Hakureisaiga: Before we begin, I need to explain how First Tsurugi works, Vigilante is the main blade that Cloud Strife and to form First Tsurugi, it must go in order from Vendetta, Merciless, Avenger, Ascalon and Sidewinder. Go to my profile for a picture of the blades if you need an visual look

Chapter 10- Welcome to the Finals

Naruto was ready for action; he had trained vigorously with Haku, Yugao and Jiraiya for his fight against Neji and his other opponents as well as for the invasion. Over the course of the month, the Jinchuuriki had decided to use both of them all on Neji, but First Tsurugi would be reserved for Orochimaru or the bastard that killed his friend.

He walked into the stadium, calm and reserved until he heard the loud roars of the audience. Shikamaru turned to see his comrade, "Hey, you made it…"

"I wouldn't miss it for the world, Shikamaru." The Jinchuuriki replied with a soft smile, then he glanced around, "Hmm, where is Sasuke and that Dosu character?" Then he noticed the new proctor, Genma Shiranui with his usual senbon in his mouth.

"Look alive, all of you…you are the entertainers for today's show." He said as he rummaged in his Jonin flak jacket, "Also I want you all to take a good look at the matches; there have been some slight chances in them."

Naruto looked to see that the matches were now even, but his match hasn't changed at all. "Now will all of the contestants except Neji Hyuga and Naruto Uzumaki please proceed to the stands?" The potential Chunins left the arena, leaving Naruto and Neji facing each other, the Jinchuuriki smirked as he noticed the Hyuga with a naginata.

"So the Hyuga clan does have an actual fighting style rather than groping people, huh?"

Neji growled, "Your fate is to lose to me, Uzumaki."

"I beg to differ, Hyuga…I believe that it will only take two seconds to kick your ass, but you made the wrong decision in trying to kill Hinata, so I am going to drag this out by making you suffer."

"The first match: Naruto Uzumaki versus Neji Hyuga! Fight!"

Neji charged just as Naruto pulled out Vigilante as well as its first compartment, Vendetta. The Hyuga came down with his weapon in a downward arc, but the Jinchuuriki blocked it with Vendetta and kicked Neji in the stomach.

Naruto melded the front side blade into Vigilante and took out the next back blade, which had a serrated edge…its name was Avenger. Soon the seal on his pack summoned the last piece just as Neji recovered.

The white-eyed boy said, "Your fate is sealed, there is no way you can defeat me…"

"Well, aren't you arrogant? I am the one that is kicking your stomach and I have defied time after time again…it looks like that to make you see the truth, I will have to give you a present." Naruto flashed in front of Neji, who flinched in shock, "Shall I give you despair?"

The Jinchuuriki slashed down at the Hyuga, who shouted, "Kaiten!" He began to spin completely in a perfect circle, with a dome of chakra and it repelled Naruto and his attack. "Ah, the famous Kaiten , such a technique…but I believe that is reserved for the Main Family only. Well, aren't you the hypocrite."


"I thought the Branch Family was supposed to be weaker in terms of strength, yet you have defied that fate."

Neji gritted his teeth, "You haven't seen nothing yet…"

Naruto equipped Merciless and Avenger as he replied, "Neither have you…" Tenten said to herself, "Naruto is fast and strong, he has the advantage over Neji, the Kaiten and the naginata that I gave him is the only matter of defense, but why doesn't he finish it?"

"It is because that he is toying with him." A voice said and Tenten looked up to see a purple-haired woman with an ANBU Cat mask. "ANBU-san?" Tenten said.

"Just call me Neko and to explain further, Neji attempted to kill, let alone severely harm one of his friends. Naruto cherishes his friends greatly, mostly because he grew up alone from the start as an orphan. When angered, he becomes very sadistic….pretty much, your teammate is going to face the reality of his death."

The two combatants glared at each other for a moment and Naruto relaxed a bit, holding up two fingers, "You have two tries left…Neji Hyuga."

"You know, for someone named the Heartless Angel, you seem to talk more than fight."

"Hmph, fine….no more talking then."

"Do you still think about it? Do you remember the cry she gasped out when I struck her heart?"

Neko whispered, "Oh shit…that was the wrong thing to say, kid." Suddenly a huge killing intent washed over Neji and he gasped as he saw a silhouette of a silver-haired man with a nodachi in his hand. "You know what? Fuck it…" Naruto took out Ascalon and Sidewinder to fling them in the air and sent out a Blade Beam at Neji.


The wave crashed against the dome and when the smoke cleared, Naruto held out the First Tsurugi in his right hand and summoned Masamune in his left. Naruto sped towards Neji and he tried to perform Kaiten once again.

