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Naruto has been waiting for this day for a long time now. Today will be the day that Konoha pays for what they have done. They killed Naruto clan. They had dared to destroy the wolf clan. Now it's the Chuunin exams and in the 3rd round. This test was one vs. one matches and the win goes to the finales. Naruto is going to vs. Kiba right now but not before he tells he Hokage. He going tell everyone here the truth about Kyuubi and the reason why she attack. No more of the 3rd Hokage lies will keep coming from his mouth.

Naruto looks at Kiba he was one of the people in his genin class. He was always loud and a pain in the ass. But the biggest pain was Sasuke the person he has to be on the same team as. Naruto doesn't hate Kiba but he doesn't like him. Now he has a chance to made him pay for all the insults that Kiba made to him back in the genin class. Everyone time he made a mistake thanks to his powers being sealed without him knowing. Kiba would always insult like just like everyone else in the class. No more insulting because now his powers are release and it's not to show everyone his true power.

"Looks like we have an easy win" Kiba said to his dog partner. Naruto didn't care what Kiba said to him because he knows Kiba's not going to win. No that because right now he only forced on the old man. That backstabbed him and told him lies.

"Hokage-sama maybe now, you should tell everyone the real reason Kyuubi attack' Naruto said as he smirks to the Hokage. Everyone just looked at him and wonder what he was talking about. Everyone knows that Kyuubi attack for no reason and some of them believe it was because it was a blood crazy demon. How wrong they are because Kyuubi had a really good reason to want this village died. It is the same reason that Naruto wants this village dead.

"Naruto what do you mean? No one knows why Kyuubi attack the village" The Hokage told him as he lied to the boy again. The Hokage always hated to lie to him and for what he had done to the boy but I couldn't be helped. But Naruto was so used to the 3rd Hokage lying to him. Right now he knows that the old man is trying to lie to him once again. This time it's not going to work. The truth will come out and they will pay for it dearly.

"Don't lie; you may have fooled me before! You may of sealed my powers and bloodline away. Kyuubi attack because you had backstabbed and destroy the wolf clan! Then you had the guts give me the last name Uzumaki! You took my last name away" Naruto yelled at the Hokage with rage and anger in his voice. Naruto was so pissed at this minute that some of the genin were scared of him. Gaara was wondering what was going on and if this boy was like him.

"Naruto how do you still remember that!?" The 3rd Hokage yelled to Naruto as he's worried about what going to happen. If people found out the true reason than maybe they would hate the village. The 3rd Hokage never wanted to hurt Naruto or take away his last name from him. But he had to do what was good for the village. The guilt he feels inside of his heart he knows that he will never lose the guilt for as long as he lives. Naruto on the other hand will never forgive them for what they had done. He will forever hate this village and never think about forgiving them.

"Remember! You had thought your seals would make me forget! You killed my clan then Kyuubi the nine tail vixen. Who was the clan guardian attack your village!" When Naruto yelled back again for the 2nd time Naruto had more rage and anger in his voice. What Naruto did next shocked everything. Two black wings come out of Naruto back as his face changed as well. His eyes turned into wolf eyes as his teeth become more wolf like with sharp fangs. Tsume and the other Inuzuka women who are watching were shocked. His feral was more than their own.

Half of the people that are listening are trying to figure out if Naruto is telling the truth. What if they really caused the nine tail demon to attack their village. Was it their fault that so many of their families and friends are died now. Some of them looked down because few of them had helped in the attack or they family was in the attack. Now all the hate towards Naruto was gone. Because it's not Naruto fault that it happen. It was their and only theirs.

"You attacked my clan! Why did you! My clan was loyal to Konoha! It has been loyal to your village since the first Hokage! It was one of the first clans to help you build this village. This is how you repay them? By killing them!' Naruto yelled with all he had as his rage was about to hit his max. Naruto couldn't stay it anymore how could this village become something like that. How could this village become so heartless and cold. This good for nothing village. Right now Naruto wishes the village to burn in hell and he wants to be sitting there watching as it burns to ash.

"We had found info that said the Ookami *It means wolf, just like Inu means dog* was going to attack." Naruto couldn't believe his ears as he hears the Hokage tell him that his clan was going to attack the village. His clan was loyal and would never attack a ally and never backstab a friend. How far will the Hokage go to make people believe that they were the ones that are innocent and that his clan was the ones that are the evil ones. Naruto was now pissed off to the point where no one in this room together couldn't hold as must rage in them than him.

"We would never attack our allies! My clan lives by their loyal and pride over their lives! Even if you had info about some lie! You had no right to kill and raped my whole clan!" Everyone who was in the room could hear how pissed Naruto was. Which everyone in the whole room was now shocked. The Hokage couldn't believe what he had just heard. They told the shinobi to only kill the clan never to rape them. How come someone of done that to that clan. Wasn't killing them bad as it is but to rape them. He looks at Naruto which he's starting to wonder if doing this was the right thing for the village. The old man was also wondering if telling everyone the truth would of be better for everyone. Right now no one in this room could say that what he had done was for the good of the village. Other people here aren't from this village and they couldn't believe what was going on.

