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Chapter 16: Check-ups and outings part 1

Draco could smell it on him, on his mate, over his skin, his hair, his stomach, the scent of the other dominant sticking all over him. Draco growled lowly, that Weasley had been around him leaving his scent like a message. Especially the one on his stomach, that imprint was more of a threat.

Slowly he snaked his hands under the sheet until it was just hovering over Harry's stomach. He hesitated a bit before pressing down on his warm skin, mercury eyes widening when he felt the slight curve of the abdomen. He hadn't felt it before, not even seen before until now. He scooted closer in bed, nudging closer to his mate so that he could scent him, his actual scent not that Weasley stink that covered him.

His body seemed to literally vibrate with the way he was purring, his protective instincts simply telling him to wrap himself around the smaller and stay like that forever. It was stupid really, him being so emotional over Harry Potter of all people. By now this went beyond his simple instincts to protect his mate, he actually cared for Harry, maybe even loved him, and he was okay with that. He could deal with that part of his emotions. There were bigger problems to take care of.

He needed to get Harry out of here; the school wouldn't be safe forever. Hogwarts never was, not with Harry Potter around.

So Draco was always on high alert, with another Maritus so close, Death Eater's spies, and that damn werewolf who could lose control at any moment. There were simply too many things that frayed at the blonde's nerves. Not that Harry seemed to understand; you would think that after a person went through so many perils they still wouldn't be so naïve about the dangers that surround them. Seems like Harry was.

He had been planning it for a while, an escape route. At the first sign of oncoming danger they would be out of here. Even if Harry wanted to go or not.

There were just too many people around for him to put his guard down.

By morning time he was once again reassured that Harry was covered in his scent; slowly he got up and went to the bathroom to shower and change before going to the lounge to order breakfast. Sirius was already up, reading one of the Origo guide books that Harry had abandoned, freshly brewed coffee in hand. The older man looked up when he heard the blonde enter.

"Good morning, Draco," at first the blonde was taken aback by the casual manner, but he decided to simply go with it. Why spoil the good mood.

"Morning, Sirius," he replied before calling a house-elf to order breakfast. The usual high protein diet for Harry, and some toast with scrambled eggs for him.

He knew that Sirius was watching him over his book, tracking his movements, waiting for the moment he did something wrong. Draco didn't know why, it must be one of those 'fatherly' instincts that he possessed; not as if Harry was a blushing virgin anymore. He made sure of that. He heard a cough, and he quickly wiped away the leery smile that had formed on his face.

"So what are your plans today?"

"Well it is the weekend, we have an appointment with a healer for the first check up, then there is school that we still need to finish up, Harry will probably need lots of help-"

"Homework? You're going to force Harry to do homework and waste away the weekend like that?" Sirius interjected haughtily. Boys should be having fun, not be tucked away in stuffy rooms with books!

Draco frowned, what was wrong with finishing assignments? They would have plenty of time for other things afterwards. Although thinking about it they never really did anything in their free time. Harry was either sick, or tired, and he didn't want to leave his mate alone. "Okay, what ideas do you have then?"

"It's the weekend," Sirius said, as if he were having to speak to an idiot. "Go to Hogsmeade, better than being stuck inside on such a nice day."

The young Origo looked out of the window and was surprised to see how sunny it was. Usually at this time of year it would be cold and raining. "Hmm, I don't know…" Draco murmured thoughtfully.

"I think it's a great idea!" came Harry's excited voice.

They turned to look in the direction of Harry's room and found the sleepy Uxor standing giddily in his rumpled pyjamas. Hair even messier than usual and green eyes twinkling with excitement. On his shoulder was the fluffball Oreo, yawning sleepily.

"Really?" Draco asked, getting less and less sure about this outing.

"Of course, I'm always stuck inside the school. Going to the village once in a while won't be a problem."

Draco just wanted to scream, but he didn't. It was obvious that Harry really had no sense of self-preservation, or maybe it was just those damn hormones of his. The blonde had difficulty enough trying to keep himself in check in school surrounded by hundreds of potential enemies. How was he meant to do that when being surrounded by thousands?

Then again as Maritus that was his job…

Still as he looked over at his mate, and his genuine happy expression, Draco knew that he couldn't deny him. So he agreed.

After breakfast Harry got himself ready and changed into some casual clothes, his hand-me-down jeans from Dudley fitting a lot better around his larger stomach. Draco glanced at those ratty clothes with slight disgust; maybe they could also take this opportunity to by his mate some new clothes. One would think with such a fortune under his belt he could buy himself new clothes.

