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Konoha- Naruto walked beside Haku while Sasuke and Sakura stood further away from the two. Sasuke was wary of Haku, thinking that she might try to attack him from behind since she was the enemy and Sakura was wary of Haku because she had a one track mind that she was after her Sasuke-kun, but the most important thing is that Naruto seem to be friendly with her and witnessing that he killed mercenaries and Zabuza Momochi without hesitation….well, the mercenaries, but the point was that he would kill them both in an instant if one hair was misplaced on Haku.

As the four of them including Kakashi walked into the premises of the Hokage's Mission Room, Sarutobi looked up and said, "Welcome back, Team 7, I trust that your mission was easy and bearable…who is this?"

Kakashi said, "This mission report explains everything….you see, we were moving toward Nami, when I noticed a genjutsu….a puddle on the side of the road on a sunny day. I knew that there were ninja in the road, but I don't know if they were after the client or us, so I pretended to be caught in their trap and watched from a distance. Naruto noticed the genjutsu and dispatched one of the Demon Brothers, he also revealed that he knew something was up with the client due to his expressions, but he had to confirm them. Due to democracy, we decided to move on….then we encountered Zabuza Momochi, the Demon of the Mist, I was about to fight him….but Naruto asked permission to fight with him. I relented and Naruto was able to take down Zabuza using techniques unique to him. After that, this girl…an apprentice of Zabuza's tried to take him away, but Naruto caught her and forced her to tell about her life story. After listening, Naruto released her and offered Zabuza and Haku to join our village. Haku was uncertain, but Zabuza chose to fight for his freedom and pride as a swordsman. Meanwhile, the one who was trying to kill our client with the nukenin, Gato of Gato Industries hired another nukenin, Tatsuno Ishizaki to help. Apparently I was the one who killed his brother back in the Third Great Shinobi War, so he held a grudge against me and the Yondaime. So after a week, Naruto, Sasuke and I fought Zabuza, Haku and Tatsuno while Sakura protected Tazuna, the client. Sasuke and I defeated Haku and Tatsuno while Naruto was still finishing up his battle, then Gato and a horde of mercenaries came in. When Gato threatened to kill us and take Sakura and Haku as his slaves, both Zabuza and Naruto went berserk and killed all of the mercenaries except one, then they moved on to Gato and Naruto flew up in the air with a pair of black and white wings coming out of his back, stabbing Gato. Then he let Gato fall and impale himself on Zabuza's sword…after that, Zabuza and Naruto finished their fight, his last wish was to have Haku return here and Naruto to protect her from harm."

Sarutobi was surprised to say the least as he looked at Naruto, "He is so calm about this too, despite his praise from Kakashi and defeating Zabuza in combat. He even killed at a young age and so many too, despite them being thugs." Sarutobi said, "Very well, Naruto, I will accommodate you with a new house since your apartment is too small to fit for two people."

Naruto nodded and Sarutobi tossed him the deed and keys to the house, knowing well who it used to belong to. "Alright, Team 7, you will be on temporary leave until two weeks from now."

Sasuke thought, "Good, I can train and use the time to figure out Naruto's mysterious power."

Sakura thought, "Yes, I can finally fix my face, nails, eyelashes, makeups, toes, etc."

Naruto thought, "I guess I could train for a while…but I gonna have to use the time to interact with Haku."

Sarutobi said, "You all are dismissed." Everyone left the room to go to do what they always do.

Naruto and Haku- The two walked inside the house and Naruto immediately asked, "Haku?"

The ice user answered, "Yes?"

The Jinchuuriki said, "Are you angry with me….for killing Zabuza?"

Haku bit her lip and answered, "A little, yes….but Zabuza-tou-san wanted to do it, I saw it in his eyes….he knew that his time was up and he knew that his pride would not let him back out. I cried the day he told me about his decision and I was going to try and kill you, but when I saw your face and when you called me beautiful, I realized that I couldn't do it….no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't kill you. But you tried to let Zabuza-tou-san to back out and he wouldn't, you even shed tears for him….so I'm glad that I am here with you."

