Hakureisaiga- Another challenge by Challenger. I always wanted to do a FF7xNaruto crossover one of these days, but never got any ideas about it. See my profile to go on his page for the details. This is a NarutoxHarem fic

Naruto- Enjoy the story

"Take this, Sephiroth! Omnislash Version 5!" A blond-haired man shouted as his gigantic cleaver glows in a holy gold color and flung it at the long silver-haired man who was floating in the air with a seven-foot-long katana in his hand.

This man had many names: The Heartless Angel, The One-Winged Angel. It all started with the calamity Jenova. Scientists discover her and took some of her cells, implanting them into individuals called SOLDIER. Sephiroth was the best 1st Class SOLDIER along with his friends Genesis Rhapsodos, Angeal Hewley and later on Zack Fair.

When Genesis turned rogue and Angeal died by his student Zack's hand, Sephiroth was sadden by the loss of his friends and confused of Genesis' cryptic words, soon in Nibelhelm, he found out that he was created with Jenova cells in his body when he was just a fetus. He soon began to hate Shinra and over time, he began to hate everything.

Sephiroth fought against Zack, his friend and was defeated by a 16-year-old blond Shinra trooper. That boy is the man that he is fighting today. His name is Cloud Strife, after his fight with Sephiroth; he was taken by Professor Hojo, a madman and had Jenova cells implanted in his body.

He fell into a coma due to mako poisoning and Zack was the one who broke him out, also having Jenova cells implanted inside of him. When he awakened, he found Zack with bullets in his body. Zack gave him his Buster Sword, which was once was his mentor Angeal's and Cloud's personality, mannerisms, memories and fighting style imprinted of Zack's. Soon he joined the group AVALANCHE and fought against Shinra with his friends.

Sephiroth, presumed dead, came back and used the black material, Meteor to destroy the planet. His closest friend, Aerith, who was once Zack's girlfriend cast the spell Holy to have the planet protect itself and her life was lost by Sephiroth. Cloud in the Lifestream killed Sephiroth's existence and Cloud become somber and dark, blaming himself for the deaths of Zack and Aerith.

Soon he, along with other men, women and children contracted a disease called Geostigma, which makes the immune system overcompensate, trying to fight it and secretes a black ooze. Cloud happened to experience hallucinations and seizures while the Geostigma acted up, soon three manifestations of Sephiroth representing his physical strength, his allure and calmness, his cruelty and insanity showed up, their names were Loz, Yazoo and Kadaj.

Kadaj, the leader absorbed his mother's cells, causing Sephiroth to be recreated. The battle between the two adversaries was coming to an end, but with a different ending. The hidden blades in the blond-haired man's sword flew out to surround Sephiroth and the blond began to fly around, grabbing each sword, cutting into Sephiroth's flesh.

As the blond-haired man grabbed the last sword, Sephiroth thought, "No….it can't end like this….I will never be a memory. I will not lose, Cloud Strife."Sephiroth's will allowed him to block the last strike and made a huge shockwave. That shockwave created a hole through time and space, making the two disappear from their world, only to appear in another one.

Unnamed World- A particular place was in chaos, on the day of October the tenth, a monster appeared. A demon named Kyuubi no Kitsune suddenly attacks one of the Five Great Villages, the Village Hidden in the Leaves, also known as Konohagakure.

This world was not technologically advanced, but it was compensated by the use of chakra. It was like the Lifestream only it was not ethereal at all; the people in this world practiced the way of the ninja much like Cloud's hyperactive friend, Yuffie Kisaragi.

They practiced many arts such as ninjutsu, kinjutsu, genjutsu, taijutsu and fuuinjutsu. "Don't let the fox take another step, we must hold out for the Yondaime to deal with it." Suddenly a giant toad appeared to face the Kyuubi with a blonde-haired figure with a tan cloak with orange flames on the bottom stood on top of the toad's head.

Beside him was a small child that has his features, the Yondaime looked at the boy, "I am sorry I have to place this burden on you, my son. I want you to survive, I have had a full life already and it is your turn to do the same. I love you very much, Naruto and just know that your mother and I will be watching you always.

The Yondaime turned to look at the beast and whispered, "I know that you are not in control of yourself, Kyuubi, but watch over my son please….consider it a last request.

