Shadowbutt dragged his limp body out into the sunlight, shielding his fragile eyes from it. He collapsed to the ground, and groaned in pain.

" long has it been since I have last seen the surface world?" he asked the curious Magikarp flopping about in the pond that magically appeared beside him.

"Karp. Karpkarp. Magiirp..." it called feebly.

"Right, right, my watch! Thank you, odd-creature-that-strangely-resembles-a-Magikarp-from-the-days-of-old!" he glanced at his wristwatch, which showed the date and time. It ran on heat. The clock said '14th February, 2020894; 11:06AM'.

He blinked, confused, "But how can this be? I've not been submerged in the depths of the earth for ten minutes, yet I appear to be zillions of seasons older! What the Dunsparce?"

Shadowbutt stared at his dusty fur, matted and sticking up. There was a bump the size of a Starly egg on his head that was dribbling milk and he gasped in horror, "Not my milk! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

He scrabbled around, trying to salvage the lost milk, but finally gave up and removed the bump from his head, brushing aside the fake fur and curling around the bottle. "You haven't gone sour yet, have you, my darling? You were kept warm by my body heat.. Do you want some, Mister Magikarp? It's warm..." he grinned widely.

Mister Magikarp squeaked out a little 'karp' and frantically Splashed away, screaming "Please don't eat me! I'm all fishy and Karpy!"

Shadowbutt waved at the horizon with his tail and kept grinning, "Come, my darling, let us go and ask what year it is." he whispered cheerily, and padded off with his milk in his mouth.


"-gasp- SB! You're all dirty! How? You've only been gone for five minutes and I just gave you an hour long bath! Oh hey, that's a brill idea," Gary the Retarded yelled out his idea for all to hear, "I'LL VIDEO MYSELF GIVING YOU A BATH!"

Shadowbutt collapsed into a heap, sobbing. The watch was right, and it tick-tocked in a smug manner. So he smashed it. Then felt sad because that was his only watch. But then he remembered that he hadn't liked it anyway, and he had his milk...which..was...gone. Stupid little Gary had gone and got hyper off it.

A/N: This took enough time. Sorry it's so short.