The long awaited sequel to 'Torn'. I wanted to keep the story with the beginning as a 'T', too. I don't know. I can get so picky sometimes. Anyways… come unite my readers and reviewers of 'Torn'.

Title: True Romance
Rated: +18 – language; sex; violence; dark; themes
Summary: // High school fic.// SEQUEL TO 'TORN'. It's been a year since Jeff had died. Matt goes back to school and is being held back a year. He's adopted by the Jericho's and Matt can't move on…he KNOWS that Jeff's still there… //Hardycest.//
Genre: Romance/Spiritual

1 – Closed Doors

Matt sighs as he looks down at his feet. He just can't move on, can't he? Jeff's gone. His Jeff. His love. All gone. Not here anymore. And he'd already planned their own wedding, in Fiji, where incest is allowed, and he'd wished so damn much that he can run away right now, marry him, hold him, kiss him, love him…his Jeff. Bonded by him together, forever…but now, his Jeff's gone…


Matt holds his head in his hands as he tries hard not to sob at the thought of Jeff, at the thought of his Jeff.

He remembers going to the funeral.

Nobody was really there except for Matt and the band, they laughed, they cried until they couldn't cry anymore, they hold onto each other while Matt had no one to hold onto but himself, letting his besotted tears soil him.

But he knows that Randy and John would move on and did. He knows that Adam and Chris would move on and did.

But he can't move on.

No, never.

He just can't take it anymore. He can't move on. He can't see anything in the world but a dull gray sheen across the supposed to be blue sky, nothing but horror…thoughts of Jeff still lingered.


Matt presses his head against the window, letting his finger run through the thick glass. It's been six years since his mother's died, and exactly two year since Jeff's death since today's his birthday and his father, well, he's just so glad that his father's dead but he still feels soiled.

He knows he'll never be able to love again.


His arms wrap around himself as he imagines holding Jeff, the pale snow body in his arms, soft lullabies escaping Matt's mouth, the nine year old child that once looked at him, the thirteen year old child that he'd once loved and still does, gone, gone…it's almost a dream. He never really says that Jeff's gone.

He says that he's out of the country or such.

But he'd never mention that word.




He hears the sound of footsteps in the room as Emma enters the room, Chris's Uncle Aaron following her, who's know his uncle supposedly. The Jericho's had adopted him, and Aaron walks towards him and hugs him. "Hey, little kid, you gotta eat something!"

Matt's lost a bit of weight. Maybe 2 pounds. Maybe 10 pounds. Who honestly cares anymore if he skips meals?

Aaron grabs onto Matt's hand and pulls him towards the dinner table with Emma skipping, holding onto her little doll that she now dresses up like Jeff and calls Jeff to comfort Matt, and it's a comfort and she sits down beside him at the dinner table, putting 'Jeff' in a seat beside him.

Matt looks down at the toy. "Hello, little Jeff." He has a weak smile on his face.

Emma stares at him, grinning, the eleven year old showing her broken tooth, 'Jeff loves you. He's happy…"

Matt nods his head, smiling weakly, thinking of a happy Jeff, his happy Jeff, and sometimes, that's enough, knowing that Jeff's happy, on cloud nine, heaven…his Jeff…enjoying heaven…beaches and sunshine…his smile strengthens as a plate of food's passed to him. Chris looks at him, 'so, how's school?"

He's failing every grade. "Good."

Chris stares at him. "We miss him too, you know."

They always have the same conversation and Matt nods his head, threatening to let the tears fall. "You don't have that band anymore?"

Chris shakes his head. "That band broke up when Jeff…was gone." He knows how emotional Matt gets when he hears the word 'dead', he can never get used to it. "Randy and John are taking art class."

Jeff's favorite.

"And me and Adam are taking some foreign language class." Chris shrugs. "The teacher hates our guts 'cause I called her a hypocrite in French." He grins.

Matt loves the way Chris grins, only because it's so identical to Emma's. Emma is the only thing that keeps Matt's mind off Jeff for a while. And only a while. It's nothing more than two hours. Then he'd go back to thinking about his Jeff. His dead and gone Jeff. And he'd cry himself to sleep.

He'd do that so many times that he'd never slept a normal day in his life. Even with Emma in his arms. He can't. That's why she's so attached to him. She knows that he's in pain. She really does.

Behind closed doors, without all the plastic smiles, Matt doesn't pretend to be strong. He breaks down.

When everything's shut tight.

As soon as Matt eats half his plate, he hops off, not used to not washing the dishes and doing the food himself, he goes upstairs and Emma follows him and he tucks himself into bed. Emma jumping in his arms as Matt holds onto her softly but tight at the same time and he thinks of Jeff.


The tears come.

Spill fast.

Sobs rake from his body and Emma holds onto him, not crying, trying to be strong for him and he'd only stopped crying two hours after he'd started. His eyes now puffy and red, swollen, run out of tears.

His chin on Emma's head.

"Jeff's happy…" he tells himself. "Jeff's happy…he's happy…he's happy…"

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