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19 – Up At Night Part 2

Mike Mizanin didn't know what happened in all this time. He was a bit more detached from reality for sure. He didn't know what was going on between him and John anymore. Sometimes, he'd talk to John and they'd be happy and in love and sometimes, John would just secretly make Mike cry himself to sleep, but of course, Mike would show signs, tell him he had to go quickly and then burst into tears until he fell asleep…and when he'd wake up, his face would be caked with depression.

Mike was curling up into a ball, sighing. He needed to call Jeff but for some reason, he didn't want to. Jeff was so away from him, they used to talk about everything and now, it was almost like they were strangers to each other. Mike smashed the photo he was holding onto the floor just out of anger and pain, sitting down onto the bed, and sighing. "Fuck life. Fuck them all…"

The night was still young and Mike didn't know what to do so he just called John, who had his number on busy.

… "Fuck you."

Mike didn't know what he was saying anymore.

"I know you got raped, John. I know it's not easy to cope. I know fucking all of it and I know that I was raped too, John. I don't honestly care what happened to you anymore. You know what? Just leave me. You've hurt me enough. I'm not staying here and taking all this shit like some piñata. I'm outta here."

Mike slammed the phone shut, instantly bursting into tears.

"What did I do to deserve this?" Mike exclaimed, tears still rolling down his cheeks. "For years, I've tried being happy and I find this one thing that makes me happy and hell, look at what happened! He doesn't even notice I exist like before… hell, to him, I'm just some child who doesn't know what to do, who has no idea what he's doing and who's just selfish, immature…and has no idea what life is anymore. Just fuck it. Screw me. Let me die…" Mike was holding onto his head.

"God…why do you give me something so wonderful then watch it get torn apart? It's like holding a glass of water in your hand on the hottest of days and then having it torn away from you…the longing…for the water…my heart longs for water. On fire, in pain, it longs for comfort…yet nothing."

"Nothing…" Mike repeated.

"I'm nothing."

Mike dropped his hands onto the floor. "Fuck, I'm even talking to myself…" Mike shook his head, 'see God? I'm even talking to myself. God, what in hell's name has become of me? Did you make me this way? Did John make me this way? Did…"

Mike stopped in his position. "Did I make me this way…?"

"I'm so confused." Mike buried his head into his hands. "Algebra was easier than this…and you know, I'm terrible at it…" Mike sobbed horribly.

"I'm horrible at Algebra…" Mike sniffed.

"I'm even worse at pretending to be alive. All this time…so dead inside…just let me die. Please. Let the pain stop…please…I'd be in the shower, just thinking of you and I'd burn myself on purpose just to think of you…just to pretend you're there to keep the burning pain away…I think I'm crazy…I just need you so bad…I…I…I'm so dead…"

The phone that was slammed down never touched the receiver.

On the other end of the line, John Morrison allowed the phone to drop from his hand, horridness filling his body and pity crossing his eyes and sorrow swallowed him, as if he was a piece of needle in a hey, just enveloped by it all… "I'm sorry, Mike." John whispered under his breath.


'Remember, you deserve this.'

Matt was panting, watching the man standing before him, holding onto the rod, glaring coldly back. The shapeshifter pounced, tearing clothes off instantly and biting into the flesh, drinking the blood that they didn't need, just to add to the sick image that mashed into Matt's brain.

Then flashes and flashes overtook Matt's mind. The shapeshifter smirked…

Ten year old Jeff standing there and grinning, holding onto an ice cream cone and softly licking it, and in that image that the shapeshifter had twisted, Jeff leaned down towards a dead body, Matt's dead body and giggled, shaking his hand away. "Bye, bye, Matty…I don't need you because you never loved me…" the little Jeff spoke out.

"NO!" Matt exclaimed, his eyes burning with tears. "No! I love you, Jeffy! I swear I do!"

The ten year old Jeff cried in anguish as the dead Matt's eyes snapped open and he grabbed onto the knife before him, driving a knife through Jeff's side, making Matt's eyes shut tight as the tears flowed quickly. The shapeshifter knew all of Matt's weaknesses, every way to push his buttons. Then an image of a thirteen year old Matt, the dead zombie that came to be, grabbing onto Jeff's jeans and tearing them – the tear…

Made him remember…

Matt's lips pressing against Jeff's own as Matt slid his hand underneath Jeff's pants, causing Jeff to look down in discomfort in the kiss. Matt's hands undid the waistband of Jeff's pants, making sure he was naked before he stroked Jeff…


The last image wasn't anything the shapeshifter was making up. Matt could vaguely remember it…he was drunk. Jeff was thirteen. It was real.

