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"SASUKE-KUN!!!" Ino shouted as she glomped Sasuke and Sakura as usual started a shouting match against her former best friend.

Naruto said, "Ino-san, Sakura, can you two please keep your voices down? You are making a scene."

Shikamaru came up, "You are taking this stupid test too? Don't die!"

Naruto smirked, "Shouldn't we be saying that, Shikamaru?"

Ino said, "Hey, Naruto, where did you get that sword, isn't it heavy?"

Naruto said, "No, I had a lot of training, so I could use it….I can practically swing this like it was a stick."

Ino said, "How much does it weigh?

Naruto said nonchalantly, "100 kilograms?"

Ino said, "W-What? 100 kg?"

Naruto said, "Yeah, it is not that big of a deal." Then Kiba shouted, "Yahoo, found you! Well, it seems that the Rookie Nine are back together again."

Shikamaru said, "You too?"

Kiba said, "I wonder how far we will get, eh, Sasuke?"

Sasuke replied, "You seem pretty confident, Kiba."

Kiba said, "Of course, we did a lot of training, we won't lose to you."

Naruto said, "Careful, arrogance and confidence walk side by side, you can teeter on either side and be destroyed."

Kiba said, "You should take your own advice….you can't beat me, Naruto despite that big cleaver on your back."

Naruto said, "You have no idea what I can do, Kiba….a lot has changed in three months."

Suddenly a new voice appeared, "Hey, you guys, you should be a bit quieter. You guys are rookies alright, screaming like little schoolgirls. This is not a picnic."

Ino said, "Who do you think that you are?"

The boy said, "I am Kabuto Yakushi and to prove my point, you should look behind you." Everyone looked to see a team of pissed off Ame team, but Naruto turned to look at them and the Ame genin suddenly turned away.

Kabuto thought, "Hmm….interesting." Then the genin said, "You remind me of how I used to be…."

Sakura said, "Umm, Kabuto-san, right? Is this your second time?"

Kabuto said, "Nope, this is my seventh time. The exam is held twice a year, so this is my fourth time taking it."

Sakura said, "So that means you know a lot about this exam."

Kabuto nodded and pulled out a deck of cards, "Naturally and since you are rookies, I will share my info with my ninja info cards."

Sakura said, "Ninja info cards?"

Kabuto explained, "They are basically cards that have information burned on them with chakra. I have four years of information….over 200 cards." Kabuto drew a card that appeared blank as he said, "They might appear blank, but to open the info on the cards…is to use your chakra and they only respond to your chakra only."

The card revealed a graph and Ino said, "Wow, it's really easy to read graph, what kind of info is this?"

Kabuto answered, "This is the number of teams that are taking this exam and a breakdown of what country they hail from."

Naruto glanced at it and thought, "So there are 10 teams from Suna, 7 teams from Ame, 2 teams from Grass, 29 teams from Konoha and 1 team from Oto."

Sasuke asked, "Do you have information on individuals?"

Kabuto said, "Oh? There are some guys that you are worried about? Of course…the information on all the exam's participants are not perfect, but I do have it. Even you guys, but I will say something about them and take a look."

Sasuke said, "Sabaku no Gaara…..Rock Lee of Konoha…….and Uzumaki Naruto."

Kiba thought, "What has got Sasuke so worked up about Naruto?"

Kabuto said, "You know their names, then this should be easy." Kabuto drew three cards and Sasuke said, "Show me." Kabuto said, "Ok, first is Rock Lee, he is a year older than you guys and has completed 20 D-rank and 12 C-rank missions. His sensei is Might Gai, his taijutsu has greatly improved over the year, but he has seem to have no ninjutsu or genjutsu. Last year he gained attention as a new genin, but didn't participate in the last exam. His teammates are Neji Hyuga and Tenten."

Kabuto drew the second card, "Next is Sabaku no Gaara, there is not a lot of information on him since he is new and a foreigner. He has completed 8 C-rank missions and….wow, a B-rank. It has been said that from all of his missions, he has come back from every single one without a scratch."

Kabuto drew the last card, "Finally is Naruto Uzumaki……holy shit, are you serious? He has completed 15 D-rank, 1 B-rank, 1 A-rank…..he has a nickname called the Heartless Angel and it is rumored when he kills, wings of black and white appeared from his back. He has killed A-Rank nukenin Zabuza Momochi, formerly from Kiri. His kenjutsu is extraordinary, his taijutsu and genjutsu….there are no information on it. He has shown that he can do a B-rank ninjutsu, also he has killed over 100 mercenaries along with Zabuza Momochi including Gato of Gato Incorporated."

The Rookie Nine looked at Naruto in a mix of fear and respect, then Naruto said, "What? I did what I had to do….plus Gato was pissing me off, so I killed him."

Kiba said, "Y-You killed an A-Rank nukenin….by yourself?"

Naruto said, "Yes."

