Story: Rouge

Summary: Arisa Namikaze, the former captain of Squad Ten. Years ago, she went against a direct order from Central Forty-Six in order to save her Lieutenant, Rangiku Matsumoto from a Vizard. Her orders had been to stay put in Squad Ten's barracks while Squad Two went looking for Rangiku. Knowingly disobeying orders, Arisa left the barracks and rescued Rangiku when no one else could, or would. Though the rest of Squad Ten tried to vouch for Arisa in saying that she did what was right, regardless of orders, she was removed from her position as captain and replaced by Toshiro Hitsugaya. Without a word about it, Arisa quickly and quietly left the Soul Society to go to the World of the Living. Ever since doing so, the Thirteen Court Guard Squad has been looking for her, and somehow she's managed to avoid them. But when Toshiro is charged with treason and retreats to the World of the Living, Arisa helps him without a thought, and against his wishes. While helping the man who replaced her, Arisa may find that she was wrong in thinking that she could not feel anything for another Soul Reaper. Tosh/OC

Warning: Language, Violence

A/N: This is loosely based off of The Diamond Dust Rebellion.

"Captain Arisa Namikaze, you have been charged with disobeying a direct order from Central Forty-Six," The head captain announced. "Do you deny this charge?"

Arisa sighed quietly and shook her head. "I do not deny the charge, head captain, but I would like to explain my—"

"There is no time for explaining anything! A direct order is not to ever be disobeyed! As a captain, you should know that!"

"Yes, sir," she slowly said, grinding her teeth, "I'm aware of that. But who else would have gone to the great lengths I went to, to save Rangiku?!"

"Lieutenant Matsumoto is completely capable of taking care of herself, captain!"


"No more of this!" The head captain hit his cane off of the wooden floor. "It's fairly obvious that you are no longer capable of being a Soul Reaper, nonetheless a captain."

"What?!" She looked around at the twelve other captains to see if they would object to this, but none even so much as looked at her. Not even her close friend, Jushiro Ukitake, would turn his gaze to her.

"As such, you are to be stripped of your title as captain of Squad Ten! Until further notice, you are to be confined to the barracks while we deliberate your fate as a Soul Reaper!"

Arisa struggled as two other Soul Reapers grabbed her arms to take her from the room. "You can't do this! Release me!"

"Bring in Toshiro Hitsugaya."

She stopped struggling long enough to see a boy with white hair walk in calmly. He had an icy air about him that made Arisa want to cringe. She felt someone begin to take her captain's jacket away from her, and she struggled to keep it on. In the struggle, the sleeves of the jacket were torn away and it was easily taken.

"Toshiro Hitsugaya, you are now the captain of Squad Ten!" The head captain announced. "Will you accept?"

"With honor," Toshiro replied coolly, taking the ripped jacket and putting it on.

It burned Arisa's blood to see someone else wearing what she had worn for years—what she shouldn't have to give up. "That's not his position, dammit!" She struggled even more fiercely against the Soul Reapers that held her now. "How dare you replace me when I did nothing wrong!"

"You disobeyed an order from Central Forty-Six, right?" Toshiro glanced back at her. "If you ask me, that borders on treason."

"No!" Regardless of the head captain ordering her to Squad Ten's barracks, and her being pulled in that direction, she still struggled. "You damned brat! The position of captain is not yours to have! I'm the rightful captain of Squad Ten!"

As the doors were, closing, the head captain spoke up once again; "As you are now merely a soldier, Arisa Namikaze, you are no longer allowed to released your bankai unless permitted, or in a life or death situation."

"Damn you all to hell!" She screamed as the doors finally closed and she was dragged back to the barracks.

Later that night, Arisa would escape the Seireitei and go to live in the World of the Living.

Arisa jumped awake, snapping into a sitting position in her bed as her alarm clock sounded. Taking a calming breath, she lay back and looked over at the clock. It read seven-thirty a.m., time for her to get up and open up shop.

Slowly but surely, she climbed out of bed and replaced her light blue pajamas with a v-neck white shirt and a pair of blue jeans. She walked into her bathroom and put her long black hair up into a high ponytail on the top of her head, while leaving her chin-length bangs out to frame her pale white face.

Placing one small hand on the mirror before her, she looked into her dark blue eyes to see signs of sleep deprivation. That happened often when she had that dream—that memory. And that only occurred when one of the captains of the Thirteen Court Guard Squad was near.

She sighed and straightened out, stretching her long arms over her head. "Oh well. I can't leave the shop closed just because someone I know is near." She reached for a dark green apron that said in fine script, Namikaze Flowers across the middle and put it on. "Time to open up, Kirin wouldn't be happy if she has to open again."

Arisa walked out of the apartment she lived in above her flower shop and put her white sneakers on. She trudged down the stairs, not really in a big hurry to begin yet another day in her boring human life.

Though she walked through the bright colored shop slowly and turned on the light while unlocking the door rather quickly, a girl with light brown hair and gold eyes still ran inside with a scowl on her face.