Naruto smiled, "I see, I would have done the same thing if you happen to kill someone close to me. In a sense, we both need each other to support each other….the things that we have in common are that the death of Zabuza has affected us both and that we had similar lifestyles. A burden was thrust upon us and we were shunned because of the things that they feared."

Haku said, "What is your burden? Your wings?"

Naruto shook his head, "No, since you are not part of Konoha yet and I trust you, I will speak of my burden. 13 years ago, a battle was fought in Konoha….the village was losing badly because of one thing….that was the Kyuubi no Kitsune, it attacked out of nowhere as if it had been summoned. The Yondaime Hokage was able to stop it, but by doing so, he had to condemn two lives….his own life to make the jutsu work since it summoned the Shinigami and another life, a small child who would become the jailor of the Kyuubi, a Jinchuuriki. That child was me and somehow people knew my status and I was beaten, shunned and hated for it. When I became four years old, I met the Kyuubi and found out the reason behind it all. The Kyuubi was controlled….by a person named Madara Uchiha. He was supposed to be dead, but somehow gained immortality….therefore it is my solemn word that I will fight and kill the one who put this burden on me."

Haku was shocked at Naruto's burden….she was never beaten, but to do that to a child was unspeakable. How Naruto survived the ordeal to become a gentle pacifist who fought and kill when necessary was beyond her. "And to make matters worse, Madara Uchiha is the one who made my father, the Yondaime had to kill himself using that Kinjutsu to put this seal on my stomach." Naruto said as he unzipped his vest to show the scars and the seal.

Haku fought the urge to throw up as she saw the grotesque scars etched all over his chiseled chest. She said, "Your father was the Yondaime?"

Naruto nodded, "Yes, he was….it was obvious when I compared my looks to his picture. He wished to see me as a hero, but instead I was treated like a pariah and the family who ancestor was the cause of all this has everything handed to him on a silver platter."

Haku said, "Naruto, I…how did you survive this?"

Naruto gave her a soft smile, "That is easy, I had friends….to hide my true strength, I acted like a fool, an idiot that craves attention…I even went to dress in that orange jumpsuit that you see over there. The Hokage was the first one to accept me, then came Teuchi and Ayame-chan, then Iruka-sensei and finally Hinata-chan. She was the one who admires my strength and my mask, the will to never give up. Although it went along with my mask, I still have that will. You, Haku, have a similar situation like mine….we both had to survive by getting street smarts until someone started to care. Now as your father did for you, I will do the same in his honor. I will protect you with my life, Haku Momochi."

Haku said to herself, "Naruto-kun….I see, you have so much heart….larger than any of us. I understand now, Tou-san, you were the first to realize this strength of his. He was shunned for being a jail and yet he still wants to protect his friends despite of his status."

She hugged Naruto, "Naruto, I…"

The Jinchuuriki said, "Haku-chan, actions speak louder than words…" He hugged her back and said, "Thank you."

Haku blushed at her new nickname, but Naruto didn't see it. "Now let's get you some clothes and new weapons as well, then we will have you register as a combat medic ninja and you can work at the hospital." He said.

Haku nodded, not trusting her voice and the two took off. They first stopped into the Higarashi shop and stepped in, "This is the Higarashi shop where the best weapons and shinobi attire are made." Naruto said to her, "Senbon, kunai, zanbatou, katana, you name it…they got it."

A rugged man with three scars running from his cheek to his jawbone came in, "Oh, Naruto, you are back…and I see that you have a girlfriend already too. Nice choice."

Both Naruto and Haku blushed a bit as Naruto said, "Haku-chan is just a friend, if she wants to be more….then we will see if we can work things out, Ryushi-san."

Ryushi said, "All right then, I am assuming that you are looking for something for Haku-chan?"

Naruto said, "Correct, I will let Haku choose her own clothes and weapons. After all, this is her shopping and I am just paying for it."

Ryushi said, "Okay, just let me know when you are going to pay."

Naruto nodded and ushered Haku away to the women's section and Haku tried on some outfits, mostly some dark blue and gray clothes. The one that she insisted that she would wear was a long sleeve dark blue turtleneck shirt and she had standard Jonin pants only they were black and she had black tape wrapped around her ankles.