The man flipped through hand signs, "Shishio Fuuin!"

Then he flipped through another set of hand signs, "Hakke no Fuuin Shiki!"

The Yondaime thought, "Now for the last and very difficult part." He shouted, "Shiki Fujin!"

Then the Shinigami appears behind the man and said, "What the fuck? I was not supposed to get your soul until…" He pulled out a clock for his sleeve and said, "75 years, 18 days, 32 hours, 22 minutes and 15 seconds. What happened?"

The man nodded to the Kyuubi and the Shinigami said, "Damn it, I hate it when things don't go and plan. You are not even an evil soul at all either."The man said, "I agree, Shinigami-sama, but I have no choice. Let's begin."

The Shinigami nodded and placed his arm inside of his stomach and the blond man shouted, "Gamabunta, go now!"

The toad complied and ran at the beast and stabbed it in its shoulder. The fox roared and retaliated by slashing at the toad, which caught the toad's eye with a scar. The Yondaime jumped onto the Kyuubi's head and The Shinigami with the help of the Yondaime Hokage extracted the beast's soul.

Suddenly a black hole opened above them and two figures came out. One of them had silver-long hair making the man almost feminine and a seven-foot-long katana and the other was a blond-haired man with blue glowing eyes dressed in black with a giant sword. The two fell in the middle of the sealing and were caught, sealing along with the beast.

"My job is done." Shinigami said sadly and the blond said, "Can you get those two men out?"

The Death god shook his head, "Unfortunately that would free the beast and you don't have enough energy to redo the seal. I will not eat you, mortal…merely keep you in suspended animation until you are needed most." The man nodded and the Shinigami took his soul and the blond close his eyes being at peace. Thus the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze, the Kiroi Senko died peacefully.

Council Room- "We should kill the boy to compensate for the lives of our lost ones." Fugaku Uchiha shouted. Most of the civilians on the council agreed with the Uchiha.

Tsume said, "No, that boy is not the Kyuubi, he is the savior of this village, damn it."

Inoichi continued, "I agree with Tsume-san, the boy should be treated with respect and not discontent."

Danzo replied, "We should use the Kyuubi's power and make him a weapon."

Hiashi stated, "And make him a senseless weapon devoid of emotion to kill us…without any sense of right or wrong. We have seen how the Foundation acts and it could potentially make the boy kill us without any remorse."

The clan heads and civilians along with Danzo and the elders clashed against one another to decide the fate of young Naruto Uzumaki until one man decided to end it. "Enough!" an old man shouted.

That old man was the reinstated Sandaime Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, the God of Shinobi, and the Professor. "We will not kill the boy and we will not make him into a senseless weapon. Instead of isolating the boy, we should treat him like he is, a human like you and I. I decree that the younger generation will not be told including Naruto about the Kyuubi or else that adult will be put to death publicly and his or her lands will be stripped from him including their clan status, is that clear? This is an S-Rank secret."

The civilians grumbled a bit, but reluctantly nodded to Sarutobi's demands. Fugaku seethed in anger as well as Danzo for not getting his weapon. So thus the life of Naruto Uzumaki began, but one of the civilians, a certain pink-haired bitch let it slip that the boy was the Kyuubi and for the first three years of Naruto's young life was hell for him.

Put in an orphanage, his life was in danger by poisonings, beatings, stabbings and stoning. Until the fourth year, Naruto was currently being chased by a mob on his birthday, but that was also the day that his life would change forever.

"No! Leave me alone, don't hurt me." Naruto shouted at the mob that menacingly came on him.

The mob sneered as they pulled out pitchforks, kitchen knives, metal rods and staves to hit him with. One of the men came up behind the boy and held him tightly for the villagers to hit him one by one.

Naruto screamed in pain as the blows rained down on him until a blow came to his head, rendering him unconscious.

Mindscape- Naruto groggily opened his eyes to see that he was no longer in the alley, but a place that resembled a place with broken buildings and mortar.

"Hello…anybody here? Oji-san, where are you? Ayame-nee-san? Teuchi-oji-san?" the timid boy asked. The boy heard sniffling and he followed the sound to find a cage. Inside there was a 15-year-old girl that had flaming red hair and an orange kimono.

