Close Quarters

When a bouquet of flowers come for Olivia the note inside puts everyone on high alert and Olivia needs to lay low for a couple days, what happens when Elliot volunteers Olivia to stay at his house for the week. EO ff but DO is mentioned A LOT!

Sunday, February 14, 2009

Bull pin

*Doink. Doink*

"Alright people," Cragen announced "if you want to get home to your loved ones tonight on Valentine's then get all your DD5's on my desk."

Everyone around me suddenly got quiet; they couldn't wait to get home. I got up and walked over to John's desk, I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to be here alone tonight.

"Hey Munch," I sat on the edge of his desk and he held up a finger signaling me to wait a moment, "Okay,"

John looked up from his papers "Yes, Olivia?" John had a smug smile on his face as if he already knew we were going to be dinner partners tonight, we had been for the past eleven years.

"Just wondering where you want to order from tonight?" I returned the smiling bearing my teeth.

"Ganaro's Pizza or Hung's Chinese cafe?" He looked up at me from his dark glasses.

"Surprise me," I chewed on my lip for a second, "but don't put anything freaky like mushrooms or pineapple on it."

I walked to my desk and started to look though my cases, I didn't have a lot to do I wasn't the primary on most cases. The hours flew by and Fin was the first to leave then followed Briscoe, Johnson, Cleaver, and last but not least Ryder. Elliot, John, Cragen and I were left and Elliot hadn't been procrastinating he just had a lot of cases and it was already 5:30.

"Damn it!" Elliot grumbled, "Liv, I will pay you a million dollars if you do my paper work for me, please?"

I could see the pleading in his eyes but I hadn't been on the cases he had left and I certainly couldn't forge his signatures on all the paper work we'd get both our asses handed to us. "El, you don't know how much I wish I could but…"

John interrupted, the last thing he was doing was ordering pizza, and he probably wanted to know if I wanted something to drink.

"What, John?" I spat, my gaze never left Elliot's pleading eyes.

"I thought you didn't have anyone you were going to see tonight."

I turned around "What, it's just you and me tonight with a pizza with apparently everything on it. What do you mean?"

John was tapping his foot like he was waiting for someone, "That's what I mean!" He was hinting to the delivery boy who now walked though the door with a bouquet of at least a dozen roses.

"Are you Olivia Benson?" The delivery boy asked, he couldn't be more than 20

"Yeah, who are these from," I didn't have a boyfriend or some who I was interested in, well I was interested in someone but he wouldn't never noticed me as a lover.

"I'm assuming your boyfriend...or girlfriend if your door swings that way." The ignorant boy smirked at his nasty joke.

"Well," Elliot butted in "what does the card say?"

"Sorry, sir, it's against policy to look at it. My boss says you can get jammed up by the fuzz if you read the cards, his words not mine."

John paid the kid and we looked at the card, it read:

My Sweet, My love. Goodbyes are hard to say but I would like to break off our engagement. How could you cheat on me like that, not even caring if you got caught? No worries, your government friend is safe with me. At least until he wakes up. You're next; you'll have to pay the price, If not with tears than blood. Watch your back; you might wake up with a knife in it. With love, and sorrow your true one and only.

I reread the note over and over. Elliot's face was pale white and John kept trying to say something but the word's wouldn't come. I got scared and tried to think who this creep was, I walked into Don's office with out even knocking.

"Olivia," He stood up, startled, "what's up?"
I walked up to Don's desk and handed him the card. His face looked paler than Elliot's "You might wake up with a knife in it? What the hell Olivia?"

"I know Capt, I normally wouldn't admit this out loud but I'm scared out of my mind."

Cragen walked out into the bull pin "John, call forensics do not touch that vase one more time. Elliot, why the hell are you still here?" Don didn't pause for an answer and turned towards me "Do you have anywhere you can go, Simon's house?"

I shook my head "Simon and I are… estranged, ever since April 07 he hasn't talked to me, he wrote me a letter saying it would probably be best for me to stay away, I could check into a hotel."

"No, Olivia, I want you safe and I don't think the station is the best place for you to be."

Elliot stood up, "You could stay at my house for awhile. I'm sure Kathy wouldn't mind. Especially tonight we wouldn't have to pay Dickie and Lizzie twenty bucks [b]each[/b] to baby sit Eli and they can go hang out with their friends, I think they want to go see a movie at nine."

"Are you sure, El?" I didn't want to impose, especially tonight.

"Yeah, just let me clear it with Kathy, I'm positive she will not mind." Elliot flashed his 'everything will be just fine' smile and went down the hall for a couple minutes and I went to the locker room to get some spare clothes I had laying around.

I walked in and John was at his desk still doing his DD5's but working at a much faster pace because now he was going to be alone tonight. Elliot had come back in and was talking to Cragen because Kathy didn't want a guest for more than three days, I came in right after he said that and replied "Fish and guests stink after three days."

Cragen smiled a weak smile, "Watch out for tails and please, Olivia, don't do anything stupid."

I smiled a reassuring smile, "Wouldn't dream about it."

"Uh-huh." Cragen sneers

Elliot pats my arm, "Are you ready?"

"As ready as I'll ever be."