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Chapter 1: An odd birthday

Harry abruptly sat up. Green eyes scanned the area; he was in his room, then again where else would he be? It wasn't like he would be allowed out of this tiny room anytime before school started. His gaze wandered towards the clock, it was a few minutes before midnight. However the question on Harry's mind was, what had woken him up?

His body was tense for some reason, like a coil that wanted to release, not to mention that his back was itchy.

Something just didn't feel right.

He looked towards the barred windows, only glad that he had decided to let Hedwig out before they arrived 'home' (not that the Dursley residence would ever be home), so that she wouldn't be stuck here. But now he misses her presence. It would be nice not to spend his birthday alo-

"Ugh…" Harry doubled over.

His abdomen hurt. It felt like his stomach was stretching to the point of tearing. Something was wrong. Harry couldn't breathe. He clambered onto the bed-sheets for support, only to shred them. Harry looked down at his hands only to see claws forming out of his blunt fingernails. What was happening? He tried to prop himself up; his body abruptly decided to buckle under the pressure, and collapsed onto the mattress. The itching on his back turned worse, it felt like something was trying to push its way out from under his skin. Harry was afraid.

"Argh!" he groaned, clutching his head. Now his scar burned. Was this Voldemort's doing?

By now Harry was terrified; he didn't know what was going on. His skin suddenly felt too tight, everything felt too tight, like he had quickly grown in the past minute. The teen moaned out in pain, and tried standing up only to collapse to the floor; tears were starting to build in his eyes. He never felt anything like this before, it wasn't only the pain he was talking about (he'd been through plenty of that). He could feel it, something was building up in the back of his throat, and the pain got worse. His stomach rolled. Oh, he felt like he was going to throw up.

Harry leaned over the bed; but instead of throwing up a high-pitched scream escaped him.

Lucius sat up in his bed; he turned to see that Narcissa had done same thing. They looked at each other wide-eyed.

"A submissive?" his wife asked.

Lucius could only nod.

"But how- I thought that no more were born?"

"Maybe it was hidden," he replied.

His wife gave him a look that said she thought he was an idiot, who could hide something like this? "Oh no, Draco!" Narcissa suddenly shouted and sprung out of the bed.

Lucius cursed inwardly and followed her to Draco's room, only to see Narcissa stop in front of the double doors, her pale blue eyes wide with fear. They could hear growling and hissing from the other side. He held his breath; were they too late? No time to think about that, Lucius threw the door open and gulped at the sight before him.

"Draco!" his mother whimpered.

The room was in carnage, the bed slashed to bits, claw marks across the wall and things strewn across the room in anger. Amongst all this stood their son, or at least what used to be their son.

Draco stood in a crouching position, his back bleeding from where two leather-like wings exploded out. There were horns on his head as well, twisting inwards on either side of his scull. Swirling dark marks covered his skin like vines; his body was more muscular. Gone was the slender lean seeker body and replaced with hard muscles that could only be archived with hard work. He was even taller now, reaching seven foot at least.

Molten silver eyes turned to look at his parents. Draco growled at them as he flexed his claws and was about to pounce on them when he suddenly swivelled around to look towards his open balcony.

That call, oh the oh-so delicious call of the submissive. The intruders would be ignored for now, he had better things o do.

Draco stalked towards the balcony, his newly emerged leathery wings twitching and stretching to adjust. He ignored the tearful pleas of his mother; all he could think about was the submissive. Slowly he climbed onto the banister, stretched out his wings, and jumped.

There were many things that Vernon hated; he was a conforming man who believed in strict, 'normal' values. Sadly one of his 'houseguests' broke all those values.

"Boy…" he muttered when he heard the racket from that thing's room. It sounded like a howling wind, and as impossible as it may seem he knew that the boy had something to do with it.

This was the final straw; he had to go to work tomorrow, and that freak was keeping him awake. With some difficulty he lumbered out of bed, and stormed down the hallway towards Harry's room, only to stop when he heard some odd sounds outside. Vernon frowned in his half-asleep state and looked out of the small window outside to see what was making all that noise.

It was dark (well of course, it was midnight, that bloody boy, all his fault), the street light did little to illuminate, but the heavyset man could clearly hear something that resembled an animal. At first he thought it might have been those neighbourhood cats, but this sounded bigger. He squinted with his piggy eyes towards the shadows and gasped when he saw some movement.

That definitely wasn't a cat, it was huge, maybe bigger than a person, slinking its way through the shadows. Then on the other side of the road he heard a growl, like that of a lion from one of those Animal planet documentaries. He quickly turned his head when he heard a crash, and just out of the corner of his eye he could see a trashcan being toppled over, and through the dim light he could make out something that reminded him of bat wings.