Naruto approached the cage and asked, "Why are you crying?"

The girl looked up with her crimson slitted eyes that were puffy, "B-Because I caused you so much pain." She sobbed.

Naruto looked confused, "Huh? But you look too pretty to do anything bad."

The girl replied, "I wasn't in c-control of m-myself. An e-evil person h-hypnotized me and made m-me attack. Now I-I'm stuck inside you and p-people believe that you a-are m-me."

Naruto said, "Who are you?"

The girl sniffed, "I am the K-Kyuubi no K-Kitsune."

Naruto said, "B-But you are s-supposed to be d-dead." The girl shook her head, "No, the Yondaime had no way of releasing me f-from my h-hypnosis, so he h-had to s-seal you into m-me. I-I'm so s-sorry."

The boy tensed up as another voice heard, "You are just like me."

The boy turned to see a silver-haired man with green cat-like slitted eyes carrying a seven-foot-long katana. "Who are you?" Naruto asked, feeling the power radiating off of him.

"I'm Sephiroth, I happened to be sealed inside of you along with another person when the Yondaime was in the process. I have seen your life through your eyes….you are just like me. We are both misunderstood of our gifts….our strength. I will train you to learn to be calm and collected in battle. You will be able to think on your feet, think ahead three steps before your opponent strikes. Do you want that power?"

Naruto said, "Yes, I want to be able to protect myself."

Sephiroth said, "And you shall….Cloud, come and meet the boy."

Suddenly a blond-haired man with blue eyes dressed in black with a huge sword strapped to his back. "It is nice to meet you, my name is Cloud Strife and I will teach you to wield my sword, First Tsurugi along with the six parts that can be wielded as swords. I have watched your life too and I see that you were helpless to defend yourself. You will learn to exact justice and defend your friends as well as yourself from enemies. Understood?"

Cloud thought, "And I can't allow you to turn completely like Sephiroth, Naruto or else you will become insane."

Naruto nodded in awe at the two SOLIDERS." Naruto smiled, but then his eyes start to itch and burn a bit, he began to rub them until he looked back at them for Cloud to gasp and Sephiroth to raise an eyebrow.

"It seems that we have influenced his genetic structure by being sealed in him."Sephiroth said in monotone.

Naruto said, "Huh?"

Cloud said, "Basically your eyes have changed…..you see, we have a certain energy called Mako. It is infused into our bodies along with Jenova cells."

Sephiroth said, "Jenova is my mother, but I was given birth by a woman named Lucrecia."

Cloud said, "Due to the cells and mako inside you, you have more stamina and cognitive ability than normal people. The mako along with the Jenova cells affects the eyes and tries to change you into a potential Sephiroth, so your eyes will be a mix of blue and green, your iris will be slitted like a cat and glowing."

Naruto said, "So my body acts like Sephiroth-sensei, but my mind is still me, right?"

The two nodded and Sephiroth said, "And there is one other thing….the Jenova cells have a tendency to give out wings."

Naruto said, "Huh?"

Then a pain shot through his back and he dropped down, gritting his teeth as a black wing popped out on his left side of his back, but to Sephiroth's and Cloud's surprise, another wing- a white wing shot out of his right side of his back. "Well…that is interesting." Sephiroth said.

Naruto turned to look at Kyuubi, who was still sniffling and the boy went inside the cage and bent down to wipe her tears away.

Kyuubi said, "W-What?"

Naruto smiled, "My nee-san said that pretty ladies should never cry. I don't blame you at all, you were not in control of yourself and if it weren't for you being sealed, then I would not be trained by these two guys. So I should really be thanking you."

Kyuubi said, "B-But I-I..."

Naruto said, "My family could be still alive, but even if they are dead, I know that they love me no matter what happens."

Kyuubi smiled through her tears and whispered, "Thank you, Naruto-kun. I will help you train and become Hokage. You will be learning to track, deception, and cunning to your enemies. I don't want a weak jailor and I….don't want you to die either."

Naruto nodded and Kyuubi said, "It is time for you to wake up. You are now in the hospital and the old Hokage is worried sick about you."

Naruto nodded and Sephiroth said, "We start tomorrow."

Naruto faded back from his mind to wake up.