That made Matt hyperventilate.

"You hurt him too many times, Matthew…" the shapeshifter shook his head.

Images of Jeff lying onto the bed, crying himself to sleep snapped into Matt's head. It was so real…he couldn't remember it…it was after Matt had left, Matt knew…Jeff was in his room, sobbing, holding onto a pictureand that tore Matt's heart apart into pieces. To see him so weak, so tired, so emotionally unstable, as those eyes finally shut tight, nothing but a trail of tears caking his face.

"You. Ruined. His. Life." The shapeshifter's voice was strong and horrible and Matt believed every word. It was so clear, so vivid, so real…

"Kill me." Matt begged. "Just do it now. Save the trouble."

A laugh escaped the man's lips. "Oh yes? And you didn't get enough of your dosage of torture, Matthew. You did so much bad and you expect us to leave you like this? Oh no…I despise you…you know how much I despise you…you know that there are little chances of you dying by my arms this week, or the next, no…as I told you before, long ago, you're not dying before Jeff is…living is hard for you, yet dying is peaceful and I don't want you to be in peace. I want you to suffer through it all, Matthew. To see Jeff's ultimate death, to see that you caused it…"

The man had a sick smile on his face. "You're dangerous and you know that. You know that any moment you can snap, kill Jeff, kill Shannon, kill them all…burn them in your hatred…"

"I…" Matt was struggling to find words. "I…I'm…I'm an abomination…"

"You are."

Matt's hands held his face. "I'm bad…" he sobbed relentlessly, holding onto his stomach. "I'm bad. Just take me away…take me up there…"

Matt was referring to the sky.


"Oh no, Matty…I told you no."

Matt was staring up at the man as Matt stood up, the blood pouring, the pain tearing and he didn't really care as he pounced onto the man, as if he had claws instead of hands, scratching him. "I WANT TO GO UP THERE! TAKE ME! TAKE ME! TAKE ME TO IT! I want to go there! Just take me! Take me! Take me! Because I'm a bad person and I hurt people and bad people should not be here…here is for good people, people with pretty hearts and my heart is ugly and…and…"

The man pulled him down, staring down at a hyperventilating Matt. "See? Dangerous, little bastard…"

The man shoved his arm towards Matt and Matt saw the various scratches that were demarked in the man's skin in seconds alone…

"To Jeff. Imagine it to Jeff."

Matt whimpered, crawling away. "You're a bad man…you should go up there to…you should hurt us both, so we don't breathe anymore…if we don't breathe good people's air, then we die…and dying is good…" Matt whispered, looking down at the floor. "Dying is very good."

'Die, bitch.'


Ian leaned down towards the crib he had, smirking over at the child and she mirrored her smirk.

"Ian!" Amelia screamed, and he turned around to see a bat flying above him, black furred and emerald green eyed. Horrified yet happy to see him as she sat down onto his paper, and he glared coldly at her. "Whatcha want, Amelia?" Ian snapped at her but she kept on jumping as if something horrid had happened.

"They're all planning to take over Hell. The shapeshifters and demons teamed up against us!"

Ian laughed. "You just figured that out?" Ian glared at her. "You think I wouldn't know? Afton is like an idiot. He can't keep a secret to save his life. By the way, send Afton back his bones. I'm done using them as drumsticks."

"…Ian…" Amelia glowered at him coldly.

"…demons are so easy." Ian shrugged. "And yes, Amelia, anything good you have to add? How's our little Jeffery doing? RYAN!"

Ryan walked inside of the room, smirking. "…what do you want me to do, sir? I've got all my weapons ready and all… my shadows are ready to attack if needed…"

"How fast can a shadow overshadow someone?" Ian smirked.

"You want my shadow to overshadow who exactly?"

"Shannon Moore," Ian sighed, "you see, if Shannon is one of the four sets of the trait, the others being Adam, Cena and Michael. Then I am very much obligated to destroy all of them right now."

"…what if Jeff figures out and trains them?"