Kiba thought, "Note to self: Stay away from Naruto with his sword."

Kabuto said, "Everyone here from the various countries are here to take the exam and filled with talented youngsters."

Hinata said, "M-Makes you lose confidence."

Sakura said, "So the ones who are here…."

Kabuto answered, "Yup, like Gaara, Lee and Naruto….they are all the top elite genin from their reigning country."

Naruto said, "Tch, please....it all depends on your brain and your skill….and by the looks of this, some of the people here are pretty stupid especially the ones who are trying to stare me down." Naruto looked at the crowd to see that some of the people, mostly from Konoha were wilting under Naruto's gaze.

Suddenly a voice shouted out, "Quiet down, you worthless bastards!!!"

The genin said, "What is this?"

Suddenly a man with scars on his face dressed in a black trenchcoat appeared with various chunin behind him. Naruto smirked as he thought, "Ibiki Morino, the Mind Surgeon…..this sounds interesting."

Ibiki said with a smirk, "Thanks for waiting, I am Ibiki Morino, the first examiner for the Chunin Selection Exam." Some of the genin were unnerved at the sight of the man and the glare in his eyes. "First rule….there will be no fighting during the exam without permission of the examiner. Even I give you permission, killing is not tolerated. If you don't follow those rules, you will be failed immediately….do I make myself clear?"

The genin said nothing, but Naruto smiled and saluted Ibiki, the examiner saw this and smirked at Naruto, "This kid is not afraid of my intimidation acts….I will have fun cracking this kid." Then the proctor said, "We will now start the first phase of the Chunin Exams. Instead of your current seating arrangements, you will pick up one of these tabs and sit in the seat assigned to you, then we will hand out the exams."

The chunins behind him lifted up papers in their hands, soon everyone was seated appropriately and Naruto, by chance, happened to sit by Tenten and Hinata. Tenten whispered, "Is that true….that you killed Zabuza Momochi, one of the Seven Shinobi Swordsmen of the Mist. He is said to be the second strongest of the seven."

Naruto said, "Yes, but to honor him….I left his sword at his burial site and placed a seal on the sword….nobody can ever get the sword unless I will it…..Zabuza was one of the toughest opponents that I have faced. Now let's do our best, Tenten, Hinata."

Hinata said, "Right…"

Naruto smirked at Hinata and she said, "What….what is with the smirk, Naruto-kun?"

Naruto said, "You are not stuttering, Hinata-chan."

Hinata said, "What….wait, you are right…."

Naruto said, "Good, now we just got to get your confidence up too."

Hinata thought, "My confidence is always up around you, Naruto-kun."

Ibiki said, "Don't turn your test over just yet, listen closely….there are many important rules to the test, I will write it out the board while I explain and no questions will be allowed."

Sakura said, "Rules? No questions allowed?"

Ibiki said, "First rule, you all start off with 10 points and since there are 10 questions on the test, each question is worth one point. You miss one, you have 9 left. Second rule, this is a team test….whether you pass or fail depends on the combined score of your teammates. So each team will compete to see how many points they can hold on to up to 30. Third rule, during this test, if anyone….and I mean, anyone is caught cheating will have 2 points deducted for every offense. So there will be some that will lose their points and be asked to leave."

Kotetsu said from the corner, "We have our eyes on you guys."

The genin began to fidget and Ibiki said, "Realize that the pathetic ones caught cheating will be destroying themselves. As shinobi trying to be chunin, be proud ninjas." Ibiki said, "Now the final rule….those that lose all of their points and those who don't answer questions correctly will be failed along with their 2 teammates."

Sasuke thought, "What?"

Sakura thought, "What did he say?"

Naruto thought, "Hmph….based on my 'academic' skills, I sense that Sasuke and Sakura have not learned that I had a mask for the Academy."

Ibiki said, "The exam will last for one hour….Begin!"

Naruto looked at the paper and smirked, "Well, now…I guess I have to thank Mizuki for doing something useful….all of these questions were the same ones that he gave me….I can answer these without thinking."

Sephiroth said, "Good thing for your photographic memory."

Naruto said, "Plus even if I didn't know about the questions….Ibiki gave me an opening….that I can cheat in the open. Sure, I lose 2 points, but he gave us exactly 5 chances to cheat. Plus we are fricking ninjas, we are supposed to be all about deception and hiding in the shadows."

Cloud said, "But you are an honorable swordsman at heart."

Naruto said, "I am a ninja swordsman with standards that are honorable. I will stab people in the back unless they attempt to do it first. Sasuke with his Sharingan will probably copy someone's pencil movements and Sakura is a fricking bookworm, so she is fine."