Asuma couldn't believe his father never took him the truth about what happened. His own father kept something like that from his own sons. Asuma knows that in shinobi life there is going be things people can't talk about but this was something that should of never had been hidden. He has watch Naruto's life and he has seen the hell that boy was put through. Now he finds out all that pain was for a lie to be hidden. He couldn't stop thinking that his father was part of something like this.

"Naruto we never rap" He was cut off by Naruto as he could see the anger inside of his eyes. These eyes hold more anger and rage in them than the Kyuubi herself. If you looked at Naruto right now you could swear he wasn't human because of the hate and anger in his eyes. But then again maybe Naruto isn't a human at all right now.

"Yes you did! When Kyuubi got to the clan area and seen them dead and the women smelled like sex and laying on the ground naked!" As Naruto yells at the Hokage again he starts to walk closer to the Hokage but was stopped by his sensei Kakashi. Naruto couldn't call Kakashi his sensei because he had known all of this and never said a word. Also Kakashi never trained Naruto because he hated Naruto and for what? His sensei was the reason this village had been attack by Kyuubi. Naruto looked at his so called sensei and Kakashi was taken aback by the anger that was going at him. Kakashi slowly backed up from Naruto. It was like looking at Kyuubi again but this time a stronger and more evilly vision of Kyuubi.

Kakashi for his part had known that Kyuubi attacked because of them. But he still doesn't want to face the world knowing that his sensei may have been the one that was evil and wrong. To him his sensei was like a 2nd father to him. So he never wants to think of him as someone that did something like this to a whole clan. But then again he let Naruto go through so much pain. He could of help but he didn't. he just watched and wished that his sensei was still alive to help him.

"Naruto we" Hokage again was cut off by the enrage Naruto who right now wanted blood. He wanted the blood of the person that told the fourth Hokage these lies. He wants that person died and he wasn't going stop. Only way he was going to stop was if that person was killed. Naruto wasn't a bloodlust person no he was for from that. But this was hurting him so much. Hearing the Hokage say all this was too much for him. He slowly is losing control of his anger and becoming something that Kyuubi is worried about. Kyuubi cares deeply for Naruto. Not as a lover kind but has a mother or grandmother like. She has always been there since the attack and she's not going let anyone hurt him again.

"Who told you that lie? Who took you that my clan was going to attack! Tell me now old man!" Naruto asked/yelled in a demonic tone of voice as he starts giving off a demonic aura. Gaara for first time since he became a mindless killer was scared of the kind of demonic aura he was giving off. Gaara being scared is not something you see every day. You only see that once in a lifetime. But everyone around he was starting to become scared as well. The older shinobi which seen Kyuubi in the past are starting to become scared of Naruto. No one could blame him for doing this. They have all seen his life and now everyone knows the reason everyone hates him was a lie.

"Danzo the leader of root Anbu" When Naruto heard that he just looked down at the Hokage in shame for him. How could they believe someone that tried to kill him. How could they believe a rat like Danzo over his clan.

Anko couldn't believe someone like the 4th Hokage would believe Danzo over a whole clan of loyal shinobi. Right now she was worrying if the 4th Hokage was really a great person now. He was said to be the hero of Konoha for stopping Kyuubi. But he was one of the main reasons that she attacked the village. So was he really the so called hero of the village? Or was he just like snake face and is a villain.

"You believe Danzo a man that tried sending assassins at you and to kill you? You believe a man like that over a clan that was loyal to you since the birth of Konoha?" Naruto asked as he still was looking down because he couldn't look the Hokage in the eyes anymore. The 3rd Hokage was wondering if Danzo had tired killing him. He wouldn't put it pass the old hawk to try killing him.

As Naruto asked the Hokage wolfs start walking in the Chuunin exam room. Tsume looked and was shocked to see so many wolves, it was around forty. Most of the wolves were normal size. Some of them were smaller which people can tell by looking are pups of the wolves. There was about three of them that are bigger than the other wolves. All of them had the same color fur. It was a beautiful shade of silver. They eyes were a deep blue color which by looking at them. You could only call them beautiful wolves because of their fur and eyes.

"Naruto what do you mean he tried killing me" The Hokage was wondering what Naruto means as he asked him. He was also wondering what if Naruto was right. What if Danzo did lied to them and gave them lies just so they would kill the clan. If Naruto was right the Hokage couldn't live with himself anymore. He wonders if Minato is up there with Kami regretting what he has done. Maybe when he goes up there then he could ask him how he feels about what they have done.

"The 4th Hokage attack my clan because of Danzo. If you don't believe me when I said he sent people to kill you in the past. Then get Ino's dad to look inside my mind' Everyone heard him say that as he sits down with his soul and heartbroken. This village finally broke Naruto will and wanting to move forward. He could hear Kyuubi voice inside his head. Trying to keep him from giving up on life. So she keep saying caring voices to him.

