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Chapter 9- Sadistic Plotting and Training

As the fights proceeded, Shikamaru won his match by having Kin smash her head against the wall. Sabaku no Gaara won his match against Rock Lee, who made an amazing effort to beat him, but his double-edged technique took him out early. Gaara was able to destroy Lee's chance of being a ninja, but Naruto and Gai were able to stop him.

The last match was Choji Akimichi against Dosu Kinuta. Dosu used his Melody Arm to make Choji unconscious since the water in his body was able to carry sound. Then the contestants that won their matches had to draw lots to see who faced who and Naruto smirked as he was fighting in the first match against Neji.

The rules were explained that they had to wait an entire month to face their opponents to gain new skills, but Naruto knew that it was a cover-up.

As soon as Naruto was giving the get-go, he moved away only to be stopped by Sasuke momentarily. "Wait….Naruto…." he said.


"Who was your kenjutsu teacher? I need to know, so I can use the Kusanagi better."

Naruto paused for a second and said, "My teacher is dead now unfortunately, Sasuke…..and he begged me to not share his style with anyone…..plus the style is not suited for you."

"What do you mean?"

"The style is called Vanishing Angel…..it requires a lot of speed to actually use, speed that surpasses Maito Gai's own. Using that speed puts a lot of strain on your body and then your legs will be destroyed in the process….the only reason why I can pull this off is because of my healing factor that I seem to possess."

Sasuke was a bit disappointed that he couldn't learn the style Naruto possessed. "Try asking Kakashi since he is training you already. He used to be the commander of the ANBU Black Ops, so he should know about kenjutsu." Naruto suggested.

"How did you get so strong…..you are at least Jonin level in kenjutsu alone since you defeated Zabuza. How long have you been able to keep this a secret?"

"Since I was four…..which is the usual age where clan children started to train. My teacher found me in the alley, looking for food. He was very old and needs someone to teach his styles too, he noticed something that was similar in me and decided to teach me…we found a secluded cave and we went there to train."

Naruto paused and then continued, "I knew that it would be suspicious of me having this much power considering people had hated me, so I played the idiot and made sure that everyone had believed me."

"Why do they hate you?"

"That is another story…that I am not ready to reveal just yet, but I will tell you guys sometime. Now have fun with Kakashi."

Sasuke thought, "Naruto….why does this village doesn't like you and what is it that you are not telling me?"

Next, Naruto literally threw himself into training with the help of Haku of course. She needed the training, knowing Orochimaru was the type to try something. He analyzed that Neji was a master of the Juken style and made out several scenarios just in case he would have any unknown surprises.

"Let's see, Masamune, First Tsurugi or dual wielding both. Masamune can be used to give Neji quick and very painful strikes, First Tsurugi provides brutality along with the Omnislash. Hmmmm…..decisions, decisions…"

"Remember, Naruto, don't kill him….make him suffer and feel pain…..lots of it." Cloud said.

"Never knew you would suggest sadistic things, Cloud-sensei."

"I was in the same position as you when Sephiroth killed Aerith, she has many qualities of Hinata, but she was a lot different."

"I know….you told me that she was kind, always spoke her mind and forgave someone without hesitation. It's a shame that she died physically."

"Physically?" questioned Cloud.

"What I mean is that as long as you never forget the good times that you had shared with her, she will be with you always. You can still hear her voice if you listen to your heart."

Cloud chuckled, "Never took you for the sentimental deep person, Naruto."

"Well, Cloud-sensei, between the four of us…..we have a blond with a brooding complex like the Uchihas, a silver-haired man with a god complex that is borderline confidence and arrogance and a nine tailed vixen with a blood fetish….someone has to be deep and charming in this group."

Cloud laughed, "And he got a sense of humor….you still have your old self floating around somewhere."

"But of course….I can't be a clone of you and Sephiroth-sensei."

"Right….oh, you better pay attention now."

Naruto blinked to avoid a strike from Haku and noticed that she was tired. "Alright, Haku-chan, that's enough." The Hyoton user protested, "But I can still….." She wobbled to the side and Naruto instantly caught her before she hit the ground.

"Unfortunately you don't have the benefits of a Jinchuuriki with mountains of stamina. Now hold on tight." The swordsman released his wings and flew toward his home. Haku clutched at him tightly to his chest as he soared through the air, she looked down to see the village stretching out wide.