"Jeffery doesn't know how to tie his shoe laces." Ian growled at him, "and don't be insane and start just chaining Jeff and give off your identity. Jeff is more powerful than you if I must remember and the power works at most when he's alert. Start by using strong weapons because if you don't, you'll be the one crying in your panties."

Ryan stuck his tongue out at Ian.

Ian licked his lips, causing Ryan to jump upwards. "Disgusting," Ryan snapped.

"You have me an invitation to," Ian rolled his eyes, "now, execute before I burn your ass to the ground."

"You love my ass."

"I also love watching you drown. It's quite entertaining."

"We'll never forget that, will we?" Ryan sighed before exiting the hallways and Amelia stared at Ian, as if asking him what he was up to this time but Ian just winked at her, signaling that he knew exactly what he was doing. Eliminate the four, then when Jeff's power is gone because he apparently fed off their misery, he could destroy them all… Adam's misery was lesser than Mike and John Cena's but Jeff would never know that in some sick way, he enjoyed their misery. The reason that Jeff was still alive in fact…any spirit that was absorbed by a rose was a Hell spirit, Ian would never let Jeff go without giving him a few dark, special traits.

And this one won't just ruin him. It would ruin the entire world around him, crash his friends, hurt them and then hurt himself. Besides, the shapeshifters were somehow doing what Ian wanted, somehow leading Matt into his infinite pain and the minute that Jeff knew after the misery-induced four were eliminated, he'd break…

And that was when Ian knew that when he'd killed the demon's only key for success he'd known he'd win.

The demons wanted to take Jeff and to use him as a weapon to Ian's army, which would kill many of Hell's victims into a simple battle…Ian wanted to win without his little toys breaking so he knew what to do and what had to be done. When the war would break out, every human in the area would be of danger…and nobody would get out alive—at least not easily.


Jeff was holding onto Shannon, kissing onto his neck as Shannon whimpered softly into his sleep. "Don't like it, love?"

Shannon shook his head. "I love it," he said honestly, waking up, "just that I was having a bad dream." Shannon pouted and snuggled into Jeff's chest.

Shannon was in nothing more than a green and yellow jersey and black panties. Jeff's hands went towards his thighs and he caressed them gently, Jeff was staring down at the floor, trying to think. Why didn't Matt enjoy any of this? It was so soothing to be able to touch someone, to know that they were in control…but maybe because Matt never truly saw Jeff as beautiful or anything other than his brother that he didn't let the hesitation go and enjoy the delight in this.

Jeff kissed onto Shannon's neck again, softly sucking the soft flesh there before he pulled off, staring at a giggling Shannon. "I want sex," Shannon whispered.

Be Matt. Jeff thought, staring at Shannon's body. "No, you're too young."

"I'm a year younger than you are."

Fifteen. Cute.

Jeff shook his head and bit down at Shannon's neck. "No, no, you should be kept a virgin until marriage."

"You're not a virgin." Shannon snapped, feeling tense as Jeff stared at Shannon. His eyes widening as Shannon turned to look away, Jeff cupped his chin roughly so that Shannon was looking at him again.

"How in fuck's name did you know that…?"

"Last year, the photos…" Shannon bit down his lower lip, pink crossing his flesh.

Last year's photos, taken by Phil when he was forced to sabotage both him and Matt, were pictures of Matt stroking Jeff, kissing onto him and pampering him. It gave Matt a horrid image and just forced Jeff to go to therapy…everyone knew how he looked like, it made him feel so horrible…yet Phil tried to fix it but of course, the little pixie had a hard time correcting his mistakes but in the end, it was Phil who helped them through it all. Phil, whose father was made of hatred but his heart made of gold. Jeff bit down onto his lower lip; he hadn't known how Phil was coping with his new father…

Then he thought of Mike. He was ignoring both Mike and Phil, the two people who'd helped the most…he'd turned them away and shoved them off like children.

"Jeff?" Shannon asked.

"I hate you," Jeff snapped.

Just driving everyone away.

"…I…I'm sorry," Shannon whispered, 'just don't leave me! I don't want anyone to leave me again! I don't wanna be alone…I don't wanna die alone."

That was what spun Jeff's attention.

Shannon Moore thought he was going to die. How was he supposed to respond to that? Jeff just wrapped his arms around Shannon's waist and brought him close, hearing him sobbing against him as Shannon held onto him. "I'm sorry…" Shannon continued to whimper, "I'm so sorry…just don't…don't let me die…"


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