Naruto noticed that Gaara used his sand to blind a chunin and a eye made out of sand looked over his test, Hinata and Neji were using their Byakugan, Tenten used the mirrors to get the answers from her and Lee. He knew that Ino was a Yamanaka and if he was correct, she would use Sakura or some bookworm to get the answers and transfer the answers to Choji. Shikamaru would use his brain to answer them and probably sleep for the rest of the hour. Some of the genin have been kicked out every five minutes, then one random genin from Suna said, "Do you have proof that I have cheated 5 times? Are you guys all watching…"

Then one of the chunin grabbed the boy and slammed him in the wall, "Listen, among the chunin we are the elite that have assembled to watch over this exam. We have not missed a single thing you have done. You could say that this strength is our proof."

So Ibiki thought, "Hehehe, we have gotten rid of the trash now….let's begin. It is about time."

Ibiki said, "Ok, now it is time to start the 10th question. But before that, let's go over the added rules to the test."

Naruto said to himself, "This guy is a natural….luckily I am not one to be intimidated by such words to make me twist my own mind up." Ibiki said, "Now these are the rules of desperation…"

Some Building- "It is sure boring without my team." Kakashi said.

Asuma said, "Don't worry, you will be busy again soon."

Kakashi said, "Why is that?"

Asuma said, "I heard that proctor for the first phase was Ibiki Morino."

Kakashi said, "Oh….don't worry, I won't see them for a while."

Asuma said, "Huh?"

Kakashi said, "Uzumaki Naruto."

Asuma said, "What about him?"

Kakashi gave him a Bingo Book, "Turn to page 68."

Asuma and the sensei of Team 8, Kurenai Yuhi looked at page 68 and were shocked, "Naruto Uzumaki, nickname: The Heartless Angel, known for his kenjutsu prowess, B-rank ninja, Reason: Killed Gato and over 100 mercenaries, defeated and killed Zabuza Momochi, A-rank nukenin of the Mist. Said after he kills and leaves, a black and white feather is left and one witness has seen that he had black and white wings."

Kurenai said, "No way, he killed Zabuza Momochi?"

Kakashi said, "My team….will definitely pass with Naruto around."

Kurenai said, "Who is Ibiki Morino?"

Asuma said, "He is a pro at torture and interrogation, but he tends to focus on torturing the mind."

Room 301- Ibiki said, "First, you must decide that you want to take it or not."

Sasuke thought, "Choose to take it?"

Temari said, "Choose? What happens if we decide not to?"

Ibiki said, "That is simple really, your points will be reduced to zero and you will fail along with the two of your teammates."

Random genin shouted, "What the hell does that supposed to mean? Then of course, we will take the final question."

Ibiki gave them a sadistic smirk, "Now for the other rule…if you take the tenth question and get the wrong answer, that person will never be able to take this exam ever again."

Kiba shouted, "That is complete bullshit, there are guys that have taken this exam before."

Ibiki laughed, "You guys are unlucky…this year it is my rules, but I am giving you a way out….if you quit now, you can try again next year. Now let's begin the tenth question, who wants to give up?"

Soon various genin began to quit and when the room was almost empty and Naruto felt that that there were high levels of chakra there, he decided to take action. Naruto began to chuckle a bit and Ibiki looked at him, "Hmmm, is something funny, Uzumaki?"

Naruto smiled, "Actually there is….I can't believe those idiots fell for that trick, it was so obvious."

Temari said, "What do you mean?"

Naruto said, "Ibiki-san wanted us to cheat….if you remember correctly in the Academy, you get caught for cheating, you get a zero and kicked out of the room, but he gave us 5 chances to cheat. Basically you could have cheated on one of the chunin here in the open and if you got all of your questions, you just have 8 points left over. Now as for the second rule to the tenth question, are you kidding? No one has authority to ban you from the exams, now if it was the Kage, then you could take that into consideration. Are ninja supposed to cheat? We all use deception as a tool and hiding in the shadows for god's sake. Since when do ninja follow rules?"

Ibiki started to laugh, "You are good, Uzumaki….very good, thank you for keeping quiet."

Naruto said, "Anytime."

Sakura said, "Wait a minute, Naruto, you were in on this."

Naruto said, "If you mean that Ibiki told me about his plan, then no…I signal him during the exam since I figured it out after he said the cheating rule…I kept quiet because there were some weaklings during this exam, the ones that are left here…have basically pass the first phase of the exam. You all that are sitting in the exam have been put into the shoes of a chunin. A chunin is a leader and must take risks that may endanger his own life…even with information in his head….there are also things that you can't avoid and must take action regardless if your life was in danger. I know….since I first tried to convince Zabuza Momochi to join Konoha, he took the risk by fighting against me even though he lost the first time. That is the ability of a chunin….to be courageous and survive against any hardship."

Ibiki said, "Spoken like a true leader, Naruto Uzumaki. I believe that you will go far in this exam."

Naruto said, "Naturally, Ibiki-san."

