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Chapter 3- the Angel meets the Demon

Naruto carried Tora with a glaring Sasuke and Sakura. The cat seemly prefers to go to Naruto instead of Sasuke and Sakura, whom usually get claw marks on their faces. When the team reached the office, Tora immediately hid behind Naruto's legs and Naruto told Lady Shijimi about her hugs.

With a new outlook on cats, Lady Shijimi made Tora's life much easier and everyone was shocked that Naruto had knocked off the most annoying and recurring D-Rank mission.

"Look, Hokage-sama, I am tired of the incessant missions, may I request a C-Rank mission please?" Naruto asked.

Iruka said, "Naruto, you and your team are fresh genin, you three need more experience under your belt."

Naruto said, "Do you want to explain how babysitting, watching the elders' children, and digging up yams are essential to a ninja' s life, Iruka-sensei? I can understand gardening to cope with the death of a loved one or your first kill, but this is ridiculous."

Sarutobi said, "You make a vital point, Naruto. Fine, we will give your team a C-Rank."

Iruka said, "Hokage-sama."

Sarutobi said, "Look, Iruka, you are the one who has seen past Naruto's mask before….something I have never done before. You were the only one to see his true self for the past 5 years. I trust Naruto and plus they have Kakashi with them, they will be fine."

The old man turned to Naruto, "Your C-Rank mission is to escort a bridge builder back to his home in Wave Country and protect him from bandits. Send him in please!"

Suddenly an old man with a straw hat on his head and a sake bottle in his left hand came inside the room, "What a bunch of snot-nosed brats! I see an emo kid, a weird girl that will probably faints at the sight of blood and a…..well, he is decent." Kakashi had to put his book away to prevent Sasuke and Sakura from charging the client.

Naruto looked at the two, "You two, calm down. No killing the client, I just got us a C-Rank mission and now you want to mess it up for an insult."

Sakura said, "You should talk, he didn't insult you."

Naruto said, "So….it is not like we are going to see him again."

Kakashi said, "No matter, let's meet up at 11:00."

The boys nodded and Sakura said, "Sensei, please try to be on time this time…you too, Naruto."

Naruto said, "Hmph, whatever."

The boy wandered off to his home to check his inventory. "Okay, soldier pills, blood pills, throwing knives, summon materia, blank scrolls, extra pair of clothes, bandages, smoke bombs, explosive tags and the Fusion Swords pack." Naruto said to himself, "Well, then let's see about that fight Yugao and Hayate wanted me to do, I got plenty of time before Kakashi shows up with the client."

Training Area 14- Naruto came to the training area again and this time, Hayate came with his girlfriend Yugao Uzuki.

"It has been a long time…Neko-chan." Naruto said.

Yugao said, "How did you know it was me?"

Naruto said, "I am sure that you two know about my burden, correct? You along with my sensei had to save me numerous times when you were on duty."

Naruto turned around and stretched his right hand, making First Tsurugi appear in his hand in a light blue mist around the blade.

"I thought you said he only had a seven-foot katana." Yugao said.

Hayate said, "He does have one."

Naruto said, "Your boyfriend is right, Yugao-chan. I do have Masamune, but I am not going to use it today. Now Iet's skip the warm up, I have a C-Rank mission and if I am correct about Kakashi-sensei's chronic tardiness, I have about 2 hours to kill. I hope you have improved with the Kage Bunshin idea I gave you, Hayate-san."

The boy hefted First Tsurugi and thought, "I have to try and not reveal the secrets of First Tsurugi to them yet. So far, they know that I am fast and powerful with Masamune, but they both don't know anything about First Tsurugi at all."

Hayate and Yugao drew their katanas and circled Naruto, who slid into Cloud's battle stance. The two attacked at opposite sides and Naruto moved backwards to avoid the strike, making Hayate and Yugao clash with each other.

The two separated to attack Naruto, who defended Hayate's strike and ducked under Yugao's. The Jinchuuriki pushed back at Hayate and kicked Yugao in the stomach hard, making her grimace in pain.

Then Naruto slashed at her, making her block the cleaver with great difficulty. "He swings that giant sword so much with ease and he is even using one hand to attack me." Yugao thought as she felt the ringing in her hands.