The 3rd Hokage couldn't look at Naruto right now. He thought about to the day that Minato the

4th Hokage had ordered the attack on the clan. It was just to kill them not to rape them. The 4th would never tell his men to rape them but who would do that to people of they own village. They had feared that the clan was attacking because of Danzo info. Now it looks like that the info was all lies and they had killed a clan for no reason. A clan that was the most loyalists of all clans. He looks at Naruto which one day he could forgive this foolish village. But the old man knows that he would never fully forgive the village and he just hopes that Naruto doesn't destroy this village. He couldn't blame Naruto if he did destroy the village.

One of many wolves walked over to Naruto and laid down in his lap. Naruto moved his head onto the wolves head as his moved his wings to cover his body. Naruto right now was so drained of his life that he looks at the wolf with lifeless eyes. The wolf starts licking his face telling him that it's ok. That the wolves were going to keep him safe and no one was going to hurt him anymore.

"Naruto…. Danzo will pay for what he has done" The Hokage said as he looks at the broken Naruto. The biggest wolf walks up to the Hokage then looks at him hard. The wolf only looked at the Hokage with hate then looked at Naruto and she couldn't stand him being sad. The wolf treats Naruto like her own son and wishes that he could be happy again. She hates anyone that makes her Naruto sad.

"Why should he listen to a word you say!? All you and this village has done is hurt him! You took his name away! You took his clan away! This village has done only took and call him a demon or monster! You are nothing to him anymore! You are nothing and this village is nothing." The wolf yelled and shocking everyone. Right in front of them is a talking wolf but the Inuzuka are only ones that don't become shocked by this. They used to hearing dogs talk so to them this is only something that was normal to them. It may not be normal for everyone else but to them it is.

"You have all rights to not trust me and hate me. But I do want to try to make it up to him and I know this village has a lot to pay for." The 3rd Hokage said to the wolf who just looked back at Naruto.

"Give Naruto-sama his clan belongings" The Wolf said to the Hokage as he looks back at Naruto who sad eyes. The 3rd Hokage just nodded then unsealed a scroll. When the scroll was unsealed three things come out. One was a white katana. The katana blade was white unlike the other katana in the world. The handle of the blade was a blood red which looks like it was made by a master of crafting. It also has a head of a wolf on the end of the handle. The head was made out of a silver colored gem. The other two things are a ring with his clan sign on it. The ring was a gold looking ring. Which was made out of gold that was crafted into ring by the first leader of the clan. The last thing was a scroll that only someone of his clan can open. The scroll looks like a normal scroll which everyone could tell that it had a seal on it. It could keep that someone was from the clan and that was only person who could open it. The reason why it can keep is because the person has to drop his blood onto the seal. This is what people call a blood seal which is common to see in the world of shinobi.

"Naruto-same open the scroll then give it to Tsume-same" The wolf say as Tsume was wondering why the wolf told him to do that. What was this scroll that she has to get? Naruto took the ring first as he moved it onto his finger. Then he took the scroll and opened it which he then gave it to Tsume. Naruto had opened it by biting his thumb and wipe the seal of the scroll. He was also wondering why he had to give this to Tsume. Also he was wondering why he can't read it first. He starts to have a bad feeling about this scroll.

Tsume looked at the scroll and starts to read what it said. She was hoping this wasn't something bad. She really didn't want to hear any more bad news today. She looks at Naruto before she starts to read the scroll. She fears that this scroll is bad news because her clan believes that the Ookami clan hates them. For asking to move outside the village like they did.

Dear Head of Inuzuka clan.

I understand that you like move out of the walls of Konoha like we have been. I know it been long time since we talk but, we hope that we are still on good terms. We been making an area for you to build your homes out here but we feared that. People in Konoha are trying to get rid of us. If for some reason we no longer alive and my son is. I hope that are clans can be allies still and become partners. Also I hope you understand what kind of partners. If the clan head is a woman and not marry then would you be Naruto mate when he gets older. If you say no I understand and we will not hold it against you in anyway. With this scroll you allowed to go to the land next to are clan grounds. We hope that are fears are not real but if it is real then please take care of Naruto. He has a power that we don't. He is the fallen one and I hope that your understand what we mean by that.


Tenshi Ookami

Tsume looked at the scroll and couldn't believe that all this time. The Inuzuka's thought they hate them for asking so much but really they wanted them to be allies. Tsume couldn't believe that they asked her to become Naruto partner and she does know what that means. She only hopes that Naruto lets her be with him even if it just to make allies or maybe it can be more. To her Naruto is someone with a strong will to go through all the pain the village has given him. Also finding the truth and now going crazy with bloodlust.

She also think that he is strong because he has heard from his teacher Kakashi that he will do anything to help his teammates. She knows Kakashi didn't train him well but she can't blame him. He still thinks in the past and wishing his teammates and sensei was alive. She also wishes that her little sister Rin was still alive.

"What is it Tsume-sama? What does the scroll say?" A Inuzuka who has long blue hair that goes to the middle of her back. She also has brown slit eyes like all other member of the clan. She was around twenty two and had a nice body on her.

"This whole time the Ookami didn't hate us but wanted us to move outside the Konoha with them. They had fears that Konoha would turn on them and I guess their fears come true" Tsume said as few tears come down her eyes. She was truly sad that they lose good friends because of this village dumb thinking. Kami how she would wish that things could be changed but they can't so she going make their last wish come true. She's going be here to take care of Naruto for them. She swears that no one going to stop her from making Naruto happy.

