Chapter 11- A New Player Enters the Arena

Naruto looked over the village on the top of the First Hokage's head and noticed all of the destroyed places as well as the ninjas along with the civilians working together to help out to rebuild the village. Compared to the Kyuubi attack on the day of his birth, it was very minimal.

He sat down with one foot dangling over the face of Hashirama Senju and thought to himself, "I wonder what is going to happen next…" Cloud replied, "What are you talking about, Naruto?" The Jinchuuriki sighed, "Well, when it comes to these kinds of situations, the silence doesn't last very long."

Suddenly a meteor slammed down right behind him into the forest behind the Hokage Monument and Naruto muttered, "See what I mean?" He leaped off of Hashirama's head and went into the forest to find the source of the disturbance, following the path of the broken trees and uprooted dirt.

"What is that?"

Soon the smoke has a silhouette of a person and Naruto summoned First Tsurugi out in battle mode in his usual stance, the person walked out of the crater to reveal a black-haired woman with a red ribbon tied to her arm. She wore black leather gloves and a white shirt under a black zip-up vest with black shorts that fold at the waist, forming an additional utility pocket at the front and a short duster at the back extending to her heels.

"Tifa?" Cloud said with a gasp, "What is she doing here? How did she get here?"

Sephiroth coolly said, "Looks like your friends are still looking for you…you truly have some great friends, Cloud." The former SOLDIER nodded in silence and Naruto relaxed, hearing the conversation within his head and Tifa walked out of the hole, looked up at Naruto and shouted out, "Cloud!"

"Um…Tifa-san, I am not your friend, Cloud Strife…I am Naruto Uzumaki, welcome to my worl…"

Tifa interrupted him by aiming a punch at Naruto's head, "What did you do to him? Where is Cloud?!" Naruto dodged and flipped backwards, skidding backwards into a tree, "If you would let me explain just for a minute then I can…."

Tifa suddenly appeared in the air and came down with an ax kick to the head; the Jinchuuriki put his arms up to block the hit, sending him down to one knee and causing a crater to appear. Naruto gritted his teeth in pain as he felt some of the bones in his arm were slightly fractured.

"Damn, she is strong…"

"Looks like she hasn't lost her touch at all, Cloud…" Sephiroth commented, "Good thing you taught him her fighting style or else he would be hard pressed against her." The brooding blond swordsman nodded silently as he watched Naruto fighting Tifa in pay per view.

Naruto tilted his head to the side as Tifa's fist embedded itself into the bark and he moved over to the side, "This would be easier for us to talk than fight." Tifa replied, "Sorry…I am not much in a talking mood right now!"

"Beat Rush!"

Naruto's eyes widened as she charged straight towards the boy, who blocked every hit that she sent at him. Tifa was fairly surprised, "H-How….how do you know my moves?" Naruto sighed as he moved into her guard, "Meteor Strike."

The Jinchuuriki swept her off her feet and grabbed her leg, then spun her around, using the trees as a barrier for her to do increased damage and threw her up in the air, only to grab her shirt and send her back down into the earth.

"Are we done?"

Tifa stared at Naruto in shock, "How did you know that style?"

"Your friend, Cloud…he was my teacher as well as an acquaintance of yours."


Wordlessly, the boy summoned Masamune and Tifa glared at the sword, "Sephiroth…" Naruto nodded as he responded, "That is correct, on the day of my birth…at the same time Cloud and Sephiroth clashed, they caused a time warp that flung them into this dimension. Unfortunately, at that time, our current leader of my village, the Yondaime was forced to seal a demon inside of me...and Cloud and Sephiroth were sealed as well."

The brunette looked at the Jinchuuriki sadly, "Can you unseal them?"

"Sadly, I cannot…if I unseal them, I would die and I kinda like to breathe oxygen."

"I am sorry for you to travel so far to learn this, but since it is possible for you to come to this dimension…perhaps there is something on your side that could help me get Cloud, Sephiroth and my other tenant out of my body with their own bodies."

Tifa scratched her head, "Well, actually…I just sort of ushered on through the portal, so I have no idea how to contact my world or anything." The swordsman pinched his nose bridge and sighed, "Then I guess you are stuck with me until I figure out a way to contact them. Come along now…"

Suddenly the two were surrounded by some mysterious ANBU members, who Naruto had noticed that they had tipless tantos instead of katanas like they normally would. Tifa asked as she glanced at Naruto from her peripherals, "Friends of yours?"

"No, I have never seen these guys before…usually these guys have katana swords instead of tantos, meaning that these guys follow someone else's orders." Naruto stated calmly, "Am I correct, fellas?" The ANBU did say anything, but one of them spoke, "Stand down, Uzumaki-san…that woman needs to come with us for questioning." The Uzumaki responded, "Then perhaps you should try a different approach, I know you don't work for the Hokage at all, so the answer to that request will be no."


Naruto smirked and summoned Masamune, "Let's dance…" Tifa nodded and the two sprang apart to charge at one faction of the mysterious ANBU group. He glided towards his group, his face cold and emotionless, "Octaslash."