Hayate came behind and shouted, "Konoha no Ryu: Mikazuki no Mai!!"

Naruto smiled at Hayate's use of Kage Bunshin and moved to meet the attack. All three moved in intricate and complicated sword patterns to confuse Naruto and attacked at different intervals.

Naruto flipped backwards to avoid the first clone's attacks and blocked the second one's attack behind. He kicked off the one to meet the third one's aerial assault and slashed the clone through the middle. Naruto landed gracefully with a crouch and slowly stood up to see Hayate with a clone and Yugao surrounding him.

Naruto moved back into his battle stance and one of the Hayates came at him at full speed. Naruto blocked his slash and did an upward slash, breaking Hayate's sword and slicing him in half. Luckily, the Hayate that he was fighting was a clone that poofed out of existence.

Then Hayate came through the white smoke only to be blocked and then Yugao came over head, spinning like a top and slashed at Naruto, who dodged it.

Then she ran at him, slashing at Naruto, who blocked at every turn. "Hmph, is this the best you can do?" Naruto asked as he pushed her back to her fiancé.

"You are good, but I didn't know that you were skilled with a giant sword like that. I was told that you had a katana that was seven feet long." The ANBU said with a smirk.

The Jinchuuriki replied, "I was trained by the best….they beat their styles into my head until I could do it in my sleep. I have been training hard to protect myself…to one day, destroy the man who planted this burden upon me. Now enough of that, let's continue…"

Naruto attacked them as the two lone users of the Crescent Moon style fought against the Angel, both wondering who was the man that caused the boy to harbor such strong hatred in his heart.

Konoha Front Gates- 1 pm- After Naruto cleaned himself up from the dirt on his clothes, he moved to the gates only for Sakura to yell, "You're late!"

Naruto said, "Like I said two weeks ago, if Kakashi-sensei is late, then I am not considered late. Now if you would do me and Uchiha a favor, please refrain from using your voice for the remainder of the trip. I don't want to explain to the Hokage how your vocal cords were crudely removed from use."

Sakura immediately shut up to the boys' relief due to Naruto's calm but commanding aura and the look in his slitted eyes told her that he was reconsidering the decision in his hand. When Kakashi came up with Tazuna, Sakura was quiet with Naruto's threat still fresh in her mind.

Kakashi said, "Okay, team, let's move out." The team moved out the gates, surrounding Tazuna.

The Uzumaki looked at Tazuna, who was tense and his eyes darting from side to side. "Something is up…if there were bandits, Tazuna would not be this jumpy, knowing that he is in good hands, which means that something big is going on here. I guess I have to wait until something appears to prove my theory."

Sasuke said, "Hey, dobe, why don't you have a pack?"

Naruto said, "Why carry a pack when you can simply seal into a scroll and carry your essentials in there?"

Kakashi said, "You know sealing?"

Naruto said, "Library, sensei….library." The team continued walking, but Naruto noticed that two foreign signatures were following them, hiding in the trees.

Sakura said, "So, umm, Tazuna-san."

Tazuna said, "What?"

Sakura asked, "You are from the Wave country, right?"

Tazuna answered, "So what of it?"

Sakura turned to Kakashi, "Are there any ninjas in that country?"

Kakashi said, "No, not in Wave, but there are others…the culture and customs are different, but hidden villages do exist along with their own ninja. In many countries, the meaning of a shinobi village is that it has military power. An island country like Wave doesn't hold any interference with a shinobi village and therefore doesn't need any ninja protecting them. Within the various countries, the ones that stand out are Konoha, Kiri, Kumo, Suna and Iwa. Thus they are referred to as the Five Great Shinobi Countries, they are ones that have leaders called 'Kages'. The five Kages, Hokage, Mizukage, Raikage, Kazekage and the Tsuchikage are the ones that rule over the thousands of ninja all over the world."

Sakura said, "So then we won't encounter any foreign ninjas?"

Kakashi said, "Of course not, there is never any kind of ninja combat on a C-Rank mission."

Naruto muttered as he passed by a puddle, "I wouldn't be so sure about that." His eyes flickered to the client, who had a guilty look on his face. "So I was right, there are ninja here…but it doesn't explain why he would lie about the mission." He thought.