"Naruto you should read this. This will change a lot of things for you. Some of them will be nice and good changing," Tsume said to him as Naruto walked over to her. He took the scroll and read it. When he was done Naruto looked at her then she just smirk back. Naruto wasn't going to like that smirk not one bit. He was right to have a bad feeling about this scroll. He was starting to wish he had just burned it then run away fast. He knows if he had burned It then his kaa from run after him to hurt him.

"It's not all bad? I can tell you that she's right about things going be nice and good. Maybe even fun. Ahahahahah" When he hears Kyuubi said that then he really knows he's doom. Kyuubi for her part was just laughing at him because he still doesn't realize that he going have a mate. A mate that is older than him but also one of the hottest women in the whole village. She still remembers when Naruto father drooled at her when he first met her. She had teased him about it for years because it was so damn funny. Leader of the clan was drooling for Tsume.

As Kyuubi thinks about the past she remembers when times was nice but now she's sealed inside Naruto which she swears just like Tsume did about keeping Naruto safe and happy. She believes if she does that then she can be forgiven for failing to save the clan. To her the clan was a home that she never had. When the clan first let her become a part of it. It was something that she truly was happy about. She never going let them down again.

"I don't think I going like that smirk" When Tsume heard him say that she just smiled then smirked to him. She was going to tease him to no end but that was for later and not now. But she did wonder If the stories were true about him having a really large stamina output. She had heard stories of him out running Anbu and she is really hoping that is true as she licks her lips. But she also realizes that Naruto has Kyuubi inside of him which means he most of one big stamina output because of the demon inside of him.

"Don't worry. We talk about this later. Right now you have to fight your match? Or are you going to back down now?" Tsume said/asked him as she walked over to her daughter Hana. Hana was just wondering what in the world is going on. She was hoping whatever was going on wasn't something bad. She hasn't seen her mother act like this in a long time. When she did that was the day they found out that Kiba was going be born soon. Right now she doesn't want anymore brothers. Kiba is a pain in her ass as it is that's why she doesn't want no more brothers like him.

"Kaa-chan, what going on? Please tell me it's not something bad. I have this bad feeling my life going be doomed soon." The biggest wolf which was the one that talked to the Hokage just looks at him. She smirks which Naruto is really hating everyone that's smirking today. To him when someone smirks it means they hiding something or teasing him. He was hoping it was just teasing him right now. Then again his kaa always teases him but sometimes she does both teasing and keeps things from him. He finds out later what it is but it never a good thing.

"You'll see so behave little Naruto" Naruto was not liking where this was going o no he wasn't. This was something Naruto had a feeling that he should be running away as fast as he can.

"I don't like where this is going Kaa-chan" As Naruto was talking to the wolf everyone was wondering why he was calling a wolf his mother. Why in the right mind would he call a wolf mother but it was not wired for Tsume and her clan. To Naruto she was his kaa. She was the one that broke the seal that the 3rd Hokage had put on him. She was the one that helped him the most when it comes to understanding his clan and powers. To him she is a 2nd kaa.

"I bet you will like it a lot. I really bet you that your love it but you'll just have to wait and see ahh." Naruto heard the wolf say which she starts to laugh after she had told him that which now Naruto is really starting to hate this day.

"Let's just get this fight over with loser" Naruto smirked to him as his replied back. Kiba has no idea what he's getting himself into. Naruto was going to make this mutt learn his place in the world.

"Tsume what time is it?" He asked her which she smirk because it was night and she knows that the fallen one powers are stronger when the moonlight is on them.

"It's night and it's a full moon out today" When she get done talking Naruto was smirking. Naruto was thinking of the perfect way to teach Kiba where his place is now.

"I'll fight your Kiba with my bloodline the fallen one" He said as his body changed. His feet changed into wolf with claws and fur all over his legs and feet like a werewolf. His chest become more toned as it was also covered in a thick fur and his arms because bigger and was claws for hands. His wings because two arms that are little bit under his other arms. His head because a wolf head with teeth of a wolf. *Think of a four arm werewolf*

He then takes his blade into one of his right hands and jump up as he cuts a giant whole into the roof causing the moonlight to shin down on the area. How Naruto loved looking at the moon and it's a beautiful moonlight. Naruto could stare at the moon all night without stopping. Most would call him wired or crazy but a wolf loves the moon

Everyone was shocked to see the new form of Naruto. The Inuzuka women because little bit horny seeing Naruto like this and was wondering what four arms can do in other areas besides fighting. Inuzuka women were not like how people talk about them. They don't just go around jumping men. No but something that was feral or someone that looked more feral or feral like them turned them on. It was just part of being a dog and yes they are close to their animals but they don't go that way. They hate how people talk about them because people that talk about them really just want to think about is hentai things about the clan.

"Are you coming Kiba or are you going to quit now?" He asked in a mocking way which causes Kiba to get pissed and jump down to the fighting grounds which Naruto knows he's pissing off Kiba. Naruto loves to get under people skin. To him that a great passed time he learned from Kyuubi.