"That is enough." Naruto said with a smirk as he stabbed Masamune in Neji's shoulder. The Hyuga gasped out in pain and the Jinchuuriki replied, "Get ready to receive your present!" Naruto flung the arrogant Hyuga in the air and began to stab him in various non-vital places.

Neji screamed in pain as he felt the sword pierce his body. "Now for the bone crushing…Omnislash Version 7!" Naruto swung his sword around, covering it in a golden light and flung it, releasing all of his swords…he also still had Masamune in his hand.

He floated around, grabbing the swords as he dug into Neji's body and twenty-six strikes later, Neji fell to the ground, his clothes soaked with his own blood. Naruto landed on the ground, surrounded by the swords and caught Vigilante in his right hand as he said, "You are lucky that I spared your life…next time, you will not be lucky."

Neji winced in pain as he struggled to get away, but Naruto stabbed Neji's leg, causing him to cry out in pain. "Naruto…that's…"

"Don't worry, I am not going to kill him…the reason that I spared him was because Hinata would not want to have bloodshed on her hands." The Jinchuuriki took Neji's headband off to reveal the Caged Bird Seal, "I already know about this seal, Neji. To be punished over different beliefs is cruel of the Hyuga clan to do to this to their own family…you do realize that if Hinata was cruel enough, she would have used this against you for you to submit, right? Why is that? Is it because she is weak? No, it is because she is incapable of hurting her own family, which is why she pulls her strikes against Hanabi."

Hanabi's eyes widened a bit as Naruto continued, "All she wanted from you was respect, but you took it and crushed it like it was trash, ridiculing her with your ideals of fate and…as for your father, he was a brave man to die for his village and his family."

"My father was murdered!"

"No, your father had a choice…to protect his family especially you and his brother or refuse and Kumo have the Byakugan while the high probability of war occurs…your father had been given a power that many people have, the power to choose for once in his life. For once…no one could dictate what he could or couldn't do. To be honest, your father was much like the Yondaime in his decision to fight the Kyuubi, so stop lamenting in sorrow as well as your stupid nonsense with fate because…even a caged bird eventually becomes free."

Naruto pulled out Masamune from Neji's leg and stated, "Cura…" The Hyuga instantly healed up from his major injuries and got up as Genma said, "Winner: Naruto Uzumaki." The swordsman left calmly to go to the stands and Genma shouted, "Will Sabaku no Gaara and Sasuke Uchiha please come down to the arena?"

Sarutobi looked at his bodyguard, "Raido, where is Uchiha Sasuke?"

"That is just it, we still have no word of Uchiha Sasuke or Hatake Kakashi."

The Hokage tipped his hat, "Just what is Kakashi doing?" Soon the crowd began to become restless and Sarutobi muttered, "It looks like I have no choice but to disqualify Sasuke Uchiha."

"Hokage-dono, if I may speak…please allow Sasuke Uchiha more time."

"This is odd of you, Kazekage-dono…"

A lot of people came here to see the fight as well as the Heartless Angel's, including myself personally. The son of the Kazekage against the last heir of the Uchiha clan should be an exhilarating fight." The Hokage paused for a moment in thought and replied, "Alright…we will push the mtach back then."

Suddenly Raido dispersed into the area while a russet red haired woman in a blue dress attire accompanied by a young man with a sharpened tooth shown outside the right corner of his mouth and an older man with a eye patch along with seal tags for earrings.

"Hello, Mizukage-dono, welcome to Konoha….I was not aware that you were coming."

The woman smiled, "I prefer to be to make surprise entrances…I am most intrigued that one of your rookie Genin was able to kill Zabuza Momochi, I heard that he would be competing in the finals from my own Genin that were unable to pass the second phase, so I decided to see him in action myself and possibly ask for the whereabouts of his Kubikiribocho."

"And your name is…" The Kazekage said and the woman said, "Oh, forgive me, my name is Mei Terumi, the boy besides me is Chojuro, one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist and the man on my left is Ao."

Hiruzen replied, "Alright, Mei-dono, please have a seat…" Mei sat down beside the Kazekage, who thought, "This could pose a problem, I hardly know anything about this Mei Terumi. I will have to wait for a while to alter the pain."

Genma said, "Due to one of the participants not being here, this match is postponed. Will Kankuro and Aburame Shino please come down?" Kankuro thought, "Shit! I can't reveal Karasu's hidden secrets and this match is utterly trivial."

Then the boy replied, "I forfeit!" Genma released a 'tch' sound from this mouth before he replied, "Winner by forfeit: Shino Aburame."