The pants showed every aspect of her feminity, then she asked Ryushi if she could have something special made….a leather jacket that had the Momochi name on the back and the shoulder of the right arm have a snowflake. Ryushi nodded and then she took 30 packs of senbon off the pack and she fell in love with a white sword.

Naruto bought the clothing and weapons while Haku named her sword…..she named it Hakureisaiga (A/N: Translation-White Spirit Fang) The sword was completely white with a teal blue tassel at the end. Ryushi explained that the sword was sentient and responds to her chakra type, if she was a fire type…then she would be able to make fire-nature chakra blasts at her opponent.

Now imagine wind, water and ice chakra blasts being fired from her sword. She wore it on her back just like her father did long ago, Naruto thanked Ryushi and walked out of the store. Next, they went to a formal clothing store in case Haku went out with someone or some friends of hers.

She bought an ice blue dress, a sleeveless black dress, a white dress that complemented her white dress and a kimono that had white snowflakes embroidered all over and a cerulean blue was under the falling flakes.

Then they moved to the Hokage's office to register her as a combat medical ninja with the Hokage's seal on it, after that, Naruto escorted her to the hospital while he sent the Kage Bunshins with her stuff back to the house and got her a job. People began to stare at them as they walked inside the hospital.

Naruto said, "Hello, doctor-san, the Hokage would like this lady here to get a job since she will be a combat medical ninja."

The doctor nodded and called a nurse to help her get situated, then Naruto threatened the doctor, "Look, I know that you don't like me because of the Kyuubi…yes, I know about my burden. So listen good, if you dare try to hurt her in any shape or form, I will kill your family in front of your eyes and feed their insides to you before you die, got it?" the boy said.

The doctor nodded his head quickly and Naruto said, "Okay, then I will be leaving. Good day to you, doctor-san. I pray that we will never meet again."

Naruto met Haku after she got a tour of the hospital and then Naruto gave her a tour of the village….Ichiraku Ramen, the barbeque shop, the training grounds, the Ninja Academy, the hotels, the library and the Hokage Monument, all the while knowing that Sarutobi was watching them along with an ANBU patrol that was tailing them.

After they toured the village, then the two went home and eat dinner with Naruto cooking. Haku was surprised at his culinary skills and Naruto offered her to teach her some more since she was the cook between Zabuza and herself.

Naruto cooked stir-fry using bits of steak and fish in the pot, yellow rice with onions and he made homemade lemonade for them to drink. Then he showed Haku to her room and where the bathroom is since he made his Kage Bunshin explore the house as they dropped off the bags of clothes and weapons.

The two went to bed and soon Naruto drifted off to sleep. In the middle of the night, it started to rain and there was a soft knock on Naruto's door. Naruto woke up instantly and had a kunai hidden in his sleeve. He opened the door a crack to see Haku in front of the door.

"Haku-chan….you can't sleep." He asked.

Haku nodded, "I don't like thunderstorms, and they remind me of my home in the Mist. There were a lot of storms back in my village. Can I stay here tonight?"

Inside his head, Ayane was laughing at Naruto while Cloud along with Sephiroth were impassive about it. Naruto said, "Sure, Haku-chan, you can." Ayane shut her mouth and started to rant about ice bitches trying to seduce her vessel.

He opened the door, revealing Haku's attire, which was a nightgown that was a bit see-through. Naruto went to bed and Haku followed after him, sleeping with her back to him. Naruto saw her jump a bit as the thunder cracked a bit. He wrapped his arms around her waist, making her relax and he heard her breathing slowed a bit and she slipped into his embrace as she drifted off to sleep. Naruto soon drifted off to sleep as the smell of her hair laced with vanilla made him drift off to sleep.

The next morning, Naruto woke up with the sun piercing through the blinds. "Damn the sun!" Naruto thought. He looked to see Haku wrapped in his arms using his chest as a pillow and he felt her right leg was in between his own and rubbing against something everyone knows damn well what it was.

