"Rangiku!" Arisa screamed as she ran for her lieutenant, who was tied up with both rope and a restraining kido.

Rangiku flipped her head back, getting her long orange hair out of her face. She was shocked at seeing her captain, but still reacted. "C-Captain Namikaze!"

The Vizard who stood next to Rangiku turned and smirked. "Well, well, captain Arisa Namikaze. Why are you here?"

"You kidnapped my lieutenant," Arisa replied coolly.

"Oh?" The Vizard looked at Rangiku. "She was in my territory."

"I highly doubt that." She drew her zanpakuto. "Drown them in your sorrow, Fukyuu Mizu! Mizu Ori!" Arisa swung Fukyuu Mizu horizontally and entrapped the Vizard a birdcage made of water. (A/N: Mizu Ori means Water Cage)

With that, she ran over to Rangiku and released the restraining kido before releasing her from the ropes. As she was pulling Rangiku away by the arm, Arisa turned and swung her zanpakuto again. "Suibou Mizu Ori!" The cage collapsed on itself, drowning the Vizard where he stood. (A/N: Suibou Mizu Ori means Collapsing Water Cage)

Once they were far enough away, Arisa stopped and turned to Rangiku. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah." Rangiku smiled. "I definitely have to thank you for this, captain."

Arisa smiled back. "Don't worry about it." She looked over where shouts from other Soul Reapers were. "Here come reinforcements."

The other Soul Reapers gathered in a circle around Arisa and Rangiku, all extremely stern-faced. The two girls looked around, afraid that this might be a trick by another Vizard. At least, that is, until Jushiro Ukitake stepped forward.

"Captain Ukitake!" Arisa smiled again and began to run forward.

"Kido number one: Restrain," Ukitake said calmly, sending his friend to the ground.

"What the—Ukitake?!"

"Captain?!" Rangiku yelled, surprised at this.

"I'm sorry, Arisa, but I was ordered to restrain you on sight." He sighed. "You're going back to the Soul Society for a trial."

"A trial?! For what?!" Arisa demanded. She had never in her long life heard of a trial without reason.

"You went against orders, and came to lieutenant Matsumoto's side. That could be considered treason."


"You can't really think that!" Rangiku argued, "Captain Namikaze risked her life coming to rescue me! And now you're going to—"

"She went against direct orders from Central Forty-Six. She was supposed to stay in the barracks until we returned we returned with you, lieutenant. The guards who allowed her to escape have already been punished." Ukitake sighed and gestured to one of his officers. "Grab captain Namikaze, we will depart shortly."

"Sir." The officer grabbed Arisa's arm and began to drag her away as Ukitake checked on Rangiku.

"Arisa." Kirin poked her manager's arm. "Arisa, wake up."

Slowly, Arisa opened her eyes. She had been leaning against the check-out counter taking a nap. She yawned and stretched. "How long was I out?"

"Long enough for customers to complain about how unprofessional sleeping on the job was."


"Nope. I told them you have narcolepsy, and they took pity and bought some blue roses."

"Blue roses? Our most expensive flower?"


"You should pull that one more often."

"I do, every time you fall asleep at the counter."


"Most just leave, some buy lilies; this was the first time someone bought a blue rose out of pity."

Arisa hung her head. "I need to start getting more sleep at night…"

"I agree."

Even though she thought this, Arisa shrugged it off and stretched again. "Regardless, I need to stop taking naps against the counter." She popped her back. "It's killing my back."

Kirin put one hand on her hip. "Well, I can't imagine why," she replied sarcastically.

It was then, when Arisa's eyes just happened to glance over that way, that she saw some boy with black hair trying to sneak out of the shop with a bouquet of red roses.

"Hey!" Arisa jumped over the counter and grabbed the back of the would-be thief's trench coat. "What do you think you're doing?"

Kirin walked over with both hands on her hips now; she had just now seen the thief. "Stealing from a flower shop? That's pretty damn low."

When the thief didn't respond or move, Arisa continued, "You have three choices, pay for those roses, put the roses back, or try and run…I assure you that if you choose the third choice, I will be on your pathetic ass until I catch you."

"And I'll call the police immediately."

"What's it gonna be?"

For a moment, the thief began to tremble, and Arisa thought that maybe he was going to either pay for, or put the roses back. Instead, though, he slipped out of the trench coat and began to book it down the street.

"Dammit!" She began running after him as Kirin turned back to the counter to reach the phone.

The guy ran faster than Arisa had thought he would. He took good care not to allow any of the roses lose their petals, but she would be damned if she would be able to catch up with him. He turned sharply down another street and paused a moment to stop himself from falling, allowing Arisa to catch up greatly.

Just as she was nearly in arms' reach of him, she saw the orange-haired boy from earlier – I wish I could remember his name, she thought – walking towards them. "Hey, stop him!"

Ichigo looked over and saw the man running away from Arisa. He held out his arm, causing the man's neck to catch in the crook of his arm. The thief went sprawling onto his back on the pavement. Arisa ducked under Ichigo's arm and stomped down on the thief's chest as hard as she could.