They went up to the infirmary, where the headmaster had brought in a specialist healer from somewhere. This would be the first time meeting her, but Dumbledore had assured them that she was a professional and could be trusted. Draco and Harry didn't really think they needed one, they could both feel the magical pulse of their child that reassured them that everything was fine. Still, Draco guessed there was no point in arguing with them, it wasn't like it would stop any of them from meddling in their business.

They reached the infirmary where Madam Pomfrey and Dumbledore were already waiting for them with who he guessed was the healer. She was a tall woman with wizened grey hair that stuck out from under her cap, a pair of golden half-moon spectacles resting on her hook-like nose. Her eyes were chocolate brown in colour, and even though her face was gaunt and stern, her eyes shone warmly. She wore a creamy white robe over a dark blue dress that reached down to the floor.

"Good morning you three, hope you all had a pleasant night," Dumbledore asked. Implying towards Sirius' sudden appearance.

Draco grumbled but didn't say anything. The old wizard chuckled at the blonde's expression before he introduced the Healer. "This is Healer Grindon, she's an expert on magical creature pregnancy and the best one to help you along the process."

The healer came towards them, giving a slight nod towards them in greeting. The blonde was skeptical, which the healer seemed to recognize.

"Yes Mr. Malfoy, even if there hasn't been an Origo pregnancy in over a century there're still many male submissives from other creature inheritances such as the Veela, and I have studied-up extensively on previous Origo pregnancies. So I can reassure that that your mate and child will be in no better hands," she said.

"Credentials?" as if he was going to take her word for it.

"Draco!" Harry hissed, elbowing the other.

But healer Grindon took it all in her stride; she reached into her bag and took out a folder and handed it to Draco. Obviously used to being questioned like this. Draco took it off her and silently looked over her papers while Harry occupied himself by playing with Oreo.

"Satisfied, Mr. Malfoy?" she asked.

"Hmm," he murmured back, but said nothing else.

"Alright then, Mr. Potter, could you please lay down on the bed and lift your shirt please."

Harry hesitated at first, he didn't particularly like showing his stomach to people, especially a stranger. Draco put his hand on the raven's shoulder, giving a comforting squeeze. Harry gave him a light smile, before handing Oreo to the blonde so that the little creature wouldn't be jostled off him. He laid himself down on his back on the soft mattress and lifted his shirt slightly to reveal the bulge of his stomach. At times Harry was still fascinated by the sight of it, the implication of what was growing underneath. He was still terrified, but not because of the actual pregnancy, but how the baby was going to come out.

"Do not worry Mr. Potter, everyone's first can be daunting," came the healer's voice as she took out her wand.

First? Would there be more?

The he remembered one of the few passages of the guide books that he did read told him that Origo mate for life, and there could possibly be these once a year heats that could last up to a week. During this time, they wouldn't be able to help themselves and rut insatiably like animals. Harry couldn't help but blush, not believing that he had forgotten about all that. Feeling eyes on him, Harry looked up to meet Draco's heated gaze, and the way he was looking at him told him that Draco knew exactly what he was thinking about.

Oh god, he was smirking again!

"Well the foetus is fine," came the healer's voice, startling him out of his thoughts. Harry didn't even realize that while he was consumed by his own thoughts.

"It's growing well and is starting to develop its own magical core, but I would recommend that you keep yourself calm. You're heartbeat rose quiet high while I was examining you Mr. Potter."

Harry felt his face heat up again.

"From what I understand you are already on a high protein diet, which is good since you're finally reaching your optional weight. I would also advise that you eat plenty of fruit, but stay away from nuts."

"And his cravings?" Draco injected. The blonde had been worried about the odd foods Harry snacked on.

"It's best that Mr. Potter follow his cravings, all within boundaries of course," she said with a smile. "I'm going to prescribe you some prenatal vitamins and a couple of potions that you'll have to take every morning before class. Those should give you more energy," she instructed while writing on a pad.

"I'm sure that Professor Snape can help in making them," Dumbledore added.

At the comment the healer frowned. "Headmaster I'm not sure that such important potions should be made by a school professor."

"I trust professor Snape to make the potion, he's a professional, and not just a simple school teacher," Draco said in a haughty tone.

Something about the almost indifferent and self-important way the blonde was acting reminded Harry of the older Malfoy. The same arrogant attitude and cold indifference that made the submissive grimace. He would have to talk to Draco about that.

The blonde, already feeling the negative vibes coming off his mate, decided to hurry things along. "I think we're done here, right?" he asked.

The healer nodded. "Yes, that will be all, just remember to get plenty of rest M. Potter," she said while Harry straightened himself out.

"Yes I will, thank you," Harry replied with a smiled. They left the infirmary, when Sirius said that he was going to go visit Remus, leaving Harry and Draco to go back on their own.

"So what's wrong now?" Draco asked, letting the portrait door close behind them.

