'MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! My evil-super-plan-to-rule-the-entire-world-successfully is a success! Of course, I knew it would be a success...' An evil-super-mad-evil-genius-Eevee-that-is-blacker-than-a-midnight-sky laughed evilly.


A small Umbreon glanced around uncertainly, to make sure no one was watching and......ran to the stereo, switched it on and then the Macarena came on!

On the other side of the world....

The evil-super-mad-evil-genius-Eevee-that-is-blacker-than-a-midnight-sky somehow heard the Macarena song...

'OOH! I LOVE THE MACARENA!YAY!' the evil-super-mad-evil-genius-Eevee-that-is-blacker-than-a-midnight-sky, Shadowhead, stood on his hind legs and did the dance.

With Umbreon...

Umbreon, Shadowbutt, stood on his hind legs and did the dance perfectly. Suddenly, Gary came into the room.

'O.M.G! IT'S A DANCING UMBREON!' Gary grabs a video camera that appeared from absolutely nowhere, and started filming.....Umbreon was to busy dancing to notice.

Me: In case you didn't notice, I don't really like Gary...I just like Eeveelutions and Eevee.

That video of Umbreon dancing won first place on You've Been Framed and Planet's Funniest Pokemon. Umbreon hid under a bad and refused to come out for the rest of the month. He never battled for Gary again.

Every someone saw Shadowbutt the Umbreon, most of them would say something like:

Person #1: It can't be!

Person #2:No!

Person #3:It's-

Persons #1,2 & 3: Shadowbutt the Macarena-Dancing-Umbreon! Hahahahaha- O.O

The people who laughed got Shadow-Balled in the face, or Sand-Attacked in the eyes. So Shaddowbutt got his revenge.