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For one saying how it makes no sense that Naruto's family had made a deal with Tsume's clan when came to marrying? That how it happened many times in real life during age of shinobis. Hell it happened back in dark ages for crying out that when a clan or king gave up his daughter or son to a another clan head or king.

As for Naruto last name, I got it from a game called that which I enjoy a lot. It's about a wolf god and really great game.

But big point is people saying how village not let Naruto date people other villages, yes I don't think he even gives a fuck about this village after what they have done. He only stays for ones he cares about.

Naruto eye's just get wider when he sees just who had come to this party for him, he starts noticing a few people walking over to them in dresses, not normal clothes. He first sets his eyes on Samui, who's in a nice black dress but her chest still seems to hurt her back with her hands on her shoulders rubbing them.

Yugito has a blue dress that closely resembles the same design that Samui has on, but he notices Karui with a red one that matches both of the other two girls. He can see them walking over to him but Tsume just smiles and pushes him forward before walking over to her daughter.

"Finally you got here Naru-kun." Samui moves her arm around his and leans in against him. "You need to give me another back rub like you did last time." Naruto's face begins to heat up but he's thankful once Yugito pulls him out of her hold.

"You should say hello to everyone before Samui-chan takes you all for herself." Naruto nodded and slowly walks over to the others but his jaw dropped when he saw Anko. It is the first time he has ever seen her in a dress or any normal clothes for once.

She has on a long dark green dress that has a slit on her sides allowing her legs to move freely but her back is strapless showing off her bare skin. Her front area does show some skin but not a lot but she just stares at him.

"I blame you for this gaki I really do." He smiles at her before just looking at her while he moves closer to her earning himself a hit on the head. Anko blushes from being stared at by him but her eyes look at his blue eyes.

The two of them have become closer over the weeks of training to the point where they flirt with each other or just tease one another. He moves his hand to her leg and then leans into her making her blush badly.

He just keeps moving closer to her lips but she doesn't know what to do right now because she didn't know if he's joking or really means this. She just sits there and waits for his lips to touch against her lips.

When the kiss ends he took her hand and moves her closer to him. "How about I take you for a dance?" She just nodded her head at him but shakes because she's nervous right now and that scares her.

"You are beautiful Anko-chan." He keeps dancing with her with everyone watching but Tsume smirks because she was right about the two of them. Everyone starts talk to each other and leave the dancing shinobi alone with their eyes.

"Naru-kun thank you for doing all this and for being great this last month." She moved her head to his chest while they dance together. He slowly moves his hands to her lower back and leaves them there feeling her soft bare skin against his fingers.

"You really should wear dress more often Anko-chan." As he said that his hands just stay resting on her bare lower back but he's staring into her breathtaking eyes causing her to blush but she looked back into his blue eyes with a smile on her face.

"I don't know how you do this to me but I like it a lot, so you better keep doing it to me." She gave him a smirk before moving her lips against his lips again but this time her arms moved around his neck pulling him deeper into the kiss.

"Just make sure you always give me some time with you and don't forget about me, I don't want be forgotten by you no matter what." Her voice sounded so scared that he just moved his hand to her right cheek and rubbed it softly showing her not to worry.

"No matter how many I end up with I'll never forget about you. You really are one silly woman do you really know that? But that's why I like you so much, the silly crazy Anko-chan." She sticks her tongue out at him but he just moved his mouth and takes her tongue inside his own mouth much to her shock and enjoyment.

She does enjoy it more as her tongue is moving around inside his mouth tasting every part of his mouth. The more she tasted his mouth the more she hungers for more of this new taste. It really was a shock to her that he would have the guts to do something like that to her of all people. She moved her hands to his chest while they kissed more.

When the kiss ended both of them just stared at each other with eyes that show that each other truly did care for one another. Naruto just moves his fingers up and down her bare back causing shivers down and up her spine but it was something she enjoyed so much. She always wanted him to do these things to me but his upcoming match does have her worried.

"How do you think your match will go three days from now? You are up against your own teammate after all which by all means you're happy about this?" He gave her a look that said what teammate.

"I don't see him as a teammate because his lust for power is getting out of hand now and no one seems to want to try to handle him at all."She knows what kind of path Sasuke is taking and knows it only a matter of time before he snaps and goes too far to be saved or forgiven.

"I just glad that I had to chance to train you in this last month now and that really makes me proud to have seen you grow so much in just a short time like this." She gave him a happy smile but looks around to see everyone is now staring at them again causing her to blush a few shades of red.

"Looks like we put on a good show don't you think Naru-kun?" He nodded to her but just keeps on dancing with her and not caring about being watched by everyone. His only focus was in front of him and only thing he wanted to see or talk about was the woman in front of him right now.