Naruto-The 4-year-old woke up to find out that the old man Hokage was sitting by his bed with a worried look on his face.

"Naruto….are you alright?" the Hokage asked.

Naruto looked around and asked, "Where am I?"

Sarutobi said, "You are in the hospital, we found you unconscious and we apprehended the ones who did this to you."

Naruto turned to him, "I don't like hospitals."

Sarutobi said, "I know."

Naruto said, "Oji-san, why didn't you tell me that the Kyuubi was sealed inside me?"

Sarutobi stiffened, "How did you find out this, Naruto?"

Naruto said, "When I fell unconscious, I drifted into my mind and found out that the Kyuubi was sealed inside of me."

Sarutobi sighed, "You were not supposed to know about its presence until you were older or a genin. How do you feel about it?"

Naruto said, "I don't know what to feel….I can use her chakra to defend myself, but my family is dead because of her inability at that time."

Sarutobi said, "Wait…it's a she? And what do you mean by inability?"

Naruto explained, "Oji-san, wasn't it weird that the Kyuubi would suddenly just show up and attack Konoha?"

Sarutobi said, "Yes, that is weird."

Naruto said, "Do you know about anybody who has the ability to control demons?"

Hiruzen thought about it for a second and said, "Yes, my mentor Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage, happened to have the ability to control the Bijuu with his bloodline."

Naruto closed his eyes for a moment, "The Kyuubi said that the person who controlled her had red eyes with three tomoe marks around the iris, but it soon morphed into an eye with three bars and the three tomoe were hollow and merged together. Sound familiar?"

Sarutobi said, "The Uchiha clan. According to my mentor's stories of his battles, there has been only one person who has the Sharingan and the ability to summon the Nine Tails…..Uchiha Madara, but if that is true, he should be dead."

Naruto said, "Maybe he somehow gained a way to become immortal or something."

Sarutobi thought, "That is possible, Orochimaru was trying to do the same thing." The Sandaime said, "Then he must be the one who brought the Kyuubi here, he loathed Hashirama and challenged him to a battle, he lost and it was believed that he died."

Naruto gripped his sheets, "I have decided, oji-san, I decided to become a ninja. So….he is the one who caused all of this, if he is indeed immortal…..I will definitely kill him."

Sarutobi said, "Are you sure you want to run down this path?"

Naruto said with conviction, "I will kill him, Sarutobi-oji-san, him and every aspect of him." Sarutobi said, "Fine, then, it will take some time but I believe I can get you in the Academy to be taught."

And thus the legend of Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki, the Angel of Death was born.

8 years later- Naruto Uzumaki always sat in class next to Hinata Hyuga. Over the years, he began to resent the Uchiha clan all except one person, Itachi Uchiha. Itachi was the only one who Naruto respected and admired, when he heard that the Uchiha clan had been wiped out, he smiled knowing that his most oppressors were gone and the only Uchiha was his little brother, Sasuke….which he considered that he was no threat to him.

Training from Ayane, the Kyuubi, Sephiroth and Cloud, he learned how to control his Mako energy and mix it with his chakra along with controlling her own chakra. He soon adopted Cloud's personality when he was among friends like Hinata, Shikamaru, Choji, Shino, but he also inherited Sephiroth's personality when he was thinking about the Uchiha clan, fighting or very pissed off.

He hid his skills and pretended to be a loud, hyperactive ninja that liked Sakura Haruno and attention described by Cloud since he knew one from experience. He had seals on his hands to get Sephiroth's Masamune and Cloud's First Tsurugi with his Fusion Swords on a quick draw.

He purposely failed the exam three times to see who his allies were and who his enemies were. He was wearing a hideous orange jumpsuit to help with the act. Today was the last day he would act like that.

Naruto-The boy awoke and ate breakfast before going into his closet. He saw the hideous orange jumpsuit and hung in on the wall along with his old goggles. He took his clothes (Cloud's FFVII Advent Children outfit only he has sleeves on both arms) and put them on as well as the straps for the Fusion Swords. He looked in the mirror to look back at himself with his cold slitted blue-green eyes. He clenched his gloved hands (The gloves' palms are cut to reveal the seals and his thumbs are exposed)

"It begins." He said.

He moved out the door to go to sit at the Academy.