"Looks like he is possibly part of Orochimaru's plan, maybe the whole village is involved. He would not be the type to not crush his opponent." Naruto thought. "Will Shikamaru Nara and Temari please come down?" Genma shouted.

Temari's response was to take out her fan and float down using the current while Shikamaru's response was to fall over the railing courtesy of Naruto's foot. "Sorry, Shikamaru, but I need more time to figure this out…your fight should be able to give me since you are so lazy."

"Note to self: when Naruto eat with us again, make him pay the bill." Shikamaru thought and Temari said, "Oi, pineapple head, get off your lazy ass and fight."

"How the hell do I always get paired against girls…especially girls with impatience and anger issues." Shikamaru said. Temari ran at him, "If you won't come, then I will!"

Genma said, "Hey, the match hasn't started!"

Temari didn't hear him and crashed the iron fan on Shikamaru, but the lazy boy quickly took out two kunai and embedded into the wall behind him.

"You know…" she looked up to see Shikamaru standing on top of the kunai with his hands in his pockets, "I hate to fight and I don't care about being Chunin, but I can't stand losing to a woman. So I'll guess I will take you on." He said with a grin.

Temari smirked as she opened her fan and blew a wind strike at him. Smoke billowed and Temari looked in the corner of her eye, "Well, he's great at running." Temari thought, "Okay, he is a ninja that uses shadows and probably trying to lure me into the trees….Iike I will fall for that."

Shikamaru lazily thought, "Oh man, those clouds are lucky…so free. I really don't feel like doing this. I just became a ninja so I wouldn't be bothering….but I suppose…that things are not that simple."

Temari thought, "What the hell? Is he mocking me with that smile of his?"

She shouted, swinging her fan, "Ninpou: Kamaitachi no Jutsu!" The wind blew harshly in the arena. Tenten thought, "That move was the one that knocked Kiba out cold. Shikamaru has his hands full."

Suddenly a shadow line appeared, rushing toward Temari, who moved quickly backwards until the shadow started to shrink. "Heh, there is a limit to how much you can shrink, stretch or change your shadow, isn't there. You can't stretch it any further than your normal shadow's surface area no matter how you change it."

Shikamaru chuckled, "That's right."

Temari then closed her fan and measured the distance, "15 meters and 32 centimeters. He can use other shadows, but he can't control them, so he is using the shaded area to increase his length. But unfortunately no matter if he goes to the edge, the length will be the same."

Kankuro said, "Temari is better at long-range fighting, this match is over."

Shikamaru crouched and form his thinking pose.

Asuma said, "Even thought his grades were as bad as Naruto, he often said that he was too lazy to pick up his pencil to write, but he loves to play shogi a lot. Whenever he gets in a tight spot, he assumes that pose…..his sensei Asuma gave him an IQ test in shogi form and found out that his IQ…is over 200, he is a freaking genius."

Temari commented, "So it looks like you are finally getting serious now. Ninpou: Kamaitachi!" Shikamaru moved to cover in the trees and took off his shirt. "It is no use trying to hide! Stop running or give up!"

Suddenly two kunai were thrown, Temari dodged only to get in the path of another. She blocked it with her fan and a series of explosions were sounded in front and behind her. "He attached explosive tags!" she thought, "He is trying to distract me!"

Then Shikamaru's shadow sprang in action. Temari thought, "Nice try, but your shadow can't pass this line….wait, hold on….aw, shit!"The shadow, sure enough, passes over the line, making the wind user sprang backwards yet again.

"I see…." She stated, "You used those kunai as distractions to keep me occupied while the sun moves, giving me more leverage. This should be your limit now."

Shikamaru said nothing, staring at her and Kankuro shouted, "Temari, above you!"

She looked up to see a makeshift parachute made out of Shikamaru's shirt and a kunai attached to the bottom of it.

"Sonova…." Temari cursed as she dodged the growing shadow.

"You will not escape!" Shikamaru declared.

Temari moved as she thought, "Impressive….using the kunai to distract me from his shadow and then using his shadow to distract me from looking up and noticing the parachute…..but it's clear to me now."

The shadow stopped and receded back a bit, so Temari stopped and flipped open her fan and placed it in front of her, "I need to finish this quickly, his shadow will move farther as the sun moves, so I will use Bunshin no Jutsu, which will draw his attention to it. Then I will jump out and use all my chakra into the strongest possible Kamaitachi to rip him apart. Now where is his shadow…good, it's nowhere near me." Temari thought, "Initiating attack...Bunshin no…"

Suddenly she froze and thought, "W-What? I-I'm frozen?"

Shikamaru sprang his hands apart, "Finally Kagemane no Jutsu success."

Temari said, "B-But your shadow was nowhere near me…how did you get me?"