Just then he heard a whistling sound and he turned to see Kakashi trapped in a bladed chain with two Mist ninja attached to the ends. "One down…" One of them said.

Then Kakashi was cut into bloodied chunks and then the ninjas appeared behind Naruto as they said in unison, "Two down."

Naruto said calmly, "You are right…two down."

The Jinchuuriki appeared behind them and knocked them both out. The two dropped to the floor soundly and Naruto tied them up against the tree with their hands bounded, so that they would not be able to do the Escape Jutsu. "You can come out now, Kakashi-sensei."

The Jonin said, coming out of hiding, "I thought you guys would be okay."

Sakura looked at the remains of her sensei to see that he used Kawarimi to avoid the attack. Naruto said, "The Demon Brothers, Meizu and Gozu…status: Mist Chunin, known for assassination and the ability to fight until the objective is done. Also their weapons have poison laced on them….you did that scare to figure out what they were after, didn't you?"

Kakashi nodded and Meizu asked, "How did you know we were there?"

Naruto said, "You had a crappy genjutsu…you used a puddle for Kami's sake and it has not rained for days. On top of that, it is a sunny day."

He turned to Tazuna, "Care to explain why these ninja are after you and don't even try to lie. You were looking guilty when Kakashi –sensei mentioned that there was no ninja combat on a C-Rank mission, also you have been jumpy since the beginning of the mission."

Kakashi said, "Which means that this should be a B-Rank or even an A-Rank mission now. We are operating outside our duties now."

Sakura said, "I think that we should quit, this mission is way too advanced for us."

Naruto said, "I suggest that you start telling us the reason, Tazuna-san."

Tazuna said, "The truth is…my village is very poor and there is a super dangerous man that is after my life now. His name is Gato."

Kakashi said, "The Gato of Gato Company?"

Tazuna nodded, "He officially runs a shipping company, but secretly he sells drugs, illegal items and women as sex slaves, using ninjas and thugs to take over countries and businesses."

Naruto thought, "Women as sex slaves? Oh, hell no! We are continuing this mission regardless of what anybody says."

Ayane said, "You better and make sure you kill him slowly and painfully bit by bit."

The Jinchuuriki voiced, "We are continuing this mission. I will not stand by while this man does these unspeakable things."

Sasuke followed him, thinking, "There are strong guys on this mission and I will be the one to test my skills…and see if I am able to defeat…..him."

Kakashi looked at Sakura, "Looks like you are overruled, Sakura." The team continued their mission and soon found a contact that brought them across the river.

Outskirts of Wave- "I will get stronger than you, Naruto, I am an avenger, I am destined to be stronger than Itachi and kill him...I will show you that we are superior and not assholes to you, Naruto." Sasuke thought, "Uchiha are not arrogant, only confident that we are the champion. We show our Sharingan to the enemy, making sure that it will be the last sight that they will see before they fall to the abyss of death."

Sasuke took out a shuriken and flung into the trees, making the group stop and Kakashi investigated the room to see a rabbit scared to death with Sasuke's shuriken embedded inches above its head.

Naruto bent down and grabbed the rabbit to calm its nerves down by petting, "Good job, Uchiha. The rabbit's fur is out of season meaning someone is here."

Naruto detected someone in the treetops, "You can come out now, sir or madam."

A man dressed in camouflage arm and leg-warmers with light blue pants. "Zabuza Momochi, A-Rank missing nin, Master of the Silent Killing style and former member of the Seven Shinobi Swordsmen of the Mist. Also the cause of the end of the Bloody Mist Graduation Exam by slaughtering a class without any ninja training of some sort. You are also accused of an assassination attempt on the Sandaime Mizukage." Naruto stated in monotone.

Zabuza said, "Hmph, I am honored to see that you know my name so well…is it because of fear?"

Naruto said, "No…because of excitement, you see….I happen to be a swordsman too."

Naruto revealed First Tsurugi and pointed at Zabuza, "And I always wanted to fight against a true swordsman."

Zabuza laughed, "You think that you, a mere Genin can keep up with me?"

Naruto said, "No, I know I can…the real question is can you keep up with me….Zabuza-oji-san?"