She looked over at Ichigo. "Thanks."

"No problem. Mind explaining who I just cloths-lined, though?" He gave her a look as if saying he didn't mean to over-do it.

"A thief," she replied. "He stole that bouquet of roses in his arms."

"Ouch," he said with a chuckle. He leaned down to look at the guy. "Bad move stealing from her shop, Miss Namikaze is vicious when it comes to thieves."

The thief didn't say a word, but the look on his face said that he had noticed.

Only a few seconds later, a police car showed up with its lights sounding off. The cops stopped next to the scene and asked about the flower thief.

"This is him," Arisa responded. She removed her foot from the guy's chest as one of the cop's pulled him up and put handcuffs on him.

The other one sighed. "Miss Namikaze, we all know you like to handle thieves in your own way, and it well may work, but as I've said before, I don't recommend it."

"I don't see why not." She shrugged.

"Have you ever thought that the thief might have a gun or knife on him?"

"Even if he had, the guy slipped out of his trench coat before taking off. I would assume that any weapon would have been in there."

The officer sighed again. "You're hopeless. If you ever get hurt, I want to be the one to say 'I told you so'."

"Of course you do," she sighed. "Anyway, you guys can keep the flowers as a thank you." She turned to walk away. As she did, she smiled at Ichigo. "Thanks for the help, uh…I'm sorry, I forgot your name."

"Ichigo Kurosaki."

She continued smiling. "Thanks, Ichigo. See you around." She started jogging.

"Hey!" The police officer who had been talking to her ran up behind her and put one hand on her shoulder. "Arisa, listen to me. We've been friends since High School, so I would hate to see you injured. That's why I'm no longer asking you this, I'm telling you, stop chasing down people who steal from your flower shop!"

"Look, Soichiro, you don't need to worry. Anyone stealing from a flower shop won't have even a pocket knife on them." She smirked back at him. "If someone steals from my shop, I'll chase them down, and nothing you say is going to change that."

Soichiro gave her a stern look that reminded her all too well of her former friend, Ukitake, but he backed off. "Fine. But if something happens to you while you're chasing a thief next time, there will be nothing I can do."

"Don't worry," Arisa said with a smile. She turned and jogged back off towards her shop, thinking about she was going to tell Kirin about the epic defeat of the thief.

Kirin leaned against the counter, holding her sides while laughing. "Are-Are you serious? He held out his arm and cloths-lined the guy?!"

"Yep," Arisa laughed. "It was epic! And afterward, he didn't even look like he had done any over-kill!"

That sent Kirin into a laughing fit. Arisa had told her about the chase of the thief, which ended in Ichigo cloths-lining him straight onto his back. Of course, Arisa had made it a little more dramatic than she should have, but she always liked making her friend laugh so hard that she'd almost pee her pants. She hadn't even begun to talk about Soichiro – who they both called "the buzz-kill cop" – and really didn't want to.

Unfortunately, it had to come up eventually. Kirin wiped off a tear that had been falling down her cheek and giggled a few more times before asking, "So, was the buzz-kill cop there?"

Arisa sighed and leaned against the counter, next to Kirin. "Unfortunately."

"What'd he say this time?"

"Something about having to stop chasing thieves."

"What? Man, if you didn't chase them down, then most of them probably wouldn't be caught."

"I know, that's why I chase them – that, and I don't like people who try to piss me off." That was true; Arisa has had a short fuse ever since escaping the Seireitei.

Kirin chuckled a couple of times before looking outside to see sun beginning to go low in the sky. "What a day…"

Arisa looked outside, shocked to see it was already time to close up shop. "How long was my nap?"

"Close to four and a half hours."

She sighed. "Great…"

"Don't worry about it," Kirin said as she slipped off her apron.

"Don't worry about it? I was only awake here for four hours today."

"Maybe you really do have narcolepsy." Kirin giggled and put her apron under the counter.

Arisa shook her head. "Not funny," she sighed. "I guess whenever you leave, I'll take a shower and go to sleep. Strangely enough, I'm still tired."

Kirin gave her friend a concerned look. "If you want, I'll run the shop tomorrow."

"Hmm?" Arisa looked over at Kirin.

She smiled. "You've been having trouble sleeping lately, right? Maybe you should take tomorrow off, catch up on your sleep. I have no problem running the shop for a day. Besides, if you're getting sick, you should take a day off to kick it in the ass before it hits."

Arisa smiled. "Thanks. I'll sleep on it."

"Good." Kirin walked out of the shop, closing the door behind her.

Arisa walked over to the door and locked it before closing the blinds on the windows, and walking back up the stairs to her apartment.

She opened the door and plopped down on the couch, letting her eyes slip shut. "Just a little nap," she mumbled. "A little nap before dinner."

Just as she was drifting off, there was a large explosion outside of her window. She jolted up, completely awake, and ran over to the window to see what was going on.