Shikamaru said, "I let you look behind you."

He turned his head and Temari under his jutsu's spell did the same. Temari's eyes widened as she saw a hole behind her and sure enough, his shadow connecting to hers. "When you used the Kamaitachi Jutsu, you loosed some of the gravel in where Neji was at… thus I used those kunai wrapped with a explosive tag with a little extra kick, making a hole in front and the back of you. The two made a tunnel and then I Iured you over to this spot with all of those distractions and failed successions like my little puppet."

Temari gritted her teeth while Shikamaru said, "Checkmate!"

Naruto said, "Wait for it!"

Ino shouted, "Go!"

Choji munched ferociously as Shikamaru and Temari walked towards each other, then they both raised their hands as the shadow wielder said, "That's it….I quit."

Ino said, "Huh?"

Shikamaru said, "Those failed successions used up my chakra. I had thought up over 200 moves and I'm getting tired of this, one match is enough for me. Plus I can only hold you for about five more minutes."

Genma shouted, "Winner: Sabaku no Temari!"

Shikamaru's shadow moved back to him and Temari looked at him. Suddenly there was a swirl of leaves in the arena and soon they revealed to be Kakashi Hatake and Sasuke Uchiha back to back, with the Genin wearing new attire.

"Maa, maa, are we late?" Kakashi asked.

Genma said, "You are lucky, Hokage-sama was lenient enough to move your match back." Sasuke looked up to stare at Gaara for a moment and said, "Gaara…" Naruto said as he joined him, "He will be a challenge, Sasuke. Make sure that you stay focused."

Sasuke smirked, "Never thought you cared, Naruto…but just don't lose to anyone yet, I want to test myself against a master of the sword. "

"Right, see you in the final match…"

Naruto disappeared to appear in the stands just as Gaara came down from the stairs and Genma said, "Now Sasuke Uchiha versus Gaara…hajime!" Gaara's gourd immediately began to spew out sand. Sasuke jumped back a bit and thought, "So this is the sand that Kakashi mentioned." Suddenly Gaara clutched his head and said, "Don't…get so angry…Mother."

Sasuke thought, "What the hell is he talking about?"

Gaara continued his demonic monologue, "I know I fed you some bad blood, but I promise that this time….it will be delicious."

Sakura asked, "Sensei? That mark on Sasuke's neck….is it…"

Kakashi said, "Don't worry."

Sakura smiled at Kakashi and turned to watch the match. Gaara said, "Come!"

Sasuke said, "Fine, you ask for it."

He quickly drew two shuriken and threw them at Gaara. The Suna Jinchuuriki's absolute defense caught the shuriken while making a Suna Bunshin. Sasuke took the time to charge at Gaara, but the Suna Bunshin's torso suddenly surged forward to meet the Uchiha.

Sasuke jumped forward in the air and the Suna Bunshin flicked his own shuriken at him. The Uchiha was forced to return the shuriken and kicked at the Suna Bunshin's crossed arms. The arms blasted off as Sasuke slammed his palms on the ground to right himself on his feet and slammed his wrist into the Suna Bunshin's neck.

The clone was in shock, but it started to smirk as the sand seeped over the Uchiha's wrist. The Uchiha quickly dealt a palm strike to blast the Suna Bunshin's head into dust. He rushed through to get to Gaara, but another wall erected to block Sasuke's assault, but Sasuke smirked and Lee's eyes widened in surprise.

Gaara's eyes did the same as Sasuke suddenly appeared behind him, "Fast….just like…him."Sasuke drew his fist back and slugged Gaara in the face, cracking his Suna Yoroi and sending the psychotic boy into the ground.

Gai was shocked as he thought, "He is just as fast as Lee's starting speed and his taijutsu…" Lee finished, "Is the same as mine."

Naruto thought, "So sensei had to use Lee's speed to get past Gaara, no doubt he had to use the Sharingan to visualize Lee's speed."

Sasuke moved into the Goken stance as he said, "So that is your armor, eh? Come on….I will rip it off." He sped through Gaara, but the sand tried to stop him from the front, but Sasuke veered behind him and twisted through the sand to kick Gaara away.

Sasuke taunted, "What's wrong….is that it?"

Sasuke moved in a circle around Gaara and moved inside Gaara's guard to send a kick to Gaara's chin, and then he grabbed his shirt and brought him toward his persona to give him a knee to the chest. "Sasuke, you are a genius beyond imagination, it took me years to reach that speed, but just in only a month, you were able to reach it."

Lee thought as he looked at Sasuke, who was panting with exertion. "But to keep up at that kind of movement requires a lot of strength."