"'What was wrong with me?" Harry parroted in disbelief. "What was with you, acting like that in front of the healer?"

"Like what?" Draco asked, sitting down on the couch.

"You were so rude towards the healer, she was only trying to help us out and you were a complete twat towards the poor woman!"

"Harry she's used to that kind of treatment, she's a healer that works with exclusive clientele. And is it wrong for me to make sure that the person taking care of my family has the best credentials?"

For a while the Uxor was quiet, he couldn't help but feel his cheeks heat up again. "Did you just say 'family'?"

"Well yes," Draco replied sincerely. "What did you think 'this' was, don't you see it in the same way?"

Something warm fluttered in Harry's stomach as he gazed over at his blonde-haired mate. 'Family', the concept had eluded him, but that's what he had now, with a person he guessed he can call a 'boyfriend' and a baby on the way. It might have not gone all exactly to plan, there might have been no dating or anything along those lines to speak off. It had moved to quickly!

At the same time it was more than he could ever expect, this was the first time that Draco had actually even brought up about them being a family, before now Harry didn't even now that the blonde felt that way about them. His biggest dream was to have a proper family and it came true.

"Harry, is everything alright?" the blonde asked, not being able to figure out the onslaught of emotions coming off his mate.

Harry felt tears brimming in his eyes, but the more he thought about all that he gained the more teary he became. He couldn't believe how emotional he was getting. Draco was instantly by his side gathering the submissive into a comforting hug. Harry quickly returned it, wrapping his slender arms around the blonde's neck, and he was surprised when he found himself being kissed by the smaller male. Draco at first was puzzled at the sudden show of affection; slowly and reluctantly he pushed the submissive away from him.

"Harry, are you sure?" he asked. He knew where this was going, and he wanted to make sure that Harry understood as well.

"Yes, yes please," Harry said, forcing the blonde into another kiss.

Draco growled against the kiss; using his superior strength he lifted the smaller male up so that Harry wrapped his legs around his narrow waist and they staggered into Draco's room. He went straight for the bed, carefully lowering them both on the soft mattress. He kissed down the juncture of that pale throat, sucking on the pulse, eliciting quiet whimpered moans that sounded like music to his sensitive ears. He didn't even realize that he had transformed back into his Origo form, since his claws were tearing into Harry's tattered shirt. So he decided to simply tear those disgusting clothes off.

"Hey, I liked that shirt!"

"I'll buy you a new one," Draco replied with a smirk.

He leaned down over his mate, planting butterfly kisses down his neck, licking the sensitive nub of skin. His claws went gently down the body, only slightly grazing the skin as he traced the bump of Harry's stomach, who purred in reply, arching his body up towards the touch, wanting to feel more of that hot strong body against him. He shuddered when he felt that hand rest against his hip, fingers sliding under the loose jeans. Slowly they were pulled down; Harry lifted his legs so that the jeans could be pulled off. Instantly he felt self-conscious about his looks, raising his hands over his chest to shield himself.

Harry had always been thin. Even with all the extra food he had been eating he still didn't put on much, but compare to Draco's impressive frame, he was a stick with a basketball for a stomach. That wasn't attractive.

"What's wrong?" Draco said trying to kiss him again, but Harry just moved his head away.

The blonde backed up a little, raising himself above the smaller male to look him over, and even though Harry wasn't talking, his body language said enough. Gently he grasped onto Harry's hands, intertwining their fingers together, kissing the digits tenderly.

"You're beautiful."

The blush on his face deepened. "Guys aren't meant to be beautiful," he mumbled out.

Draco chuckled at the response. "Doesn't mean that it's any less true, look I'll show you."

Slowly he coaxed his arms apart so that he could see the smaller body better. He placed the palm of his hand on top of the warm skin, exploring the curves and contours of the body beneath him. Tickling over his sides at an agonizingly slow pace, before they came to rest over his stomach. Draco leaned down planting kisses on the navel, dipping his tongue around it before trailing down to the valley of his hips.

Harry was left in a gooey mess, the tension in his muscles relaxing with every trace of Draco's touch. He whined wantonly, feeling hot and sensitive, his skin burning with every contact.

"Absolutely delicious," Draco whispered against his stomach, kissing the bump over and over. Following the treasure trail down before coming to a stop over his half-hard erection.

Harry shuddered when he felt the dominant's hot breath ghost over his cock. He felt it getting harder, pre-cum oozing from the tip and staining his underwear. A sultry moan left him when Draco cupped him through his underwear, slowly stroking him up and down. Harry bit his bottom lip, trying to stop the embarrassing moans escaping from him. When Draco saw him doing that, he stopped the stroking.

"Hey, none of that, you're going to hurt yourself," he chastised, quickly inspecting the angry red of his lips.