Then their eyes flickered to the side and at that moment, something dark passed through the window. Suddenly kunai flickered up to the ceiling and Ibiki thought, "Not this one, geez…"

A woman with gold eyes, a fishnet mesh bodysuit, an orange skirt with a tan trenchcoat and shin guards stood in front of the banner, which said 'Anko Mitarashi, the sexy Special Jonin' Anko said, "This is no time for celebrating, you guys…I am the examiner for the second phase….Anko Mitarashi, now let's go."

Naruto thought, "Anko Mitarashi, former apprentice of Orochimaru, one of the Sannin and an S-rank criminal. She is just like me, wears a mask, but her personality is a bit more….eccentric than mine."

Sakura muttered, "This examiner reminds me of Naruto back at the Academy."

Ibiki peered from behind the banner, "Bad timing.."

Anko said, "You are one to talk, you left 78 people in the exam."

Ibiki said, "Blame this kid here."

Anko looked at Naruto, who stared back and waved at her, "Yo, Mitarashi-san."

She turned to Ibiki, "He figured out the test."

Ibiki said with a smirk, "Before I even started it…"

Anko grinned, "That is interesting…but I can guarantee that this bunch will be depleted by half…"

Sakura said, "H-Half?"

Anko shivered, "Ahhh, I am getting excited. I will explain everything once we changed location…follow me."

Training Ground 44- Anko said, "Welcome to the stage for the second test, training ground 44 also known as 'the Forest of Death'"

Naruto raised an eyebrow, "Really? It is not so scary to me."

Anko said, "Ah, a spirited one…"

Naruto tensed up and grabbed First Tsurugi to block her thrown kunai, then Anko appeared behind Naruto, "Ones like you always tend to die first…."

Naruto said, "Are you sure? You should check your racing heart." Anko looked down to see Naruto's kunai resting inches from her breast."

Naruto said, "Spirited ones are always careful…you should never mess with me, Anko-san. Even an angel like me can become heartless once again."

Anko said, "You are the Heartless Angel?"

Naruto said, "The same one…."

Anko regained her composure, "Well, then before we start the exam, you have to sign these papers…there will be deaths in this one and if you don't sign these, it will be my responsibility. I am going to explain the test, then you can sign them. After that, each team will check in at that booth behind me."

She handed Naruto the waiver forms and he passed them out as she said, "Simply put…you will attempt the ultimate survival. First, I will explain the area….there are 44 gates exactly and there is a forest, a river and a tower in the center. Each gate is exactly 10 km away from each other. During the survival in here, you will be asked to complete a certain task. Using the weapons and jutsu that you have, you will compete in a no rules scroll battle. You will fight over these two scrolls 'heaven' and 'earth' Since there are 26 teams here, half will get heaven and the other will get earth. To pass this test….you must reach the tower with both scrolls."

Sakura muttered, "So half of the teams will definitely fail because of this requirement."

Anko said, "There also is a time limit, the test will last for five days…"

Ino shouted, "Five days?"

Choji said, "What about food?"

Naruto chuckled, "Choji, always thinking with his stomach."

Anko said, "You are on your own….the forest is filled with food, you just have to watch out for the man-eating beasts, poisonous plants, poisonous insects, etc. and 13 teams passing is not likely. As the days progressed, the time to rest is shorter and the distance to the goal is farther, plus the area is filled with enemies, you will not get that much sleep. So you can fail not only for losing the scroll, but the harshness of the course."

She smiled, "Now let's talk about what will disqualify you…first, those who don't make to the tower within the 120 hour time limit. Second, those who lose a teammate or have their teammate killed. As a rule, there is no quitting in the middle of the exam, so if you are going to be a pussy, don't sign those papers. You will be in the forest for five days and also you can't look inside the scroll until you make it to the tower."

Shikamaru asked, "What happens if you do?"

Anko said, "Why spoil the surprise when you can dare to find out yourselves? Chunin are asked to handle classified information, this is to test your trustworthiness. That is it, exchange your 3 forms for your scroll, then choose a gate to get ready for the start."

Naruto smirked as he already signed his on the spot while Anko was explaining the rules. Anko said, "Oh, and a final word of advice….just don't die."

Naruto said, "That was three."

Anko smiled sweetly, "Quite the smartass, aren't you?"

Naruto said, "I could say the same for you."

He returned the same smile to her and the genin were sweating at the pressure between the Special Jonin and the Heartless Angel. 30 minutes later, every team went through their specified gates.

Team 10- Shikamaru said, "Ok, we are not going after Team 7 since they are the strongest team here, so we are going to hide and wait for an unsuspecting team."

Team 8- "Let's go, Akamaru!" Kiba shouted.

Shino said, "We need a plan…"

Kiba said, "I got a plan….let's find Team 7 and take their scroll."

Shino said, "Kiba, that is illogical, there is no chance that we would survive against them especially Team 7. Sasuke knows Katon jutsu, effective against my bugs, Naruto could kick your ass according to the information and he did confirm it….plus we could even ask Haku if it was true."

Kiba said, "That cute ice girl? What does she have to do with it?"