Kankuro thought, "What are you going to do, Gaara? The Suna no Yoroi uses a lot of chakra, you know you can't use for long."

Gai asked, "What kind of training did you put him through?"

Kakashi answered, "Sasuke had Lee's taijutsu before, so that is why I had train him in Lee's taijutsu as well. Since he knew Lee and seen his taijutsu in action, he was able to master the style. It was hard work."

Lee thought, "But just with my taijutsu, it is not enough."

Gai thought, "Kakashi, what are you up to? You saw the battle between Lee and Gaara, so you should know that taijutsu will not be enough to defeat him….so why did you have Sasuke focus on taijutsu?"

Gaara immediately had his sand encircle him, but the Uchiha ran forward to stop Gaara. Sasuke threw a punch at the sand, only for his fist to suffer by bleeding as the sand globe grew spikes to halt Sasuke's assault. The Uchiha had a cut on his cheek and a gash on his right leg.

He fell back as he felt warm blood running down his leg, "Using all of that sand to protect himself…..that it gets so hard when it packed like that, so this is an absolute defense." Soon a third eye appeared, hovering over the side of the sand globe while Gaara sat down and concentrated, chanting a mantra.

Temari thought, "Gaara plans to use that jutsu….this is bad."

Sasuke had a shocked look on his face, but then he smirked as he wiped the blood off of his cheek. The Uchiha moved forward and aimed a kick at the shell, it bounced off. "As I thought, it is no good trying to use taijutsu against it…since I can't see what he is up to, since he is hiding in there, it is a perfect opportunity to test out my new jutsu…since it takes a lot of time too."

Sasuke unclipped a button on the black spiral thing on his arm; he jumped up on the balcony and used chakra to stick to the wall. He crouched and Gai's eyes widened, "So that is why you did that…"

Sakura said, "Huh?"

Kakashi said, "I had Sasuke focus on taijutsu and speed since the ninjutsu that he is about to use requires a lot of speed."

Gai said, "You didn't…."

Kakashi said, "I did."

The Haruno asked, "What jutsu is that?" Ino covered her ears and said, "I have no idea, but it is loud much like screeching birds." Gai replied, "It is Kakashi's original jutsu, the Raikiri….he used it on me once, but this kid was able to block with that arm of his."

Naruto thought, "I just hope he changes out of that attitude….or I seriously have to kick his ass." Sasuke charged downwards towards Gaara's little sand globe.

"It is incredible…you can see the chakra in his hand." Ino thought.

Meanwhile inside the sand globe, Gaara was talking to himself once again, "Yes…I am going to rip off his head…..then crack it open, so the brain can spill out….huh, the head….then tons of blood will flow out….you can have it all, Mother. Kyahahaha….aren't I such a good boy, Mother….I am always a good boy….Yeah, let's do it, Mother….I will be watching."

Gai muttered, "A simple stab."

Haku said, "What?"

Gai explained, "It's a technique created solely for assassination, the speed of the stab and the large amount of chakra concentrated to create the heightened flesh combined makes the sound of chirping birds."

Sakura said, "So if it is not called the Raikiri, then what is it?"

Gai said, "The jutsu is called….Chidori." At the moment the word escaped Gai's lips, Sasuke had burst through Gaara's defense.

Kankuro said, "No way…Gaara's defense has been breached?"

Temari said, "That is impossible."

Gai said, "Since the speed of the user and the amount of concentrated chakra focused in one arm, then it becomes like a sword. If any other user were able to use this, they would have experienced tunnel vision….but the Sharingan helps this matter which is why only Sasuke is able to use this jutsu to its full potential."

Lee thought, "I see, I wouldn't be able to run at that speed straight at my opponent….because it is easier to make a counterattack and I don't possess the Sharingan to see the counter. I'm jealous of you, Sasuke…my sense of superiority came when I defeated you since your body couldn't keep up with my speed…but now you have that speed including the Sharingan."

Sasuke said, "I got you now, Sabaku no Gaara."

Inside the globe, Gaara asked, "What….is this warm stuff? Mother….what did…ah…UWAAAAAA…..IT'S MY BLOOD! MY BLOOD!"

Suddenly Ishide and the Jonin felt a cold shiver run up their spine and immediately knew that Gaara had changed a bit for the worse. Sasuke felt something crushing his arm and had to use the Chidori to free himself, Gaara screamed again as Sasuke pulled his arm back to have a strange looking arm with blue veins running across it.

Kankuro became fearful as he thought, "There is no mistake….it's 'his' arm."

Gai asked, "What is that?"

Kankuro whispered, "Did he attain his complete form?"