"Arisa, you're always so slow opening up in the morning. I almost just opened up myself." She complained, resting her hands on thin hips.

Arisa shrugged. "Sorry, Kirin. Another weird dream kept me occupied this morning."

"Another one?" Kirin leaned back against the white checkout counter while thinking. "Have you seriously considered therapy for it? It might help if someone else besides me hears you're having these dreams. And you might want to actually tell someone what these 'weird dreams' are about."

"No," Arisa answered immediately, "I couldn't tell them. I can't tell anyone. Everyone, including you, would think me strange."

Kirin smiled and reached over the counter for an apron that matched Arisa's. "Whatever you say, Arisa." She slid it on over her head and tied the back with a few smooth motions. "I'm just worried about you, these dreams happening more and more lately."

"I know…" Arisa mumbled as she turned to check the flowers in the display window. Hopefully, these dreams mean nothing.

Suddenly, a strong spiritual pressure overtook the room. Arisa looked back at Kirin, but she didn't seem to notice it. She looked out of the open front door when she heard a boy's voice. She was prepared for it to be a squad captain, and though her zanpakuto was upstairs in her apartment, she could get it without difficulty. When she saw that the boy was simply an orange haired high school student, she relaxed and sent a flux of her own energy his direction. She thought that he too was a rouge from the Soul Society, and figured it would be okay to let just this one person know what she was.

He turned around at sensing her spiritual pressure and made eye contact with her. Without thinking, he walked into the shop. "Who are—"

"Ichigo." A girl with short black hair followed the boy into the shop. "What are you doing?"

Arisa willed herself to look completely innocent and oblivious as to why he was in the shop. She knew the girl, Rukia Kuchki, a Soul Reaper who would turn her in quickly to the Thirteen Court Guard Squad.

"I thought…" Ichigo looked between Rukia and Arisa. "I felt something in here."

"Perhaps you felt the need to buy flowers for the pretty girl?" Arisa asked smoothly.

"What?" He looked at her like she was insane…or had grown a second head.

"Look, miss, Ichigo's not—" Rukia cut herself off with a gasp as she took in Arisa's face. "A-Arisa Namikaze?"

"That would be me." Arisa smiled nicely. "Even if he isn't getting you flowers, maybe you would like some…?"

"I found you." Rukia smirked wildly.

"E-Excuse me?" Though she said this, Arisa thought, Shit!

"You have no idea how many of us have been looking far and wide for you. We almost gave up."

"Well," Arisa laughed innocently, "all you had to do was look for this shop. It's been in my family for three generations, so you could've asked anyone."

"Rukia, what are you talking about?" Ichigo asked, completely confused.

"Former captain Arisa Namikaze," Rukia replied smoothly.

"Captain?" Kirin finally butted in, even more confused than Ichigo.

Arisa shrugged. "Beats me."

"You were stripped of your title and replaced by captain Hitsugaya for disobeying orders. You know that, so don't play dumb! You may be able to fool everyone else, 'captain', but you can't fool the eyes of a fellow So—"

Ichigo covered Rukia's mouth. "Forgive her Miss Namikaze, she's been in a strange mood lately."

Arisa chuckled. "Thank nothing of it. Being a flower shop owner, I hear weird things all the time. But, out of curiosity, is she a soldier?"

"A soldier?" Kirin walked by with a vase of flowers, setting then on a small table. "Come on Arisa, soldiers are much larger in stature, even the female ones. This girl's short and thin, no muscle at all. There's no way she's a soldier."

"Even so, this girl mentioned that her and others were looking for a captain with my surname. I think she has some connection to the military." Arisa looked at Ichigo. "Am I right?"

He chuckled nervously, "Sorta…"

Rukia shoved Ichigo's hand away. "Ichigo, I have to report this! Former captain Arisa Namikaze, the same woman we've been search for, for…years is here, where you live!"

Arisa and Kirin exchanged a look. Arisa asked, "How long have you been searching for this 'former captain'?"

"Longer than we'd like to admit. But, then again, you know exactly how long!"

"Look, girl, I hate to burst your bubble when you're on such a roll here, but I have to tell you something. I obtained this shop from my mother when I was nineteen, five years ago. I hired Kirin, my friend from High School, that same year."

Kirin nodded. "That's right!"

"I'm twenty-six-years-old. My full name is Arisa Namikaze the third."

"The third?" Rukia froze, obviously embarrassed. "No! Arisa Namikaze, the girl we are searching for, is the only one recorded! And we can't reproduce!"

Arisa gave Rukia a slightly disgusted, yet sympathetic smile. "I'm sorry, but whoever you're looking for isn't me."


"Come on, Rukia." Ichigo started pushing her out the door. "Sorry about that."

"It's okay…" Arisa turned around and sighed once she was sure the two were out of earshot. "Holy crap, that was…weird."

"Yeah, it was," Kirin agreed, "even for a strange day."

"Yeah…" She glanced at the door when Kirin turned away. She mumbled under her breath, "You will never prove who I am, Rukia Kuchki."