Naruto peered down through the trees. Baa-chan and Ero-sennin were speaking with the old guy with the crazy long beard in Green-Eyes' language. Or, at least, a little of the language. They weren't exactly fluent. They were also talking to each other in mission-speak; subtle twitches of fingers, a shift of position, tapping of a foot, stuff like that. He only knew a little bit of Anbu-speak- most of it was beyond him- but he could deal with mission-speak. It'd only taken Ero-sennin every spare moment of the three year training trip to pound it in to his head, but he had to admit, it was useful.

That, and it was pretty damn cool to know more about something than Sasuke-teme and Sakura-chan combined (granted, they were both as fluent as he was now, but it was still nice to think about).

He was startled out of his musings when the group of …lizards? ...Wizards! shifted around so that Green-Eyes was up front with the old man, his two friends close behind. Naruto leaned forward so he could see around the branches better. Green-Eyes was looking around instead of paying attention to the conversation. Did he know that most of their number was hiding up in the trees? Probably.

Baa-chan apparently thought the same, because just then she turned towards him, waving him down from the tree with one hand, and using the other to give the hold position signal to everyone else.

He cut the chakra flow to his feet and let gravity pull him off the branch. He heard a Tch from behind and above him as he came out his controlled fall into a crouch. So yeah, maybe he was showing off a little for the civilians, but it was fun. And the looks on their faces! It made him nostalgic for his pranking days.

He stood up, and directed a cheery wave to Green-Eyes, who returned it with a snort of laughter.

"So… Whatcha need, Baa-chan?"

Tsunade glared at him, but her eyes were smiling as she scolded him for calling her old. Naruto tuned out after that, because while all the inane little comments were funny, they weren't nearly as important as the mission-speak.

I want intel- threat level, alliances, who's in power, maps, languages, and the like. I want a report as soon as you've got information. Haruno and the Uchiha are with you. Sakura is on Tactics, Sasuke is on Recon, and Kakashi will hang around for back-up. Update them on what you know, and then focus on relations. We don't know where we are, how we got here, or how long we'll be here; so far, things seem friendly- we'll all make an effort to keep it that way, but you and your team will be the closest to the Potter boy. He's got influence, though from what you've already told me it looks like he doesn't realize it. Remember- Intel and Integrate.

No one had any idea what was going on, they were deep in what might be enemy territory, their supplies were limited, and their likelihood of surviving relied completely on their ability to adapt and react. Naruto could feel a grin stretching his face- this was going to be fun!

Harry was more than a little nervous - two-thirds of the three ninja standing in front of the Hogwarts party were the strongest he was aware of. And Naruto had put one in power, and trained under the other. The Headmaster had beckoned him forward, and then the woman- Godaime? It wasn't her name, but Harry hadn't heard anything else with enough frequency for it to stick- had gestured Naruto down out of the trees. The trees. A small part of Harry was still trying to get over that, but most of him was busy grinning back at the boy.

Dumbledore was still smiling benignly, so Harry heaved a sigh and shuffled closer to the blond. He was still pretty rattled from the Giant Fox of Doom, but Naruto's eyes were about as blue as a person's eyes could get, and apparently his wand was fixable. He decided not to dwell on it.

Harry's "…Hullo." was directed at Naruto, and a clumsy half bow towards the two adults standing next to him. The white haired man wasn't impressed, but Godaime at least looked amused.

At that point, Naruto started babbling at breakneck speeds, and Harry was pretty sure that he wouldn't be able to understand it, even if he was speaking English.

"They're from a different world and they speak Japanese. What are the chances there would be a language in common? This is fascinating!" And apparently Hermione was a ninja too, because since when had she been standing next to him?

"Uh, Hermione, you do realize that those two are the strongest Ninja Naruto's ever met, right?"

"Oh, hush, I'm sure that they're perfectly civil." And she was off, talking just as fast as Naruto, asking questions faster than could be answered, and never mind the language barrier. This time it was the man's turn to look amused, except, nope not amused, just staring at Hermione's chest. Harry bristled, and then Naruto started squawking "Ero-sennin!" and everything just kind of degenerated from there.

Harry sighed. How was this his life?

Not long after Noise and Chaos decided to drop by, Snape decided that if someone would just cast a bloody translation charm things would go a lot smoother. So he did, and the three ninja on the forest floor promptly Freaked Out.

Harry, while massively displeased and freaking out a little bit himself, was in no way surprised to find himself pinned to the white-haired man's chest with something sharp at his throat, or to see that Snape was pinned to a tree by no less than six knives going through the extraneous fabric of his robes. Hermione had been knocked to the ground, and when she made to stand up, and blade buried itself three inches from her hand.

"What. Was. That." And wow, but that woman was a lot scarier when you could understand her. So maybe Harry could sort of understand the way everyone else was frozen up, but honestly, he was the one with a knife at his neck, did he really have to be the one to explain?

…Yes, yes he did.

"A Translation charm- Merlin, that's sharp- just for communication- not harmful at all!"

Godaime was still staring at the main group of wizards, but her head was turned ever so slightly towards Harry.

"A warning would have been appreciated."

Harry didn't quite know what to say to that, so he just tilted his head back to try to avoid the knife when he swallowed.

"Ah, duly noted. My name is Albus Dumbledore, the Headmaster of Hogwarts, whose grounds you are currently occupying. Perhaps my student could be released, and we could discuss what brings you here?"

Godaime and the man- Ero-sennin?- glanced at each other for a long moment.

"If it's all the same to you, Headmaster, I think we'll keep him until we figure things out a bit more."

Harry didn't have time to ratchet his level of Freaked up much before he was spinning up and away, further into the Forbidden forest, held captive by ninja who thought they were in enemy territory.

Honestly, being kidnapped was almost common-place for him nowadays.