Temari whispered back, "I don't know…it looks like Uchiha wounded him, this has never happen before." Sasuke peered inside the hole and gasped as he saw an eye glaring at him….it was amber with an inverted four-pointed star with four dots in a square-like fashion.

"I am getting chills just from the memories from the first time I saw it….I couldn't eat for weeks after seeing that…that thing." Kankuro thought in fear.

Genma's body started to quiver, "What's….this feeling?" Suddenly the sphere started to crack and revealed Gaara clutching his right shoulder. "I knew it….the cocoon was broken before he could transform fully."Temari thought.

Naruto thought, "She must mean to transform into Shukaku."

Sasuke thought, "No, it wasn't those eyes…what was that…thing that was looking at me earlier? Whatever it is…I better finish this." The Uchiha took out the Kusanagi and shouted, "Chidori Blade!" He sent his lightning chakra in the blade and stabbed Gaara in the wounded shoulder, then kicked him away.

Gaara was paralyzed due to the lightning chakra and fell to the ground, twitching. "Winner: Sasuke Uchiha." Sasuke moved away from the twitching Gaara, who was taken by the Konoha medics, followed by Jiraiya.

"That was an interesting match, the Uchiha showed some impressive skill. Gaara as well, but he seems a bit unstable."

"He is a bit, I deduced that Gaara was reminded of some tragic things in his early life through Sasuke Uchiha. " Orochimaru said in his Kazekage persona, but his thoughts were different, "I was lucky that I didn't give the signal yet…it would be quite difficult to deal with two Kages at once, especially one I don't know."

Genma continued, "Now the next match will be Naruto Uzumaki and Shino Aburame, will both contestants please come down?" Both of them came down to the arena and faced each other as the proctor replied, "Begin!"

Shino's bugs came out from his body and Naruto moved into his fighting stance. The Aburame mentally ordered his bugs to attack him and the Jinchuuriki's blue-green eyes shifted to red as an orange chakra covered his body.

The bugs attacked Naruto, who just stood there and let them, only the bugs were incinerated on contact with the chakra. "What?" Shino said, "What is that chakra and why do my bugs don't want to go near him." Naruto replied, "It is a certain chakra I have inside me, it is highly corrosive to everything except me."

Shino said, "I see…then I am forfeiting this match, even if I managed to win, I believe that I will not be able to beat neither Sasuke-san with his Katon or Temari with her Futon." Genma smirked as he thought, "Smart kid, Uzumaki does have an ability to fire attacks as well as Sasuke while Temari would just blow and shred his kikaichu…but I never knew that Uzumaki was able to control and harness the Kyuubi's chakra that stable. Definitely chunin material along with Shikamaru and Shino."

"Winner by forfeit: Naruto Uzumaki. Now will Sasuke Uchiha and Temari please come down?"

Both of them came down and Sasuke thought to himself, "I have a feeling that she won't let me use my Fire jutsu since her Futon will augment it and she is better at long range, making it hard to approach her directly. It looks like that I am going to have to use genjutsu….I hate using genjutsu, reminds me too much of Itachi."


Temari swung her fan, "Ninpou: Kamaitachi no Jutsu!" The Uchiha rolled away while activating his Sharingan and he had to dodge yet again. He fired off a kunai at her and Temari used her fan to block it. "Now is my chance! Katon: Goukakyuu!"

The Fireball was launched from his mouth toward Temari, who jumped away only for Sasuke to appear behind her to strike her down, but she got up and received a kick from Sasuke, causing her to skid away. "Futon: Kirikiri no Mai!"

She swung her fan in a wide arc, sending the Uchiha off his feet. He unsealed the Kusanagi quickly to stab it into the ground to keep himself level. "Tch, you are pretty good…" Sasuke called out. Temari shot back, "You aren't bad yourself."

Then she thought, "His Katon makes it difficult to use my jutsu, plus he got a sword that secrets poison and can extend. On top of that, we are needed in the operation and I can't deal with Konoha ninja at half strength."

Sasuke replied, "Give up, you can't win this fight. Your jutsu augments mine, I have more speed than you and I could kill you with this sword."

"You are right, Uchiha…but those factors are not going to make me forfeit."

Sasuke said, "I see…then I should tell you something."

"What is that?"

Sasuke smiled, "This is not the real me?" He disappeared on the wind and Temari turned behind her only to receive a punch to the solar plexus, making her go unconscious. "Winner: Sasuke Uchiha." The medics took Temari away and Kankuro followed them naturally while Genma said, "Now the final match…Naruto Uzumaki versus Sasuke Uchiha."

