AN: A short little poem written for the 12 Days of Cadgins challenge on Livejournal. Written with Cam/Hodgins in mind but can be interpreted as any pairing. Happy Christmas!

A flickering flame
Wild and untamed
A burning wick
Shrinking quick

A flowing river
A thin sliver
Molten wax
Tracing tracks

Sat atop greenery
A miniature scenery
A holy sign
That never fails to shine

Watched by four eyes
A girl's and a guy's
She was slowly drifting off
Just as he coughed

She gave him a thump
That would soon be a lump
He flashed her a smile
In his own unique style

She couldn't stay mad
At her child's dad
For more than a minute
When her love is infinite

So they sit and watch
Whilst drinking some scotch
The molten wax flow
Onto the brass plateau

And think of their child
A girl quite wild
With curly brown hair
Constantly in their prayers

In their line of work
Many dangers lurk
To have a child so beautiful
They were eternally grateful

Feedback is appreciated- If you enjoyed this you might like my other poems for the challenge. Just check out my profile or go to the cam_hodgins community on livejournal