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"Okay, time to tell you your team match-ups." Iruka said, "Let's see…Team 7, Haruno Sakura, Uzumaki Naruto, and Uchiha Sasuke." Sakura cheered for being on Sasuke's team and half of the class expected Naruto to jump and shout for joy, but got a rude awakening.

"So…I got a weak fangirl that wants the Uchiha's reproductive organ and an avenger that might swing the other way that broods while saying only one non-word every day….this will be interesting." The boy said.

The fangirls perked up at the gay comment and came on to Naruto, who sat calmly next to Hinata.

"Hinata, you might want to move for a moment." He said.

Hinata moved away from her seat and the angry Uchiha fangirls pounced on Naruto to punch him with their enormous strength that nobody seems to know where it comes from since most of the girls diet a lot. When they finished, they smiled smugly to see Naruto's body…or was it.

The fangirls' smiles faded as Sasuke groaned on the floor. A whistle was heard and Naruto was sitting in Sasuke's seat. "Kawarimi, the savior of every ninja's life and guys that insult the Uchiha's sexual status." Naruto said as he read his book titled LOVELESS.

The fangirls were about to attack him again, but the Jinchuuriki said, "Are you sure that you want to do that? I could accidently Kawarimi with the Uchiha again." The fangirls' brains started to kick it as they heard their favorite word of the day, which was every day and went back, grumbling while Naruto got back to his seat while a limping Sasuke glared at Naruto.

"Naruto…no Kawarimi with students….even though it was funny. Now without any more interruptions, Team 8, Hyuga Hinata, Inuzaka Kiba and Aburame Shino. Team 10, Nara Shikamaru, Akimichi Choji and Yamanaka Ino." Iruka continued.

The chunin listed the teams and told them that they would have a break and meet each other back in the classroom to meet their senseis.

Secluded Place- Naruto walked behind the Academy building and went into a man-sized hole to reach a clearing with a lake and a rushing waterfall. Naruto stretched out his right hand and First Tsurugi along with the Fusion Swords already in place.

He held it in front of him and began to practice his moves…the first move that Naruto had been taught….the original version of Omnislash. As he slashed the air with the cleaver with ease, he felt at ease with himself, then he unhinged the last part of the sword and practiced some of the combos with his eyes close, remembering one of Sephiroth's lessons.

"A sword is not a weapon, it is a part of you, an extension of yourself. Feel, communicate with it and you must let it guide you to your opponent." Sephiroth's voice whispered in his ear.

Naruto flipped and slashed at the air until he stopped at the end of the kata and resealed the cleaver into his right hand.

"You know, you are the only one who can find me besides Iruka-sensei, huh, Hinata?" Naruto said.

Hinata came out as Naruto continued, "You are always looking out for me."

Hinata said, "Why do you like secluding yourself from us?"

Naruto said, "I don't….I prefer the term avoiding, I guess I am still a little insecure with me unmasking myself."

Hinata said, "You will be fine, Naruto. I am sure that they will accept you no matter what."

Naruto said, "And if they don't….what will happen then?" Hinata said, "Then they would miss out on a great friend."

Naruto smiled, "Thanks, Hinata, that made me feel a bit better."

Hinata said, "You're welcome."

Naruto said, "You realized that you have not stuttered at all when you were talking to me."

Hinata blushed, "I-I d-did…"

Naruto said, "Crap, we were so close too. Oh well, we just have to try a little bit harder."

Hinata said, "R-Right!" Naruto said, "Anyway we better go back before Iruka-sensei thinks we got kidnapped." Hinata nodded with a light blush on her face and they walked together in the man-sized hole.

Academy- Naruto sat down, tapping his fingers on the desk while waiting for his teacher to show up. Sakura shouted, "Naruto, stop that! You are bothering Sasuke-kun!"

Naruto deadpanned, "And your bitching isn't getting on his nerves?"

The Jinchuuriki continued tapping his fingers. Then Sakura tried to punch him, but Naruto in a split second noticed his teacher was coming and Kawarimi with him. Sakura's fist met Kakashi's face and Kakashi flew backwards into the wall hard.

Sakura gasped with her hands to her mouth and began to apologize to her sensei.

Kakashi rubbed his jaw, "Damn, you have a mean left hook…but I have to say that my first impression of you all….I hate you all. Meet me on the roof in five minutes."