The crowd roared in excitement, most of the shouts were in favor of Sasuke. "Don't hold back, Naruto…I want to see your true strength. "

"You got it, Sasuke…oh, you may want to activate your Sharingan now." Naruto said as he brought out Masamune and got into his stance. Sasuke acted wisely and got his guard up as Naruto, "Let's see if Kakashi's training has brought you up to…."

The Jinchuuriki glided swiftly towards the Uchiha in a great clash. Sasuke gritted his teeth at the strength of the hit and Naruto said, "Kakashi gave you weight training for your speed…good, but how is your footwork?"

Naruto backed off and dueled Sasuke like a fencer, but the Uchiha blocked and parried the blows as he shifted to a new position. "Good…you are at least mid chunin, a surprising growth from you, must be in your blood."

"Thanks…now let's skip the formalities." Sasuke said, he launched Kusanagi at him and Naruto dodged the long blade to run at Sasuke, but the Uchiha was able to retract the length of the Kusanagi to its original form to block Naruto's one-handed slash.

Both of them smirked at each other as they battled each other fiercely, Sasuke was able to pick up the moves of Naruto due to his Sharingan and due to the copying of recreating Lee's speed, his body was able to keep up, but slowly the Uchiha was whining down in exhaustion.

"If only I could scratch him just once, I could win this match…but he is superior in a kenjutsu battle, so I am at a disadvantage." The Uchiha thought to himself as he was hard pressed and Orochimaru thought, "Damn that Namikaze, this little farce has gone long enough."

The Snake Sannin made a discreet hand sign and Kabuto, disguised as an ANBU member, made a hand sign, "Ninpo: Nehan Shoja no Jutsu!" Soon everyone in the stands saw feathers falling from the sky and the civilians along with some of the genin fell asleep.

"It begins…"

"What begins?" Sasuke asked.

"Orochimaru's invasion…he has Suna helping him to destroy Konoha and retrieve you." Genma jumped down beside them, "Alright, you two, I need you to help…"

"Got it." Both of them said. Naruto gripped the hilt of his sword and went into the arena to bifurcate three Oto ninja and strode to the four barrier wall to have ANBU along with Oto ninja block his path. "Move…I have business with your leader."

"I am sure that you could consult your business with us, Naruto-kun." The ANBU said as he signaled his men on the sides. "Stopga…" In under six seconds, he dispatched the Oto ninja and stated again, "My business is not with you, Kabuto…but it seems that I will have to deal with you first."

Kabuto chuckled as he took off the borrowed mask, "So you knew….pray tell why is it you ask of Orochimaru-sama?"

"His head on a platter for a death of a ninja that he ordered to kill."

"You mean Hayate-san?"

Naruto's eyes narrowed, "It was you, wasn't it?" Kabuto didn't have a chance to respond as Naruto came at him, his eyes were crimson red. "You are going to die first, then your partner in crime and lastly, your so-called master." Naruto declared in sheer rage.

Kabuto was surprised at the power within Naruto and saw his black wing explode from his back. Naruto grabbed the Jonin-level Genin by the face and threw him literally toward the building where the barrier was at.

Flashback- 5 Minutes Ago- Sarutobi looked at the Kazekage, who took out a smoke bomb to obscure their vision. Mei's bodyguards sprang into action , protecting their Mizukage while Sarutobi jumped in the air, facing the revealed Orochimaru.

"Orochimaru…here?" Ao barked, "It looks like an invasion." Chojuro turned to Mei, "What do we do, Mizukage-sama?" The russet-red haired woman closed her eyes for a moment and opened them as she said, "We helped them and this would only fortify our claim from an alliance with Konoha."

The three Kiri ninjas jumped up on the roof only to see four Oto ninjas on each corner of the roof and shouted in unison, "Ninpo: Shishirenjin!" A purple, rectangular barrier was erected and one of the ANBU caught on fire as he slammed into it.

"Damn it…that barrier is awfully strong." Ao thought, "We won't be able to help the Hokage out." Suddenly the six of them moved to avoid a human bullet that crashed into the edge of the roof, they looked up to see Naruto in an angelic glory with his black wing out and crimson red eyes to match.

"If someone is going to die today…it might as well be you, Kabuto." Naruto said coldly. Kabuto got up and said, "Chakura Mesu…" The spectacled-wearing boy launched at him, but Naruto disappeared in a flash of darkish blue light. Kabuto looked around and gasped as he felt a slash on his midsection.

Naruto appeared in front of Kabuto and dismissed Masamune to stretch his gloves a bit to enter Tifa's stance. "You should have kept your sword with you, Naruto-kun. I should let you know that I was holding back during the exams, I am actually on par with your sensei, Kakashi Hatake." Kabuto stated as he ran toward the Jinchuuriki.