Zabuza's eye twitched and then the jonin said, "You are going to die first."

Naruto let loose a small chuckle, "Hmph, come and try."

Zabuza said, "Such confidence, but I wonder how long it will last. Kirigakure no Jutsu!" Suddenly a mist rolled in, covering Naruto and Zabuza from view of Kakashi, Tazuna and the rest of Team 7.

Zabuza moved and Naruto hefted First Tsurugi to block Zabuza's strike. Naruto pushed back and attacked Zabuza, who blocked his slashes due to his experience. Zabuza swiped at Naruto's head and the Jinchuuriki ducked low to avoid the slash that could have taken his head and his life.

Then Naruto turned around, dragging First Tsurugi lightly on the ground to block Zabuza's overhead strike. Naruto punched Zabuza in the face and the Jonin backed up, blood dripping from the side of his mouth due to him biting his tongue.

Zabuza spat out blood and jumped back to land on the lake, "Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu!"

A giant water dragon made of water came up and Zabuza directed the jutsu to attack Naruto. Naruto braced himself and channeled Mako energy into the cleaver, making the blade give off a light blue glow and then he swung downwards at the dragon, unleashing a giant wave at the dragon, cutting it in half and Zabuza had to jump to the side to avoid the blast.

Naruto appeared behind Zabuza and kicked back to land. The ex-Mist Jonin landed hard against a tree and Naruto looked at him with a bored look on his face. "

Is this the best you can do?" he asked in monotone.

Zabuza slowly lifted himself up and charged at Naruto with a war cry. Naruto was suddenly surrounded by a darkened mix of blue and green Mako energy and whispered out his attack, "Omnislash."

Naruto slashed at Zabuza at random intervals, gravelly injuring Zabuza and sending the Jonin into the trees.

"It's over, Zabuza Momochi." Naruto said with First Tsurugi on his shoulder.

"What are you?" Zabuza asked.

Naruto said, "What am I? That is a good question…in my village, I am considered as a demon….but in reality…." He put a palm to his head and shifted it quickly to the side to show his black and white wings. "I am Naruto Uzumaki, an angel…..a heartless angel, a messenger of death to my enemies. Too bad that you are a demon, Zabuza…since angels and demons are natural enemies to each other. I will see you in the next life."

Naruto raised First Tsurugi with one hand, poised to strike him down when suddenly two senbon found themselves embedded in Zabuza's neck.

"Thank you for subduing Zabuza, ninja of Konoha." A small voice said. Everyone looked to see a Kiri hunter nin in the trees.

"Hmmm, a Kiri hunter Nin, eh?" Kakashi said as he strode forward to see that Zabuza was dead.

The hunter nin appeared beside Zabuza and lifted his body until Naruto appeared behind her with his sword near her head, "You are not going anywhere, hunter nin. Tell me what is your name and your relationship with Zabuza Momochi."

Sakura shouted, "Naruto, what are you doing?"

Naruto ignored her and continued, "Your act was flawless, but if you were a real Hunter nin, you would have dispose of the body on the spot after you killed him. You didn't instead you put him in a false death-like state to take him."

The hunter ninja said, "You are correct, Naruto-kun."

Naruto said, "Reveal your face please."

The girl complied, slowly lifting up her hands and took off her mask to show her feminine face, "My name is Haku Momochi, the apprentice of Zabuza."

Naruto commanded, "Stand up and face me." Haku stood up and turned around to face Naruto. His slitted blue-green eyes met her soft chocolate brown to reveal everything to him. "You have had a hard childhood, haven't you, Haku-san?" Naruto asked.

Haku's eyes showed surprise at Naruto's blunt statement. "You were just like me, you didn't have anywhere to go until Zabuza found you….you were shunned for something different about yourself, also despite your skills, you have never killed anyone in your life."

Haku said quietly, "How did you…."

Naruto said, "You have the same eyes that I used to have a long time ago. Tell me how you met Zabuza from start to finish."