"Tsume-hime is it ok if I hurt your son?" Tsume just looked at him and she had a faint blush on her face because no one has called her hime before. Naruto learned teasing as a passed time as well. Kyuubi for her part trained Naruto well in acting like a Kitsune. She showed him how to tease women to the point where they blush and sometimes pass out.

"If you win then maybe you can have some lone time with me" She replied back to him which cause Naruto to blush but lucky for him the fur hidden his red face. Naruto starts to think of what they could do when they have they alone time. Naruto is really glad he's in this form because everyone would see how bad his face is blushing.

Kiba was getting pissed for one Naruto the dead last thinks he can beat him. Other reason is that his mother flirting with him. He was going to rip Naruto apart for doing that. No one has the right to flirt with his mother. Naruto also knows that he's pissing Kiba off by flirting with his mother so he was more than happy to keep doing it. Naruto then jumps down to where Kiba is. Naruto is wondering how far he can make Kiba get. How much can he piss off Kiba.

When Hayate told them to start Naruto had hit Kiba in the chest causing him to go backwards into the wall. Naruto then grabs Kiba partner and throws him up to Tsume which she grabs him.

"I don't want hurt an animal so he going stay out of this fight" Naruto said as he rushes at Kiba who just get up and notices his friend is gone. That wasn't a good thing to have. A Inuzuka fights with their partners but without one they're weaker. That is another reason why he had tossed the dog to Tsume because he knows that they are weaker without them. He was going show Kiba that he needs to learn how to fight without his friend always being by his side. His partner will not always been by his side. Kiba needs to learn how to fight one on one in order to live in this world. Naruto not going to lie by saying Kiba not too young to learn it but Kiba is too young. His whole life he was showed how to work with his dog partner but now he needs to learn how to fight for himself.

Kiba try using his family jutsu on Naruto but Naruto was just too fast and some of this power is coming from the moon light. The moonlight was like a power boost for people with the fallen one bloodline. Which is why Naruto put a whole there so he could see the moonlight. Which he loves to see but also he loves the power boost from it. It was like taking ten solider pills at once. The boost was something he couldn't get enough of. It was like a drug that he needs more of but hell he doesn't mind wanting to get more of it.

Naruto then grab him with two of his arms and start hitting him with his other two arms. Everyone couldn't believe how powerful Naruto was and was glad they weren't being hit by his four arms. Kakashi was hoping Naruto didn't turn on him for being a bad sensei for him. How he really was hoping he wouldn't do that. Kakashi starts thinking of a way to make it up to Naruto. Not out of being scared but out of him being a ass of a sensei to him. He just hopes that Naruto will let him made it up to him.

Kiba was now on the ground causing his luck and Hayate had called the match. Naruto was looking down at Kiba which Kiba was now pissed at Naruto because he had lost to him. To someone everyone believes was the dead last of his class. How come someone like that become so strong so fast.

"How did you get so strong?" Kiba asked as Naruto picked him up and laid him down next to his mother feet. Tsume was glad Naruto didn't kill her only son. How she would of be mad but then again Naruto could give her mother pups. Hana on the other hand couldn't believe someone kick her little brother ass that good and fast. Maybe she could hire him when her brother being a pain in her ass. She could hire him to beat him up so she didn't have to.

"Nice job kit but did you really have to beat the poor boy up that made. You most like making people mad. You take after me way to much hahaha"

"First my powers are times threefold when full moon shines on me. If the full moon not here then I would have been even with you" Naruto said to him as Kiba cursed at the moon in his mind. Now he was starting to wish the moon would blow up so he could beat Naruto.

Naruto turned back into his normal form but with his feral sides and Tsume walked over to him. He was hoping he could get his alone time with her now. He doesn't know why but he feels pulled to her. Maybe because of her feral looks or that she got a sexy body. But Naruto just wants to have alone time with her. It funny to him at first he was thinking this all going doom his life but now he wants to be alone with her and likes this idea.

"I guess you won that alone time with me?" Tsume asked into his ear as Naruto blushed a deep crimson color. How she was going to love teasing him. She was hoping that he doesn't get use to her teasing because it's just to fun to do. Naruto on the other hand wasn't liking the teasing and was hoping to get used to it soon. Because he may die of blood lost if he didn't.

"She is going be your mate" When Naruto hears the wolf say that he looks back at Tsume then the wolf with a face that was like what in hell are you talking about. Naruto is starting to hope this is a joke but part of him wants to be Tsume mate. So he could touch her and do things that no one else can with her.

"Kyuubi your turning me into a pervert you do know that right? Why in the world are you doing this for? Kyuubi just giggling to herself when she hears Naruto say that.

"Because it's fun and all Kitsune are perverts so I want to act more like me. I can see why your having pervert thoughts about Tsume. At least your pick someone that can do a good job with you. Maybe your have kits soon Ahahahahah" Naruto on the other hand was just wishing this day would end. He was also wishing Kyuubi will stop messing with his mind. But that never going to happen.

"What are you talking about Kaa?" Naruto was now in worried as he asked the wolf that. The wolf just looked and laughs at the boy who is like a son to her. How clueless he could be at times was so funny to her. But it was also fun to tease him and how she was going to tease him about this.

"That scroll that I told you to give to Tsume. It had asked the Inuzuka if it was a female leader to be your mate" Naruto looked at Tsume with a beat red face which he was hoping that's all the new he is going to hear but boy was he wrong to hope that.

"The best part is. Your last of your clan so you're going to have more than one mate" Naruto just looked at the wolf after she said that but on her face was a big smirk then start to really laugh as she sees her son shocked and was blushing more. Kami how she was going to love teasing her son to no end. Some would say that was mean but that a mother job to tease her son.

"Is that all?" Naruto asked the wolf who was still smirking. Naruto really is hoping that was all the news he going to hear today. Right now he can't believe how the half things that was going on now. First he going have Tsume as his mate and now he finds out he was going to have more than one mate.

"Tsume is going be your first mate and by clan laws. You have sex with her by the first full moon you pick her. Guess what tonight the full moon so you have to get some alone time with her or else. I mean alone time on a bed" When the wolf said that Naruto was now blushing and having nosebleed and Tsume had a few shades of red on her face as well.

"Do I have to? I only fourteen" Naruto pleaded with the wolf who just smirked at him. The wolf was loving her job right now. Right now she can't stop laughing or teasing the poor boy.

"Yes you do by clan laws" She said and Naruto wanted to kill the wolf right now. Who could make a fourteen year old have sex. This wasn't fair to him and the damn clan laws are going be a pain in the ass. He was hoping there was a way to remove all clan laws. But that never going to happen because clan laws are something no one can remove. Which Naruto was cursing his luck right now.

"So Naruto is going to mark me today and I get to be his first?" Tsume asked in his ear as his face stay beet red. Then he kisses Tsume on the lips which she was shocked then leaned into the kiss. A stalker was sad right now and wanted to run away from the area. She couldn't believe she didn't tell him how she felt. That was because she too shy and passes out when she too close to him.

The say stalker's goddess of a sensei sees that she said and then moves over to her. She knows how it feels to have the one you love like someone else. But she knows that's she needs to help her student out right now.

"Hinata you shouldn't be sad because you need to get over it before it gets in the way of your shinobi life" Kurenai said to her student as Hinata looks at her sensei.

"I know but it still hurts" She said to her sensei who nods to her. Her sensei looks at Naruto and Naruto sees her staring then looks into her eyes. She then blushed as she gets lost in his blue slit eyes. When Naruto looks away she gets out of the stare and stop blushing.

(the other fights have the same way)

Anko then walks up and looks at the shinobi who passed.

"First match is Naruto Uzumaki vs. Sasuke Uchiha" She said causing Naruto to smirk. He was going to love kicking the shit out of his so called teammate. Naruto hated Sasuke because he thought he was a god because of his bloodline and clan. No one is a god and no one is better than everyone else.

"Thanks cutie" He said back to Anko in a flirting tone of voice. Tsume smirked because Naruto may have found his 2nd mate.

If Anko was not used to people giving her lines like that she would of blush. But because she is used to it she just moves it aside and start walking again.

"Match two Gaara vs. Neji, Match three tamari vs. lazy butt. Last match batman vs. bandage face dude" When she did few insults the shinobi gave her dirty look but Naruto then hits each one on the head. Anko smirk also start was liking this blonde for doing that for her.

"Tsume-hime where do you want to have are alone time at?" Naruto asked her which causes her to blush at the nickname he gave her.

"Let's go to my house that way no one can ruin it. Because I want to show you how good I can be as your mate" She said as she grabbed him and left in a wave of leafs. Everyone else was wondering what was going on. Kiba was now right that he was getting to close to his mother. He really didn't want find out that he has to call Naruto Tou. But how little to late he realize that he going to have to call Naruto that. Hana was having that same kind of thoughts. She didn't want to have a step Tou that was younger than her. That be to wired and crazy.

All the other men were cursing Naruto inside their mind for being so lucky to get Tsume as a girlfriend. That's because Tsume one of the hottest women in this village. So they really want to know how in the fucking hell did Naruto the person with a demon got Tsume.

The wolves start to leave after Naruto did. Naruto kaa was wondering if Tsume can turn her little boy into a man. She was hoping he doesn't mess up because if he does and she finds out. She going to tease him to no end. She smiles as she thinks of ways to tease her little son.

When they get to where they want to be which is Tsume bedroom. The bed was in middle of the room as he could tell it was like a normal room. He notice that it was a clean room unlike his. His place was mess as hell but he nice to see a room cleaned for once. He would never of thought her room would be normal one.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" He asked as she looks at him. Tsume was smiling because he cares about if she wants to do it or not. Right now she wants to because he so caring and that she hasn't been with anyone in a long time.

"Yes and is this your first time?" Tsume asked and he nodded to her. Tsume was happy that she could be his first time and was going to show him how everything works. Naruto was hoping she wasn't going to tease him then. Right now he's been tease way too much for one day.

"Then let me help you" She said as she kisses his lips.

(no lemon in this ch sorry. But your see it in flashbacks soon. Sorry I don't want make too many lemons right away in this story. Only reason why they are having sex is because of the clan laws or otherwise it would take long time for them to do this)

Few hours later Naruto wakes up to see a beautiful naked Tsume onto of him. But he was wondering something about the mark. So he was going ask Kyuubi about it. Because from his kaa the mark doesn't look like that. He was wondering if she had something to do with this new mark that was on his mate neck. He was hoping it wasn't something bad or something that can hurt her.

Inside his mind

"Kyuubi you awake?" He asked her which he sees two giant eyes look at him. He thinks about to the first time he seen Kyuubi eyes. He was only five but he was scared because he thought it was a monster that was going to try eating him. Now he's glad he was wrong and that Kyuubi is inside of him. She fun to talk to but she was someone you could come to if you need help on something.

"What is it? Nice fun last night you had. You keep me up all night do you know that?" She said with a smirk causing Naruto to blush. He had a feeling that Kyuubi was going to tease him about having sex with Tsume. He was starting to regret coming here tonight but he wants to know more about this new mark.

"About the new mark what does it do?" Kyuubi smirks at him because she knows it going be fun telling him about it. Also it going be fun teasing him about it as well. You can't blame her the only thing she can do inside his mind is tease him. Now she has something to tease him with so she not going to lose the chance to.

"Normally it means your lovers and married but because you have me inside of you. You can't die of age so I changed the mark a little. Now your mates can't die of age so you don't need worry about her growing old" Naruto was now shocked and worried about Tsume and how she going to react to the news. Normally someone would think of that as a bad thing. He was hoping that she doesn't hate him for doing that to her.

"How can I tell someone that they can't age now?" Naruto asked worried and Kyuubi looked at him. All of the years she has seen him care about everyone and worry about people. She never understands why he was so worried about people that insult him or hurt him. But he was that kind of person who does care and worry.

"I bet she'll be happy because this way she can see her kids grow up and have they own kids" Kyuubi told Naruto because she want to try to cheer him up and not worry some much. She's hoping that it will work. Naruto had a lot to think of right now but he didn't want to show Kyuubi that he was worried. She has helped him too much to make her feel like this was her fault.

"Thanks Kyuubi and how are you doing?" He asked her which she just smiles at him.

"I'm doing fine and don't worry about me but you should go back your mate waking up" Naruto nodded to her and he was trying to get use to having someone be called his mate. It wasn't something you can just get use to fast and he hopes in time he can get use t it.

Outside his mind.

Naruto looks down as she starts opening her eyes to him. She notices that he as look that shows that he is worried about something. He hopes she will not hate him when she finds out about the mark.

"What's wrong?" She said as he kisses her lips. She was worried that something happened or he was regretting what they had done. Because she doesn't regret it and she also hoping that he doesn't either.

"I just found out that the mark I put on you stops you from aging. Because Kyuubi is inside of me the normally mate mark was changed. I'm sorry" Tsume just smiles at him because she was glad that that he was worried about her. But she didn't mind not aging because in a way it's a good thing. Now she can see her grandkids grow up but also this means she can have more pups with Naruto. The age different made her worry that she wouldn't have long time with him but now she doesn't have to worry about time.

"You don't have nothing to be sorry about. You didn't know and now I can spent even more time with you" She said to him in a happy tone which causes Naruto to smile at her. He was truly glad that she wasn't mad at him or hated him.

"Thank you Tsume-hime" Tsume just kissed his lips which she was glad that everything happened now. For the first time in a really long time she can lay beside someone.

"Mom where are you? Where is breakfast?" Kiba yelled as he opens door to his mother room to see Naruto under his naked mother which causes his mind to shut down and pass out. Both of them started to laugh when they see Kiba passed out on the ground.

"I think we should get clothes on now" Naruto said to her which she nodded as she getting up Naruto looks at her well shaped ass.

"I glad I can get to see that for long time" He said which she just looks at him then looks at where his eyes are looking at and smirks. She then start shaking her nice ass in his face which he playfully slaps. One thing she could say about herself was that she had a great ass to show off to him.

Naruto puts his boxers and pants on then looks at his mate starting to put a black thong from her dresser on but she was doing it slow really slow because she wanted to tease her mate. Then she puts on pair of black pants. She then put on a gray shirt without having a bra under her shirt leaving her d cup chest free to move around under her shirt. Kami Naruto was in heaven he finally had someone to love and it happen to be a goddess looking woman.

Naruto and Tsume walked down to the kitchen which Hana was waiting and when she sees Naruto with her mother. She was shocked but unlike Kiba she didn't pass out.

"What's going on Kaa-san?" She said her mother which she just smirked back to her daughter.

"Naruto is my new mate" When her daughter heard that she couldn't believe her ears and she then looked at Naruto. She couldn't say that he didn't look good without his shirt but he was younger than her. Hana was wishing he was with someone else maybe like herself who is closer to his age. But now she going have a step Tou that younger than her. This was going be little wired around the house now because of this. She wonders what Kiba going to do about this. Knowing her little brother he's not going do anything because both of them know better than to piss their mother off.

"How did that happen" Hana said and her mother filled her in on what happened by then Kiba come down and she told him the same thing she told her daughter. Kiba wasn't like his sister. He hated this now because Naruto the one that beat him in the match was now his mother mate. In his mind he was wishing he could remove Naruto right now.

"I still don't like this" Tsume just looked at Kiba with a look that say too bad because it's not going to change. Tsume wasn't going give up Naruto because he had beat her son in a fight.

"Tsume-hime what do you want to do today? "Naruto asked his mate as she just thinks it over which Naruto was hoping none thing bad happens because of this.

"How about you take me shopping? I need some need clothes and other things I not going say in front of Hana and Kiba" She said the last part next to his ear so Kiba and Hana couldn't hear. She knows how good they hearing is so she did it in a very low tone.

"When do you want to leave?" Tsume starts to think about what time to go shopping and she though it be best to go now. She was hoping that Naruto would say yes to her because she didn't want to have to force him to go.

"How about we go now Naruto?" Naruto nodded to her after he heard her say now. She went to go get her money and come back. When she gets back she sees Naruto talking to Hana and Kiba getting pissed. Naruto sees her and starts walking to her. When he gets to her both of them start walking out of the main clan house.

They first stop was the park where Naruto though it be a good place to talk about things. He sits down against a tree then pulls her onto his lap so that she's lying against his chest. Kami Naruto is starting to get use to this and loving every minute of it. He never wants to let her go because for some reason he just can't think of his life without her. He doesn't understand how he could fall this fast. Maybe it was because she is his first crush and soon to be love.

"What are we going do in the future?" He asked her which she looks at him.

"I don't know Naruto because I have not had a mate in a long time not since my last one left when Kiba was four years old" When Naruto hears that his last husband left them when kid was only four he moves his arms around her and holds her close to him. How he would love to kill him right now if he could.

"Your last one was a asshole for leaving you" He told her which she smiles to him. He then kisses her neck. "I'll always be here with you Tsume-hime" Once she hears him say that she smiles and hopes that he really means that.

"It's nice out here" Tsume said which she looks up at him and she notices that he smiling. She knows that Naruto was hated all his life for Kyuubi and for a wrong reason for Kyuubi attacking the village. Tsume and her clan has never hated Naruto for having Kyuubi inside of him.

But no one had any idea that Uzumaki was not his real last name and it was just a cover up. How could they remove his last name and his clan from him. That is something she may never forgive the village for doing to Naruto her new mate. She wonder how he live through all the hate and daily beatings.

Naruto hand his hand down her side then back up her side. He moved his one finger around her jaw lining and to her lips. God she was his first kiss and first time having sex. Also she was the first woman to every to let him touch. She was the first woman that was every close to him. He never had a hug or anything when he was younger. Naruto was outcast someone no one wants to know that was alive. Also he was someone that everyone hated and feared because of Kyuubi. Naruto had no idea why he was hated till the day before he became a genin.

"Tsume-hime you were the first person I kissed and the first female that let me get close to. I just happy that I found you" He said as she smiled back at him.

"Naruto can I ask you something, I really need to ask you this" Naruto was hoping that it was something wrong because he doesn't want to lose her. Not after feeling this new feeling inside his heart.

"If the clan laws and the deal never happened and I ask you to become my mate. Would you have say yes to me? Or would you have say no to me?" Naruto kisses her lips as he lays her down then lays on top of her. "I would say yes to you. No one in their right mind would say no to you.

You're the first woman to be nice to me. You're the first person to truly like me for what I am. I don't want lose this new feeling that inside of my heart now" Tsume smiled and moved her arms around his neck as Naruto kisses her lips.

"Naruto I know things are moving fast but please let's keep moving forward together. I know it going take time for both of us to say we love each other. So let's just go at a slow pace ok?" Naruto nodded his head as he kisses her neck which she smiles then lets out a moan when she feels his lips on her neck.

"I don't mind going at a slow pace. Because it was moving fast but it's hard not going fast when you are dating a Oni goddess" Tsume smirk at the last part of what he said. She then moves into his chest as he smiles to her.

"Do you like your new chair?" Tsume blushed a few shades then closes her eyes as she gets used to this feeling. Feeling of someone loving her again and to be this close both body and heart. She hopes that he doesn't walk out on her like her last mate. He said it was because he was getting to bored with the clan. Naruto sees few tears coming down her cheeks. He wipes her tears away as she smiles to him.

"What's wrong Tsume-hime?" Tsume could hear the caring tone in his voice. She then looks into his eyes as she begins to speak.

"I was just thinking what my last mate said to him as he left. He said it was just too boring in the clan which he also means that I was boring" She could feel Naruto arms wrap around her which she feels him get mad. She was glad that he cared about her. Her husband was caring at the start but after Kiba was born. He become cold and more like a asshole like a caring person.

"I promise to always be here with you" When she hears Naruto said that she smiles then turns around on his lap so her legs are wrapped around his waist. He then kisses his lips in a loving and passion way. Naruto moves his arms around her neck and deepens the kiss with more passion and love that he has for her.

"Let's go shopping now" Tsume said once she broke the kiss. Naruto nodded to her.