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- BPOV -


Edward stalked in front of me. The smell of the mountain lion's blood was carrying towards us on the wind.

You look so sexy doing that, I told him mentally.

He waved his hand at me behind his back trying to silently let me know that I was cheating. Which was true. I'd brought down my lion in sixty-five seconds. He was trying to beat that time, and I was trying to distract him so I could win. Although we still hadn't decided exactly what the winner would receive. This wasn't the first time we'd had this exact same contest. Half the time he won, half the time I did.

He crouched deeper into his hunting stance and then launched himself towards the lion, taking it down in one smooth, swift motion. To anyone with lesser eyesight he would have just been a blur, but I could see the smallest twitch of every defined muscle along the length of his torso and down the back of his lean legs, even underneath the clothes he was wearing.

He turned back towards me, with a wide grin on his face, and just a tiny hint of blood on his lips. Other than that tiny drop of red, it would have been natural to assume he was just taking a leisurely stroll through the forest.

"I'm calling that one mine, considering the distractions I had to contend with," he murmured to me as he clutched a loose strand of my hair and tucked it behind my ears.

"One comment is hardly distractions," I replied. I put my mouth close to his and licked the remaining smear of blood off with my tongue.

"No, but the constant thoughts around that comment definitely were." His hands ghosted down my sides, barely touching me but it was enough to send shivers of pleasure coursing around my entire body.

He reached his arms around my waist and brought his lips to mine. His tongue caressed mine and I existed in my past sense for that glorious moment. Remembering the taste of his lips, the texture of his tongue. Grasping hold of every precious detail I could.

His hands trailed down to my back and his fingers slipped into the waistband of my jeans.


I felt myself shifting back even though I didn't want to. I wasn't ready yet. My ability to control my power had diminished greatly over the last 12 months. I concentrated hard and managed to shift into another past, rather than return to my present. I was surprised to realise it was a past from when I was still human.


I watched as my human self walked through the door. Edward pushed the door shut behind her. She didn't turn to look at him, instead taking in the view of the makeshift field of flowers Edward had set up.

I watched as her eyes widened in surprise at the view in front of her, listened as her heart began to thump excitedly. I was jealous of her for this moment shared with Edward. She had his undivided attention. I could tell by the set of his jaw and the pitch of his breathing he was nervous and I knew why. He was about to propose to her. I couldn't think of her as me anymore. She suffered too much during her life, and yet for all of that she had things I didn't. Opportunities lost to me now. That was another life, a different time, and I could never claim it back.

Edward walked up behind her. "They're all the different types of flowers from our meadow. Had I been smart enough to not leave you. That's where I would have done this."

"Done what?" she asked, turning on the spot to face the door.

Edward circled around the other way, laughing, and knelt in behind her, waiting for her to spin back around. He held up a box which I knew contained a ring, his mother's ring. My hand raised instinctively to my neck. My fingers trailed down the chain that resided there, my fingers enclosing the ring there. It remained a permanent reminder of our love.

I couldn't watch anymore. I was here to escape what was happening in my present but this was too much.


I shifted back to present and found myself lying in a bed. I stared at the yellowing ceiling above me, hating how much it reminded me of that time. Of her and her ability to die to get away from the pain of lost love or to chose to move on with imperfect human memory. I scowled at the ceiling. I turned my head to the side but all I saw there were the holes I had punched through the plasterboard. I sighed. I knew I should do some repairs to this house, my father's old house, it was in desperate need of some TLC and my constant abuse when I grew frustrated only caused further damage.

Now that I was back in my own body I noticed how much my throat burned. I quickly realised I'd been living in my fantasy world, in my past, for three days. I would need to hunt soon, I was too close to civilization to risk waiting too much longer. I sighed because the simple act of hunting, which Edward and I used to share, held no joy for me anymore. I derived no pleasure from it, or from anything. I had no one to share my life with anymore.

I was bitterly reminded, once again, of all I had lost. I grabbed the pillow under my head and threw it across the room. It burst into a cloud of feathers when it hit the wall. I cursed at myself. I needed to take better care of my things. I didn't have limitless funds anymore. Edward's ring and the house were the only things I had left in the world.

Everything else was gone.


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