"I told you these two would get together now didn't I?" Which was asked by the Inuzuka clan head but the raven hair woman known as Kurenai Yuuhi couldn't even believe that her best friend had fallen for Naruto of all people. She just keeps on staring at the two of them dancing but looks back at the older woman beside her.

Kurenai looked at the pair dancing once more and still can't understand at all why but she doesn't have anything against Naruto and does think he's a good person but to see Anko of all people taking a liking to him is shocking to the woman, deeply shocking to her. She didn't know this was the kind of person that Anko would even date let alone fall for so bad.

"Seem he has found his 3rd lover now hasn't he?" The darker woman said to the two other women beside her but she does have a smile on her face while she looks at Naruto dancing. She knows firsthand how jailers are treated because of the two people in her life being jailers to demons and have been hated by their own village.

"I was the first then you Mabui but now it seems to be Little Anko's turn to be with him." Tsume told her with a smirking face because she was happy her Naruto is getting the love. The love he should have had when growing up and not always alone thanks to this village hating him because of what's inside of him.

"He does know how to handle a woman on a date and I know that all too well." Mabui said only for Tsume to nod her head to her but Kurenai just stared at them funny because she doesn't know how someone his age could be this good on a date.

Naruto moves her over to the table and sits down together with her. "That was the best time I ever had when dancing with someone, so thank you Naruto-kun, truly thank you again for being this great and kind to me. You're the first to even show me kindness and not hate me for my past beside my few friends."

"I'm just glad that you enjoyed yourself while you danced with me. That all I want is for you to always enjoy yourself with me." He smiled at her but he just couldn't stop staring at her thanks to the fact that she's breathtaking in his eyes.

"But it seems we have guests with us now by the looks of it." She points to Tsume and Mabui who are slowly walking over to their table with smirks on their faces but Naruto just shakes his head once he sees them. "I was wondering when they would show up to tease me or Anko-chan, I guess they're coming over now to do just that."

"You two really seem like you got done enjoying yourself a lot with your dancing like that almost made me want to dance with you." Tsume teased them as she sat down in the chair beside Anko while Mabui sits down on the other side of Naruto.

"Do you think you trained him enough to win on his match miss Anko?" Anko just stared at Mabui for calling her miss like that. She didn't know why but it made her feel a lot older than she is which wasn't' a good thing at all to her.

"Don't ever call me miss because makes me feel old. But as for his training yes I know he can win without even trying at all." Both of the other women just stare at her funny like she had grown two heads or just killed someone for no reason, kind of funny.

"You seem to think highly of your new student don't you? I don't think he could have gotten that much stronger in just a short time even if you are the one training him. This is you first student isn't it?" This came from a voice behind them. Once they look back to see just who is talking it turns out the person turns out to be Asuma with a cigarette in his mouth looking at them.

"That's because I know that I have trained him well and better than any other genin team has so far. He is ready to beat any of the genin that he will be fighting against. How do I know because I'm the best sensei there is." Anko told him with pride in her voice but Naruto just gives her a small kiss.

"Now tell me what are you going to do once Kakashi is now back to teaching him? You think he's going be happy or let someone else teach his student?" Asuma just countered back at her but it did hit deep by her face going sad and hurt by his words only making Naruto pissed.

He may have forgiven Kakashi but no way was he going let anyone tell him who can and can't teach him when they want to teach him. It isn't a law that says you cannot be helped by people beside your own teacher that was given to you at start of your genin life.

"That's easy to tell you and that because she's going to keep training me till she decides to stop training me. I don't care if people don't like it if I have more than one sensei. I don't care if Kakashi has something against it and I'll tell him the same thing I'm telling you. That would be too damn bad because she going teach me still." Anko pulled him into a kiss which becomes deeper after hearing him say that.

The rest of the night was great for him and once he got home with Tsume he had even more fun together with her but he did set up a sound barrier this time just to be a nice guy for once. He didn't want Hana and Kiba hating him after all.

Now it's three days later and the day of the finales. When he finally wakes up the first thing he can see is a naked Tsume. He kissed her lips before he gets up and changes into a set of clean clothes.

He then gets his gear ready for the matches today but he looks back at the bed once he was done getting ready and came up with an evil idea to do to her.

He moved over to her and runs his hand down the middle of her back, she starts to move in her sleep but once he gets to her nice rounded ass he grabs her right ass cheek hard then playful slaps it.

She jumped awake but once she finds out what he did to her she growls at him. He just kisses her and the growling stopped and now was starting a tongue war with him. Both of them huger for each other's mouth as she falls on her back with him on top of her.