The trained SOLDIER appeared behind the group and either the ANBU's heads rolled from their shoulders or fell to the floor on their knees with a large gash on their chests. Two ANBU came towards Naruto, who dodged their slashes and kicked them away, only to hear a Goukakyuu coming towards him.

"Hmph, useless…" He said as he sent a beam of energy cutting through it.

"Enough!" A voice shouted.

Naruto and Tifa turned to see the Hokage and several ninjas coming towards them and the ANBU group leader said, "You have won this one, Uzumaki…but we will be back…the roots are the ones that sustain the tree of life." With that, they disappeared into the shadows just as the Hokage approached them.

"Naruto…what happened here?"

"A misunderstanding…this woman here mistaken me for someone else and then we were attacked by some weird ANBU faction, they were different…they had no emotions and their weapons of choice were tantos instead of katanas like I usually see."

The Hokage growled, "ROOT…"

"So that is what he meant, the roots sustain the life of the tree…ROOT is functioning to sustain Konoha."

Hiruzen stared at Naruto seriously, "Naruto…I need you to listen carefully, if ROOT contacts or tries to attack you, I need you to notify me in some way or run…they are highly trained and dangerous." The Jinchuuriki stated, "Not to sound rude, but I did give a beating to your former student, Orochimaru…I think I can handle myself, but I will acquiesce to your request, Hokage-ji-san."

"Thank you, now I need you to go on a mission with Jiraiya…at the invasion, I realized that I can't keep the mantle of Hokage now as I am too old and weak, I need a replacement and although Jiraiya would be a good candidate for the job, he is not a person that would like to tied down to a desk, so the better one would be my other student…"

"Tsunade Senju, the Slug Sennin…"

"Yes, correct, not only is she royalty and related to the Shodai Hokage, she is also very strong and capable of holding her own in politics…but it will take some convincing or force to bring her back to this place since it brings up some…unpleasant memories."

"You mean the fact that her brother Nawaki as well as her lover, Dan Kato were killed during the Second Shinobi World War."

"Yes…how do you know of all this?"

"Jiraiya told me stories about her and I found both of them next to each other in the graveyard, deducing that they were close and I went to the library to find out that Tsunade had a younger brother, who was Nawaki…I just guessed that Dan was a close friend or lover. Then I best get packing if we need to bring her back here."

The wizened Hokage nodded, "See to it that you bring her back successfully, Orochimaru will be on the move for her as well to recruit her to his side and he does have a knack for converting people to that side…much like you, Naruto."

"Right…Tifa, let's go."

Later, two figures were on the top of the wall, they were wearing straw hats with paper streamers on the side. Their cloaks had high collars and were black with red clouds on them. The tall one had strange blue skin and his face closely resembled a shark and the shorter one was silent with black hair, but you couldn't see his face.

"Well, it seem that it is still untouched…..are you feeling nostalgic?" The tall, shark-man said to his partner.

The shorter one said, "No…I don't feel nostalgic at all." He lifted his eyes up to see Konoha clearly…..his eyes held a fully matured Sharingan.

With Orochimaru- The Snake Sennin was livid with rage and anger, destroying everything in sight within the walls of one of his many hidden bases. "I can't believe this! My plan ruined by one brat! He made me lose Gaara and my summons, even Kabuto!"

"Well, it is nice to see that I am appreciated for my talents, Orochimaru-sama."

Orochimaru whirled around to see Kabuto, alive with a smile on his face, "Kabuto, you're alive?! But how?"

"Shikon no Jutsu is very useful…Naruto-kun surprised me with his strength, I have underestimated his capabilities,, I will make sure that I will come on top when we meet again…despite him disrupting our plans, we did manage to have Sasuke Uchiha afflicted with your Cursed Seal of Heaven. What is your next move?"

Orochimaru replied with a small smirk, "Simple, we need a strong person on our side to help take care of our Uzumaki problem and what better way to take care of an Uzumaki by recruiting a family member to our cause."

Confused, Kabuto asked, "A family member? The Uzumaki clan was destroyed years ago, the family members were scattered across the land…so who are we recruiting that you know is a family member, Lord Orochimaru?"

Orochimaru said, "My old teammate Tsunade…."

Back in Konoha, Naruto walked into his home with Tifa and began to pack his clothes. "This is a nice village, pretty big too…" The Jinchuuriki said, "Yes, it is a nice home to live in, but like every home there is always some kind of corruption in it. Well…you might as well come with me on the trip to find our new Hokage; you will need to lay low for a while."

Tifa nodded in agreement and went with Naruto, walking towards the gate and the swordsman took out First Tsurugi in attack mode, "We are not alone, Tifa…come on out, it is useless to hide when I can sense you two especially the sword that is practically filled with chakra now."

Tifa looked confused, but moved into her stance as she saw two figures, who were wearing black clouds with red clouds decorated on them. The taller of the two had blue hair and beady eyes as well as blue-tinted skin and hair. He also carried a large daito on his back and his headband indicated that he was a missing ninja from Kirigakure just like Zabuza.

