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A Whole Twelve Months Ch1: Goodbye Bya-kun

Why did her brother have to leave for a year? It was so annoying. 'Byakuya and his damn buisness trip,' Rukia thought to herself as she sat by he desk finishing her homework.

Rukia was not particularly happy. Her brother was leaving her by herself for an entire year because of the family buisness. That was not strictly true to be fair: he had entrusted her to the family doctor and his family, but that still did nothing to lighten her mood, mainly because of Dr Kurosaki's complete dullness. There was only one glimmer of rather orange light in the dark tunnel the eternally scowling son of the Kurosaki family Ichigo. They had known each other since they were both four, and somehow managed not to kill each other in the following 12 years, making a very strong bond between them. Their mutual friends at school often made bets on whether or not the two would 'get together' over the course of the term. So far, those in favour of their union had lost out a great deal.

'Like Strawberry and I are going to go out with each other. I've never heard of anything so ridiculous,' was what she had been saying for most of the last six years, since the first bets were placed, but since the beggining of this school year, her hormones had kicked into overdrive. She was getting to the point of worrying about what clothes to wear whenever she saw him, to make sure she looked her very best whenever he was around. The cold logical part of her mind spent a lot of time telling her she was being stupid, but she still wished it was Ichigo she cuddled in bed, not her Chappy doll (and from her that was saying a lot).

'And know I get to spend a whole 12 months with him, at school and at home, well his home anyway, I do hope he really likes me.' At this point, she realised just how girlly she was being and did her best to snap out of it. 'Bad Rukia, you can fantasise about boys AFTER you've done you're homework.' She sighed and got on with it. She could think about him all she wanted tomorrow when Bya-kun was gone and she would be staying with Ichigo for that whole year.


Ichigo lay back on his bed, thinking about everything that was going on in his life. 'Have to do that homework, Rukia's coming tomorrow, have to ask Dad where he hid my favorate top, Rukia's coming tomorrow, need to ask Yuzu to make a nice dinner for tomorrow, as Rukia's coming tomorrow.'

Ichigo sat up suddenly, his scowl in place. 'Damn, why can't I stop thinking about Miss Midget, it's getting annoying.' 'Yeah right,' said a voice in the back of his head, 'you just keep thinking about her because of what you wanna do to her.'

'Hey, that's not true!'

'Oh yes it is, you wanna kiss her, hug her, seduce her, get het in your bed and then...'

'Shuddup, that has nothing to do with this.'

'So you don't deny it?'

'Why you, just piss of!'

'How can I when I'm a part of you?'

'Argh, SHUT UP!'

Ichigo could not believe he was having an argument with himself. Okay he did like Rukia, but that did not mean...

'But you do, don't you.'

'So what? She is the closest person to me, and I am allowed to have hormones aren't I?'

'Awwww young Lust.'

Ichigo growled, this argument was going to take a while.


Rukia woke up. Today was the day, Byakuya was leaving, and she was going to Ichigo's. She got up, and while dressing she thought of the orange hair. While heading downstairs she thought of him and when she entered the kitchen, she did not even notice Byakuya until he spoke to her, "Good morning."

She was startled out of her daydream, in which Ichigo was carrying her t his bed, by this sudden noise. She turned and returned the greeting.

Byakuya, as usual said very little. "We will be leaving in an hour. I will drop you at Kurosaki's on my way." He then stood and left.

'He seems cheery this morning, as always,' was all Rukia thought before returning to her daydream.


Ichigo stood outside his house, awaiting the imminant arrival of his friend. He had lost the argument last night, admitting to himself exactly what he wanted to do to Rukia. At this thought, his trousers twitched.

Suddenly, Byakuya's car pulled up outside the house, and he saw the object of his thoughts get out. "Hey Rukia."

"Hi," she called back, before pulling her bags out the boot. Byakuya wound down the window.

"Goodbye Rukia."

"Bye Bya-kun."

"And Kurosaki," Byakuya turned his attention to the boy, "look after her, or else."

Byakuya did not finish his threat but drove away. 'Or else' from him was enough. He was the sort of man who, if he told you to jump, you would ask how high, and if he told you to hang yourself, you find the nearest rope. The 'else' in his sentance was dying in some rather unfortunate manner.

Rukia watched her brother drive away and smiled. She then dumped her bags into Ichigo's arms.

"God, did you bring you house in here or something?"

Rukia smirked, "Only the essentials, I am here for a year."

"Great," Ichigo replied. "I have to put up with you for a whole twelve months."

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