The Jinchuuriki thought, "Well, this is quite a predicament that I am in."

He silently made a sealless Kage Bunshin and then he replaced himself with it. Haku shifted a bit and snuggled closer to the clone, making it blush a bit. Naruto moved down to cook breakfast for both of them after he took a cold shower since Haku unintentionally gave him morning wood. After he was finished with breakfast, he sat in the chair and read the prologue of LOVELESS, 'When the war of the beasts brings about the world's end, the goddess descends from the sky, Wings of light and dark spread afar, she guides us to bliss, her gift everlasting.'

Just then Haku came in and Naruto said, "Oh, Haku-chan, you are awake?"

Haku said, "Oh,g-good morning, N-Naruto-kun."

Naruto thought, "I see, she is not used to me calling her that yet."

Haku said, "Ano, N-Naruto-kun?"

Naruto said, "Yes, Haku-chan?"

Haku said, "I wanted to…thank you for allowing me to stay with you last night."

The Jinchuuriki replied, "No problem, Haku-chan…when we are through with breakfast, I was wondering if I could introduce you to some of my friends. I am sure that you and Hinata-chan will be great friends when you two meet."

Haku said, "That is fine….what was that book that you were reading?"

Naruto said, "Oh, this? It is titled LOVELESS, but the author is unknown. I don't know why but I like it and I think that is somehow it refers to me."

Haku said, "It sounds beautiful and tragic at the same time."

Naruto said, "So it seems…anyway let's eat and then we can go see my friends."

Training Ground 10- Naruto and Haku walked together to find the typical sight of Team 10, which was Shikamaru lying on the ground, looking at the clouds, Choji doing the same with chips in his hand and Ino trying to motivate the two to train.

Naruto smirked, "I think you three should train or else somebody might just beat you up."

Ino turned her head to see Naruto and said, "Naruto?"

The Jinchuuriki said, "Yo."

The Yamanaka looked at him, "When did you change into that?"

Naruto said, "You weren't paying attention? I changed when on the day of the graduation exam…or you were probably too caught up when I questioned Sasuke's sexual preferences." Ino's cheeks burn in embarrassment and she tried to punch Naruto in the head, but the Jinchuuriki stopped it with two fingers. "And as always your taijutsu is still weak…but enough about that, I would like you to meet my friend Haku Momochi. She just recently moved to Konoha with us on our last mission."

Haku bowed and said, "It is a pleasure to meet you all."

Naruto said, "Haku, the lazy boy with the ponytail is Shikamaru Nara, don't underestimate him….since he is a freaking genius. The plump boy is Choji Akimichi, he loves to eat, but he is loyal to his friends to a fault and he has the biggest heart. The one in front of me is Ino Yamanaka, one of Sasuke's fangirls. She is also bossy and assertive…."

Ino growled at him for insulting her and Naruto continued, "But she is very kind and outspoken, she is second to Sakura in intelligence."

Ino blinked, "Did you just insult me and compliment me in the same sentence?"

Naruto raised an eyebrow, "Yes, is that a problem?"

Ino said, "I don't know whether to hit you or say thank you."

Naruto smirked at her, "I am pretty sure you can't do the first one, so you can try the second one."

Ino said, "Why you…."

Naruto dodged backwards while he moved toward Haku, "Anyway we have to go….I will see you all later and Shikamaru….expect a Shogi match sometime." Naruto did a Leaf Shunshin with Haku close to his waist.

Ino said, "That Naruto….I will never understand him at all."

Then she thought, "Though he is quite strong for a so-called dead last and he seems more mature too."

Training Ground 8- Hinata was watching as Kiba and Akamaru played around while Shino took the time to explore and look for more species. Then Naruto along with Haku popped up, "Hey, Hinata-chan."

Hinata jumped and said, "Naruto-kun, don't do that."

Naruto smiled, "Ah, gomen, gomen, I was in a bit of a hurry….it is quite serious when a blonde with an anger problem closer to Haruno's tries to punch you."

Hinata noticed Haku and looked at his hand on her waist, "Naruto-kun, who is this?" Naruto said, "Oh, where are my manners? This is Haku Momochi, she just recently moved to Konoha with us when my team was on our last mission."