Kakashi poofed out of existence while Sakura turned to Naruto to berate him for making her punch her sensei, but he was already out the door after Kakashi.

Roof- Kakashi said, "Okay, first we will introduce ourselves."

Sakura said, "How are we supposed to do that?"

The Hatake replied, "Like tell me your hobbies, likes, dislikes, that sort of stuff."

Sakura said, "How about you start us off? You look suspicious."

Kakashi said, "My name is Kakashi Hatake, my likes are none of your concern, my dislikes are a lot, my hobbies….I have lots of hobbies and my dream is none of your business."

Naruto stated in monotone, "Kakashi Hatake, son of the White Fang, Sakumo Hatake. He likes Icha Icha Paradise, a porn book with a plot to it, training, his sensei and old team, his dislikes are traitors, Iwa and Kumo to a certain extent, his hobbies are reading Icha Icha or resting in his leisure time. His dream is to help us be the greatest team ever and collect all of the Icha Icha Paradise known over the Five Great Countries. Nicknames: Copy Ninja Kakashi, Sharingan no Kakashi. The origin of the nicknames were where he had the eye implanted by a request of a dear friend named Obito Uchiha, who was also his teammate along with Rin Inuzaka and Minato Namikaze. He is known to have 1000 jutsu under his belt."

Kakashi looked at Naruto curiously as did his teammates.

Naruto said, "Bingo book and I did actually paid attention in history class about the Third Great Shinobi War. After all, my father did happen to fight in that war."

Kakashi's lone eye widened, "No way, he knows about Minato-sensei?!?"

Sasuke said, "Dobe, you are an orphan…you had no parents that were ninja."

Naruto said, "Is that a fact, Uchiha? Do you have proof of this lie as you called it?"

Sasuke shot back, "No…but you don't either."

Naruto said, "Actually I do….Sensei here used to work with him a long time ago, right?"

Kakashi said, "It is true, Sasuke, Naruto's father was an incredible ninja and I once worked with him. He died honorably protecting the village from the Kyuubi attack. So then, Sakura, you start first."

Sakura said, "I'm Sakura Haruno, my likes are….., my dislikes are Ino-pig and Naruto-baka, my hobbies are…., my dream is……squeal."

Kakashi sweat dropped, "Just my luck, a fangirl."

Naruto said, "Hmph, if Ino is a pig, then what are you? An insect?"

Sakura said, "I am a beautiful flower."

Naruto said, "Someone lied to you to make you feel better. Flowers don't have big foreheads."

Sakura flinched at Naruto's words and remember the teasing from the girls, but there was a faint person that appeared in front of her telling them to stop teasing her. It was Sasuke, but it flickered between Naruto and her crush for some reason. (A/N: INDICATION!!!)

Kakashi said, "Next."

Sasuke said, "Sasuke Uchiha, I have little likes and many dislikes, I don't have any hobbies than training and I don't have a dream, more like an ambition….I need to kill a certain person to avenge my clan."

Kakashi thought, "Typical, Sasuke has become an avenger."

He turned to Naruto and Naruto said in monotone, "My name is Naruto Uzumaki, my likes are my father, my mother, Ayane-chan, Sephiroth, Cloud, Hinata, my friends, ramen, the Ichiraku family, Hokage-oji-san, training and Itachi-niisan."

Sasuke's eyes became angry at Naruto for calling the murderer of the Uchiha clan a brother figure to Naruto, but the Jinchuuriki ignored him, "My dislikes are traitors, murderers, people who use anything in their grasp for power, cowards, people who don't cherish their friends, fangirls, the Sharingan and some of the villagers. My hobbies are training, helping out Hinata, walking in the forest, meditation and learning facts about my father from Hokage-oji-san. My dream is to live my life and to become the strongest, also to kill a certain Uchiha who was the cause of my Hell…no, Uchiha, it is not your brother, Itachi…he is actually the only one in your clan that I respect."

Sasuke said, "How can you respect him, he was the one who murdered my clan."

Naruto said, "That is none of your concern…the fact is that Itachi in my opinion did a good thing wiping out the arrogance there."

Kakashi said, "Anyway now that we are introduced, I wanted to tell you that you are not officially Genin."

Sakura looked at him, "But we passed the exam…"

Kakashi said, "To test your knowledge, this is to test your skills and this test….happens to have a 66.6% failure rate."

