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That morning had been just like every other those past few months. Waking up while the sky was still black and dotted with cold clouds, reaching over to turn off his alarm clock. He opened his eyes, as blurry as his vision was, to look across the bed.

Sadly, and it didn't surprise him to see the other side of the bed empty, void of his partner and completely untouched.

Tezuka let out a soft sigh, before sitting up and grabbing his glasses from the side, placing them on, not even noticing the cold of the metal frame.

As per usual, he got up and headed for the wardrobe, grabbing his suit before entering the bathroom.

It was always a quick shower, taking no longer than twenty minutes, if even that. He was dressed in moments and out of the bathroom to the bedroom once again.

There he made the bed and opened the curtains wide, looking out to the darkened sky and the still lit streetlamps. It was never his joy to wake up this early for work every day, but Atobe seemed more than insistent on these hours for the past few months. They had been busier then ever.

Running a hand through his hair, he took the note pad off the side and, ritually as it had become, wrote out a note to the other occupant in the house. He folded it neatly and placed it on the other's pillow with a sad frown.

He straightened up and left the room for the kitchen, pulling out a few things as he proceeded to make his lunch for later on in the day. It was something he always did since he was always the first one awake, per say. A bentou for himself and his partner, just as always.

It was his final habit of the morning, walking over to a closed door which once was a second bedroom. He listened carefully as no sounds came through, before carefully opening it a crack. There, sleeping on the floor, his honey haired lover half slept.

He smiled lightly, whispering a goodbye before closing the door again. He saw no need to cover Fuji at all; the tensai always dozed off briefly before snapping awake again and vehemently finishing his work.

Grabbing the last of his things, he walked over to the door, put on his shoes and left, closing the door softly behind him.

Outside the air was cold against his skin as he walked to the train station. He could already see morning traffic beginning as he went his way.

When he arrived, the train station was already over run with busy commuters in a rush to get to work. They filed about, in and out of the gates in pattern and Tezuka suppressed a groan as he joined the throng of on goers.

It was like clock work; the train pulled up, the commuters got on and exited at their stops. Several stops later and Tezuka left at his stop, just like the many others, where he made his way to a rather large and tall building at the end of the street.

There were several large structures in the area, business buildings and corporate skyscrapers looming over the passers by in an intimidating stretch.

Once inside, he clocked in with his passkey on the metal barriers, nodding to the receptionist as he made his way to the lifts.

His work floor was, as unnecessary as he deemed it, on one of the highest floors and the lift music that accompanied that journey was much to be desired. It made him long for the rare days he would wake up or come home to hear his Fuji humming softly about the house.

The harsh ding of the lift broke his thoughts and as per usual, he made his way to his office, collecting papers, envelopes and various other bits and pieces on the way.

Entering his, slightly too large, office, he sat down, dropping the folders onto the desk with a frown. Everyday was the same routine and Tezuka massaged the bridge of his nose tiredly.

These tasks were mundane, mandatory files sent down from Atobe. Read them, confirm them, and then send them back up for approbation. His job was important, very important and very busy. There was never a moment he wasn't working.

Tezuka never enjoyed these hours of work, nor did he enjoy the amount he had or the things that were demanded of him. But this was just so important and Atobe couldn't afford to lose him at a time like this, no matter how much he wanted to change his shifts, to spend more time at home...it was just easier said than done.

A dull knock at the door roused him from his thoughts and a petite brunette stuck her head around the door.

"Shacho is requesting you for a meeting," she bowed, entering the room.

"Arigatou," Tezuka replied, monotone as ever.

Standing up, he smoothed out his suit and left the room, mentally preparing himself for such hard work so early in the day.

Meetings like these, Tezuka inwardly sighed as he opened Atobe's office door, usually took around three hours. A general merge of over all discussion, meetings with contractors and negotiations with clients. If a contract needed to be signed, then every angle needed to be calculated, every word processed, and every outcome thought of and prepared for.

These things took time and often came with a lot of paper work. The majority of which would end up on Tezuka's desk, along with several other high staff members. He was depended on, perhaps too much.

"Ore-sama is honored you could make it Tezuka," came the somewhat sarcastic voice of one silver haired diva.

Atobe greeted him with a forced smirk as he entered and Tezuka took his seat along with several other workers. With an elegant, or perhaps arrogant, flick of his hair, Atobe sat back with a manila folder open and spread out before him and so the meeting began.


Chairs moved backwards, employees bowed before being dismissed, and tiredly they made their way out of the board room.

The meeting had taken well over three hours, what with several members coming to disagreements with their finances and the time limits of the transaction, before the meeting had finally been adjourned. In fact, it was safe to say, that the majority of that...those discussions, had been over ruled many times and that had caused further disruptions.

Tezuka had never been so grateful a major client had been /penned/ in for a meeting with Atobe, otherwise it would have never ended. Already Tezuka could envision the mass of calls he had missed and the messages his personal assistant had left for him waiting for when he returned to the desk.

It was at times like these that Tezuka craved nothing more than the strongest coffee he could grab hold of, which took form in a vending machine placed tactfully down the hallway.

The liquid was much to be desired, coming out as an odd color, but it no doubt knocked some life back into him, if the taste alone didn't suddenly revert his memories back to the days of Seigaku, and one small incident of picking up the wrong bottle.

He soon finished it, the caffeine so well needed in his body urging him on. With a swift chuck, he threw the paper cup into the nearby bin, walking on to get to his office.

"Tezuka-san!" A familiar voice called. Tezuka looked over to see his P.A running towards him.

She stopped, out of breath, as she held out a few folders. "Shacho wants these filled out and looked over. He says he knows how thorough you are."

"Ah, arigatou Hibari-san," Tezuka nodded, moving to take the files from her as she blushed lightly.

Only, the folders never met Tezuka's hands as they went crashing to the floor, along with several other objects in the room.

It was unexpected, suddenly the entire building shook with the force of an earthquake, which Tezuka assumed it was, until he realized the loud crashes of the explosion sounding around them. It wasn't a split second later, when everyone had dropped to the floor, and the building was filled with the sounds of distressed and panicked screams, that an ashen grey cloud, barreled through the premises, bringing the room to a dark and dangerous fog.

Then the screaming really began.