What was that? How many of these things were out there? Vernon wondered. This had to do with the boy, that was the only explanation, this had to be a- (Vernon couldn't bring himself to say it, even in his own mind) a spell. By now a few lights from his neighbours were going on; he had to deal with this quickly, before they found out about that freak. He took out a ring of keys from his pajama bottoms, his chubby hands inspecting each one 'til he found the right one. He pressed the small key inside and turned, with a click the door opened to reveal a sight that made him go pale.

"Good Lord…" he managed to whisper before emerald eyes trained on him.

Draco landed amongst a group of other dominants, who were gathered in front of a small house.

The call changed, they could all feel it. Gone was the simple lullaby of mating, and now a sense of urgency was added. A ping in the call that foretold menace and terror.

Their submissive was frightened.

A growl ripped through their throats, and their muscles flexed in agitation. The same thought ran through all their minds. The Submissive was in danger, and the anger rose between them. Glowing orbs stared up at the barred window where the call came from. The plans had changed; instead of fighting for the submissive, they would have to save him first.

Harry turned to see the man standing in the doorway, the large-set 'thing' that only brought him anguish. Suddenly he was very much afraid of that man, that thing that brought him nightmares. He backed towards the wall, ignoring the blood matting the sheets and wall, and kept his gaze locked on the man in font of him, the man who was imprisoning him.

"What the hell is this, boy?!" Vernon shouted.

He couldn't really see Harry or his changed appearance in the room since the lights were off, but he could recognize the mess. The fear he had felt before had suddenly vanished and was replaced with anger.

"What have you done you little freak, why does this room look like this?!" he continued. Harry pressed his back against the wall; the smaller, newly emerged wings hurt from the contact. "Is this the thanks I get for giving you your own room, you destroy it?"

His large body lumbered towards Harry, ignoring the hissing sound the boy was making. "I should teach you a lesson BOY! What the ARGH-"

A large mass broke through the bars and toppled over Vernon, dragging the overweight man down, and started mauling him. Harry looked up towards the window; the bars were broken and bent apart. He yapped at the sight of freedom and quickly made his way towards it. Cautiously Harry poked his head and smiled at all the dominants gathered bellow him; the one in the room with him had finished with the man and was now gazing at him gleefully.

Harry had to act quickly; he climbed out of the broken window and leaped over the gathering horde. They growled when they saw him and soon started to chase after him; they tried shoving their rivals out of the way while at the same time trying keep up with the submissive. The flock passed the suburbs and ran into the nearby forest, bordering a golf field. The open area gave them more room to move than the crowded housing area, since the further they ran the more violent the group got.

They tackled each other, using their wings to glide and body-slam their opponents, while at the same time trying to keep up with their quick prey, its call only fuelling their rivalry. Some had slowed down; others were seriously injured with deep gashes in their sides; out of twenty only two were left. With no time to waste with the submissive so close at hand, the silver-eyed creature hurried. Pushing his body to the limit and using his outstretched talons to impale into the other dominant's back, he forced him down, biting into his neck to show his authority.

Golden eyes didn't give in; he bucked up abruptly and rolled over so that the smaller dominant was under him. He howled when the smaller bit even deeper into his neck, blood pouring from the wound. Goldy hissed, but the call ruled over them, its thrall forcing his body to fight. He tried to sit up but his wings were restrained, and he could feel the flesh around the bite tearing. After struggling fruitlessly he gave in; a whine emitted from him and his body went limp in the smaller arms.

The silver-eyed one pushed the other creature off him and went again to chase the submissive, trailing his enthralling scent 'til he found him hiding behind a shed. The silvered-eyed creature sniffed the air and shivered; he purred at the submissive, who eyed the dominant moving closer to him. Silver eyes shone with delight at the creature laid in front of him like a dish ready to be devoured.

Harry mewled at him, and tilted his head down to expose his neck and purred in agreement. He laid on his back, clothes already strewn away, and spread his legs. The dominant licked his lips, silver eyes trailing the swirling dark marks across the submissive's pale skin and the straining member lying in the middle. He growled and grabbed the smaller's thighs and pushed their bodies together, grinding their erections and smashing their lips against eachother. Harry cooed at the touch and wrapped his arms around the dominant. His dominant.

His mate.

Hogwarts was in uproar. All alarms had been set off, blaring at the headmaster, who was still looking bewildered into his magic mirror and the mating couple within it. He blushed at the sight and turned his gaze up at the phoenix perched on its stand.

"Now this I never expected," he muttered, banishing the image and leaving his office in a hurry.

The next day when Harry woke up, wrapped firmly in the arms of a certain blonde-haired Slytherin, he knew that nothing would ever be the same again.

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