Academy-"Okay, Kiba Inuzuka." Iruka said.

"Here" Kiba said.

Iruka checked him off, "Hinata Hyuga?"

A shy voice said, "H-Here"

Iruka called out, "Naruto Uzumaki." A cold voice that chilled him and Mizuki to the bone said, "Here" Everyone turned to see Naruto in his new outfit, sitting quietly next to Hinata. Some of the girls blushed at the new, serious Naruto.

"So…you finally ditched the mask, huh, Naruto?"Iruka thought.

The chunin said, "Glad to see you here, Naruto."

Naruto caught the message and said, "It is good to be here….I can finally relax a bit now that I will become a ninja."

Kiba said, "I doubt it."

Naruto said, "I would prefer it if you can keep your comments to yourself, Inuzuka or I will rip out your tongue." Kiba looked at his cold blue-green eyes and shuddered at the truth in his eyes.

Everyone was shocked at Naruto's choice of words…the blond that they knew was different than the one before him. He had a calm and commanding aura around him, but also hostile to others who tend to piss him off.

"Okay, now we will begin the test….when your name is called, please proceed to the testing area. The jutsu performed to pass is the Bunshin no Jutsu." Iruka said.

Mizuki looked at Naruto, who caught his eye and gave him a cold stare. Mizuki shuddered as the glare intensified, promising pain for reasons unknown.

"Okay, let's begin." Iruka said, not noticing the exchange.

Naruto- Naruto came out with a headband and tore off the cloth to sow it on his belt. The people looked at him cruelly, but to their surprise and hidden fear, Naruto gave them a stare equal to them.

"N-Naruto-kun?" a voice said.

Naruto turned to see Hinata, "Yes, Hinata?"

Hinata said, pressing her fingers together, "I-I just w-wanted to s-say c-congratulation on passing t-the exam."

Naruto looked at her for a moment, checking her body language and intent and gave her a soft smile, "Thanks, Hinata. It was nice of you to do that; I extend the same to you."

Hinata said, "T-Thank you."

Naruto asked, "Would you care to join me for ramen today to celebrate or do you have other plans?"

Hinata said quickly, "No….I mean, I-I don't have any o-other plans."

Naruto said, "That is excellent, well, then shall we?"

Hinata and Naruto walked together to Ichiraku Ramen only to be blocked by a few villagers. "Is there a problem, gentleman?" Naruto asked.

The leader said, "Yeah, you are not fit to walk with the Hyuga heiress. Get away from her now and go back to where you belong."

Naruto replied coolly, "This is where I belong and she seems to enjoy my company, now I must ask that you please move or I will be forced to subdue you."

The man sneered, "You hear that, fellas? He is going to subdue me. Ha, as if!"

Naruto raised an eyebrow, "Is that a fact?"

The man stepped closer and said, "Get away from the heiress, you….."

Naruto said, "Are you sure you want to finish that sentence? Choose your words carefully or you will be executed by the Hokage himself."

The man launched a fist at Naruto, but he caught it and knocked him away, making the man flip straight into a place filled with garbage. Then the rest of them surrounded him and charged at him, Naruto dropped low and sweep kicked them off their feet, then he moved into a handstand while spinning to catch them all and fling them in the same alley.

Naruto jumped upright and dusted his hands, "Heh, I took out the trash already….that is all my chores. Now let's go, Hinata."

Hinata said, "A-Amazing."

Naruto said, "Huh?"

Hinata said, "W-When you l-learned to m-move like t-that? You have n-never done t-that when y-you were s-sparring."

Naruto said, "I had great teachers."

Inside his head, Cloud smiles, Sephiroth smirked and Ayane aka Kyuubi shouted, "Damn straight!"

The two approached the ramen shop and sat down; Ayame turned and greeted Naruto, "Oh, hello, Naruto. Who is this? Your girlfriend?" the waitress asked.

Naruto said, "No, she is just a friend…but I don't know the future though."

Hinata blushed as she thought, "That is almost a confession that he likes me."

Ayame said, "So are you going to have the special?"

Naruto said, "Why not? I have the privilege to indulge myself since I have passed my exam. What do you want, Hinata?"

Hinata stuttered, "I will have a m-miso ramen."

Ayame called out, "Tou-san, one special and one miso ramen."