Shino said, "She is the daughter of the deceased Zabuza Momochi….and they did bring her here after they were done with their A-rank mission, meaning that Naruto was able to defeat Zabuza and probably Haku joined them on her father's request."

Kiba said, "Fine, we go after some random team."

Sound Trio- "So…are we going after our mission?" Zaku asked Dosu.

Dosu said, "We need to wait until they are weakened. If that information about that Naruto kid was correct, we would be killed without a minute's notice and Sasuke is quite bothersome himself."

Kin said, "So we just follow them and wait until they are both weakened. The girl should not be a problem at all…she is the weakest of them."

Zaku said, "So if we capture her, then they will come after her."

Dosu said, "And that is when we strike."

Grass Trio- The woman said, "You guys know what to do?"

The men said, "Find those brats, right?" The woman nodded as she let her freakishly long tongue out a bit.

Team 7- Naruto said, "I will be back, I got to go take care of business." The Jinchuuriki went into the trees and found some bushes to relieve himself in, Ayane said, "Naruto, someone is approaching your position."

Naruto said, "Thanks for the heads up, Ayane-chan." Naruto let a kunai down his sleeve and as he finished and zipped up his pants, he turned to see an Ame nin that struck him down in the base of his neck. "Hehehe, gotcha!" The ninja said.

Then Naruto poofed into smoke and the ninja said, "What? A Bunshin?"

Naruto said from behind, "Obviously….you thought I wouldn't have taken precautions. I learned at a young age to never let your guard down at all." He took the kunai by the blade and used the metal ring to knock the Ame nin between the eyes.

The Ame nin fell to the floor and Naruto searched him to find 3 smoke bombs, a pack of solider pills, three blank scrolls and an earth scroll. "Nice, we can go to the tower now." Naruto walked back out to his team and he said, "Let's go to the tower…."

Sasuke said, "You found an earth scroll?"

Naruto lifted it up to show them, "Apparently, ninja from Ame are very stupid for not believing information….let's move." He tossed the scroll to Sakura and said, "You hold that….they obviously will believe that I will have the scrolls with me, not the weakest, no offense, Sakura."

Sakura nodded and Naruto said, "Let's move quickly or someone might find us."

Sasuke nodded and Team 7 moved through the trees toward the tower as they heard human screams. Outside, Anko said, "It seems that the fun has begun." As they moved and Naruto realized that they were only 4 km away from their destination, he felt a wind blow part him and it stung his cheek. "Wind-natured chakra? Oh…shit!"

Naruto shouted, "Reflega!"

A barrier protected both Sakura and Sasuke from the wind and Naruto used First Tsurugi to shield him from the jutsu. When it stopped, he noticed a Kusa team was in front of him. "Aww, you didn't blow away….oh, well, you guys can play around somewhere…I will plan with them." The woman said.

Naruto thought, "Something is off about this woman."

The woman said, "You guys work pretty fast, now how about we battle for that heaven scroll of yours….with our lives on the line?" The woman released killing intent and Sasuke along with Sakura were frozen stiff, but Naruto was still up.

"Ho? You overcame it with it?" the woman said.

Naruto said, "Zabuza-san was much better than yours, lady."

Naruto took the time to punch his teammates to knock them out of their shock, "I will apologize later. Right, now we need to focus on this woman, but be careful, I sense something off with her."

The woman smirked to reveal a summoning tattoo and bit her thumb, "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" She was suddenly on top of a snake and Naruto's eyes widened a bit, "Why are you here…..Orochimaru?"

The woman said, "Oh? You know who I am?"

Naruto said, "You are the only one who can summon snakes besides Anko and you are a S-rank criminal, care to explain why you are here? Are you after the Sharingan?"

Sasuke said, "The Sharingan?"

Orochimaru chuckled as he ripped off the woman's face to reveal his own….his eyes were a slitted yellow and his face was pale along with light purple marking near his eyes. "You are pretty smart for a genin." Naruto said, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

Two Bunshins appeared and Naruto said, "Sakura, go with those Kage Bunshins, they will protect you to go to the tower meanwhile me and Sasuke will buy you some time."

Sakura said, "Naruto, are you insane? Orochimaru is an S-rank criminal and you defeated with Zabuza with some difficulty."

Naruto said, "Does it matter? I rather fight him knowing that you are safe….hate to be harsh, but you are a burden and Sasuke is useful, now go…we will be fine because I know Orochimaru can't kill Sasuke since he wants the Sharingan, that is his weakness."

Orochimaru said, "Are you saying you would kill Sasuke if you lost?"

Naruto lifted First Tsurugi and aimed it at Sasuke's neck, "Without hesitation, care to test me, Orochimaru?"

Orochimaru scowled, "You will not touch my vessel, Naruto-kun…"

Naruto said, "Please don't call me that….I don't swing that way, I rather fuck the Kyuubi in the ass than hear you say my name like that." Inside, Ayane blushed at Naruto's words and images of him dominating her in her ass were sounding quite pleasant. "Sakura, go!"

