Title: Prison V

Author. Enide Dear

Rating: violence, no sex, some little nakedness

Pairing: Valenwind, also featuring Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz, but no Remnantcest

Summary: Do Not Feed The Remnants, They Might Bite

Author's note: The ending scene is for FrostofOblivionIV, who claimed that she'd be amused by watching the Remnants do just this….


Cid had barely landed the Highwind on the prison hangar before twenty heavily armed and armoured guards ran up the bridge towards the cargo hold. Swearing, Cid slammed in the hover mood and ran for the hold, Vincent at his heels.

It couldn't have taken more than three minutes for Cid to get from the deck to the cargo hold, but the scene that met him as he rushed through the opened door was a massacre.

Blood covered the floor, along with several guards who lay clutching broken bones or gushing wounds; furious Remnant shouting could be heard over the *budd-a-budd-a-budd-a* sound of fired rubber bullets and screaming guards.

Loz had grabbed the guards coming for his cage and slammed them against the bars; they stumbled away with broken noses or fell unconscious to the floor, except for one that was held up as a living shield against the rubber bullets of his friends. Loz had kicked up his mattress against one side of his cage, and the third one was against the wall, leaving only one way open for the guards to get to him. No one seemed very eager any longer.

Yazoo had another guard in a strangle- grip against his cage, threatening to snap his neck if anyone approached; the silver threads eating into the guards neck where braided strands of his own hair.

Around Kadaj's cage guards were crawling away; apparently they had by far underestimated the wounded and cuffed Remnant. One of the guards where clutching his thigh where a lollie stick was stabbed deep into his flesh.

"You promised!" Kadaj shouted as Cid entered the hold. "You promised we'd be allowed to say goodbye!"

"What the fuck do ya think yer doin'?!" Cid screamed over the fighting and grabbed one of the terrified guards by the neck.

"We…we…got orders to remove them…they were resisting…" the man stammered, scared half out of his mind by the violent and unexpected resistance.

"No shit, they're resisting, with ya'all behaving like idiots! Now get the Hell out of here and leave 'em ta me!"

"You have no authority…" the guard started.

"This is my damned ship, and on this ship I'm the ONLY one who has authority, ya understand? Get. Out!"

Cid threw his away and hurried for the wounded guards, starting to pull them out of the cargo hold.

"You can't…!" the guard, frightened, confused and angry raised his gun, aiming for Cid.

A metal claw came out of nowhere, grabbed the gun and tore it to shreds. Red eyes, starting to turn dangerously yellow, met the guards.

"He can. Now, leave."

It didn't take very long for the guards to retreat out the cargo hold; that is, those guards that the Remnants didn't still use as protection. One was wriggling helplessly in Loz's grip, the other was turning blue in Yazoo's garrotte.

Cid sighed.

"A'righ, boys, let 'em go." None of the Remnants obeyed and Cid frowned. "What the Hell is wrong now?"

"You promised," Kadaj hissed. "You promised we could say goodbye properly!"

"I did, and I ain't going back on my word. But it will be on *my* terms, not yers and not those guards' outside, understand?" Cid met their cold inhuman gazes straight on. "Ya will jest have ta trust me."

The moment dragged on, the only sound the faint thrashing of the guards. Finally, Kadaj nodded and his brothers released the guards. The beat-up men stumbled coughing and bleeding towards the exit, but no one really cared about them any longer.

"If you let us down on this," Kadaj said quietly. "We will hunt you down and kill you."

"The day I break my word, I'll let ya." Cid stepped up to Loz cage with two pairs of cuffs. "C'm on. Ya first."

Very reluctantly, Loz let Cid cuff his arms and feet before the captain opened the cage door and let him out.

"Captain Highwind…." He said as Cid led him towards the cargo bridge that now opened down towards the prison yard.

"Yeah, Loz?"

"…take care of Duel Hound for me?"

"Can't do that, kid. All yer stuff are being stored in the prison armoury. Sorry."