Teuchi called back, "On it."

Ayame turned back to Naruto, "So that is a nice outfit that you had there, when did you get it?"

Naruto said, "I had it designed a long time ago and had special seals put on it by Hokage-jii-san to make the clothes grow with me. Oh, by the way, Hinata…thank you for the jumpsuit and goggles."

Hinata said, "Y-You k-knew?"

Naruto nodded, "I knew all the time, I was trained to sense certain signatures and since everyone has their own unique signature, I know exactly who it is. I have noticed that you have been watching me too, Hinata."

Hinata blushed deeply as she had been caught red-handed.

"To tell your truth, I never found myself to be that inspiring to anybody especially with my mask gone." Naruto continued, "You have been the kindest person I have ever met, Hinata and I extend my gratitude towards you."

Teuchi said, "Ah, Naruto, and who is this? I didn't know that you were a ladies' man."

Naruto said, "Teuchi-oji-san, Hinata is my friend, I don't think of her like that now, but maybe over time I will."

Hinata inwardly cheered, "Yay, I still might have a chance."

Naruto and Hinata grabbed their chopsticks and said, "Itadakimasu!"

Naruto ate his food in a polite and professional manner, "So Hinata, how is your training going?"

Hinata said sadly, "U-Umm, I-I am j-just trying as h-hard as I c-can to i-improve, N-Naruto-kun."

Naruto looked at her, "In other words, you are trying hard, but end up giving up, right?"

Hinata stirred her noodles with her chopsticks and Naruto said, "You need more confidence, so I am going to help you with this."

Hinata looked up and said, "W-What?"

Naruto said, "I am going to help you, Hinata. I had to learn a person's moves and gestures including body language. In fact I had it beaten into my head repeatedly, judging by that statement I said earlier, you flinched a bit and looked a bit downtrodden. Your flinching was caused by remembering physical pain and the Hyuga clan taijutsu tend to hurt a lot plus your sad expression tells me that someone close to you believes that you are weak….someone has been belittling you, haven't they?"

Hinata didn't speak a word and Naruto said, "I apologize if I have made you uncomfortable."

Hinata spoke up, "N-No, I…y-you are r-right. I have been t-trying my b-best, but my f-father yells a-at me, trying t-to push m-me harder….I always end u-up g-giving up i-in the e-end."

Naruto said, "A wise man said to me once when I couldn't get down the Bunshin no Jutsu down, he said, 'Never give up, embrace your dreams and protect your honor.' My honor lies with my friends that I cherish most. Ayame-nee-chan, Teuchi-oji-san, Hokage-oji-san, Shikamaru, Choji, Shino and most of all, you, Hinata. I will help you train."

Hinata blushed and said, "T-Thank y-you, N-Naruto-kun."

Naruto smiled, "You are most welcome, now if you will excuse me, there is something that I must do." Naruto got up and paid for both of their meals before he left.

Forest- Mizuki was running through the forest, clutching the Scroll of Sealing. "Hehehe, perfect, soon I will be with my master." He thought, "I can't believe that was that easy." Suddenly the traitorous chunin looked up to see a person dressed in black before him.

"Hello, Mizuki." Naruto said.

Mizuki said, "So, demon, how did you know that I was going to steal this?"

Naruto said, "You were too obvious, Mizuki, you always have a sickeningly look in your eyes when you are about to do something bad or vengeful."

Mizuki said, "Well, maybe that is because you are a demon…you are the Nine Tails."

Naruto said, "Is that a fact? I consider myself to be an angel…." A black wing popped out of his back, "A fallen angel that is."

Mizuki unclipped the giant shuriken on his back and flung it at Naruto, "Then die, angel."

Naruto simply had Masamune appeared in his left hand and cut the shuriken in two, then there was a flash of light and Mizuki fell to the ground in pieces.

Naruto picked up the scroll and looked up at the sky, staring at something. "I know you are watching, Sarutobi-jii-san."

Hokage's Office- "How did he do that? The Crystal Ball Jutsu should not be detected at all and where did he get that sword?" Sarutobi thought.

Hakureisaiga- It seems that our hero had destroyed his mask of happiness and shows his true face. Tune in next time as the next chapter of the Legend of the Heartless Angel