Bella: What we think of each other?

Berkeley: Yes, we'll start with you, what do you think your family's worst flaws are? We have to be open and not hold back to get out any tension and anger you might be holding in.

Emmett: I don't understand.

Bella: He wants us to make fun of each other.

Emmett: Really!

Berkeley: That's not what I meant…

Rosalie: I don't have flaws…

Carlisle: I believe he said it was Bella's turn.

Bella: …Well I'll start with Rosalie I guess.

Berkeley: Then everyone try to think of Rosalie's worst fault.

Bella: She's a self-centered bitch that hates me and thinks the sun rises every morning to see her face. She also holds a pretty strong grudge.

Rosalie: I thought you liked me.

Bella: *Snorts*

Jacob: She's a venomous leech that dyes her hair.

Edward: She tried to kill my Bella.

Berkeley: Your Bella? What does that mean? And…kill…? *starts sweating*

Carlisle: Rosalie's just a tad rebellious really.

Esme: I don't think any of my children have flaws really, so I'll sit out.

Emmett: She slaps me to much.

Rosalie *smacks*

Emmett: She's perfect.

Jasper: She scares me.

Alice: She's my sister but she disagrees with me way to much. I'm ALWAYS right you see. *Laughs manically at her 'inside' joke*

Rosalie: Well don't I feel loved? Can we move onto Bella now?

Berkeley: Sure.

Rosalie: She's gullible, and weak and smells horrible.

Jasper: Bella smells amazing! How dare you doubt her smell, she smells like raspberries in the magical land of unicorns…*drifts off into lala land*

Edward: Stop daydreaming about my girlfriend. It's beyond creepy and only I'm allowed to do that.

Bella and Emmett (whisper) : Stalker…

Alice: Yeah and it's pissing off your wife too. *makes incredibly scary face*

Berkeley: Girlfriend? Wife?

Jacob: Didn't anyone explain that to him?

The Cullen's: Ermm….

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