"Oh." Loz hung his head. "Nothing is going our way anymore, is it?"

"I guess not." Cid stopped him just before they stepped down on the yard and raised his voice to carry over the almost ridiculously large number of guards that where assembled there, all with guns raised and ready and looking more nervous than a bunch of chickens who'd just found out they were to have foxes as roommates. "Look here! We're still on the Highwind, so they're still my prisoners. Ya will all stay the fuck away, and I'll give 'em ta ya as soon as I'm done here."

"We don't have time for this, captain!" one of the guards shouted. "They need to get into isolation as soon as possible!"

"Take the time. Vince, will ya stay here and make sure nobody does anything stupid?" Cid nodded at the guards and the frowning Remnant.

"Nobody but you, you mean?" Vincent sighed. "Go on."

It might be the way the Remnant cringed with obvious fright as the slim dark man stepped forward that made all the guards take one step backwards; or it might be the faint yellow light shining in his eyes.

Yazoo was led out afterwards, with several nervous glances at Kadaj, but without any fuss.

"Do you think they'll let me play solitaire in there?" he mumbled to Cid who shook his head.

"Wouldn't think so."

"Probably not." Yazoo sighed. "It will be so very boring."



Cid stopped a minute outside Kadaj's cage, studying the torn up but fiercely determined young Remnant.

"Yer gonna try something now? Some last minute, clever scheme? Got anymore lollie sticks ta try and stab me with?"

"What's the point? You have my brothers out there, cuffed and with a hundred rifles pointed at them. And I don't think its just rubber bullets anymore."

"Good kid. Now c'mon. Out there, and I'll let ya say goodbye before I turn you over to the prison."

The cast on Kadaj's right arm made it impossible to cuff, but the young Remnant followed almost eagerly out the bridge to where his brothers waited.

"There." Cid said as they were all assembled. "Now ya can say goodbye."

Kadaj threw himself at his brothers, clutching them both into a fierce embrace. They hugged him back, not caring about bandages and wounds, but just holding on one last time to the only thing the world had ever given them for free. One another.

And then suddenly Kadaj broke loose from the grip and threw his arms around Cid's waist, burying his teary face against the captain's oil stained t-shirt, the casted arm bumping uncomfortably against Cid.

"Thank you," he mumbled, "thank you, captain."

"Look, kid, I…" Cid couldn't help but hug back, but in that instance one of the tense guards screamed:

"He's attacking the captain! Shoot him!"

The gunshot seemed to echo far too loud over the prison yard.

"No!" Cid shouted and twisted around, getting himself between the bullet and Kadaj; the Remnant stumbled away unhurt as Cid fell forward, his shoulder, where Kadaj's head had been just a second ago, suddenly seeming to explode.

"Chief!" Vincent screamed in horror, pulling out Cerebus even as he kneeled by Cid.

"Captain!" the Remnants shouted terrified, only Kadaj standing quiet, mute with shock.

Three pairs of inhuman reptile eyes and one pair of demon yellow suddenly turned on the assembled prison guards with united unholy wrath. Several guards looked ready to run, but the others all raised their guns.

"Stop it, all of ya!" Cid staggered to his feet, clutching his shoulder. "I ain't fucking dead, and I don't intend ta die here!" He stumbled again, but Vincent caught him, holding him as gently as he could. Cid was white faced with pain, and rapidly loosing blood. "Need…need ta get on my ship…need….healing."

"You'll get it." Vincent looked almost sick with worry. "Now. Immediately. Come on, chief."

"Ya…go with them…be good now, boys…." Cid barely had the strength to look back and wave at the Remnants as Vincent led him aboard the Highwind.

Inhuman eyes, huge with worry, followed them.


"Wonder how they are?" Cid lay in bed, watching Vincent fuss with his bandages. It had been two days since the shooting and they were well on their way towards Rocket Town and a well-deserved rest.

"Alive, which is almost more than I can say about you." Vincent double-checked the bandages covering Cid's left shoulders and the better part of his arm and torso. "You are healing well, though. You should be back to doing stupid heroics in a few days."

