Title: That Morning

Rating: T

Summary: Fuji never expected to go to work, only to have the news tell him a building in Tokyo had just been bombed…right next to Tezuka's work place.

A/N: Fuji's half of the story me and Mirror of the Ocean RP-d for the Golden Pair XD

I was doing my course work when I, for no reason, started to think about the 9-11 and 7-7 from both the US and UK…..and it got me thinking that not everyone was lucky enough to have their loved ones come home Q_Q

Warnings: angst, lemon (at a later point)


That morning had not been a pleasant one for Fuji Syuusuke. He had spent the entire night, for the past three nights, finishing off his work load for that month. It hadn't helped that his mentor had given him an extraordinary amount of work to complete for his apprenticeship, but also, he had been recently contracted for a freelance photo shoot. His entire month had been nothing but work and chaos. He had often found himself wondering just why he had accepted the later.

That morning came with a groggy start and once again, an empty bed. Not just for lack of him sleeping in it, because this month the word sleep didn't exist in his dictionary, but also that the other side of his bed was also empty.

At some point in within the recent months, Fuji had sadly got used to this regular occurrence. As much as he complained or persuaded his stoic partner, Tezuka Kunimitsu would not relinquish his duty to his work. So near enough every morning, Fuji would either wake up, or walk into, his room to find a note on his pillow wishing him a 'good morning', and a 'there's a bentou on the side'.

This morning was exactly the same, Fuji realised with a small smile and sigh. Yawning, he left his studio and rinsed what was left of the horrible developer off of his hands. As per his own new found routine, he walked into his bedroom and picked up the note off his pillow, reading with a widening smile as he woke up slightly. Even if the note itself was short, the content could always bring a smile to his face…but still, it was nothing compared to the real thing, he thought as he looked at the tidy bed, clean and crisp as if never been slept in.

Smothering another yawn, he took the note with him and collected his clothes as he headed into the bathroom. He grimaced slightly as he looked into the mirror, seeing dark circles under his eyes and the way he could see himself nodding off where he stood. With a shake of his head, he spun around and got into the shower, relaxing as the cool water fell over him in soft rivulets down his body, waking him up further. He ran a hand through his hair and stared at the wall as he washed, thinking the week through.

In all honesty, he had been trying to skip doing some work just to keep Tezuka from leaving the house this week, just so they could spend at least longer than an hour, without the other having to rush off to work. Fuji, despite the work load, was quite happy for his apprenticeship's odd hours. At least he could get away with a lot of things that Tezuka couldn't… He sighed.

As soon as his shower was over and he had eaten his breakfast, he collected his bentou, sticking into his bag carefully, before entering his studio once again to collect his camera and the results of last nights work. He was tempted to say that the portfolio he carried, was probably bigger than him; it was certainly heavy enough, that was for sure.

He made certain that all the windows and the door were locked before leaving the, rather huge if he said so himself, house they lived in and made his way down the street to the bus stop. Gratefully he unlocked the car, shoving his stuff on the back seat before closing the door and getting into the drivers side.

His work place was just inside Tokyo, not exactly near the hectic centre where Tezuka was stationed, but still part of the busy city. It was about an hours drive away from where they lived and Fuji always had the pleasure of taking the car while Tezuka took the train. It was a common thing though for the hazel eyed boy to chastise his smaller lover for driving when so tired, or in some cases, like now, high on caffeine.

But nothing had ever happened before and Fuji, despite what a certain best friend of his thought, was in fact a very careful driver. He didn't plan on winding up in hospital or jail anytime soon.

This is unusual, he thought as he stared at the radios clock, seeing the time slowly tick by. There's more traffic than I expected today, maybe I should have left earlier.

He sighed as the row of cars ahead of him seemed to follow off somewhere far into the distance. He was going to be late to work if this carried on.

Sensing that the traffic wasn't going to move anytime soon, he pulled out his phone and dialled the number he used often to get an extension on his deadlines.

"Shima-chan," he sung into the receiver.

"What is it this time Fuji-san?" came back an unimpressed voice.

"There's a whole load of traffic taking up the entire main road…I may be a little late, ne?" Fuji told her sweetly, smiling coyly enough to make anyone suspicious.

"Just get your butt over here tensai-sama, I aint paying you to dawdle," she snapped down the receiver. Fuji winced slightly, pulling the phone away from his ear. Saa, seems she's in a bad mood.

"Ja, Shima-sensei," Fuji chuckled, hanging up the phone and cutting off another stream of rants from his mentor. Fuji chuckled some more, thinking up small ways he could possibly annoy her later on, and grinned widely once the cars started to move again.

He was almost twenty minutes late by the time he got to the apartment building he worked out, greeting the receptionist as he walked past her to the lifts. Their office was on the fifth floor, and he waited patently, humming along to the continuous lift music as he did so. He even continued humming it as he walked into the busy room and set his stuff down at his desk, all of five seconds before he was grabbed and pulled over into a more quiet room.