The bubblegum-haired girl left reluctantly with the Bunshins and Orochimaru let her go…considering that killing her was too easy. Orochimaru opened his mouth and a snake popped out with a sword in his mouth. The Snake Sannin drew it and Naruto eyed it with curiosity, "The Kusanagi no Tsurugi?"

Orochimaru said as he held the double-edged, guardless jian, "Oh? You know of this weapon?"

Naruto said, "Yes, I hope you won't mind if I take it from you when you are dead."

Orochimaru said, "You got your own."

Naruto said, "Right, but I think it will would better in Anko-san's hands since she is your former apprentice."

Orochimaru said, "It would be better in Sasuke's hands….or should I say my hands when I get his body to use as my vessel."

Cloud said, "He sounds like you, Sephiroth."

Sephiroth said, "Hmph, don't compare me to that weakling."

Cloud quoted, "What I want, Cloud, is to sail the cosmos with this planet as my vessel….just like my mother did long ago."

Sephiroth said, "Ok, that was creepy, Cloud."

Cloud said, "Sephiroth, you sounded just like that."

Ayane said, "Will you shut up? I am trying to watching Naruto-kun kick ass."

Naruto gripped First Tsurugi and whispered, "Sasuke, when I removed this sword from your throat, I want you to send a Goukakyuu after me…"

Sasuke said, "Got it."

Naruto moved toward Orochimaru and Sasuke immediately went through hand signs, "Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" Orochimaru blocked Naruto's attack and Naruto grabbed Orochimaru's free hand with his own as the Goukakyuu consumed them both.

Orochimaru jumped away from the smoke, his clothes burned and bruises were on his face. Naruto, unlike him, used Mako to shield him from the fire. "What was that power….it was not the Kyuubi's chakra." Orochimaru thought.

Sasuke tried to sneak up behind Orochimaru to attack him with a kunai, the Sannin blocked it with Kusanagi, then Naruto launched his sword at Orochimaru, making the two separate. Orochimaru turned his attention on Naruto and the Kusanagi elongated to stab Naruto, but he blocked it with one of his blades.

Orochimaru said, "What? Where did that blade come from?"

Naruto said, "Orochimaru, meet Ascalon…."

Orochimaru looked at the oddly looking blade, which was single-edged and had a gear-like mechanism as its tsuba. Naruto pushed up Ascalon up against the extended Kusanagi while Sasuke shouted, "Housenka no Jutsu!"

Orochimaru was forced to let go of the sword to avoid the fireballs and then Naruto descended on Orochimaru, but Naruto noticed the slimy Sannin made a hand sign and a short flick. Naruto planted his feet forward to push off Orochimaru and avoided the Kusanagi that was coming behind him by a margin.

He grabbed the hilt of First Tsurugi and flipped to balance on the blade of it, looking at his right shoulder pad. There was a small cut on it and Naruto thought, "It is said that the Kusanagi no Tsurugi was able to cut through anything.

" Orochimaru thought, "How is that cleaver is able to withstand the Kusanagi? It is supposed to break that thing in two, but now. How is that possible?"

Sasuke took a kunai in his mouth and took out four kunai in one hand with a small windmill shuriken in his other hand. He threw it at Orochimaru, who dodged the kunai and then Sasuke came around the tree to launch the shuriken.

Orochimaru moved his head to the side to see that his hair was cut a bit, then Sasuke moved on the kunai in his mouth and Orochimaru dodged with a smirk, "What is wrong? Can't you aim right, Sasuke-kun?"

Orochimaru's eyes flickered to Naruto, who still on the blade, "Why isn't he attacking by now…unless…it's a trap?"

Sasuke smirked as he yanked the strings back, making the kunai and shuriken come back to meet Orochimaru's head. "Shit….this is….the Sharingan Triple Windmill Blade."

Orochimaru caught the shuriken in his mouth, but it cut at his tongue and gums. "Heh….too bad, Sasuke-kun."

Sasuke said, "You haven't seen anything yet….Katon: Ryuuka no Jutsu!"

Orochimaru's eyes widened as his face was burned by the jutsu and then he began to laugh, "So….this is the power of the Sharingan, heh, heh….now I know that I want you."

Naruto moved next to Sasuke with First Tsurugi all connected in his hand and then he smirked, "I told you….you will not get Sasuke, since you are so fascinated by the Sharingan's ability….do you go after Itachi first?"

Orochimaru flinched and Naruto smirked as he said, "It seems you did do it and got your ass kicked…..so to get the Sharingan, you decided to go after the less experienced wielder of the Sharingan, Sasuke….face it, Orochimaru, you are getting old….you will die by one of the next generation's hands soon."

Orochimaru said, "Naruto-kun…I could use someone like you on my side….why protect a village that shuns you….doesn't acknowledge your abilities."

