Her eyes opened, and they saw the nothingness in the forest that echoed the nothingness in her heart. There would be pain, but no denial, and now there was nothingness. Not disbelief, just emptiness. Despair clinging to the edges of her vision, she ghosted through the trees and drifted home, though it could never be called that again.

He ghosted just as swiftly, empty, through the dark and silent forest. Teardrops poured down from the unforgiving heavens as his heart faded. Goodbye, Goodbye… bye… Lies etched unbroken across his face, he stopped and looked at the sky, gray and empty as he would always be. The world had ended, and now the sky mocked him. Destruction destroyed its creator. And he was broken.

Her safety was no price to pay for this agony, the bleak years that stretched ahead of him like a never-ending road paved with sorrow. And as he walked down Sorrow Avenue, and as she faded and broke, every breath they drew was hallelujah.

Love is not a victory march,

It's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah.