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All the genin stood at attention in front of their jonin senseis and the Hokage himself.

Anko said, "Now…we will let Hokage-sama explain the third test. Hokage-sama, if you please?"

Sarutobi nodded, "Thank you, Anko. First, I personally congratulate you on passing the second part of this exam. Before we begin, I would like to inform you about the true reason of this exam." The genin perked up at the Hokage's words.

"True reason?" Sakura thought.

"Why do we have all the allied countries taking the exam together?" Sarutobi asked rhetorically, "To promote friendship among the countries, to raise the level of shinobi. Please don't be confused with these sugar-coated words, this exam is…" Tenten thought, "Is..?" Sarutobi continued, "Is a technical war between the allied countries."

All the genin except Gaara, Shino, and Kabuto's team were shocked. "Wait…just what does that mean?" Tenten said.

Sarutobi mused, "If we were to go back in time, the allied countries were all enemies. To preserve peace, the Chunin Exam Selection was born to solve the problem."

Kiba shouted, "Why the hell we have to do that shit? Is this for deciding Chunin?"

Sarutobi answered, "Yes, that is correct, but also this exam has another side. You are risking your own lives to fight for your respected village's prestige. The ones watching the exam will be leaders and influential individuals, also each daimyo will be there to watch you fight. If you are considered weak, the country will lose clients and vice versa. It also sends a political message to other countries to show their strength."

Lee shouted, "But…why do we have to risk our lives in battle?"

Sarutobi replied, "The strength of the country relies on the strength of the village. In turn, the strength of the village lies within the strength of the shinobi and the strength of the shinobi is at its peak when in danger. It is to show off your own strength, which only has meaning when your life is at risk, that's why those who came before you have fought in the Chunin Exam for this dream that is meaningful."

Tenten said, "But…why do you say stuff about this exam being for friendship?" The Hokage said, "Like I said, I don't want you to confuse this purpose. By losing life and establishing balance…this is the shape of friendship in the world of the shinobi. Now before we begin the third test, I will tell you one more thing…this is not just a test. This is a battle with your dreams and your country's prestige on the line."

Gaara said, "Can you hurry up and tell us what this life-risking battle entails."

The Hokage said, "Hai, I'd like to now explain the third test now, but…" Then a sickly-looking jonin interrupted, "Actually (cough), I would like you to allow me, Gekko Hayate, as a referee." Sarutobi said, "By all means, Hayate-san."

Hayate gets up from his kneeling position and turned to the genin, "Hi everyone, I am Hayate…and there is, umm, something that I would like you to do something before the third test."

Naruto looked at him with a raised eyebrow, "What the hell? This dude looks so sick, but I am guessing that he is using that look for people to underestimate him." Hayate said, "Umm…it's a preliminary for the third test to decide who gets to participate in the main event."

Sakura said softly, "Preliminaries?"

Shikamaru shouted, "Preliminaries? The hell does that mean?"

Hayate coughed, "Simple, there is too many of you since the first and second test has been way too easy for you guys. According to the rules, we must have a preliminary and reduce the number of the participants. As Hokage-sama said, there are many guests here, so the fights will take too long. If those of you feel like quitting may do so now."

"Umm, I am going to quit…" Kabuto said as he shyly raised his hand. "You are Kabuto Yakushi, right? Okay, you may go."

"Who is that kid?" Ibiki asked.

"Kabuto Yakushi, he has failed six straight times according to his data. He is also the kid who got adopted by one of our Jonin medics from the battle at Bellflower Pass."

"So he is that kid, huh?"

Kabuto thought, "Looks like my work here is done…if you are here, Orochimaru-sama, but I wonder why isn't Sasuke clutching his shoulder in pain at all or even twitching. There is no one in Konoha that can seal that cursed mark and Jiraiya is not here either."

Hayate said, "So…no more retiring."

Nobody moved from their positions and then the Jonin said, "Okay, then let's…um, continue the preliminaries. This preliminary will consist of one on one fighting, you will basically fight as if you are in a real life confrontation. Since we now have an even number, we will conduct ten matches and obviously the winners will proceed to the third test. Rules….there are no rules, the fight continues until one of you is dead, unconscious or I declare the winner of the match and the object that controls your destiny is…."

Anko muttered in her mike, "Open it."

A wooden panel opened up to reveal an electric scoreboard. "Now let's announce the first match." Hayate said with a cough. The scoreboard began to flash through names as the genin looked on in anticipation.

Sakura whispered, "Sasuke-kun, are you sure that you are alright?"

The Uchiha replied, "I can't miss this….there are a lot of strong people that I want to fight against. I am fine, Sakura."

The board flashed to show that Sasuke Uchiha would be facing Yoroi Akado. "So Sarutobi-jii is removing Sasuke from play early." Naruto thought, "Figures since he is a liability here."

Sakura looked at Naruto as everyone left to go up on the balcony and watch the fight, "Will that seal hold it back, Naruto?"

"It will, Sakura, that seal is very hard to break and in order to break it, he need to meet certain qualifications. He must have a strong desire and will to do something, the only thing he wants so badly is the death of his brother, Uchiha Itachi, but I doubt that we will see him anytime soon."

Sakura let out a huge sigh and turned to watch the match. "Are the contestants ready?" Hayate asked.

Both Sasuke and Yoroi nodded in agreement and the coughing swordsman shouted, "Begin!" Sasuke immediately threw kunai at Yoroi, the mysterious ninja used his own to block it and engaged Sasuke with taijutsu.

Yoroi sent a kick at Sasuke's torso, but the Uchiha dropped down and swept him off his feet, then he moved to pin him and used a kunai to approach his throat. "Yield!" Sasuke demanded, but Yoroi chuckled, "Not going to happen, pretty boy!"

Suddenly Yoroi grabbed Sasuke's high-collared shirt and chakra was visible through his hand. Sasuke immediately felt his strength fading, "My strength….you….my chakra."

"Exactly!" answered Yoroi, "My kekkei genkai is chakra absorption. Just by touching you, I can suck your chakra from your body."

"Damn you!" Sasuke cursed. He kicked Yoroi off of him and moved away to get some distance, panting hard. Orochimaru, in his Jonin disguise, (A/N: Okay, how the hell nobody does realized that the pedophile is in a Henge that looks exactly like him. Same snake eyes, pale face, dark hair…bingo, it's Orochimaru. Okay, I am done with my rant) frowned in thought, "What is going on? At that low level of chakra, my Curse Seal of Heaven should have reacted by now! Wait a minute…that Uzumaki brat….he knows Fuinjutsu? Did Sarutobi-sensei teach him or that bumbling teammate of mine?"

He looked over at Naruto and became surprised to see that the Uzumaki was staring back at him dead in the face. What seems to piss Orochimaru off was the smirk that appeared on Naruto's face, the boy raised a gloved finger and pressed it to his finger as if he was keeping quiet about Orochimaru's disguise and the secret to sealing his own seal.

"I am definitely going to kill you, Naruto Uzumaki after I make you unseal that suppressor seal of yours. You will not interfere in my plans to obtain immortality and the ability to learn all of the jutsu in the world." Orochimaru thought angrily.

"Naruto, what are you smirking at?" Kakashi asked.

"The Oto team, they wanted to fight Sasuke, but he failed to acquiesce to their request."

Luckily the Oto team was visibly glaring at Naruto to hold up Kakashi.

Sasuke was in trouble as he dodged Yoroi's chakra sucking hand for the past few minutes. "Damn it, I can't risk using any chakra due to the seal reacting since Naruto stated that the cursed seal may be able to break through and I can't get too close to him without getting my chakra eaten. What should I do? What can I do?" he thought frantically.

Something pulsed on his forearm and Sasuke looked at his forearm to see that a seal appeared on it. "Huh? Did Naruto give me something when I was asleep….maybe it will help me." He bit his thumb and wiped it across the seal. Purple chakra surrounded his left hand and lengthened into a sword….the Kusanagi no Tsurugi.

It was a double-edged jian with a sapphire jewel resembling a demon's eye embedding in the middle of the tsuba. "What? What the hell is this thing?" Sasuke asked himself in surprise.

"Orochimaru-sama gave him the Kusanagi?" Yoroi thought in shock.

"That sword….only one person has that sword, but why did he give Sasuke it?" Kakashi thought.

"Oh no." Anko thought, "Not good."

"So Orochimaru gave Sasuke the fabled Kusanagi no Tsurugi, the sword that can cut through anything." Naruto thought, "Judging by that, I am assuming that Orochimaru is choosing Sasuke as his successor."

Sasuke aimed the Kusanagi at Yoroi and thought, "Ok, let's see what you can do!" He channeled his chakra into the sword and the blade flashed forward, making Yoroi duck his head before the tip pierced the wall.

"How the hell did he get that sword? Why did Orochimaru-sama give it to him?"

Sasuke cut off the feed and the Kusanagi reverted back to its original length. "Now we are definitely getting somewhere." He thought with a smirk. The Uchiha charged at Yoroi and swung at him with wild strikes, making the spy dodge to avoid getting hit by it…..but soon Yoroi became tired and Sasuke managed to give Yoroi a scratch on his cheek.

The two of them backed away and Yoroi knelt down, panting, "W-What is h-happening? My b-body….can't move."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, "Huh? Must be the Kusanagi…..it must be coated with poison that paralyzes the body. I wonder…why would Naruto give this to me?" The Kusanagi disappeared back into the seal with the same purple haze as Hayate declared, "Winner: Uchiha Sasuke."

Sasuke walked back up the stairs and said to Naruto, "Thanks for the sword, Naruto."

"I never gave you that sword, Sasuke, it seems that Orochimaru has a great interest in you to give you that sword and that cursed seal on the left side of your neck."

Sasuke clasped the mark on his neck as Naruto continued, "The seal stores your chakra by eating your own forcibly, causing pain and discomfort, it releases the chakra when activated and puts your body into a heightened state of power, but in turn it eats at your mind and body slowly each time you use it."

Sasuke said, "If that is so, then why I am not feeling any pain from the mark?"

"That is because of the seal I put on top of it, the seal entraps the tainted chakra from the cursed mark. It can be broken if I choose to release it, which is not happening or someone like me does it or your sheer willpower coupled with the desire to kill, if that happens, your body will be paralyzed."

Sasuke nodded and replied, "I didn't know you can use fuinjutsu."

The swordsman replied, "There is a lot of things people don't know about, plus some of the seals I have are to hold back my secondary chakra from use."

Hayate said, "The second match….Zaku Abumi and Shino Aburame, fight."

Zaku attacked first by running close-range, hoping to end it quickly. Shino brought up his arm to block his attack and Zaku said, "Idiot! Zankuuha!"

Zaku opened his hand to reveal air holes implanted in his arms and shot a sound wave, blasting Shino off his feet and to the ground. "Heh, he is done."

Shino got up, "Are you sure about that?"

Zaku said, "Tch…this time I will get you for sure. Zank…"

Shino interrupted, "I wouldn't do that if I were you." Zaku said, "What the hell are you talking about?" Then he heard a soft clicking sound and looked behind him to see a horde of bugs converging on his position."

Shino said, "The way I see I, you have three choices. The first one is that if you attack me, my kikaichu bugs will attack you and devour your chakra, the second is if you attack my bugs, then I will have the opportunity to attack you. The third, which should be the smart choice for you, is to give up and you will be able to walk away from this without going to the hospital."

Zaku said, "It would be wise not to underestimate me, you forget…"

Zaku turned to his side and aimed his arms at Shino and the bugs, "You forget that I have two arms….I will blast you and your stupid bugs away. Zankuuha…aaahhh." Zaku's arms suddenly imploded from the inside and the Oto ninja screamed in pain, "But how….how… my arms?"

Then he saw bugs crawling from his air holes.

Shino said, "You think I would just let you hit me like that? I sent some bugs silently on to your body when you hit me and the rest was able to get to your arms when I stalled for time."

Zaku said, "You bastard!"

Shino ran at him and sent his opponent a devastating punch to the face. Zaku spun briefly before falling on his face.

Hayate said, "Okay, now the third match…..will Sabaku no Kankuro and Misumi Tsurugi please come down to the arena?"

Kankuro said, "Heh, this will be easy enough."

Baki, their sensei said, "Kankuro, don't get cocky."

Kankuro pretended that he didn't hear him at all and continued to the arena. Temari muttered, "That idiot is going to get himself killed." Kankuro stood and faced Misumi, Yoroi's teammate. Misumi said, "Just throw the match or I'll kill you."

Kankuro said, "Sorry, but I plan on winning this match."

Hayate shouted, "Begin!"

Kankuro started things off by throwing a punch to Misumi's face, but the Konoha spy blocked it with his forearm and then something weird happened. Misumi's arm twisted around Kankuro's arm, startling him and allowing Misumi to constrict himself all over Kankuro's body.

"You see, my bloodline allows me to dislocate my bones and become like rubber. Now forfeit the match or your neck will snap."

Kankuro grinned and said, "Never."

Misumi squeezed tighter and tighter until everyone heard Kankuro's neck snap. "Goddamn it, I really didn't want to kill him." Suddenly Kankuro's face started to peel off like ceramic, then Kankuro lifted his head and turned it completely around to reveal that the person Misumi was holding was not a person, but a marionette.

"Now it is my turn!" The puppet said in Kankuro's voice.

Next, the puppet's arms sprang from the cat-suit and wrapped around Misumi's body.

"A puppet? Then where is…." Misumi said. Then he looked toward the bandages to see something moving and a hand popped out to remove it, revealing Kankuro.

"You're a puppet master." Misumi said.

Kankuro said, "That is correct and now I will return the favor, but I won't break your neck instead I will break everything else." Kankuro clenched his fist and the puppet crushed Misumi's bones and making him scream in pain before falling unconscious.

"Like I said, too easy." Kankuro said.

Hayate thought, "That was close, I almost called the match too soon."

Kankuro walked back upstairs while the medics came and carried Misumi's broken body.

"Now for the fourth match…will Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka please come down?" Hayate said. The two looked at each other briefly and walked down the stairs.

Naruto, in particular, was not interested in the match, but watched anyway for the amusement. The two fangirls fought using the Academy taijutsu style that they learned. Sakura used the Academy jutsu like the Bunshin and Kawarimi to her advantage while Ino used a unique way to trap Sakura using her hair cut from her ponytail. As the match progressed, everyone knew that the girls were evenly matched and as a result, they both were knocked out at the same time.

"So she is finally on the path of the kunoichis….even though you didn't win and still have that fangirl mentality, you have gotten a bit stronger, Sakura."

Hayate said, "The next match….Sabaku no Temari vs. Tenten

She walked down the stairs to face Temari, who was wearing a confident smirk on her face. "Are the contestants ready?"

Both of the kunoichis nodded in confirmation and Hayate chopped down his hand, "Begin!" Tenten and Temari both jumped back to get some distance between each other, the weapons mistress threw kunai at the wind mistress, but Temari gathered wind-natured chakra to block the kunai away from her.

Tenten said, "What? But that attack was right on."

Naruto thought, "She is using wind manipulation…bad matchup for Tenten. She has absolutely no chance in winning unless she has a fire jutsu. Since Gai can't do ninjutsu and assuming that Tenten has not asked anyone to teach her ninjutsu, Tenten has a major disadvantage."

Temari unclasped her fan and opened it up to reveal a purple moon on the fan. "This is the first moon, girl. When you see all three, the match will be over."

Tenten gritted her teeth as she racked her brain, "How is she doing that? She is not using any hand signs or nothing, but yet my attacks can get through."

Tenten ran at Temari and threw kunai at all directions as she thought, "This should work." But again the attack failed and Temari swung her fan to blow back Tenten and her weapons. "You are on the second moon, sister. Look, it's over, your weapons aren't effective against my style, which has been proven twice." Temari said.

Tenten unclasped the two scrolls on her hips and Lee said quietly, "Tenten….you are not thinking of using that technique, aren't you?"

Tenten thought, "I have no choice, this move should be able to pierce that wind defense of hers….I can't lose here, there is someone that I want to fight here." Tenten placed the two scrolls apart from each other and bit her thumb, drawing blood. "Well, like they always say the third time is the charm! Soshoryu!" she shouted.

The two scrolls burst and twirled around Tenten, she flew up and levitated in the middle. She grabbed one of the scrolls in air and began to flip in around her until the scroll unfurled around her. Then she swiped her blood on the markings, making various weapons popped out in existence.

Then Tenten threw the weapons one by one at Temari, who swung her fan to make the weapons blow off course and stab or fall on the ground around her. Tenten smirked and brought her hands back to her body and to everyone's surprise, the weapons came back to her.

Kakashi said, "Very clever, she used wires to attack to the weapons….clever girl that Gai got."

Temari said, "Sorry, today is not your day….you lose, princess." Temari swung her fan while shouting, "Ninpou: Kamaitachi no Jutsu!" The weapons were blown back once again and Tenten was trapped in a wind cyclone, where she was slashed up by invisible blades of wind.

Tenten fell to the ground, but Temari caught her in her arms before she fell to the ground. Naruto caught the unconscious Tenten before she hit the ground and gave her to the medics. "You held back, Miss Temari."

"I didn't want to hurt her too badly after I realized that she had no ninjutsu."

"I see….congratulations on your win."

"Winner: Sabaku no Temari."

"Thank you, Naruto-san."

Naruto moved to his original spot only for Kakashi to say, "It's your turn now, Naruto." The Jinchuuriki looked at the board to see his name paired with Kiba Inuzaka. "The sixth match….Naruto Uzumaki and Kiba Inuzaka. BEGIN!" Hayate said, coughing.

"You really need to get your lungs checked again, Hayate-san." Naruto said with a smile.

"I know….Yugao wants to spar with you again."

"Sure, I will see her for training."

Kiba asked, "You going to talk to the proctor all day or fight me?"

Naruto took out First Tsurugi and slammed it into the nearby wall, then summoned Masamune and threw it past Kiba to rest at the top of the hand statue.

"What are you doing?"

"Mainly I have been using my bloodline and swords for the longest while, so I figured that I will show something new."

Naruto stretched his gloves and moved into a stance as he continued, "Like my skills as a ninja, plus I think I should give you a fair chance at fighting me hand to hand, Kiba."

"Fine…it is whatever you like, I will still beat you."

Kurenai thought, "Kiba has the strongest taijutsu style here besides Hinata, Lee and Neji. Naruto may be great with kenjutsu, but taijutsu is Kiba's forte."

Naruto raised an eyebrow, "Is Akamaru fighting with you, Kiba?" Akamaru barked and Naruto smirked, "I will take that as a yes. I won't go easy on you two."

"Of course, Akamaru fights with me….me and him are a team."

"Well, then it is your move, Kiba."

"Gladly! Akamaru, stay back for a minute. Ninpou: Shikyaku no Jutsu!" Kiba's arms and legs were charged with chakra, his nails became sharper like a beast.

"Interesting." Sephiroth said.

"BEAST MODE! Hehehe…..sorry, was watching Beast Wars…..good show by the way." Ayane said.

"This should be fun…..what is stronger, Tifa's martial arts or Kiba's clan taijutsu?" Cloud commented.

Kiba flashed forward and slammed his elbow into Naruto's gut. The boy skidded back and stopped, Naruto spat out a bit of blood. "Is that all you got? You hit hard, but it will not be enough to beat me into submission, Kiba."

"What did you say?"

"I'm saying by letting you hit me, I am gauging how hard you hit….and it is not going to help you with this match. This will be fun."

Naruto flashed in front of Kiba, "My turn…..Beat Rush!" Kiba's eyes widened as the hits came at his body, and then he flew back toward Akamaru's position. "Alright, Akamaru, tag in." The two sprang up and ran at Naruto. Kiba took out a smoke bomb and threw at Naruto, obscuring the Jinchuuriki's vision.

"A smoke bomb, eh? Fuuton: Daitoppa!" Naruto said. The smoke cleared just as Kiba and Akamaru started to attack. Naruto caught Akamaru by the scruff of his neck and threw him at the flying Kiba. Kiba and Akamaru fell to the floor while Naruto stood calmly in front of them, waiting for their next move.

"That's it….Akamaru, let's stop fooling around!" Kiba shouted as he gave Akamaru a soldier pill and ate one himself. Akamaru's fur turned red and then he jumped on top of Kiba. "Well, at least I know why he is named Akamaru now." Naruto thought. "Ninpou: Jujin Bunshin no Jutsu!"


"Take this! Gatsuuga!" Kiba and Akamaru moved at Naruto while spinning rapidly like a drill. The Jinchuuriki ran toward the wall and backflipped off over it to avoid the move. "They are spinning way too fast for me to stop them without injuring myself and I don't want to use any Mako energy. Let's see… ah, that might actually work." Naruto thought.

The swordsman reached behind him and dug out a smoke bomb before Kiba and Akamaru could reach him. Kiba and Akamaru coughed and sputtered while they held their noses, "This smoke…..it's pungent. What are you up to?"

"Never thought I would use one of my old smoke bombs from my Academy days, but it has served its purpose."

Kiba whirled around to see Naruto with his arms crossed, "I win, Velvet Nightmare…."

Suddenly wind began to pick up and swirl around Kiba until it became darkness. "What….what is this? A Genjutsu? Ha! Idiot, doesn't he know that my sensei is the Crimson Genjutsu Mistress! Kai!"

Nothing happened…..

"What? Kai! Kai! Kai! Why isn't it working?"

Suddenly a portal came out of thin air and Akamaru entered out of it. "Hey, Akamaru, come on…..we are in a Genjutsu….Akamaru?"

The seemingly cute and gentle puppy began to growl and his eyes glowed with evil intent. He struck at Kiba, who screamed as his best friend tore into him savagely. Suddenly the pain ended and Kiba was thrust back into the real world.

Akamaru was unconscious to his side and Naruto was sitting before him Indian style with First Tsurugi and Masamune on his left and right side respectively. "Velvet Nightmare…..my personal Genjutsu that I made, it makes you see your worst fears. Your nightmare happened to be the betrayal of your best friend Akamaru."

"But….how did you…..how were you…."

"Able to keep you in the Genjutsu even when you did the release. Easy, I made Velvet Nightmare suited to me, it is continuous as long as the user has chakra. Plus the Genjutsu is multi-layered even your sensei would be exhausted after using it…..if I deemed her worthy of learning it. I have a lot of chakra and if I wished it….I could have kept you in that realm for a whole day straight."

Kiba gulped as Naruto's blue green eyes bore into his soul as he said, "So would you like to experience it a second time or forfeit? If not….then take a look behind you." Kiba looked to see a clone ready to cast it. Kiba smiled and chuckled a bit, "You have changed a lot since I seen you last time, Naruto…..fine, I forfeit. But I will beat you next time."

Naruto smirked, "You can try anytime, Kiba."

"Winner: Naruto Uzumaki. Now the seventh match…..Neji Hyuga and Hinata Hyuga."

Kiba said, "This isn't good."

Naruto said nothing as he watched Neji glare at Hinata.

As Naruto and Kiba past Hinata, Naruto spoke, "Hinata…."

"Yes, Naruto-kun….."

"Do your best, I could care less if you beat Neji…..but if you are able to stand up to him and fight, you would be strong in my eyes. Besides you could beat him with one hand sign but that method is excruciating to him and you."

She nodded and went down while Kiba whispered, "Are you nuts? He will kill her, she is part of the Main House family."

"Would you rather for her to run away from all of her problems…..she will have to face him sooner or later, plus…..it looks bad on our village status. I don't like this anymore that you do, Kiba, but it's the best and only option Hinata has for her to grow. If he shows ill will, I will stop the match…"

Neji and Hinata faced each other. Neji spoke first, "I never thought that I would be facing you." Hinata replied quietly, "Neji-nii-san." Sasuke raised an eyebrow, "Never knew that Hinata had a brother." Kakashi replied, "That is because they aren't Sasuke…they are members of the Hyuga clan, but they are not brother and sister."

Sakura asked the silver-haired jonin, "So then…what are they?" Kakashi said, "They are members of the Hyuga's Main and Branch Houses." Lee said, "Hinata is part of the Main House, while Neji is in the Branch House."

Sakura asked, "So why does Neji look mad at her for?"

Lee said, "Many things happened between both houses and they are at odds right now."

Naruto said, "Hinata would not dare hurt her cousin, but Neji will. This is a bad match-up if he does anything serious."