Naruto said, "Now if I was naïve back then, I would have taken that offer…but I don't need this village to acknowledge….if I have one person that acknowledges me, that is all I need. That is the only light that I would need to pierce my own darkness. You….on the other hand, would try to experiment on me like you did back then or cast me away when I served my purpose. Now what kind of leader does that, hmm? You find children with abilities that interest you and at their weakest moment, you attacked and lured them into your lair. It won't happen to me or Sasuke…."

He charged at Orochimaru and attacked him again, Sasuke stood still as they fought. Orochimaru slashed at Naruto's arm, but Naruto parried it and swung at Orochimaru's torso. Orochimaru had to use effort to block his attack, "The way…he is swinging this clunker…he will kill me if I am not careful." He thought.

Orochimaru said, "Oh, I think it will consider the fact that he needs power to kill Itachi."

Naruto said, "Your shortcut is not going to work….no matter what Sasuke does to get power, it is not enough to kill Itachi. All the jutsu in the world will not kill him because Sasuke realizes on hatred. Hatred clouds your judgment and Itachi will use that against him….the only way Sasuke can defeat Itachi is through a bond….a bond of friendship."

Orochimaru stabbed at Naruto, but Naruto jumped and stepped on the sword to charge at Orochimaru to try an overhead slash. Orochimaru moved and the tree was split in half. Orochimaru thought, "Holy shit….this boy….is stronger than I thought. He is so lucky I can't possess him because of that fox sealed inside of him."

Orochimaru laughed, "You actually believe that bullshit….look what happened to the Yondaime, he got killed because of his stupidity for this village. Love….will get a person killed, only hatred will let you survive…and I am the only one who can show that to Sasuke-kun."

Naruto moved against Orochimaru with First Tsurugi in hand and Orochimaru dodged to let Naruto hit the trunk and smoke billowed up. Orochimaru sprang towards it only to see that Masamune pierced his shoulder.

Naruto said, "Masamune, meet Orochimaru. Orochimaru, meet Masamune, you two will be very well acquaintanced after this is over."

Sasuke watched as Naruto fought against Orochimaru and thought, "Is that true? Will love actually make me strong? No….hatred is the only way I can truly become strong….I defeated Haku with only my hatred…my purpose to survive to kill Itachi, but Naruto….he fought against Zabuza and he won."

Suddenly as the Uchiha was so wrapped in his thoughts, the real Orochimaru grabbed Sasuke's head and bit his neck, the Uchiha screamed. Naruto was alerted to Sasuke to see the real Orochimaru there and Naruto cursed, "Damn it!"

Orochimaru then drew a seal on Sasuke's forearm and whispered, "I hope you like my gifts….the Kusanagi and the Cursed Seal of Heaven are yours to wield….come and seek me out if you want real power, Sasuke-kun."

Naruto stabbed the earth with Masamune and cursed, "Damn it, I failed to notice the switch. Son of a bitch!" Naruto turned to see a screaming Sasuke and knocked him out to spare him of the pain and stop him from alerting enemy ninja.

Ayane said, "That seal…..Naruto, it is infecting his chakra system…"

Naruto said, "How do I stop it?"

Ayane said, "I have a sealing method, but it is going to take half of your chakra to do it."

Naruto said, "Fine, that should be enough and I will use your chakra to let me get to the tower. Take over." Naruto relinquished control to Ayane and his slitted blue-green eyes turned crimson red.

Ayane said, "Okay…" She flipped through hand signs and shouted, "Akuton: Demonic Seal of Hell!" Ayane's pointer finger, middle finger and thumb nail lengthened to sharpened points and pierced the seal on Sasuke's neck.

The unconscious Uchiha cringed in pain and Ayane used Naruto's chakra to make a seal surround the mark. Strange markings surrounded the seal and Sasuke's face calmed down. Then Naruto got control back and knelt to the ground, huffing and puffing.

Suddenly Naruto looked up to see Zaku, Kin and Dosu and said, "If you want the scroll, you can't have it…"

Dosu chuckled, "We don't want your scroll…merely the Uchiha's life. Wake him up, so we can fight him."

Naruto said, "Unfortunately that is not going to happen."

Zaku lifted up his arm and pointed at Naruto, "Then you can die first, Zankuuha!"

Naruto muttered, "Reflect!"

The sound wave bounced off the barrier and went back to the user. The Sound Trio jumped away from the blast and noticed that Naruto was gone.

"Damn, Zaku, we had him…." Kin said, shouting at her teammate.

Zaku said, "Shut up and let's follow them before they reach the tower. If they do, we wouldn't be able to complete our mission and Orochimaru-sama will kill us."

The Sound Trio moved instantly and saw Naruto with Sasuke on his back ahead of them. Zaku was about to hit them with a Zankuuha, but Dosu said, "Zaku, let Kin handle this."