Hinata said, "It is nice to meet you, Haku-san."

Haku said, "Likewise, Hinata-san."

Just then Kiba and Akamaru came up to them, "Oh, hey, Naruto….who is this girl?" the dog boy said with a feral grin. Naruto said, "This is my friend Haku Momochi, she just moved to Konoha recently and I would kindly ask you to keep your eyes level to her head, Kiba."

Kiba was a bit embarrassed being caught by Naruto and Haku felt a bit violated that she was being checked out. Naruto then reached behind his hear and saw a beetle on Naruto's finger, he sent chakra into the beetle and it flew off to find Shino.

A few minutes later, Shino came out from the woods and Naruto said, "You know, Shino, you could just say hello instead of planting a beetle on my neck to identify me."

Shino said, "You can't be too careful, Naruto. There is a chance that people might try to impersonate you."

Naruto said, "I doubt that highly, Shino. In order for them to do that, they would have to take me out….and I am very hard to kill. Anyway….this is my friend Haku Momochi."

Shino said, "Aburame Shino…it is a pleasure to meet you. Where did you meet her?"

Naruto said, "She is a refugee from the Mist….she was trying to escape the carnage in the Mist, so we happened to take her to Konoha."

Shino said, "Really now?" He glanced at Hinata, who was a bit worried about her crush and this new girl. "Well, then I wish you the best of luck, Haku."

Haku said, "Likewise, Shino-san."

Naruto said, "Well, we will be going now….goodbye….I will see you later, Hinata-chan." He took Haku away and Hinata had a worried look on her face, "Does she like Naruto-kun? Do I have a chance against her? Sakura was bad enough, but now Haku-san too."

Shino thought, "This is bad….now Hinata's confidence is going down by that performance, I hope Naruto sets her straight before this happens."

Now for the rest of the two weeks, Naruto spent his time with Haku and Hinata…sometimes both together. Naruto helped Haku with Zabuza's kenjutsu style since he was the one who seen it to the fullest and Haku filled in the blanks from her memories.

Hinata was helped with her taijutsu and often sparred against Naruto, who spared her no mercy against her in order to improve. Naruto's unique style was comprised of ancient taijutsu such as Muay Thai, Aikido and Cloud taught him a bit of his friend Tifa Lockhart's moves and usually Hinata would have all sorts of bruises, but she got better over time and Naruto would use his Cure Materia to heal her.

Soon Team 7 started back up again and Haku worked at the hospital….no one dared to mess with Haku as Naruto's fresh threat still hung in the air. As Naruto spent time with Team 7, he started to let Sasuke and Sakura handle the missions and hang in the shadows, infuriating Sasuke for not getting any strong guys to test his skill and the fact that he could never find Naruto or the place where he trained at.

He would ask Hinata, but he wouldn't stoop low to interact with a Hyuga. The Uchiha and the Hyuga were at odds with each other for terms of strength and Haku was nowhere to be found when needed. Sakura noticed the frustration in her crush and immediately knew that Naruto was involved with it.

After the mission, Kakashi voiced, "Our teamwork seems to be lacking a bit."

Sakura said, "It is because of Naruto…he never wants to socialize with us."

The Jinchuuriki said nothing and Kakashi said, "That might be true, but he is only part of the problem. You two don't socialize with him either…..mainly Sasuke wants to figure out Naruto's training method and Sakura, you could care less about him because all you focus on is Sasuke."

Sasuke's face burned as he had been found out and Sakura had the decency to look sheepish. Naruto said, "What? You didn't think I knew that you were trying to find me. Your chakra signature is unique to me since I have been around you for some time and the reason I don't socialize with either of you is because you two never bother to befriend me at all…hell, your ex-best friend Ino talked to me when she was little, just not that much since she is lusting after Sasuke. Sakura, when I had that mask on, you instantly went with the crowd…..you belittle and insulted me for being below you in grades and performance. Sasuke….after the massacre, you never bother with anyone, just sat in the corner with your hands interlaced and a permanent scowl on your face. When anyone tried to befriend or even associate you, you would turn them away because they were below you or believe that they weren't a challenge at all. I used the mask for personal reasons of my own…to see who I can trust and who I can't….you two are the primary candidates. Unless Sakura grows some breasts and act like a real kunoichi and if Sasuke stops thinking about revenge with his one-track mind, then I can't work with them. That is my decision about this matter."

Kakashi noticed an eagle circling overhead, "Ok, that is it for today, I have to submit the report for today's mission." The Jonin did a hand sign and poofed away while Naruto walked away, Sasuke and Sakura tried to follow him, but when they got to the corner, he vanished.

Sasuke and Sakura moved toward Naruto's apartment, forgetting that Naruto got a new house. Then Naruto silently dropped out of the tree and noticed a square box with eye holes in it. The boy sighed and kicked the box over, "Konohamaru, Moegi, Udon….this is not how you hide yourselves...a rock is supposed to be bumpy, not like a box."

Konohamaru said, "Just what I expected from my rival."

The story goes when Konohamaru barges into the office to attack the Hokage, he tripped on his scarf…when he looked around, Naruto has walked in to talk Sarutobi and ultimately Konohamaru accused him of tripping him.

Naruto tried to reason with the boy, but he was stubborn like his name and ended up knocking Konohamaru in his head. Next, Konohamaru decided to follow Naruto to get training from him and Naruto agreed, noticing that Konohamaru was like his mask.

Therefore Naruto went to the library and taught him Muay Thai, knowing that Sarutobi-jii-san would teach him the Monkey fighting style, but then Ebisu, Konohamaru's mentor, found them and tried to take Konohamaru back, but the boy put to use his brief training and landed a hit on his mentor. Naruto decided to step in and showed Konohamaru the proper move.

Ebisu charged at Naruto and sent a kick at Naruto, who grabbed it and knee the sole, making the foot dislocate, then he dragged Ebisu's leg back on his shoulder making him do a split and Ebisu was put in the hospital for a few days.

"Umm, Naruto, are you free?" Moegi asked timidly.

Naruto smiled, "Yes, what game would you like to play today?"

Then Sakura said, "So you would play ninja rather than socialize with us?"

Naruto said, "It beats listening to your voice and Sasuke's ranting." Sakura became angered and punched Naruto in the face, but Naruto didn't move an inch. "Moegi-chan, if there is a cute boy in the Academy, don't focus on him instead focus on becoming a real kunoichi like Hinata-chan or you will become like this….weak and misguided."

Sakura's anger skyrocketed and Konohamaru along with Moegi and Udon cowered behind Naruto and then Sakura threw a kunai at Naruto to scare him. Naruto shifted his head to the side. Then a cry of pain shouted out and Naruto turned to see a guy with make-up on his face like a kabuki and a cat-like suit along a four pig-tailed blond with a bit of muscle and a large fan on her back.

The boy was clutching his arm and Naruto noticed that Sakura's kunai had scraped his arm. "You little brats….which one of you did that?" the boy asked angrily.

Naruto said, "The children have nothing to do with this."

The boy said, "One of those little fuckers scratched my arm!"

The girl said, "You are worried over a scratch, Kankuro? Let it be."

Kankuro said, "Shut up, Temari…one of them is going to…." He didn't finish his sentence since Naruto had First Tsurugi in his hand in front of Kankuro's face. "Kankuro-san, listen to the pretty lady beside you. Oh, and tell your friend to come down….you too, Sasuke." Naruto said dangerously.

Suddenly a red-head appeared beside Temari and Sasuke jumped down. Kankuro backed away from Naruto's First Tsurugi and then Naruto took it and hefted it over his shoulder. "Now, Temari-san, is it?" Naruto asked the blond.

The girl nodded and Naruto introduced himself, "My name is Naruto Uzumaki and I am honored to meet your acquaintance. Seeing that you are the level-headed one of the group, can you explain why your team is here?"

Temari said, "You don't know? The Chunin Exams are about to begin and it is taking place here in Konoha."

Naruto said, "Ah, that would explain everything."

