A/N: A little drabble with Anakin and Obi-wan.

Disclaimer: They do not belong to me. George Lucas ownes them, and he's the only one that can really and truly play with them. Lucky man. I'm just borrowing.

„A dysfunction"

"Aren't lightsabers an attachment?" came the smug reply.

It was always the same: the contest, the questioning of everything. Anakin asks for the sake of asking.

"Anakin, how many times have we been through this? This is your weapon; your life. The lightsaber is an embodiment of everything a Jedi represents."

"That's not what I asked," he doesn't smirk.

The frown on Anakin's face might mean he wants to understand. Obi-wan starts to open his mouth, but the younger Jedi didn't mean it, couldn't, because there is rebelliousness, there is disobedience, and he's looking at him with challenge now.

"Have you finished your meditation exercise, Padawan?" The question is stern, his eyes already showing the displeasure of the answer he knew was coming.

"No, Master," he's offended now, not trying to hide his own disappointment.

Anakin hated meditation, Obi-wan thinks, as the Padawan stands stiffly and turns his back on him to disappear in his room.

The End

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