Finally he arrived at their home and landed neatly on the porch of the mansion. The angelic man said, "You can let go now, Haku-chan." When she didn't answer, he looked down to see that Haku fell asleep on the way, causing the boy to smile. "She is an amazing woman, that she is."

Sephiroth replied, "Indeed she is…."

Naruto moved through the door and set Haku down in her bed, but with a little difficulty. Haku was latched on to him tightly and Naruto had to make a clone to replace himself. Then he left to go see to Hinata in the hospital.

When he reached there, he saw that Sakura was there, trying to find the whereabouts of Sasuke. "But he was supposed to be here…." She mused out loud. "Calm down, Sakura…Sasuke is fine." Sakura turned to see Naruto and said, "Naruto…..do you know where Sasuke is?"

"Training with Kakashi-sensei outside the village somewhere…..knowing him, he wants to get stronger than ever."

Sakura looked downtrodden a bit until Naruto continued, "Don't worry, Sakura…he will be fine, he is stronger than you think despite what has happen to him in the past with his brother."

"Brother?" She said, and then she thought back to that day when they first introduced themselves as the new Team 7. "Right….he was your blood brother."

"Yes, Itachi was someone that I respect still to this day. A great ninja and an even greater friend."

"But now he is a murderer…."

"All ninja are murderers, Sakura….in this world, it is kill or be killed. If I know Itachi, he never does anything without a reason, especially when it involves killing."

"What?" Sakura asked, puzzled.

"When Itachi fought in the Third Great Shinobi War and saw the destruction that the Kyuubi made when it was released, he became a pacifist…..he only killed when it was necessary. So in my theory, either Itachi is dead and someone impersonated him or someone else was manipulating him in the shadows. The latter sounds very profound to me…..but that is my opinion, not saying if it is true or not."

"When did you get so smart, Naruto?"

"Et tu, Sakura? There are certain…..conditions that happened in the past involving me, thus the Academy instructors except Iruka-sensei disliked me and made attempts to hinder my judgment. I foresaw this and snuck into the library to study on everything while making myself look like I was an idiot."

Sakura said, "Okay, Naruto….but I mean, there is so much that we don't know about you….you took on Orochimaru and actually kept up, you defeated Zabuza Momochi. Plus after years of pretending, you suddenly assume this persona of being smart and highly skilled…..most Genin can't even attain that strength even if you train so young like Hinata did."

"I had a lot of help….my teachers were sadists basically and I trained until I became unconscious. Nothing more, nothing less….now if you will excuse me, I am going to see Hinata-chan." He began to walk to Hinata's room and stopped for a moment, "Oh, and Sakura….in the meantime, you should train considering that Sasuke only acknowledges strong kunoichi."

"How do you know that?"

"Haven't you noticed that back in the Academy, Sasuke never once looked, spoke or even breathe your way? It was because you were simply fan girls looking for love instead of focusing on your skills. Girls like Hinata, Temari and Tenten are what he is looking for….that way he doesn't have to play the part of the prince saving the damsel in distress."

Then he left, leaving Sakura in her thoughts. Naruto found Hinata's room and walked inside quietly to see that Hinata was sleeping. Then he heard a gravelly voice, "I knew that you would come here, Uzumaki…."

Naruto said calmly without turning, "Why, hello, Gaara….do you mind telling me what are you doing in here? You know, if you wanted to see me, you could have asked around."

Gaara answered, "Asking people for directions is trivial…..plus you showed great care for this woman back at the stadium, so this was the fastest and easiest way to find you. I wanted to ask you something."

"And what is that, Gaara-san?"

"Why do you exist?"

"Excuse me?"

"Why do you exist? What is your purpose in living in this world, Uzumaki Naruto?"

"Why do I exist? It's because…..of my friends. They are the reason that I exist, the reason that I fight….to protect them from anyone and anything from harming them. I assume that you think differently, right?

Gaara smirked and chuckled a bit, "My father, the Yondaime Kazekage forced my mother, Karura to seal the Ichibi no Shukaku inside me. Before her death, my mother cursed my father for condemning her life and her son's own as well as his sanity. When I became too strong for him to control, he sent assassins including my uncle Yashamaru after me….he hated me because I took his sister away by living. My sand, a gift from my mother, always protects me from harm.'

Naruto replied, "Why do you feel the need to tell me this, Gaara?"

"Because our eyes are the same, but we have different reasons of existence. I want to see whose reason of existence is stronger? Your existence for friends or my existence for myself."

"Funny, we are similar. My own father, the Yondaime Hokage sealed the Kyuubi inside me….but I had friends who acknowledged my existence even though I was abused as a child. When we fight, one shall rise while the other shall fall." Naruto said, facing his brother.

Gaara gave Naruto a psychotic grin, "I will look forward to it….Uzumaki Naruto." Then the Ichibi container disappeared via Suna Shunshin. Naruto looked over to see Hinata was still sleeping. "Good, she didn't hear anything….I am still not ready to tell her yet, I better go. Sweet dreams, Hinata."

Then the Jinchuuriki left via his own personal shunshin, leaving behind a white and black feather respectively. The next day, Naruto went down to the hot springs to relax after a strict regimen of training.

"Hmmmm…." Naruto murmured as he slipped into the water. Then he heard giggling and cracked open one eye to see a middle-aged man peeking through a makeshift hole. He had white hair, wearing kabuki-style attire and was sitting on top of a toad.

"Jiraiya of the Toad Sannin, eh? Looks like I can blow off some steam from Neji after all." Naruto thought. The swordsman got out of the water and got his clothes on, took out First Tsurugi in its initial form and swung at the pervert.

The man jumped up to avoid the slash and landed on his feet behind Naruto, "Who the hell are you, gaki? Go away, you are interrupting my research."

"Me….I'm Naruto Uzumaki, the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki and more importantly, your fucking godson."

Jiraiya's eyes widened as Naruto appeared before him and stabbed at him. The pervert avoided the thrust and said, "So you know…"

"Yeah, I fucking know….now get over here, so I can kick your ass." Jiraiya winced at the venom in his voice. "Now look…." He started to say, but Naruto interrupted him.

"No, you look….I can understand about your prowess with infiltration and espionage, but you could have visited once in a while. Do you know what I have been through?" Jiraiya watched as the sadness and pain was shown through his godson's eyes.

"More than enough….no words can express my regret, so to make up for it…..I will train you for the Chunin Exams."

"You better…..and it is going to take a long while for me to get my forgiveness. Now what do you have for me?"

"I could teach you summoning?"

"Try again….I got that covered already and no, I am not going to tell you what it is." Naruto said, interrupting.

"Hmm, how about your father's prized jutsu….the Rasengan." Jiraiya said and Naruto thought about it for a moment.

"Fine…show me…" Naruto said. Jiraiya took out his hand and made an orb of spinning chakra and the Jinchuuriki said, "Alright, I am intrigued….what is the first step?" Jiraiya took out a water balloon and said, "First, you must pop this water balloon using only your chakra….when you are done, come back and I will show you the second step."

Naruto nodded and left while Jiraiya thought, "Damn, he is good with that sword of his….I wonder who taught him though."

Night- Gaara stood on top of a building looking at the moon until a voice said, "It looks like I wouldn't be able to catch you off guard. I am going to need you to die…so I can fight Sasuke. I wonder what is faster my sound or your sand."

Gaara looked down to see that it was Dosu and simply said, "It gets agitated when a full moon appears."

"What?" Dosu said. Then his eyes widened as Gaara transformed and killed him in a instant.

"Wow, so that is his true form." A mysterious figure said.

Baki replied, "Yes, but is that alright? He was a Sound nin…"

The figure replied, "Nah, it is alright….he serves his purpose."

Baki said, "But I thought he was supposed to gage that Sasuke kid's strength."

Unknowingly, Hayate was listening in on the conversation, "Why? Him and the Sand are conversing?" he thought. The figure said with a smile on his face, "There was no need for that anyway, I was actually given orders to abduct Sasuke-kun, but I failed too."

Baki's lone eye narrowed, "What?"

"They found out that I was a spy for the Hidden Sound Village."

"Do you realize that if someone finds out that you are here meeting with me…our plans to crush the Leaf will be ruined? I had heard that you are Orochimaru's right hand, but I wasn't expecting you to fail and meet me after you have been discovered by the Leaf."

Kabuto chuckled, "Actually, they never did find me out….I uncovered my identity on my own free will. I wanted to see the reaction with that information, taking Sasuke after that will not be a problem at all."

Baki replied, "If it appears that you are failing, and then the Sand will withdraw. You came up with this plan and present it to us. We will remain hidden in the shadows until the last moment, this is the Kazekage's will."

Hayate's eyes widened, "How can this…"

Kabuto handed Baki a scroll as he said, "Here are our plans….also it is time that they know about the plan as well, so please inform them."

"Got it…"

Hayate thought, "Our ally has already connected with the Sound….I must inform Hokage-sama about this."

Unfortunately, the two collaborating ninja heard Hayate move and Kabuto said, Oh, one more thing….I will clean up here. I want to test what kind of guys they have moving around here."

Baki replied, "No, I will do it…..as a partner, Suna should do something too. Plus it is only one rat, no problem."

Hayate whispered, "Shit!" He moved via Shunshin, but Baki was able to catch him. "Well, Examiner-san, what are you doing out here at this time of night?" Baki said casually. Hayate said, "Looks like I got to fight my way out of this one."

Hayate took out his sword and said, "Konoha no Ryu: Mikazuki no Mai!" Hayate split into three clones and stabbed Baki. "Ugh….Kage Bunshins….but the Mikazuki no Mai only used illusion clones." Baki said in surprise.

"A friend of mine helped me improve this move with it."

Kabuto's voice said, "Would that be Naruto-kun?" Hayate's eyes widened and Kabuto struck his heart using his Chakura no Mesu. "Looks like this rat was a bit elusive that you thought…." Kabuto said to Baki, who was clutching his shoulder wound.

Baki said simply, "Fuuton: Kage no Yaiba!"

"Damn it….Y-Yugao…." Hayate muttered as he fell. "Well, at least I died fighting and my last memory is of you, Yugao-hime and Naruto…..please protect her."

Later that night, Naruto was up due to his planning and just then a knock came at the door. Naruto closed his book that he was reading and moved to the door. He opened to see Yugao with tears in her eyes.

"Yugao….what are you doing here and what happened?"

She sniffed and ran into Naruto's chest. "H-He's dead…."

"Who is dead? The Hokage?"

"N-No….H-Hayate, somebody k-killed him. One of the Jonin found his body, cut from the shoulder up. The crows were near his body."

Naruto's eyes widened as the description and asked, "Do you know who did it?" Yugao shook her head silently as she sobbed in his chest. Naruto stroked her hair and said, "It is okay, Yugao….you will be staying here tonight, alright?" Naruto held her close as he led her inside his house.

He set her on the couch and made a Kage Bunshin just in case she decided to do something crazy. He made some tea and brought it to her as he thought, "Something tells me that this had Orochimaru's hand all over this one. I am going to make him suffer for this outrage…..I will make sure of that."

The Jinchuuriki sat beside her and Yugao whispered, "I can't believe that he is gone….we were going to get married in a month from now." Naruto replied, "I know….we will get the person who did this, Yugao. I swear it….we will make him or her suffer for killing Hayate."

"Heh, knowing him….he didn't go down without a fight. Did he have a smile on his face?" Naruto said with a mirthless chuckle.

"Yeah…he did. How did you know?"

"He always told me that if he died, he would have a smile on his face because he was thinking of you for his last memory. I laughed….I thought he was joking because he was going to live a long life with you at his side." Naruto replied back to her seriously.

(Sanctuary-After the Battle by Utada Hikaru plays)

Yugao began to cry and Naruto took her in his arms once again and just held her. "Hayate….he also told me something else….he told me that if something happened to him, I was to take care of you, Yugao…..I promise that I will do it for Hayate and find his killer."

Yugao said nothing, but continued to cry and Naruto held her close. Finally Yugao fell asleep on his chest and Naruto listened to her breathing to slowly fall asleep. "I will make you pay….Orochimaru…."

Somewhere near Konoha- Orochimaru reached for his medicine cup and the cup shattered completely, making the Snake Sannin unnerved. "That is not a good sign…..heh, somebody must be really upset with me." The snake thought to himself.

Hakureisaiga- Whew, there we go…another chapter of the Heartless Angel. Next, a bit of Naruto's training….maybe a date with Haku if I feel like it. Would you like that? Also poor Yugao and Hayate, I am sorry that I had to kill him, but I made the swordsman go out better than Kishimoto.