Hayate shouted, "Begin!"

Neji said, "Before we begin, I like to speak freely, Hinata-sama….you don't make a good shinobi, forfeit the match." Hinata's eyes widened and she looked to the side.

Neji continued, "You are too kind, you wish for peace and avoid conflict…you agree with others, never resisting. You have no confidence in yourself and the Chunin Exam could be taken as a team of three…you couldn't turn down the request, couldn't you?"

Hinata said, "N-No, I w-wanted to change myself…do something on my own." Neji said, "As I thought….Hinata-sama, you are a spoiled brat of the Main Family. People can't change themselves, losers will always be losers. Their personality and strength can't change at all."

Naruto frowned as he thought, "Immediately I don't like his ass at all for saying that."

The destiny jackass continued, "Because people can't change, differences were born and the terms loser and elite were created. Looks, brains, personality, ability, size…all people judge and are judged in these values. Based on these unchangeable factors, people discriminate and are discriminated against and then they suffer under their own means. Just like the fact that you were born in the Main Family and I in the Branch."

Naruto thought, "Okay, this guy is really pissing me off with this destiny shit he is spouting out of his ass."

Neji said, "I can see through you with my Byakugan…you are acting strong, but really you want to run and hide."
Hinata retorted feebly, "N-No, I really…"

Sakura said, "What is the Byakugan?"

Kakashi said, "In terms of insight, it surpasses the Sharingan. There are rumors that the Uchiha clan originates from the Hyuga clan."

Neji activated the Byakugan for an intimidation tactic, making Hinata's eye move in the upper left corner, then the lower right corner and she touched her pointer finger to her mouth.

Neji smirked smugly, "Like I said, I can see through. Your eye went up to the upper left meaning you are remembering your painful past, then in the lower right, that is a sign that you are imagining physical and mental pain…you are imagining that you are going to lose!"

Hinata flinched, raising her arms as Neji continued, "Raising your arms in front of yourself means that you are trying to distance yourself from me because everything that I predicted was true. Furthermore, touching your lip is a personality trait that reveals a disturbance, you are trying to soften the nervousness that you feel. So in basic reality, you haven't realized that you can't change your fate!"

Naruto replied, "For someone that has an icicle stuck up his ass, you are pretty pathetic. You make your destiny…Hinata has the choice whether or not to become strong, not fate. It is nonexistent when it comes to ninja."

Then the Hyuga jackass looked at Hinata, her eyes filled with determination, "So you won't forfeit, then I will not be responsible for what happens here." Hinata activated her Byakugan as she thought, "I will not run away…I will no longer…run away!"

The Hyuga heiress then slipped into the Hyuga stance, "Neji-niisan, let's fight!" Neji slipped into the same stance, "Fine..." Both of them charged at each other. Lee said, "I thought so, their stances are similar to each other, the same Hyuga style." Sakura said, "Hyuga style?" Lee answered, "That style…is the strongest taijutsu.

Hinata and Neji fiercely battled and mesmerized the audience with the deadly dance of death. Hinata's flexibility against Neji's knowledge and control of chakra were clashed between each other, each trying to overpower and gained the upper hand. Then Hinata saw an opening and aimed her chakra at Neji's torso, catching a scratch on him.

Neji stepped back, clutching his chest, "Ugh!"

Naruto smiled, "Go, Hinata, you kick his ass. Prove to him that you are not weak." He said quietly as he watched her.

Sakura said, "But she only barely hit him."

Lee said, "That is the thing…a slight scratch is all it takes. That is all it needs."

Sakura said, "Explain, Lee-kun."

Gai stepped in, "The Hyuga style taijutsu has been passed down. The taijutsu Lee and I used, Goken, is solely for bruises and breaking bones while the Hyuga style, Juken, causes damage to the chakra network. It may not look impressive, but you feel the aftereffects as the battle progresses." Hinata fought, pressuring Neji to go on the defensive.

Shino thought, "Hinata's in control of the battle…Naruto, you actually gave her the confidence to stand up for herself and now I am seeing the true Hinata Hyuga."

Kurenai thought, "Hinata…"

Sakura said, "So they attack the chakra network system."