Haku began her story, "I used to live in a small village near Kiri, I had a mother and father….when I discovered my kekkei genkai to manipulate ice, inherited from my mother, she told me to never reveal it ever again. Someone saw and told my father about it and at that time, Kiri decreed that bloodlines were dangerous and must be purged. My mother was the last of her clan and my father along with some of the villagers banded together. He killed my mother and came slowly to kill me only in my fear, I unconsciously activated my Kekkei Genkai and they died. I ran away, scavenging for food until Zabuza saw me, he took me in and trained me to a shinobi and control my kekkei genkai. On the day he found me, I made my life to him as his weapon and his tool until he died or I was proven useless."

Naruto said, "I see, then I will not kill either of you….instead I am taking you back home with us."

The team and Haku was surprised at Naruto as he said, "Both of your lives belong to me since I have shown both of you mercy….you will tell this to Zabuza when he awakens, also Gato is the root of this land's misery and pain. Knowing Gato's nature, he likes his money and finds that he can dispose nuke-nin easily than hired ninja, I want you to go back to him and to wait one week to recover and relay Gato a message, tell him that I am coming for him. Also if Zabuza doesn't agree with my idea, then he can challenge me again for his freedom. So I want you to notify me on Saturday in the forest." Naruto removed First Tsurugi from Haku's head and allowed her to take Zabuza away.

Kakashi said, "Was that wise, Naruto?"

Naruto said, "Either way, I win….they can be my subordinates or they will die by my hand and I think Sasuke would like to fight Haku, therefore it is a win-win situation, now let's escort Tazuna back home. I am tired from fighting Zabuza-oji-san. Despite the fact that I won, he was strong with his strikes."

The five of them moved toward Tazuna's house while Naruto resealed First Tsurugi back into his hand. Meanwhile in Naruto's mind, Ayane said, "So much blood….oh, you don't know how much that turns me on, Naruto-kun."

Sephiroth raised an eyebrow and Cloud backed away from the horny vixen, who receded back into her cage to take care of her personal needs.

Sephiroth said, "Do you…."

Cloud said, "Sephiroth, for once in your life, don't ask any questions. This is something that you definitely don't want to know about. Trust me, hanging around with Tifa and Yuffie gives you some ideas."

Tazuna's House- "What was that sword, Naruto?" Sasuke asked, "I have never seen you use it before besides of that long katana of yours and what was that attack? That was not chakra at all."

Naruto said, "The sword is called First Tsurugi, I had it along with Masamune and trained with it using a book that had katas for zanbatou or giant swords. The attack is solely known to me because I have a secondary source of chakra, but it changes when I came in contact with something…I have no idea what it was, but it doesn't matter and I have been experimenting with it since I was in the Academy."

Technically, Naruto was not lying since he did come in contact with Cloud and Sephiroth to change his genetic structure a bit. His hair grew a bit longer and Naruto had to tie in a long ponytail that stopped at the edge of his waist. Some of his bangs drooped over his forehead and his headband was tied as a belt around his midriff.

Kakashi said, "Nevertheless, we need to train to be ready for the next time. Zabuza, knowing his pride as a swordsman, will fight Naruto and Gato might hire another ninja to fight us. Sasuke, you will deal with Haku if they fight against us and Sakura, you will protect Tazuna."

Sasuke asked, "What exactly are you going to teach us, Kakashi."

Kakashi said, "That is a secret, Sasuke…now everyone should rest up, you three have a big day tomorrow."

The next day, Kakashi stood in front of Team 7 in a heavily forested area. "First, we will be working on your chakra control, since you all have been throwing excess chakra away."

Sakura said, "So it is to help us control our Chakra."

Kakashi said, "Yes, if you master this exercise, theoretically you can master any jutsu."

Sasuke said, "Then what are we waiting for? The soon we master this exercise, the soon I get more jutsu, so I can kill Itachi."

Naruto said, "You do realize that Itachi is an ex-ANBU captain and you are just a genin. Plus he hardly shows his emotions, but one mention of his name makes you lose all rationality."

Sakura scolded, "Stop antagonizing Sasuke-kun."

Naruto turned to Sakura, "What the fuck did I just say to you yesterday?"

The Haruno immediately clamped her mouth shut in fear of Naruto's annoyed look. Kakashi said, "Naruto, that is enough. Now use these kunai to mark your progress up your tree, and then use it to surpass. You guys won't be good enough to walk up…."