The Mako-enriched boy ducked under one swipe and caught Kabuto's other one by the wrist, "I know, but with my sword, I could instantly kill you, but I don't want that…instead for killing Hayate, I am going to use my hands to beat you in the ground and make you suffer, plus I do need the practice and you are the perfect dummy."

Naruto sent a knee into Kabuto's gut and then sent an uppercut elbow to Kabuto's face, knocking his glasses off. AS Naruto came towards him slowly, he stepped on the glasses of Hayate's murderer and Kabuto got up until Naruto kicked him in the chest, then back handed him across the face and lastly performed a Beat Rush combo on Kabuto's traitorous ass.

"Come on; get up…so I can show the true present of despair."

Kabuto smiled and Naruto's eyes slightly widened as he watched the right hand man's wounds were healed in an instinct. "You didn't think that it was going to be that easy, did you?"

"So after I plunge you in despair, I will be taking your head, plain and simple." Naruto said with a frown on his face.

Sasuke- The Uchiha went off to find Kakashi, who was protecting Sakura at the moment. He made his way over to them and found someone trying to kill Kakashi on his blind side as he was focused on one another.

Sasuke gripped the Kusanagi and stabbed the opposing ninja in the back, piercing his kidney. "Sasuke-kun!" Sakura cried out, "Where is Naruto?"

"On the roof, he is fighting against Kabuto…and you really don't want to go there right now, I have never seen Naruto that pissed before and I don't want to know how sadistic he can be."

"Kabuto is a traitor? No way…but why is Naruto pissed?"

Kakashi said, "A few nights after the Prelims were finished, the proctor, Hayate was killed. When the autopsy was done, it was said that his cause of death was that his heart was severed, but there was a second strike as well with a wind jutsu. Kabuto was probably the one did the first strike and a Suna ninja was the one who made the second."

Sasuke said, "So a Suna ninja helped…I hope for his or her sake, Naruto doesn't find him or her because he or she will be in a world of hurt after he is through." Meanwhile, Kabuto, despite his healing trick, was getting the shit kicked out of him, every move he made against Naruto, he would dodge it completely.

Hell, the bastard was mocking him by fighting with no hands and it was infuriating to Kabuto so much that his old blood was leaking out. "Why don't you die?"

"Because I refuse to, you chose the wrong person to fuck with. Unlike you, I care about my friends and when you hurt one, you get to deal with me." His black wing unfurled from his back and Masamune appeared in his hand again.

"Now you will die, Kabuto Yakushi….you are charged with treason, espionage and the murder of Gekko Hayate. As your judge, jury and executioner, I sentence you to death." Kabuto tried to jump away, but Naruto came up to stab him in the heart and cut off his head.


Kabuto's body was engulfed in flames and next, he glanced over to the three-headed snake and took out an orb to embed it into his arm. It began to glow and the Jinchuuriki raised his hand to the sky with a circular symbol.

Suddenly the sky darkened and a huge roar was heard, causing everyone to turn their heard as a dragon appeared in the sky…his name was Bahamut, the king of dragons. "Who summons me?"

"I summon you, mighty Bahamut, I humbly request for you to aid in this battle against that snake."

"What is your name?"

"Naruto Namikaze."

"Very well, I shall aid you in your request…feel free to summon me again."

Naruto jumped on Bahamut's shoulder and the dragon king took flight to crash into the three- headed snake. The snake's heads hissed in anger at their new opponent. One of the heads struck at Bahamut, but the dragon swiped its claws to bat the strike away.

Next, the middle and right one came at him while he was preoccupied. "Thunder." A bolt struck the right head and Bahamut took the middle one to rip it off with its mouth. "Multiflare!" Bahamut declared as he spat out small blue fireballs, which slammed into the new two-headed snake.

"Blade Beam!" Naruto shouted as he replaced Masamune with Vigilante to let loose a blue crescent beam at the dazed two-headed snake. The snakes hissed in pain as the blast hit them dead center and Naruto jumped up into the air as he shouted, "Braver!"

He came down in an arc and the snakes froze for a second, then fell into two separate pieces before disappearing in a plume of smoke. "Well, not bad, Naruto…it will be good to work with you again, however, to gain the other summons to aid you…you must fight to gain respect in their eyes. Farewell!" Bahamut said as he disappeared in a flash and the materia in Naruto's arm dimmed back.

"The enemy is retreating!" a random Konoha ninja shouted as they cheered. Naruto hefted Vigliante over his shoulder as he thought, "Hayate, I have avenged your death and I promise that I will keep your lover safe from harm."

He walked away from the destruction with his white wing appearing as well with his black wing.