"Where have you been Fuji-san, we've been waiting all morning for the final photos," a woman half yelled at him, slamming her hand on her hand on the desk. She was a lady who looked to be nearing her thirties, but at the current moment, what age she looked like didn't matter, or rather, what did matter was the murderous gaze she threw at him. "Well?"

Fuji smiled and tilted his head, answering calmly: "Traffic."

The woman twitched, her smile turning borderline blood thirsty. "Traffic, Fuji-san…well that's nice to know."

Around him, the other two women in the room shuddered at the cool, humorous voice their boss spoke with. Fuji just smiled innocently and proceeded to pull out the finalised photos from his portfolio, placing them on the table so they faced her.

"These were finished last night Shima-san," Fuji spoke, handing her the first five photos closest to her. He then picked up another five and placed them in a pile by her other side. "These were the ones you asked for the filters on. I'd say the originals work better with the concept but it is your final decision."

"Yes it is, isn't it?" Shima replied, turning around in her chair to actually face the honey haired boy. She picked up the two piles and leafed through each of them, stopping every now and tem to scrutinize them. "Very well then, Sakurano-chan, take these to the print. I want these copies finalised and published now. Thank you Fuji-kun…you can go and rest for a bit. Well done."

Shima yawned briefly and smiled a lighter, kinder smile. Picking up the pile left, she dropped the filtered images back in front of the tensai. "They look good. But I'm glad to admit your eye for this is much more improved than we first thought. Glad to know you're so very capable Fuji-kun… So tell me; a bentou today?"

Fuji tilted his head and chuckled, wondering again if this woman really wasn't bipolar. In the year that Fuji had been working with her, he had come to learn of the infamous 'Shima-sama's' mood swings. They were especially bad when course deadlines arrived and she had the whole team on one huge rush to be finished…it didn't help that her newest recruit, and renowned 'tensai' was the biggest thorn in her side since the last company owner.

"Hai, Shima-chan," Fuji smirked, leaning forward the rest his head on his hands. "My, I think you've broke a new record Shima-chan… no one has ever been this scared."

Shima blushed and looked away. "I don't intend to make my employees cry. If they can't cut it, they shouldn't be here. Or they can go work as a wedding photographer. Honestly."

Laughing Fuji stood from his chair. "Work time now, chat time later," he sung in the best Shima impression he had, expertly dodging the pen thrown at his head.

"My point exactly Fuji-san! Get to it or I'll kick you out you—"

He never heard the rest of that sentence as the door clicked shut behind him; he smiled innocently at all the eyes secretly staring at him on his way to his desk, all of them used to Fuji's antics and his pleasure in winding that woman up.

With a sadistic smile, he tilted his camera lens out to the several odd people working around the room, adjusting his lens to get a better angle. Putting the camera down, satisfied with its working quality, he took out another lens from his bag and fitted it to his camera, testing that one just the same to make certain. Everything was in good repair and Fuji smiled. He packed them away before pulling out the boring part of his job, writing up the final evaluation and analysis of his work.

Half the time he had to do this, the cerulean eyed boy always found himself doodling instead of actually working, which on several occasion has ended up with Shima screaming at him. Or in the worst case scenario, she would send everyone out on a random photo shoot hunt for what ever her fancy was.

In all honesty, when he had looked for getting a photography apprenticeship, he never expected it to be this…odd. He was even beginning to compare it with his time at Seigaku, everything was just one crazy mess, but they always got the result in the end. In fact, he was even starting to wonder if one of the canteen staff would pop out with a lethal drink sometime soon.

Fuji shook his head and pushed his note pad away; replacing it with his other workload from the freelance job he had acquired. He leafed through several photos and sighed as they all seemed to look the same to him, nothing stood out spectacularly at all. With widening smile, he let his thoughts drift off to the person he spent most of his time thinking about, remembering the night, several days ago, when he and Tezuka actually spent some time together. They had had lunch at a small café and Tezuka had, as out of character as it was, given him the gentlest kiss ever that left him wanting so much more.

With a sigh, Fuji looked up, something had just broke his wonderful thought and he looked over the room, noticing that everyone had become silent and the TV had grown louder.

"We interrupt your regular broadcasting for breaking news. At eleven twenty-four, just five minutes ago, a bomb exploded at Narakami Inc, here in central Tokyo. It has been reported that …."

The room rang silently and ever so slowly the room began to murmur, no one wanting to speak too loud so they didn't block the news reporters voice out, but everyone wanting to talk.

Fuji felt his blood run cold… That building was right next door to Atobe's business headquarters. That building was right next to where Tezuka worked. The frozen tensai swallowed dryly, watching the smoke rise from the building on TV in the background of the reporter.

Numbly he stood up and walked to the larger window spanning the entire wall, looking out over the cityscape to see thick black smoke rising high into the sky. Fuji choked; he could hear the screams and the several after explosions from the speakers.


Gomen for writing something so sad so close to Christmas...i just go attacked by the plot bunny so i had to write this.

I'll start writing christmas stuff soon though XD