to do bad. And, he needs to learn ball like everyone else. You have the highest talent here." He whispered back.

"I don't care! You know how much longer I'm gonna be wearing this face mask?!" I whispered.

"Yes, but why don't you just tell him that you have talent, show him, then you will need to work less. He picks up on things quickly." He said.

"Bloody, fucking no! Change my partner!" I whispered loudly. He released my hand from around his collar gently, though I was giving him a hard time, and walked towards Hyuuga.

Natsume's POV

It looks like my partner is mad to be with me. That is certainly a first. But what else can I expect from the girl who has never said a word to me. The high school principal walked up to me and leaned close to whisper something.

"Mikan, really does have talent. Let her show you and open up to you. She will be taking you to her studio." He said.

"I heard that and I will not open up to bloody fucking shit!" Sakura said. Never expected it from her.

"She is not all you think her to be." He finished and then walked off.

"You are so lucky I did not bring my stun gun, ojii." Sakura muttered. I think this Mikan Sakura girl is going to be one of my new interests.

"Hyuuga-san, meet me at this address everyday at 4, after school. If you can't make it one day, please do tell me and we will practice during the school hours." She said, walking up to me and handing me a piece of paper. We walked to the table outside the auditorium that had our schedules