The blonde hissed in irritation. "If you have to bite down, bite down on my hand," he said, gently parting the raven's puffy lips apart and inserted two fingers so that he could bite that. "Don't worry, you won't hurt me."

He then continued his movements , slowly pulling Harry's underwear down so that the his erection sprang free. Draco watched it twitch; he grasped the member, gently pulling the foreskin down to reveal the pink tip, pre-emission leaking from the tip. He smirked and licked the tip, tasting the fluid on his tongue. He swallowed the thick member, feeling the tip of it touch the back of his throat. Harry couldn't stop the groan escaping this time, he had never felt anything like this before. This tight, wet warmth that consumed him, the feeling overall consuming.

"D-Draco, s-stop, I'll-I'll," he couldn't even form a coherent sentence.

The dominant stopped, licking his lips to taste the essence of his mate; his silver eyes shone as he looked down upon the panting teen. That delicious pale skin flushed red with euphoria. His own erection making itself painfully known.

"I need you to turn around," he said.

With some effort Harry managed to force his quivering limbs to obey him. Draco plucked up some of the pillows; he helped Harry lift his hips and placed the pillows underneath him to raise his hips. Supporting his body up by his elbows, Harry felt vulnerable and exposed in this position, but he trusted Draco not to hurt him.

The blonde Origo watched the sight in front of him with a smirk as he took off his shirt and unbuttoned his trousers, pulling them off. Yet his gaze never left the sight of those two round globs presented before him like a prize. He grasped those globs gently, giving them a squeeze. He loved the sounds the raven made, it only made him harder. The dominant pried them apart to reveal his puckered entrance.

The Draco realized a problem, he would have to loosen the entrance but he couldn't with his claws without tearing the flesh. But he arched his eyebrow when he noticed some clear liquid oozing from the entrance. He thumbed it feeling the wetness and was surprised to find that it was actually lubricating, exactly when they're aroused. Draco guessed that it was so to make sex less painful, since the actual birth would be through caesarean.

"What an amazing body," he said with genuine astonishment.

He took off his underwear, his thick member springing out from under the strain. Draco waved his hands making some lubrication appear in his hand to coat his cock in. He lined himself up against the twitching entrance.

"This will hurt a little," and slowly pushed inside.

Harry gasped at the sudden intrusion; it felt like he was being torn apart. He gritted his teeth together and tried to move away from the sudden intrusion, but Draco held him down. The dominant leaned over, stroking his shoulders in an attempt to calm him.

"Shh, I promise it will only hurt for a moment," the blonde reassured. "Take deep breaths, relax…"

Harry tried to follow that advice; he forced himself to breathe, letting his body loosen to accept the girth of his dominant. Draco pushed in deeper, bit-by-bit until he was in to the hilt. He stayed like that for a while, trying to regain some composure so that he wouldn't hurt his mate anymore.

"Ready?" he asked, his breath coming out ragged.

The Uxor nodded, not trusting his voice. Draco steadied himself, slowly pulling out with a barely repressed growl before pushing back in slowly. He built up a pace, the movement getting slicker, his pace quickening with each thrust. Harry moaned loudly, the pain easing away; he gasped when Draco hit a sensitive part inside of him.

"There, right there, do that again!" he whined, thrusting his hips back to meet him.

Draco grinned and angled his thrusts so that he could hit Harry's prostate over and over again; the raven moaned out in pleasure, arching his body up so that he could feel more. He had never felt anything like this before, being spread like this, and filled to the brim. Then those strong arms wrapped around his body in support; he felt comforted and safe in those arms.

"More!" he moaned.

Draco grasped Harry around his hips and underarms, and while still being inside him he sat back with the Uxor placed on his lap. This position if it was even possible was more filling than before; he groaned and squirmed, trying to get used to this new feeling. The dominant purred against his neck, sharp teeth grazing his skin, two strong hands under him, helping him lift up and down on the hard member. Two dragon-like wings surrounded them, hiding them from view of the outside.

The dominant knew that his mate was close, he could feel those muscles tightening around him, clenching almost painfully around his member. He reached around, grasping Harry's cock which was slick with pre-cum; the sudden contact shocked him to orgasm. He shuddered with a whine, falling back against the blonde's broad chest. It only took a few more thrusts for Draco to reach his peak. The almost inhuman roar that left the dominant shook the walls as he also came.

They stayed like that, letting their bodies come out of that euphoric high, their breathing laboured and heavy. Harry couldn't believe that he hadn't done this before, it was absolutely amazing. He twisted his upper body so that he could pull Draco into a deep kiss.

"We'll have to do that again," he said in between breaths.

Draco kissed him back with a smile.

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