Naruto calmly walked up the tree and sat on a branch near Kakashi's head, "You were saying, sensei?"

Kakashi said, "You got this quicker than I expected."

Naruto said, "Because when controlling Chakra, you have to be calm. Chakra is like a current and you just have to flow with it until you feel the right amount. Sakura here has the lowest chakra capacity, but the best chakra control than all of us. Sasuke has the chakra capacity of a chunin due to being an Uchiha and has adequate chakra control, so he will take a bit longer to get up the tree. Me….I have a chakra capacity of a low Jonin, but adequate chakra control. Throw in me being calm and I can get up this tree."

Sasuke said, "How did you do it so easily?"

Naruto said, "Weren't you listening? You need to calm down, Sasuke and focus. Clear your mind of everything you once knew….even your revenge and hatred for a moment, then you will master this exercise, but do a running start."

Sasuke nodded and closed his eyes, then after a few seconds, his eyes snapped open and he ran up the tree until he felt himself slipping and landed on a branch below Naruto and Kakashi.

"Nice job, Sasuke-kun." Sakura said, cheering.

Kakashi eye-smiled at Sasuke and the Uchiha smirked, looking at Naruto, who was looking at something else. "Hey, kid, you can stop hiding behind that tree." Naruto called out in monotone.

Inari came out from behind the tree and said, "This is just a waste of time for all of you."

Naruto jumped off and floated downwards, his feet touching the ground softly like he had wings secretly behind his back. "You lost someone close to you because of Gato….making you believe and fear Gato because he has nuke-nin and thugs in front of him. That is all you see, Inari."

Inari stiffened for a moment and shouted, "You know nothing about life, you are a ninja…you have the glory life."

Naruto whispered, "No…I don't have a glory life, Inari…..back in my home village, I was hated and shunned for something I had no control over…in a result, when I was five….I had very little training and was captured by some of the ninja in my village."

He opened the zipper on his jacket to show his bare chest, covering with crude, large cuts that almost made Inari throw up. "On top of that, you had a mother and grandfather in that home that you live in. Me….I have lived by myself with no one until I was four years old….the people who taught me until they had to leave before I turned twelve. I had only a few people that care about me…Hokage-oji-san, Ayame-chan, Teuchi-oji-san, Hinata-chan, Itachi-nii-san, and some of the ANBU."

Naruto looked at Inari, "I would give anything to have a mother like yours….I never knew my mother or father, only stories…they were great people and I believe that they love me very much. I blame the person who made this all happen to me….if he hadn't done anything, none of those events would have happen and I will kill him since I have what he wants the most. He will come and I will make sure he goes straight to Hell."

Naruto zipped back up his jacket and said, "Besides Gato is not strong at all, he is just a spineless little man, but I will kill him for leaving this country in poverty like this. People this kind should not have to suffer at all. Excuse me, sensei, but I will be leaving here to escort Inari back home."

Kakashi nodded and Naruto, with Inari trailing behind him left to go to Tazuna's house. After a few minutes, Inari asked, "Why do they hate you so much?"

Naruto said, "Inari, can you keep a secret?"

Inari nodded and Naruto said, "You must never tell anyone this especially around Kakashi and my teammates."

Inari nodded again and Naruto said, "12 years ago, there was a demon called the Kyuubi no Kitsune came to my home village, Konoha. The Yondaime saw that the demon was being controlled by a mysterious force and first tried to break the spell but to no avail. He was forced to seal the demon away at the cost of his own life, but the Kyuubi was a Bijuu and demons with 5 tails and up had to be sealed in a living object, a baby. I happen to be that baby and for years, I have been shunned because people stupidly believe that I was the Kyuubi no Kitsune."

Inari said, "But….you aren't a demon…demons usually attack humans on sight and without mercy. They don't take any insolence from anyone."

Naruto chuckled, "You are very smart, Inari…I just wish that there were more people like you in Konoha."

Inari said, "I am so sorry for saying that your life is better than yours, Naruto-san." Naruto said, "It is okay, you have never encountered ninja before….so you didn't know the aspect of a ninja's life."

Inari said, "I don't believe that you are a demon….if you were, you would be worse than Gato and kill everyone in the village. Therefore you are just as human as all of us."