"Heh, that's what I do best."

"No, this is what you do best." Vincent leaned over and gave him a long, lingering kiss which Cid eagerly answered. "Now, try to rest."

Cid waited until Vincent had left the room until he started looking for his cigs. He hadn't had one in days because Vincent had this thing about wounds and cigarette smoke, but he just knew there had to be some left in his pant pockets.

Swearing against the stabbing pain in his shoulder, he managed to grab his pants that lay neatly folded on a chair next to the bed and got out his cigarettes. Fumbling around the pockets for the lighter, he started to frown. The lighter was there, alright, but something was missing….Going a bit frantic, he turned the pockets inside out, spilling their content on the bed; lint, paper, lighter, cigarettes.…but no pocket knife. But he always kept it….in the pocket on the same side where Kadaj's casted arm had bumped against him.

"Oh, no, he didn't." Cid mumbled denial, although dreaded certainty crept up on him. "The little punk didn't! Vincent!" He shouted. "We have a problem!"


By the time the Highwind got radio contact with Midgard Prison, it was, of course, too late. The Remnants had escaped, leaving a literally bloody mess behind and were now gone, without a trace. Several squadrons of Turks and Soldiers where on the prowl, but so far no one had found anything. Neither Cid nor Vincent thought they would, either.

The thought made them strangely relieved.


Late one evening, two days after the Highwind had returned to Rocket Town, there was a knock on the door. Cid knew he should have been more surprised than he was when he opened it and saw three pale, armed forms standing outside, fidgeting nervously.

"How is….how is your shoulder, captain Highwind?" Kadaj glanced up at him, under his bangs.

"Healed. Aching like Hell." Cid looked from one of them to another.

"I wanted to return this." Kadaj muttered under his breath, holding out a pocket knife that looked a lot more worn than it had last time Cid saw it. The blade was broken two fingers' breath from the tip and there were rusty-red stains on the metal.

"I broke Duel Hound. Can you help me fix it?" Loz said, holding out his strange weapon; even from where Cid was standing it looked broken merely because someone had doggedly loosened a few screws.

Yazoo smiled and neatly flipped a stack of cards between his long fingers.

"I brought my own cards. You can watch me play this time."

Cid sighed, and looked at the three young, nervous, and by all accounts insane pale punks that stood on his porch. He held out his hand. A knife, a techno-gadget and a stack of card quickly filled it.

"Vince!" he shouted back into the house. "We'd better dust of the guest room, 'cause it seems we go company. Fer a couple of years, or so."

Vincent, who had watched from the shadows, took a step forward, rather enjoying the scared look on the Remnant's faces. He sighed inwardly. What was it with Cid and lost causes, anyway? He mulled over that thought for a second and then had the decency to blush.

"I'll just get the pillows." He muttered.


"It seems Cid and Vincent already have company," Tifa said as she and Cloud approached the house of their Avalanche friends. "There's people in the backyard."

"The front door is locked. Let's just go around." Cloud took her hand.

As they came around the house he regretted it, however, as the shock made Tifa squeeze it so hard it almost broke his fingers.

Three pale and far too familiar faces stared back at them in equal shock, not lessened by the fact that Loz and Yazoo were helping each other folding clean sheets from the washing line and Kadaj was sitting cross-legged in the grass trying to sort socks, his mouth full of clothespins, one of which was holding back his bangs from his face.

"There ya go, boys!" Cid opening the door and stepping out made all five antagonists jump. "If yer done with the laundry, I got tea ready, and Vince is finishing the coffee…oh. Eheh." Very carefully, and still favouring his hale shoulder, Cid put down the tray with cups and smiled sheepishly at Cloud and Tifa. "Yeah, so, this is kind of a long story…want some tea?"


This series will continue in Family Bliss where Cid and Vincent tries to make the Sephlings adapt to a normal life. For a given value of 'normal', of course.