Sakura and Sasuke had visible looks of concern while Naruto's face was impassive. "Meet up at seven in the morning at training area 3 and don't eat or you will throw up."

Kakashi left them on the roof and Naruto moved to go home, but Sasuke said, "Hey, dobe, we are not finished."

Naruto said, "What, Uchiha? Make it quick, I need to see the Hokage and I have no time for your petty sibling rivalry with your brother."

Sasuke growled, "Itachi was the one who killed my entire clan and you say that it was a good thing."

Naruto said, "Correct, so what of it?"

Sasuke said, "You asshole!"

Naruto said, "No, your family is the assholes. What kind of person would use a 3-year-old kid for target practice?" Naruto removed his gloves to show that the back of his hands and Sasuke saw that there was an Uchiha sign branded on his hand.

"Itachi was the one who saved me from being a pincushion and I had admired his strength…he understood the uses of the Sharingan and used rarely until he was in a pinch while the rest of your so-called clan were the ones who used the Sharingan first and became arrogant that they died when they didn't anticipate the situation." Naruto put back on his gloves as he walked off, "When we go against Kakashi, make sure that you don't get in my way."

Hokage's Office- Sarutobi and Naruto were having a conversation about yesterday's events. "Naruto, where did you get that sword?" Sarutobi said, "I have never seen you use it before."

Naruto said, "I found in a clearing near the abandoned estate, it was just sitting there in the ground…so I took it and found a book about seals. I learned to make a seal to make it appear in my hand by channeling chakra into the seal to make it appear in my hand instantly. I had to steal a book on kenjutsu to help me learn how to wield it properly."

Sarutobi stared at Naruto instantly, but luckily Naruto was so good with masks and Ayane was the one who taught him to develop a poker face, playing poker with the boy when he was nine years old.

Sarutobi said, "Fine, then Naruto….but how did you know about your father?"

Naruto said, "It was obvious…there are only two known blond families in Konoha, the Yamanaka clan and Minato Namikaze. If you hold up a mirror beside my face and look at his picture, you can see that I look like him. Also I highly doubt that the Yondaime Hokage would seal the Kyuubi in anybody that he didn't trust. Who better to trust than your own son?"

Sarutobi said, "You are smart, Naruto…why didn't you show your intelligence?"

Naruto said, "Oji-san, if you were a teacher and hated me, what would you do?"

Sarutobi answered, "I would do everything within my rights to stop you from learning anything…oh."

Naruto said, "Exactly, if I showed any signs of intelligence, I would have gotten annoyances from the teachers, so I played the fool and pretended to be a dunce that liked Sakura and constantly wanted attention by doing pranks, which helped the clans in the long run to step up the security."

Sarutobi was surprised at Naruto's elaborate plan and façade that had fooled everyone including him.

"Now is that all, Sarutobi-jii-san?" The Jinchuuriki asked.

Sarutobi said, "Yes, but Naruto…try to not antagonize Sasuke. Even though you respect Itachi for saving you from his family, Sasuke hates him for killing his family members."

Naruto said, "I will try, but I am not sorry for what I said. It is ironic, much of Konoha's pain and misery is centered around the ones that they worship like they are gods."

Sarutobi said, "But you don't even know where Madara is."

Naruto answered back, "I don't need to…knowing Madara, he would want to have his 'pet' back to him, so he will come for me and then I will strike against him."

Next day, Naruto arrived at the training area 3 at nine, knowing that Kakashi had a chronic tardiness that he developed from his friend Obito. It reminded him of Cloud and his friend Zack, they were both alike in some ways and ironically, Kakashi and Cloud had received some of their traits after they died. They both in a sense began to live both of their friends' lives.

Sakura screamed, "You're late…"

Naruto said, "No, Kakashi-sensei is not here, therefore I am not counted as late, Haruno-san."

Then Kakashi said, "Yo!"

Sakura shouted, "YOU'RE LATE!!!" Kakashi rubbed the back of his head, "Sorry, I got lost on the road of life."

Naruto said, "Well, I can't blame you, the road to life has many twists and turns on your way."

Kakashi smirked, "Finally someone who understands…" He took out an alarm clock and set it on the stump, "Okay, here are the rules… your objective is to take these bells from me."

Sakura said, "But sensei, there are only two bells."