They still won't let either one of them win as he moves his hands to her breasts and starts to play with both of them. Softly at first but harder over time as she has to move her mouth away from him to moan causing her to lose and pout at him.

"That wasn't a nice way of waking me up and you know that, but this little tongue war made it up to me so you're forgiven for now." She flicks his nose with her finger before she gets off the bed and heads for her dresser.

She puts on an orange thong and bra but turns around to face him. "If you win today and live through the attack you will get a reward, a reward you haven't seen yet." She puts on pair of black pants and blank tank top before moving over giving him a kiss and bite on the neck.

The two of them leave the room together but he sees the time on a clock once they get inside the kitchen.

"Shit our fun time made us almost late for the matches!" He cried out but she smirked to him and watched him jet out of the house with her walking out after him.

She wasn't going to run there like him for two very good reasons. One being she can be late which he can't. The other reason is because she's too damn sore in her lower area to even think about running or sitting down for awhile. That one part of their fun she dislike because she hated being sore in any area let alone that one.

Once he gets inside next to the other genin he just breaths air finally feeling better as the air finally gets inside his tired lungs. He looks up to see so many people here to watch their matches almost made him smile.

He does notice that Gaara isn't here yet which does start to make him worry about this attack that's going to happen. He doesn't want the ones he cares about hurt by these assholes that plan on doing an attack but it's a good thing they found out weeks before to set up a good defense with Kumo helping them.

He follows the other genin up to where they have to wait for their matches to start but he can't help but stare at his so called teammate. He just couldn't help but make a fist because he wanted to show him today just how weak he really is and isn't a so called elite or a fucking god that he thinks he is.

"We are gathered here to see the shinobi who are trying to move up in the ranks and now on to the first match. Good luck to you all." The Hokage sits down beside the leaders of Kumo and Sand.

"The first match is Naruto Ookami against Sasuke Uchiha, get down here you two now for your match to start." Naruto just jumps down and waits for Sasuke to walk all the way down to the fighting grounds.

Up in the stadium Tsume is sitting with the group of women Naruto has met but her lower area is still killing her and sitting down isn't helping at all. "Anko-chan I never did ask how far have you trained him yet." The purple haired woman beside her just stares at the Inuzuka clan head before she begins to talk.

"You will just have to wait and see for yourself if you want to know so badly." Once she got done talking everyone is now staring at her like why the hell are you not telling us.

"I'm just hoping Naru-kun wins the match today." Mabui said while her eyes are being focused on him. Tsume just looks at him as well now that Sasuke is finally there and now the match can finally start. She doesn't know what took him so long to get down there it isn't that long of a walk.

Back to the fighting grounds with the man who has a needle inside his mouth but he looks at both of them seeing if they are ready to fight. Once he can tell they are he looks up at the Hokage before yelling out. "Begin now!"

"You know that you can't even hope to beat elite like my clan fool." He starts doing hand signs that Naruto knows as well thanks to being trained under Anko for the past month.

He does the same ones as Sasuke and both yelled out at the same time. "Fire dragon" Causing both them to shoot out a flame dragon at each other from their mouths but Sasuke and everyone that's watching is shocked but Anko who has a smirk on her face while seeing her student fuck with Sasuke's mind like this.

"How the hell do you know that? You just a dead last that can't even hope do anything let alone something I can do!" Naruto just runs up to him as he swings his fist in order to reply back to his nice choice of words at him.

Sasuke grabbed his fist but didn't' notice the leg kick that knocks him off his feet sending him falling down on his back against the dirt ground. Naruto just looks down with a smiling face because this was fun in his mind.

"So this is what they call an elite is that right?" Naruto taunted him but it only angered the Uchiha on the ground in front of him but he only sends stares that could kill at him but Naruto just smirked again because he was going love to keep on showing this fool his place in this world and that he's not an elite.

"Shut your damn mouth asshole! You are nothing but a loser that is all you will ever be!" Sasuke jumps to his feet and throws three kunai at his teammate trying to kill him with his rage and hate.

Naruto throws three back at the asshole Uchiha but their kunai hit each other but Naruto's keep going hitting the fool in the right arm thanks to his better aim. He now has better aim than him by far but the smirk never leaves Naruto's face at all.

The aiming skills he learned from Anko are really paying off in this match. Naruto can see his teammate pulling them out of his arm getting angrier with each one he pulls out. The blood coming down his right arm once he was done pulling all three out but his face just was pure pissed.

"How did that feel?" He taunted once more while backing up. Sasuke rushes at him but he missed Naruto every single time. His attacks just keep getting dodged by the laughing blonde headed boy in front of him.