Kin threw senbon at Naruto and Sasuke, but the Jinchuuriki shouted, "Reflect!" The barrier appeared and made the senbon bounce back to them, then Naruto said, "You three are a nuisance…Stop…"

Instantly a black clock appeared in front of the Sound Trio and they were paralyzed. Naruto said, "That little technique should stop you from 15 minutes….enough time to get to the tower. Have fun!" Naruto disappeared from sight and the Sound Trio were cursing Naruto…well, mostly Zaku.

Tower- Sakura was waiting patiently and then she saw Naruto with Sasuke. Sakura said, "Sasuke….what happened?"

Naruto said, "Orochimaru managed to bite Sasuke and put some weird mark on his neck, but he should be fine for now. He just need to rest…do you have the earth scroll?"

Sakura nodded and held it out to show Naruto.

The Jinchuuriki replied, "Good, now we can open them." Sakura said, "Wait….how do I know that you are the real Naruto."

Naruto summoned Masamune, "Does this satisfy you, Sakura?"

Sakura nodded, "Naruto….."

Naruto said, "Yes?"

Sakura said, "Back there, did you really mean what you said when you said that you would kill Sasuke in order to keep him away from Orochimaru."

Naruto said, "Sakura, Orochimaru with the Sharingan would be dangerous and would endanger the village. If I had to prevent thousand lives to sacrifice Sasuke's, I will do it….despite your attachment to him. Like I said, I won't kill him unless there is no other way to avoid it."

Sakura said, "But Sasuke…is your teammate."

Naruto said, "Yes, he is….but he knows the consequences of being a ninja, if it just so happen that I had to kill him, I would take up his dream for the both of us. Now let's open the scrolls…."

Sakura took the earth scroll while Naruto took the heaven scroll and they both opened the scroll to see the kanji for human. Naruto said, "It is a summoning scroll, quickly drop it." They threw the scrolls in a corner and Naruto grasped First Tsurugi's hilt while Sakura took out a kunai and slid into a guard position.

The smoke cleared to reveal Iruka and he said, "Long time no see, guys?"

Naruto relaxed a bit and Sakura said, "Iruka-sensei!"

Iruka said, "Looks like that you guys had a bit of trouble."

Sakura said, "What were you doing here?"

Iruka said, "It was set up so that the chunins would meet up with the test-takers and I was allowed to greet you guys…you guys are early. To celebrate your passing, I could treat you to ramen…"

Naruto said, "Thanks, seeing that we have four days to pass the time, but Iruka-sensei?"

Iruka said, "Yes?"

Naruto said, "If we were to open the scroll ahead of schedule, what would you do?"

Iruka said, "I would have to put you in a state of unconsciousness by that time."

Naruto smirked, "You mean you would have put two of us unconscious…"

Iruka said, "What do you mean?"

Naruto said, "You have a Bingo Book?"

Iruka nodded and Naruto said, "Turn to page 68."

Iruka did so and looked at Naruto in shock, "A-Already?"

Naruto nodded and Sakura said, "What?"

Iruka gave the book to Sakura and Sakura was shocked as well….there was Naruto Uzumaki's impassive face and he was ranked a B-rank ninja…."

Sakura said, "Wait…you have wings?"

Naruto said, "Oh, right, I forgot to tell you guys that I have a Kekkei Genkai."

Naruto released his wings in a flourish, white and black feathers falling from his wings. "This is how I did an aerial battle with Zabuza…I can basically fly and the rest of my Kekkei Genkai allows me to use that strange chakra….I called it Mako."

Sakura said, "Wow…"

Iruka said, "How come you never show this?"

Naruto said, "I want to keep it a secret, I thought the mist would provide the cover, but I guess it didn't…."

Iruka thought, "Naruto….you just keep on surprising me everytime."

The chunin said, "Have you figured out the meaning on this wall?"

Naruto said, "Yeah, the heaven represents the mind and earth represents the body. For example, if you were like Sakura, who has a lot of heaven, then she must have earth….meaning she must train hard to get stronger. If you are like Kiba, who has earth, but hardly heaven….then he must gain knowledge…the blank in the last sentence, you just put your own name in… 'These rules will guide Naruto's extremes'"

Iruka said, "Correct….now just be careful in the third test."

Naruto said, "Don't worry, Iruka-sensei, we will be fine….we are stronger than before, even Sakura has grown a lot."

Sakura blushed at Naruto's comment and Iruka said, "Right….sorry, well, then get some rest and good luck in the third test."

Naruto nodded and he carried Sasuke and Sakura to a nearby room to rest for a while.

Hakureisaiga- Holy shit! I just finished practically half of the Chunin Exam arc in one chapter! SWEET! Anyway, Sasuke has been given not only the cursed mark, but the Sword of Kusanagi as well….what will happen? Will the seal break thru Ayane's seal? Will Team 7 survive the exams? Will Naruto get some butt? Tune in next time!