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Published: 02 February 2010

Chapter 5: Of The Wakeup Call.

Harry woke early the next day feeling rough. Glasses placed on his nose, a quick glance around the room let him know that aside from him, the room was empty. And here he'd been expecting to find Tom looming over his bed with a knife in hand. No, that was just his imagination running away with him. He snorted, and pulled himself out of bed. He would not bring himself to make the first move. If Tom wanted answers, Tom was going to have to ask. Harry was not going to allow himself to be manipulated by Tom Riddle.

Not again.

Tom Riddle sat in the back garden of the orphanage. Sitting on the lone swing at the back of the garden, narrowed eyes shooting a laser gaze kept anyone else from approaching him. His thoughts remained on one boy.

Harry Peverell.

The boy was a mystery. A little younger than himself, Harry had first come into the picture that day on the beach. That day when Amy and Dennis had been running from him-

Tom stopped in his thoughts and smirked. He wouldn't be forgetting that day anytime soon.

...Back onto his previous train of thought. Harry had seemed pretty much unfazed when Tom had first appeared. Of course, there was that look- those looks that Tom just could not decipher.

Now Tom considered himself to be adept at reading people. He didn't know how, but he knew how people acted. He knew how to make people to do what they wanted.

But Harry was different, and after that incident the night before...

He was definitely curious.

Harry was surprised that Tom hadn't jumped straight into the interrogation. He had known Voldemort was never one to be patient, but then that was the problem. Tom wasn't Voldemort. Not yet, anyway.

And so it had taken three months for the approach to take place.

Harry had been busy in his room. He was sitting on his bed, reading the newspaper. World War Two would be kicking off soon, if Harry remembered his history lessons correctly. 1939, to be exact, but the tensions had been running high before that. There was something going on about Japan, right now.

The autumny weather of October was sending the beginnings of a chill down the orphanage, and Harry was isolated from his followers. The door was closed and he was huddled on his bed.

Curse those fan-clubs.

Tom had strolled into the room, the door clicking shut behind him. And he had strolled up to the side of Harry's bed, waiting for Harry to acknowledge him. He'd be waiting for hell to freeze over.

Harry kept his focus on the newspaper... but not really. He was staring at them, but the words were just glazing over the lenses of his glasses. His attention was elsewhere.

Something about leaving his back towards Tom Riddle left a nasty feeling in his stomach. Especially since the snake incident.

So Harry waited.

And waited. And then-

"Look at me." A command issued from Tom in an annoyed tone. "It's not nice to ignore people you know."

"Since when have you wanted to talk to me, Riddle?" Harry asked turning to face the, eyebrow arched. Because Harry wasn't feeling hostile at all. He saw a glare alight on the other boy's previously neutral face. Huh- it seemed as if he detested the surname already.

"How long have you been able to do that?" Tom asked, glare still in place. Harry almost smiled. Bless him, (pity him, send him to hell or make him leave), Tom actually thought he looked intimidating.

This was nothing.

"Been able to do what?" Harry asked, turning away and turning a page. No Harry wasn't feeling provocative at all.

"Tell me! How long have you been able to speak?- To snake's I mean."

The words had gotten rushed towards the end, and Harry could feel the excitement almost become tangible.


"I thought you were an idiot," Tom stated. He didn't seem inclined to answer the question. "I thought you were stupid- stupid like the rest of them are. But you're not- you're like me."

Harry's hands froze.

"Can you do anything else?"

Harry ignored him.

"You're like me"

"So similar we are, Potter..." That had been what He had said before.

And suddenly he felt sick.

Here he had thought he'd gotten over these issues.


And Harry turned with such a glare that Tom actually faltered. Those green eyes had just ignited into a raging inferno.

"I am not like you."

He sprung off the bed, flinging the newspaper down and stormed out of the room

And as the door slammed shut behind him, Tom was left bewildered.

Perhaps for the first time in his life.

Dinner had long since ended since their delightful talk. Tom still wanted answers, and Harry didn't seem inclined to give them. And so he'd come up with a new approach.

Funny, it seemed to take conscious effort not to belittle others... a... pleasant conversation seemed a lot more taxing. And required a great deal more thought. Something told Tom that if Harry hadn't been scared of him for the entirely of this time he had been at he orphanage, he wasn't about to start now.

And so, a new strategy was born.

Harry sat on his bed, staring blankly up at the ceiling. He heard Tom enter and walk over to the shared wardrobe, but ignored the other boy's shuffling about. He had things to think about. Like what he would do when Dumbledore finally showed up. Dumbledore would definitely have the answer, and Harry would be sent home. He'd see Ron, and Hermione, and the Weasleys. Ginny.

He missed them... so much. It had been years. He wondered how much time had passed for them. The same as that had passed for him? He didn't really know how time-travel worked. Being sent to a time before your parents were even born was a vast change from travelling back a few hours with a Time-Turner.

He felt a shadow loom over him, breaking him from his thoughts.

"Here." Tom held out his hand, arm outstretched and something sitting in his palm. He looked away.

Harry raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"It's- Happy Birthday."

Harry blinked slowly. "What?"

"Just take it, would you?" The tone was going from slightly flustered to annoyed, and Harry was very confused. He slowly picked up the toy. A slightly worn yoyo.

"My birthday was months ago," he stated confused.

"I didn't get you anything."

"You never get me anything. I don't get anything for you either."

"Well, you're my friend now." Harry suddenly felt like a possession.

"No, we're not."

"You're the same as me!"

"No, I'm not!" He handed the yoyo back. "That's not even yours- you stole it off one of the other boys."

"You want something of mine?"

"No- I don't want anything from you. No, wait. I want you to leave me alone. I'm not interested in anything you have to say, Tom." Not anymore.

And suddenly Tom looked angry. "I'm being nice to you-"

"So you can get information. That's not being friends."

He turned his back on the other boy.

There was a silence.

And then-

"Well how do you suppose we become friend's then. You aren't too nice yourself."

Harry didn't want to be friends with a future psychopath. The man who's kill his parent and countless others.

But that old curiosity was still lurking; had been since he'd found out just where he was. What made Voldemort- Tom Riddle tick?

The next morning Harry woke from his sleep feeling fresh and rested. With a yawn he sat up, reaching for his glasses. Glancing over at the alarm clock, he had to look again to make sure he wasn't seeing things. Eight-thirty AM. That was strange. Tom usually set the alarm for six- thought a rude awakening was funny. Or something.

"Well how do you suppose we become friend's then?"

Harry wondered not for the first time just what he'd gotten himself into.

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