The short one had black hair and blackened fingernails as well, his face was very familiar…one that Naruto instantly recognized. "Itachi Uchiha and…I believe you are Kisame Hoshigaki, correct?" Kisame grinned, "So the brat actually does know our names…"

"Well, who wouldn't…Itachi is the known murderer of the Uchiha clan in a single night, making him one of the most dangerous missing ninja from our village and you, Kisame, abandoned your village for more challenges. So…what are a couple of S-Class Missing Ninjas here in this village, following a Chunin-level ninja for?"

"An excellent question, we are here for you, Naruto-kun… we need your assistance in pursuing peace in the world."

Naruto raised his eyebrow, "Peace in the world? What skills do I have that would help you with this idea of peace?"

The Uchiha replied, "Not your skills, but a matter of what you hold."

The Heartless Angel's eyes narrowed at that, "You do realize that using that power of mine cannot be controlled except by me." Kisame smiled, showing the trademark Kiri style of shark-like teeth, "That is because we will be taking it out of you, so you would be helping for a greater cause.

"You do realize that it involves me dying, right?"


"Well, I prefer to live, thank you very much…so now if you will excuse me, we will be going now." Naruto replied coolly and tried to move around them until he took out First Tsurugi to block the strike from Kisame's Samehada.

"I guess we will be doing this the hard way." Naruto said with a sigh and grew serious by swinging his blade at Kisame along with a Blade Beam to send Kisame flying backwards a few feet. Tifa moved into a stance and Naruto warned his companion, "Tifa…the Uchiha has a bloodline called the Sharingan, it can copy any martial arts, illusions and ninjutsu, it can also hypnotize people into doing what they want to do…so focus on his feet or his waist to fight him."

Tifa nodded and moved to attack Itachi while Kisame flew through hand signs and stated with a manic grin, "Suiton: Suikodan no Jutsu!" Naruto stated in monotone and let loose another Blade Beam, slicing the water shark in half, but was surprised as Kisame came barreling through with Samehada raised high to crush him.

"Say goodbye to your wings, Angel!"

The Jinchuuriki moved out of the way and swung at Samehada, clashing with Kisame with a loud clang and the Uzumaki felt it, "Your sword…it absorbs chakra, am I correct?" Kisame spoke with a grin, "Oh, so you know about this sword?"

"Of course I do…actually I read up on the rest of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist after I fought Zabuza, your sword is Samehada, which is a sentient blade that absorbs chakra by contact as well as that it also acts like a shaver instead of a sword due to the scales."

"Very knowledgeable, but do you think that is going to help you?"

"No, not really, not when I am actually just stalling to get help..."

Soon Asuma came in from the air to attack Kisame while Kakashi and Kurenai threw kunai at Itachi, causing the Uchiha to move back to Kisame's position. "It looks like we will not be able to capture Naruto at this time, he is aware of our organization, it seems." Itachi said calmly, "Very well, then Naruto-kun, you win this round…but we will return for you and the Kyuubi inside you."

"The Bijuu are not yours to conquer and use like they are toys, they have emotions as well…as to your organization, they better watch out or else I will kill them without remorse." The Angel retorted strongly, the anger visible in his features.

Itachi and Kisame left, but the Jonin pursued them until Itachi's eyes morphed from the usual three comma marks into a three-bladed shuriken, "Amaterasu." Black fire sprang out of thin air and covered the back of the Akatsuki members, cutting off the pursuit of the Konoha Jonin.

"Damn it…they got away." Asuma cursed under his breath as he put his knuckle blades away. Kakashi replied, "We will get them another time…more importantly." He turned to Naruto and Tifa, "I would like to know who Naruto's companion is and how is he in contact with the Kyuubi."

"I have been in contact with the Bijuu sealed inside of me for several years now, Kakashi-sensei and as for my companion, this is Tifa Lockhart…she was the one that taught me her fighting style and she is somewhat of a traveler."

The son of the White Fang looked over at the brunette and said, "It is a pleasure to meet you, Tifa-san…" The martial artist bowed to Kakashi and replied, "Likewise, Kakashi-san…" Soon Jiraiya appeared next to Naruto and Tifa, "Well, it seems that you met the Akatsuki…a pleasant bunch, don't you think?"

The Jinchuuriki glanced at his perverted godfather, "Indeed…it looks like that they only come in pairs and their particular set of skills seems to subdue each Jinchuuriki." Jiraiya nodded, "It makes sense, Kisame's sword can absorb any chakra especially a Biju's and the Uchiha clan's Sharingan can exhibit some type of control over the Kyuubi."

The Sennin nodded, "It is exactly why we need to go now before they decide to come back to do the job…and bring your friend too please, I think she would cause too much attention to the wrong people here in Konoha."


With that, the three of them left the village in search of the Slug Sennin; the race was on between them and Orochimaru's forces as well as the new players in the chess game, the Akatsuki. All of their motives were unclear…and it will take the Jinchuuriki at the center of the game.