Naruto said, "Anybody can utilize this style by knowing the anatomy of the body well, but their Byakugan helps them perfect the style…since they can see the chakra network." Hinata and Neji jumped back from a moment and clashed into. "Did she get him?" Sakura said loudly. Hinata coughed up blood, shocking everyone. Neji said, "So this is the extent of the Main Family household."

Hinata thought as she knocked Neji's arm away and aimed at his head, "Not yet!" Neji's eyes widened as he quickly reacted by grabbing her arm and pressing a point. Then he pulled back her sleeves to show red dot-like bruises on her arms. "No way…from the beginning, you…"Hinata said.

"Exactly, I have stopped your flow of chakra in your arms. You can no longer utilize the Jyuken style against me, it was fated that you will lose." Hinata was knocked back in the chest and she skidded a few feet away from him.

She struggled to get up as Neji said, "Hinata-sama, there is a difference in talent that will never change between us…the difference that makes you the loser and me the elite. This reality cannot be changed, from the moment you said you did not want to run, you were setting yourself up for regret, you should be overcome with desperation. Forfeit!"

As that moment, Hinata stood up, "I…don't…go back…on my word…because that is also my nindo…my ninja way."Naruto smirked as he thought, "She stole my nindo, heh, go get him, Hinata!"The Kyuubi jailer shouted, "Go get him, Hinata, show him what you can do."

"She is at her limit…any more damage and she'll…" Kurenai thought in panic. Kakashi said, "This Neji is quite formidable…I doubt that Sasuke or Naruto will be able to beat him." Gai thought, "She can't defeat him…Neji would most likely survive this test." Gaara looked intently at the fight, who knew what thoughts were going through his unstable mind.

Hinata looked up at Naruto and the Jinchuuriki smiled and nodded. The heiress then charged at her cousin. She thought, "Naruto-kun…I have always watched you for years. I don't know why, but when I look at you, I feel like I can do anything. I feel courage…I feel like I am worth something, that is how I began to feel." Neji blocked her arm and raised his palm to plant a strike to the chin. She skidded back only to charge at him once again.

Kurenai thought, "Hinata…you used to always quit…I know better than anyone else about the tough training you put yourself into. You would fail missions and were weak when it mattered the most, eventually losing your confidence quickly. But…that child is no more because the woman I see has changed."

Hinata thought to herself, "I have always watched you, Naruto-kun…but now you are the one watching me."

Neji attacked Hinata in the chest as he said, "You understand nothing, your attacks have done nothing since the beginning."

"Why…Why do you persist on standing? If you keep on pushing yourself, you will die." Neji asked.

Hinata thought, "Because the person that I admire is finally watching me."

The Hyuga princess declared, "It's not over!"

Neji scoffed, "Acting touch is futile, I can see that you can barely stand at all. From the time of your birth, the responsibilities of the Main Family were pressed upon you. You have always hated your weakness, but people can't change Fate. There is no need to suffer, so let it go!"

Hinata replied softly, but strongly, "You are wrong, Neji…because that person that is suffering and lost in the destinies of the Main and Branch families is actually you."

Neji moved to attack Hinata until he was stopped by Naruto holding Masamune in his left hand and holding Hinata in his right. "Protection for the Main Branch?" he said with a sneer. "No….protection for you from the real me…." Naruto said emotionally.

Neji looked behind him to see Masamune poking the area near his heart and the Jonin were holding Naruto back. "Naruto, calm down…..you can beat him in the next round." Kakashi said. "I know….I am just making a point to Neji about why you shouldn't mess with a fallen angel's friends."

"Whatever, but here is some advice. A loser will always be a loser and second, it is rude to talk during a serious match."

"And here is some advice to you, stop sucking your deceased father's small microscopic probe he calls a dick and get that 10 foot by 5 inch icicle dildo that you affectionally call Fate out of your ass." Neji wanted to attack, but he was reminded of the point near his heart once again. "And pray that we don't meet in the exam because in the words of my sempai's friend…..I am going to make you my bitch."

Hakureisaiga-Uh huh, Naruto is definitely going on Sephiroth on Neji's ass…but what sword will he use, the whole series of First Tsurugi or Masamune.