Kakashi said, "Correct, it means that two of you will stay here with me and the one without a bell will be tied to the stump while I eat a bento in front of you."

Sakura and Sasuke's stomach growled while Naruto shook his head in amazement, "I can't believe that they actually listen to him…and they still think that I am a dobe."

Cloud said, "It just goes to show who the real idiots are."

Sephiroth said, "Indeed."

Kakashi said, "You can use taijutsu, ninjutsu, genjutsu or whatever you want to use….even weapons against me."

Sakura said, "But sensei, won't you get hurt?"

Naruto thought, "You have got to be kidding me?"

Kakashi said, "Um, Sakura, I am not a Jonin or called Sharingan no Kakashi for nothing. Now when I say go, we will begin the test. Ready? GO!"

Sasuke and Sakura sprang back into the tree while Naruto sprang forward with Masamune in his hand to stab at Kakashi. Kakashi moved to avoid being impaled by Naruto's sword.

"What the…" Kakashi said, "Where the hell did you get that sword? No, matter of fact, how the hell were you able to hide that sword?"

Naruto said, "It is best not to ask questions when you are in a battle."

He launched himself at Kakashi, who took out a kunai to defend himself. Naruto attacked in fluid motions and speed, causing Kakashi to be at a distance while protecting himself from the attacks. "He was never this fast in the Academy….was he hiding his true potential?"

Suddenly Naruto backed off and sent a Blade Beam at Kakashi, who dove to the side as the beam passed him and destroyed a multitude of trees. Kakashi looked in shock behind at the destruction until he felt Naruto's presence near him and Naruto slashed at his mid-section, Kakashi back flipped to avoid being sliced in half and moved into a defensive stance to see that the Jinchuuriki's sword had disappeared and he was picking up something in his hand.

Kakashi heard a jingle and felt his waist to see that the bells were gone and in Naruto's hand. Naruto said in monotone, "You two can come out now."

Sasuke and Sakura came out of their hiding spots to walk beside Naruto. Sakura was in shock that Naruto had actually got the bells without any help and Sasuke was in shock and a little envious of Naruto's strength.

"How did you…." Kakashi began, but Naruto interrupted, "In that last strike I gave you, I knew that you would avoid it by back flipping to the side or backwards, so I made you dodge to get the objective."

Kakashi said, "You got the two bells, so which one will you choose to take with you?"

Naruto said, "Neither."

Kakashi said, "What?"

Sasuke and Sakura shouted, "What?"

Naruto said, "Let me explain, in all the years of Genin teams, there has not been a two-man squad ever at all. There have only been apprenticeships and three-man squads. Thus this means that Kakashi wanted us to do something…if I was the dunce that you all thought I was, we would have to work together to get the bells from Kakashi since in reality, a team that has good teamwork together can overcome even the greatest of ninjas, therefore the bells were made to cause dissention within our ranks to make us lose sight of the primary objective. So…"

He tossed the bells to Sasuke and Sakura, "I choose them over me…although I am strong as I am, I would not mind torturing Iruka-sensei with my pranks."

Kakashi said, "In that case…you all passed."

Sakura said, "When did you get so smart, Naruto?"

Naruto said, "I didn't get smart, Haruno…I have been smart. The idiot, the pranks, the attention, the crush on you….it was all an act to hide my true strength."

Then he walked away as he finished, "And now that I am a ninja….I don't have to hide my true self anymore….from anybody."

Kakashi said, "Meet us at the Hokage building for our first mission at seven, Naruto."

Naruto waved his hand, acknowledging Kakashi's shout.

Hokage Building- Hiruzen Sarutobi looked at all of the Jonin that were present and potential senseis. "Okay and now the results of your teams." The Hokage said.

Gekko Hayate stepped forward, "Team 1 failed."

Genma Shiranui said, "Team 2 also failed."

Aoba Yamashiro said, "Team 3 failed!"

Ibiki Morino said, "Team 4 failed."

Anko Mitarashi said, "Team 5 failed."

Raido Namiashi said, "Team 6 failed."

Kakashi stepped forward, "Team 7 passed." The Jonin in the room gasped at Kakashi….so far he had failed every single team he had gotten and it was a surprise to them that the Kakashi had finally passed a team.

The Hokage said, "Well, Kakashi, how was the test?"