"Anko, you showed him your own fighting techniques?" Anko nods her head yes at Tsume but moved a finger to the older woman's lips to keep her from talking right now. She didn't want to have to talk over someone else.

"I showed him it but he created a new one and it's a better version of mine. He made my own fighting moves better which even my ex sensei couldn't do but I think it's thanks to his power skills." Tsume looked back at him with a shocked face.

It was unheard of that someone could take something and make it better in this short time like this."Just how long and hard do you push yourself Naru-kun? To have done something like that so fast it's just unheard of."

But by the time she finally looked back at him she can see that he's just toying with Sasuke. The next thing the Uchiha did caused everyone to worry for Naruto's safety right now.

Sasuke begins to form a chidori and aiming it for Naruto. "What the hell is that dumbass doing?" Anko yelled out but a pink haired banshee turned around in her seat and looked up at Anko with a look that looked bad.

"He's better than that dead last loser so you shouldn't be yelling at him like that you damn fool of a woman." The pink banshee only ended up with Tsume grabbing her by the hair hard causing pain to go to the little genin.

"He's not better than Naruto and he's using a move that's made to kill against a member of his own village. He is nothing but trash for trying to do this right now." Tsume is now pissed at this bitch that's in front of her but she lets go of her hair when she noticed the bitch is crying her eyes out.

She moved her eyes over to the person she loves. Her anger eyes turn into eyes of worry for him because she doesn't want to lose him. She doesn't want to lose the person she loves this fast and be all alone again.

Naruto just looks at the incoming attack but his wings come out of his back. He flies up avoiding the attack all together but he's pissed at this fool to dare try using that against him like that. Didn't he know what the same village even means anymore or is he too far gone to even be saved at this point.

"So you're willing to kill a shinobi of your own village just to win a match like this? You're no better than your damn brother you fucking crazy dumbass." He's hand forms a fist in pure anger because he didn't know that he could go to such a low level like this just to win a damn match like this.

"Shut the hell up your damn monster! Winning is all that matters in the life of a shinobi!" Sasuke yelled with all of his anger and hate but also aiming all of that at him like if Naruto was Itachi and not Naruto.

"Honoo Senpuu (Flame Whirlwinds)" Spins right to Sasuke with flames coming off him at max output of the power for the flames. The flames are going crazy and wild as if Naruto's anger was fueling the flames to hurt the fool in front of him.

Once Naruto landed his attack Sasuke became somewhat cut on both of his arms and chest but also burned. As his shirt was burned off with some of his skin but Naruto didn't give a damn he just wanted make this fool pay.

Laying on the ground now the black hair boy looked up at Naruto pissed and hate was filling his eyes now.

Naruto didn't' care how this fool in front of him was feeling once he hears that he won that fight then he just flies to Anko and Tsume. He gave both of the women a kiss on the lips and grabs their asses.

Mabui grabbed him from behind and turned him around then landed her lips on his. That's also when her tongue is now moving inside his mouth but she holds him close to her. The only thing Anko and Tsume do is smirk at what they're seeing in front of them.

"Next time don't forget about me Naru-kun do you understand me? I don't like being forgotten by the person I'm dating." He just nods dumbly at her but she looked over to the other two with a victory smirk on her beautiful lips.

"That was for winning by the way Naru-kun." He smiled at her and slowly kissed her neck and then her lips much to her enjoyment. She just loved this feeling of someone touching her and kissing her like this.

"I wonder why the next match hasn't started yet." Then didn't have to wait long for the Hokage comes to stand back up and look around to see everyone. Naruto realized something isn't right as he looks around as well.

"Gaara will be late so next match will be Naruto against Neji will take place in ten minutes." The Hokage heard many people yelling as he sat back down in his seat only for him to shake his head because he doesn't' know why he's letting this happen.

"That's why." Naruto sits down but Mabui sits down on his lap with her arms around his neck and head on his chest just taking the warmth of his body.

"Naruto-koi you better not go and forget your reward for tonight with me" Naruto moves his hand to Tsume's lap and rubs her right leg softly.

"I would never forget something like that you silly woman." He looks at each one of the three women the smiles to them. He moved Mabui off his lap and heads to the other genin that are in this fight.

"You may have won against the Uchiha but that was pure luck. It's my fate to win this match and for you to lose it." This was said from Neji Hyuuga who now is beside him waiting for them match to begin.

"Don't let him get to you Naruto, this talk of fate isn't real and you have nothing to worry about from him." Shino looked at Neji when he said that because even Shino of all people couldn't take any of Neji's bullshit about fate.

Once the match is now called both of them head down to fight each other. Naruto just wants to beat some sense into this damn fool. He knows this Hyuuga is just like the whole damn clan and just needs sense beaten into them and a lot of it at that.

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