Sasuke said, "What is the Chunin Exam?"

Naruto stated, "It is an exam to promote genin to the next level of responsibility…chunin. Chunin can command other genin and they must have tactical prowess and leadership. Strong ninja from each village come to strengthen their ties and show their country's strength."

Naruto added in his thoughts, "It also means that I can get off this team and do solo missions or group work with others."

The red-head spoke, "You two…the blond and the black-haired one…what are your names?"

Sasuke said, "Sasuke Uchiha."

Naruto said, "Naruto Uzumaki."

The red-head said, "My name is Gaara of the Desert, I will look forward to seeing you two in the exams."

Naruto nodded and said to Temari, "It was nice meeting you, Temari-san. I would look forward to see you soon." Temari blushed as she nodded and walked away with Kankuro and Gaara.

Konohamaru said, "Boss…how the hell do you do that?"

Naruto said, "What?"

Konohamaru said, "Get that girl to blush? I mean, you didn't even know her and she just turns red."

Naruto said, "You just have to be yourself and be polite…..I teach you about this when you are older. Besides if I am not careful with you, you might be making Moegi-chan blush." Both Konohamaru and Moegi blushed and looked away from each other as Naruto chuckled at them.

Udon looked at the two and Naruto smiled, "Don't worry, Udon, I will teach you too. You just got to be more active." Naruto went with the three Academy students, who were pestering him with questions. Sakura thought, "Is it me or Naruto tends to be more relaxed around children?" She and Sasuke followed them and then after that, the three ninjas in a nearby tree jumped down. Their headband had a musical symbol on the middle and the black-haired kid asked, "What do you think?"

The bandaged one said, "Nothing serious, but the blond, the black-haired ninja and the one with the gourd are the ones to be careful around."

Then a voice said, "I hope you three are not planning something." The three looked up to see Naruto hanging upside down over them, "Or I am going to have to subdue the three of you….but first, names?"

The black-haired nin questioned, "Why should we give you our names?"

Naruto said, "Because the fact that I just came here undetected….I could have killed you three in moments, but I am letting you live because of the exams. Now back to my statements, names?"

The bandaged one said, "Kinuta Dosu."

The black haired boy said, "Abumi Zaku."

The girl said, "Tsuchi Kin."

Naruto said, "Golden, eh? Pretty name….well, you three already know my name, so I look forward to seeing you in the exams…and oh, if you think about killing Sasuke, I won't be merciful to you three." The three nodded vigorously since Naruto's killing intent and glowing eyes helped the matter. Then the boy poofed away since he was a Kage Bunshin.

The next day, Kakashi announced that he had recommended them for the Chunin Exams. Naruto instantly knew that the exams would force them to work together as a team, which was part of the reason why Kakashi recommended them for it.

Naruto instantly signed his and he knew that Sasuke would too, but Sakura….he had a hunch that she was in conflict with herself. She wanted to go to impress Sasuke, but didn't have the necessary skills to survive in the exam.

Either way, it didn't matter…he could wait until the next time and it wasn't like Madara Uchiha was going to show any time soon. The next day, Naruto was surprised to see Sakura, but her face showed that she was still unsure about the exam.

Sasuke noticed it too, so when they walked inside to see the genjutsu on the wall, the Uchiha took the time to boost up her confidence by telling the genin that she was the first to notice the genjutsu. This is when they met Rock Lee and Neji Hyuga. Rock Lee was the dead-last from last year and Neji Hyuga was last year's Rookie of the Year.

The girl was named Tenten and she was admiring Naruto's First Tsurugi, that he had in the holster. Next, Lee chose to fight Sasuke. To Naruto's amusement, Sasuke got his ass kicked, but to his dismay, Sasuke was able to activate his Sharingan during the battle, making things difficult for Naruto and his collection of jutsu.

After that, they proceeded upstairs to go to take the test…they opened the door and Team 7 along with others took their steps into the world of new challenges called the Chunin Exams.

Hakureisaiga- The Chunin Exams begin…and evil lurks in every shadow. Naruto must be wary or a poisonous bite may affect everything that threatens his life, his home and his friends.