Naruto smiled, "Thanks, Inari. You truly are your father's son."

Inari said, "How did you know?"

Naruto said, "There is a picture in your room with him and on it, there were dried tears. Gato must have killed him for standing up against his will, I will make sure to make Gato pay for his crimes against this village and you, Inari."

Inari smiled and said, "Thanks, Naruto-nii-san."

Naruto was surprised at the suffix, but his face softened as Inari gave him a hug. Naruto said, "Let's go before your mother gets worried about you."

Later, Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke found the sight of Naruto playing with Inari outside the door. Kakashi knew that something had happened because usually Naruto is always calm and sometimes indifferent and Inari was lamenting on how Gato was the strongest person and he will kill them.

After Naruto left the group, Sasuke had worked harder, making him reach the middle point of the tree in the end while Sakura ran up and down to increase her chakra capacity. Then he gave them each scroll for a C-Rank jutsu.

For Sakura, Katon: Housenka no Jutsu and for Sasuke, Katon: Ryuuka no Jutsu.

He had a scroll for Naruto to learn a Fuuton jutsu, assuming that Naruto had an affinity for it just like his sensei. Tsunami said, "Inari, Naruto-san, time to come inside…oh, sensei, Sasuke-san, Sakura-san, you guys are back."

Naruto turned to see his teammates and gave a small wave to them before going inside.

Sakura said, "How come you never smile when you are with us?"

Naruto said with his serious face on, "Because…I don't like your attitudes and I don't trust you…both of you."

With that, Naruto walked back inside with Kakashi and the two teammates trailing behind him.

Meanwhile at Gato's hideout, Haku sat by Zabuza's side quietly until Gato came inside, "So even you came back defeated, it looks like Kiri ninjas are pretty pathetic."

Haku replied, "There is a man who has abilities that have not been seen before. He had exceptional kenjutsu abilities that rivals Zabuza and put him in this condition, also Sharingan no Kakashi is among the bodyguards with him." Gato said, "Which is why I took the liberty of hiring another missing nin."

A tall man with a jagged scar running from the corner of his mouth to his jaw line, "Tatsuno Ishizaki, formerly from Iwa. Long time no see, Zabuza."

Zabuza said, "Tatsuno, you became a missing nin."

Tatsuno said, "Apparently the Sandaime Tsuchikage didn't like the fact that I killed his subordinates while I was protesting against his rule. I wanted to see Konohagakure destroyed while the old fool wants to let it go…it was war and the Kiroi Senko did what he had to do."

Haku said, "He also gave me a message for you, Zabuza-sama and Gato. Zabuza-sama, Naruto said that since he spared both of our lives, they belong to him now…if you don't agree, then you will fight for your freedom in one week's time. As for you, Gato, he said that he holds no mercy for you because he said when this is all over, he will kill you."

Gato paled in fear as he knew that Zabuza and Haku could kill him if they were not bound by contract, but this Naruto Uzumaki, he was able to defeat Zabuza and make him bedridden for a week, which means that he was screwed if he killed Tatsuno along with Zabuza and Haku.

Gato said, "I am sure with the three of you together can kill him along with Sharingan no Kakashi."

Tatsuno said, "I will be the one to kill him, he was the one who killed my brother with that damned Chidori of his."

Gato said, "Then it is settled."

The Mafia boss wanna-be left the room along with Tatsuno, then Zabuza spoke up, "I know that I can't beat him, Haku….but I can't ignore my pride as a swordsman….I want you to go with him if I fall down. At least I will die honorably against someone stronger than me….you will take on my legacy since I have trained you in the Silent Killing style and my kenjutsu style, Kubikiri no Ryu."

Haku had tears running down her face and said, "I will do as you ask, Zabuza-sama."

Zabuza said, "It is not Zabuza-sama anymore, it is Zabuza-tou-san, you are Haku Momochi, my apprentice and my adopted daughter. I have never shown it, but I have always thought of you as my daughter."

Haku bowed her head, crying silently as she hugged her surrogate father lightly because of his injuries. "Naruto Uzumaki, huh? The Heartless Angel, that will be a good name for your enemies to fear, kid." Zabuza thought to himself.

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