Kakashi answered, "It was a shock….I didn't even get time to evaluate his teammates' skills because of his abilities."

The Hokage said, "Let me guess….Uzumaki Naruto, huh?"

Kakashi said, "Correct, Hokage-sama. It seems that he hid his true abilities that fool all of us, tricking us to thinking that he was some idiot, but he figured out the true test and got them single-handed without any help."

A random Jonin said, "Kakashi, surely you are lying, there is no way that the brat could be that strong."

Kakashi looked at Sarutobi, who made a giant version of the Crystal Ball Jutsu the size of a 36' inch HD TV. Instantly the Jonins were shocked at Naruto's battle against Kakashi and witnessed his power along with his swordplay that made Hayate drool.

"I simply got to battle this boy in Kenjutsu." Said Jonin thought to himself.

Sarutobi said, "Now that is clear, let's see the next one."

Kurenai Yuhi said, "Team 8 passed."

Sarutobi nodded, knowing that Team 9 was still in circulation as his son, Asuma said, "Team 10 passed."

Choza Akimichi said, "Team 11 failed."

Sarutobi said, "All right, Team 7, Team 8 and Team 10 are the only ones that passed, I will expect you three to start your mission tomorrow. Dismissed!" The Jonin filed out of the room only for Sarutobi to think, "Naruto…..just how strong are you?"

Naruto- Ayane said, "Did you see the look on Kakashi's face…priceless."

Naruto replied, "Yes, his facial expression was most amusing."

Sephiroth said, "You did well, Naruto…you are becoming more powerful each day."

Naruto replied, "That is because of all of your teachings, Ayane-chan, Cloud-sensei, Sephiroth-sensei."

Cloud said, "Just don't get cocky…or you will die."

Naruto said, "Confidence and cockiness are not the same thing, Cloud-sensei…but I will do as you ask."

Then a Jonin with bags under his eyes and a katana strapped to his back appeared before Naruto. "May I help you, sir?" Naruto said.

"My name is Gekko Hayate, I noticed your Kenjutsu and I am astonished by your skills…may you do me the honor of sparring with me?" the Jonin said.

Naruto said, "I guess I can indulge you." Naruto summoned Masamune to his hand with a light green mist covering the blade. "Come." Naruto said.

Hayate came at Naruto with speed until Naruto blocked it using only one hand to fend off his strikes. Hayate did an overhead strike, but Naruto blocked his strike and smirked. Hayate gave him a smirk as well to indicate that he was having fun with it.

Hayate and Naruto jumped back and this time Naruto attacked him with a upward slash, launching Hayate in the air. Naruto jumped up after him and attacked Hayate, who struggled to block his attack until Naruto placed two hands on Masamune to strike Hayate downwards to the ground.

Naruto floated to the ground softly and Hayate ran at him, "Konoha Ryu: Mikazuki no Mai!!"

Naruto was intrigued at the technique that he left himself open for the moment to see that Hayate made three clones and had them move in a complicated pattern to confuse him. Naruto followed each one's movements and blocked the one that was trying to strike him from the air.

"Nice try…but it is easy to see their movements….might I ask what clone did you use?" The Jinchuuriki said.

Hayate said, "The standard Bunshin no Jutsu."

Naruto said, "There is a jutsu that could help you out in case someone happens to counter-attack your technique."

Hayate said, "Oh? What is it?"

Naruto said, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu."

A clone of Naruto appeared behind Hayate placing Masamune on his shoulder. "Since they are solid, you can substitute with the clone to make your opponent confused when the adversary attacks you. Once it dispels, you should be able to attack from behind."

Hayate said, "I see, thank you, Naruto…"

Naruto said, "Thanks for the spar….do you know another swordsman?"

Hayate said, "There is Kakashi Hatake but I have never seen him use a katana since he left the ANBU and there is my fiancé, Yugao."

Naruto said, "Excellent, bring her here tomorrow at the same time…..I like to see if I am able to match myself between two opponents."

Hayate said, "I will…but you better be ready, Naruto….Yugao uses the same style as I and she is in ANBU."

Naruto said, "I will, Hayate-san."

Hakureisaiga- So Naruto and his team passed the survival team, everyone is wondering about Naruto's strength….now what will happen next? Tune in next time for the Legend of the Heartless Angel!!! Chapter 3- The Angel meets the Demon